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Found 4 results

  1. peirogi

    PACA > All other Armor

    I've made a discovery. PACA's are the new meta, they are versace In short; big juicy monoliths roaming the fog with ATTACK 2s, M995 and M80 will just overpen and punch through you, but with the slim fragmentation chance PACAs have, flesh damage is minimal, while HP and CCI rounds can be blocked. I don't know if it's coincidence but I've survived more raids/shots with a PACA than Gen4s, and Forts. The movement bonus is great as well, as you can evade and run without much movement penalty. Current AP+HP meta is defeated with the cheapest armor and most stylish armor.
  2. FoxeDeKaate

    Bugged Paca ?

    I just had a Raid on Shorline where someone dumped one full AKS-74U mag into me, after he was done he eventally just stopped firing at me and so did I. I just approached this fella wiggleing at him. I was pretty much fine even though I thought I got hit in the head mutiple times(no helmet). I know this could be related to the ammo he was using (I don't know it because we finished the raid as a Team), but later I got hit again by another Player and I was suprisingly fine after that too, only scavs at the extract harmed me in this raid. Is there a bug, or was I extremely lucky?
  3. BsgRacetrackPio

    Being hit on wearing Bulletproof Vests

    Hi all. We all know that players wearing Armor Vests (Class 2 or 6) must be hit many more time get killed, you first have to breach their vest and then they get really damaged (or you can score hit on non-covered parts of the body) I know that this fact isn't really realistic due to gameplay problems and this is okay and fun. But when you wear a Fort Armor and you get hit by a Shotgun from 2 meters, you don't die off course because you wear the armor but at least you are very stunned from the hit you got. I suggest to add a Stunned Effect like grenades do, maybe less invasive maybe less durable just a second or 2, but I think this is very important for gameplay. You don't die but the game cannot let you go around like nothing happened, at least a few second of stun must be added, or smomething like this. Maybe the player hit can fall on the ground on his back, being able to shoot back after a second.. I think you understand what I mean Off course you don't die but you got an Hammered in your chest like if it was Thor launched the shot
  4. Peek-A-Boo

    Can u fix this ?

    i know u care about details this is why i m postin this.i dont know if its the same issue for the usecs when they wear this
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