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Found 13 results

  1. it may not matter so much for flashlights, lasers and combos, but for optics? It sure does. A lot of weapons suffer from the lack of usability because of poor eye relief when mounting optics. There's weapons with massive rails or rails that are in front (e.g. RFB). Tons of optics simply don't work because they are placed in the middle of the rail instead of the end of it, making it impossible to use optics effectively. Are you ever planning on modeling rails in such a way that at least optics can be placed on positions on rails specified by players, not the game?
  2. Tannheuser

    Canted iron sights

    Canted iron sights in addition to existing options. Would be great addition when running scopes or NVGs. Long live iron sights!
  3. I bought the Valday 1x/6x optics and it will not let me toggle between the two magnification. Need some help onto why this is happening.

    Bug, Optics

    Bug that I've found out, in a practice mode OFF-LINE. I do this practices to see how good I'm at shooting with the Mosin, so I took a second rifle with Optics mounted to check my impacts. Impacts are visible without optics, but not with optics. I wonder what else does not render in the optics... I made a little video demonstration, problem is clearly visible.
  5. So going through most of the weapons with each scope i noticed a few issues/opinions: -Most scopes past 4x are extremely slow to move. Not that you should be flinging it around but its borderline useless when its moving 3ft in game left or right with my entire mouse pad. Extremely hard to even follow a target. -Most 1x-4x dont have a true 1x zoom to them. Meaning there is zoom added to something that is suppose to work as a red dot, then into a variable scope. (should work just as the hhs-1, though zoom is added again to the red dot not making it a 1x sight..) -This also happens to red d
  6. The purpose of this thread is to discuss optics in EFT, particularly their in game representation and fidelity. At this juncture (Closed Beta 0.79) the lack of variable magnification to variables like the Hensoldt, Leupold MkIV and March is annoying. It is particularly annoying because of the very high magnification of the scopes currently portrayed, with the Hensoldt 3-12x being the most usable. This is exacerbated by the inability to create a stable firing position using either a rest or a bipod. Hopefully we will get variable magnification sooner rather than later and with generally l
  7. It would be nice if you could chose where on the picatinny rails to mount your optics. I think the whole point of the rail system is flexibility, so why does my red dot always have to be mounted in the middle of the rail? sometimes i wanna scoot it forward or backward a little. i think that would be a cool feature in this game. unless it already is a feature and i just don't know how to use it, then disregard
  8. Been playing the game for a while, just now decided to check out the forum. My suggestion (which has been mentioned before but didn't really cover my idea in particular) is to add an ALT+[some unused key] function that scaled both the size and intensity of an optic's reticle. This would be very beneficial for two reasons: Firstly, the game takes place in a number of different environments, at all hours of the day, at different levels of light. Being able to adjust the intensity would allow most optics to be used on most maps during all times of the day. Currently there are several o
  9. Hello! First I would just like to say that I am very much enjoying the game! Great work guys and I am excited to see what the future holds for Tarkov! I tried searching to see if others have brought this to attention and failed to find anything, so I will make it my first post. I apologize if it has been brought up already. Are there plans to allow exact placement of optics on rails? If not, I would humbly request that the optics attached to the AR-15 series rifles be moved forward to sit properly on the front of the receiver rail. I know it is the most minor nitpick ever, but this
  10. Going to keep this short and sweet. As the current implementation of Night Vision goggles stand (PVS-14) It creates a decisive advantage (as it should) On night raids and combat.There however are a few glaring issues. 1) You can not 'Aim Down Sight' while wearing PVS-14s. Currently the US Army, among other nations issue a PEQ-15 laser, which can produce a laser in both visible and IR spectrum. Real world, When operating at night, the PEQ-15 is used to 'aim' the weapon with a pressure sensor to switch it on when the shooter is ready to fire. I believe this should be added due to t
  11. would it be possible to add in the ability to move optics up and down the rail system so we can have just a bit more options with adding optics to our weapons? sorry if this has already beed asked for
  12. Hey, I think it would be nice to have individual sliders for 1x 2x 4x 8x and more zoom, right now when you have a pistol it will not be the same sens as a rifle whit iron sights. however it will be the same if you take the iron sights of the rifle, it should just be the same wite iron sights on. or have a sens slider for pistol aswell. if that happened then the sens could be the same for pistol and any 1x optics on rifles, if the player chose to do so. I also noticed that when you put the white scope PSO 1M2-1 on a rifle and have MPR45 backup mount on the front, the sens will be that of the 4
  13. EnvakeoLugaria

    Scope Throw Levers

    I shoot a lot of 3 Gun competitions, and one of the things that a lot of companies make is a clamp-on lever, a small piece of metal, for switching the zoom on a scope. It lets you get a LOT better grip and you can be about twice as fast and if you were doing it without. Anyone who has had to go from 3-18 power before knows what I'm talking about. Just something to think about *if* you guys aren't busy!
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