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Found 9 results

  1. denizk53

    Scavenger Bot aggression

    I got a Question for the Scavenger character and the Scavenger Bots: If other Players kill Scavenger Bots and im going to loot the bodys do i get attacked by the bots or will they still behave friendly?
  2. ZetaEcho

    Sign a pact...

    Sign a pact, to, no matter how geared you are, or how many bullets you have to spare, shoot a hatching/pistoling that's spamming Q+E and 'cease fire'. -Every hatchling/pistoling ever I, ZetaEcho, promise never to shoot a peaceful hatching/pistoling.
  3. DeVastoR

    Peacekeeper Quests

    Hallo, bin gerade bei Peacekeeper Quest, wo ich 2 UN-Trucks suchen muss, die angegriffen wurden und die markieren. Bin jede map durchgelaufen... keine ahnung welche das sind !! Hat irgendjemand eine Idee ??
  4. CakeFox


    I have an idea, how about level 3 Skier or level 3 Peacekeeper can sell you class 1 helmets? I love being fully geared, helping a hatchling, then they 1 hit me cause i have no head armor. Also the fact when they get really close you cant shoot them is fun.
  5. TheColdVein

    New MP5 Mod Shipment Incoming!

    **ATTN** Alright Mercs, listen up! As you may know, I play liaison to the different entities in the city. The one who calls himself, Peacekeeper, has recently made an "acquisition" of some legit new modifications for the H&K MP5. Now, don't rustle your jimmies just yet, you still gotta earn them. Remember, everything has a price in Tarkov. Peacekeeper reports that they are still in transit, so cool your jets and we'll let you know when they hit the warehouse. Ok, that's it fellas, I'll let you get back to your ops, or however you spend your time in Tarkov...I've heard stories.
  6. Hazel


    ***註意*** 各位同伴請留意! 如你所知, 我與城市中的不同單位進行聯絡。那位自稱是Peacekeeper的人通知我,他最近"合法採購"了一些H&K MP5的配件。 先不要興奮,這些配件還是需要透過"代價"換取的,請緊記任何東西在塔科夫都有一定的價值。 Peacekeeper通知這些配件仍然在運輸中,所以先整理好心情,當配件到貨後我們會第一時間通知大家。 那麼各位,今天的匯報已經完畢,請大家回到自己的位置上,或是用你自己的方式在塔科夫打發時間,這些大家都懂的。
  7. Docdarson

    Peacekeeper not updating?

    Howdy guys, just checking in to see if anyone else had run into this problem. Recently, I reached level 10 (thank the Gods) and have been able to purchase my sweet, delicious AK's from the dealers. Now, however, I'm noticing that Peacekeeper is stuck at 277,000 rubles spent. I've attempted to rectify this by buying and selling MRE's and the like, but it doesn't seem like his "spent" bar is moving whatsoever. So I just wanted to reach out and see if anyone else was having this problem, and if I'm simply being impatient and need to wait a few hours for him to get the message that I'm spending a buttload of money with him all of a sudden. Thanks in advance for the replies, GL out there in Tarkov, all.
  8. Hello everyone! This issue might have already been discussed, so excuse me for probably addressing it again (I couldn't find anything on that). The UN trader Peacekeeper is ALWAYS short on dollars. It is nearly impossible to level him up or to earn some dollars by selling stuff to him. He runs out of money right after the refresh. It is really hard to trade with him. I know there has already been a money buff, but not nearly enough. Anyone else having this issue? It really needs to be fixed. Other than that the game is just great! Keep up the good work dear DEVs! Greetings from Germany
  9. Hello! Recently, peacekeeper has had less money to his name than I, an 18 year old american without a job. I'd like to start this contest! Whoever can get a screenshot of peacekeeper running out of money the earliest after a reset will get all of my money! (6$, still more than peacekeeper!) Contest starts now!!!!!!
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