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Found 8 results

  1. soradoespc

    Card verification

    Hi so when I try to buy the game and use my card, it tells me it will take out two small payments to prove it's my card. My problem is my bank keeps making when one transaction and I can't see how much you take out. Is there any other way I can buy the game?
  2. E135L

    Cannot apply new year discount.

    I can see the discounted price on the order page but it returns to the full price when I try to pay - this is re an upgrade.
  3. McFaint

    Upgrade glitch?

    So I purchased the standard edition a while ago with amazon pay and experienced no issues. But then when I tried to upgrade with the same method, the payment went through but the EOD edition isn't showing up on my profile. It's already been 24 hours and nothing has changed, whereas when I purchased the standard edition it took around 30 minutes after payment went through. Does it usually take this long for the upgrade?
  4. bradleytwin01

    206 Key, will pay any price

    I need a 206 key badly. I will pay any price, I'm currently online right now in the US, if anyone has one to spare please DM me and we'll meet up in game. To moderators, I know this probably belongs in the trading thread, but I have already posted there a few days ago and got no response. But I understand if this post has to be removed. Have a great day!
  5. Hey, i try today buy standart edition pre order but i cant. Thats problem "Unfortunately we cannot process your payment at this time". I have Paypal card. i dont understand, whats wrong? pls help me.
  6. bumbis

    Subway Card Game Payment

    I don't know where to put payment related threads so here it is. So basically I had tried using a credit card to pay for this game through PayPal, and all of a sudden I see that my card is denied. So that means I'm going to have to call my bank tomorrow and get my card back up, or they are going to take a month to get me a new card. duck you. Then I went to walgreens to get a 50 buck subway card as an alternative payment, and the payment fee when I got back home was 23 ducking dollars. So basically what I'm saying is don't do this method if you are gonna buy the game and have to pay another half of the price for this game ($68 FOR THE STANDARD VERSION)... Luckily I had another card on me and a nice friend cop me another card to even the costs. duck you videogame men... This was the worst purchase I've done online in my life.
  7. Hey guys, So about 25 minutes ago, I tried to upgrade my package from PTE Edition to the EOD Limited Edition but it rejected my VISA card even though I got paid today, had to pay through PayPal, will it take long for it to fully process, my friend said it might take a while to process plus I might not be able to reset my ACC because I reset it today when I upgraded from the Standard Edition to the PTE Edition. If anyone can tell me the average waiting time for a PayPal processing payment that would be great!
  8. SonicK

    Pay2Play ?

    i heared that the game will be Pay2Play so what means that? i pay 1 time and can play the game forever or i need to pay every months? and if yes how much for 1 months. i dont want a free2play title cause that means a item shop and so.. and that means pay2win. and i really hope this game will not be a pay2win game i bought the game and i have big hope in it that finaly a Tactical Realism shooter is coming here! thank you EFT team!!
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