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Found 2 results

  1. Delicious_Tea

    Isn't this a bit ridiculous?

    I want to begin with that I am not here to talk bad about Dr. Lupo, but when I got home tonight and checked the twitter feed, I saw this: All in all I thought most of his kills at the start were fine. Heck, he even takes a bullet to the head it appears and lives. But I have a major issue with the fact that he can jump out of a second or third-story window, break his bones, and then immediately sprint around and up the stairs, jump and maneuver and kill 2-3 other people all in the span of under 10-15 seconds. If anything, this is just more weight to how painkillers need to
  2. ViscontiRogue

    Painkillers and visuals

    Is it just me or after using painkillers, the graphics vastly improve to amazingly detailed visuals?
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