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Found 4 results

  1. BoganUSA

    EFT ALT + TAB Optimization?

    Fairly self explanatory but EFT pretty much requires you to look up information and reference certain specifics in order to even have a chance. I wish that the game could be tabbed out of without crashing, or your character dying faster on load. Also if implemented needs to be fairly quick and not slow to focus on the EFT tab upon return.
  2. 0ldSnake

    Performance update

    I know your eyes are bleeding from these kind of posts but I would like to kindly ask you to please work on a performance focused update for the near future. I don't have a terribly good PC but maps like Customs run like a charm 90% of the time, but Reserve and Shoreline are a problem. I get constant stutters and when I look towards the center of the map, my frames drop instantly. You could also look into the graphic settings using more CPU than GPU and at least give us an overview of which setting impacts what more. For example, shadows on low impact this more but on high impact th
  3. As many of you know, the game is in dire need of optimization when it comes to pure client performance, but we also know that the servers/connection needs to get fixed. "Battle(non)sense" just did a video on the netcode, and me and my buddies have already tested many of the things he had but we do not make videos and I didn't care to make one. Now that the video from Battle(non)sense is out people can actually get to know how horrific the delays are atm! BEWARE: it's pretty crazy. Escape from Tarkov 's Shocking Netcode Analysis I truly hope this will g
  4. pierdek

    Performance requires more love

    Hi, I was playing customs in offline mode, framerate on this map and the other maps where there are buildings (especially spa zone on shoreline) is not very good. I'm playing on this computer: Intel I9 7920X , ZOTAC GTX 1018, 32 GB RAM the average fps on max settings is around 45 frames, I would expect stable 60, I do not have problems with GPU performance, but with CPU performance. I'm not talking about occasional hitches when scav is spawning or joining I'm talking about frame drops where you looking with the scope sitting or watching building areas. The
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