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Found 6 results

  1. X_on

    BackPack cellSpace

    I would like to see separate pockets added to backpacks, complete with their own search fields. example: MBSS could have it's main compartment in 4*3 (vertical), to the right of that, a 1*2 pouch at the top, a 3*2 at the bottom and 1 or 2 little zipper pockets. Not sure how much screen space it would take up for a small backpack, but it would correct the problem of fitting an infinite number of backpacks inside one backpack. BackPack.
  2. I truly believe the world of Tarkov would benefit from the Flextrek Whipsnake Edition. I hate being in raids , wiping squads and then even after ditching all my insured gear , still not having enough room to usurp everyone’s gear and make it my own. This backpack is versatile, made with space age technology, and tested to the maximum abuse, still delivering positive results! So just Incase the link above doesn’t work, I’ll post it again here just to make sure we can all see the wonders of what I’m praying and hoping will be Tarkovs next Backpack system. LINK: https://yout
  3. Sierra2506

    Changement de Pack

    Bonjour à tous, Je vous fait part de mon hésitation.. J'ai actuellement la version standard et je viens d'acheter l'upgrade "Edge of Darkness". Je viens de voir également qu'il demande de réinitialisé le compte pour que se soit prit en charge. Cad ? Je perd TOUT ? niveau, armes, objets rares etc ?.. Si oui comment faire pour les garder ?.. Il y a pas de moyen d'upgrade sans tout réinitialisé ?.. Merci d'avance de votre aide !
  4. Siamo fieri di informarvi che presto verrà inserita una novità speciale in escape from tarkov: I pacchetti di dotazione speciale per emissari e sherpa ! Essi saranno destinati ad aiutare i novizi e gli altri giocatori, coloro che per qualche ragione o un’altra siano rimasti senza equipaggiamento. Emissary e Sherpa riceveranno un certo numero di packetti ( più o meno a secondo dalle necessità ) da distribuire secondo le proprie esigenze. Per esempio uno sherpa che ha reclutato un gruppo di novizi può rifornirli allo scopo di ripulire un raid, e gli emissari potrebbero ricompensare o
  5. Ahilles

    Steam Edition

    Поздравляем с началой альфы! Теперь, после старта проекта на своей платформе можно поговорить и об Steam Edition. Хотелось бы поговорить о возможности начало предзаказов и паков в steam`e, необязательно сейчас, необязательно завтра, но хотя бы во время ОБТ хотелось бы да взять, и приобрести предзаказ в стиме со всеми возможностями Edge of Darkness livited Edition(помимо доступа к уже прошедшим стадиям альфа и бета тестирования, главное чтоб был season pass). Или хотя бы просто больше инфы по этому поводу. тем более, ранее в стриме вы упоминали, что Valve давно согласна дать вам зеленый с
  6. Hello. Is there a way to buy more than one pack ? I have already pre-ordered the DarkSideEdition and i was wondering about that ? I ll maybe buy a standard pack for a good friend (if its possible?) Thanks
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