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Found 6 results

  1. Hey all, Idea - I did not directly see this, but has there been any talk of making an adjustment to it, where if you lose rep in a raid (let's say you kill another scav) that you have your next scav timer balloon up? Like instead of 20 mins, excluding any decreases in time, it makes your next scav available after 40 mins? Or some time reasonable enough to function as a deterrent, but not enough to make people hate the game. Like if I where to panic and accidentally kill another scav, lose rep in a raid, I'd be okay with the longer scav cooldown, like my bad. Alternatively, you could shorten the scav cooldown as a reward for earning rep. Like make it if you kill a pmc, that positive karma boost, you can take your next scav run immediately after you finish this one. Or if you just get out with the +.01 for not harming another scav, you would get 1 minute of your cooldown. Thoughts? Maybe somebody suggested this already, but just in case this is novel, figured I would start a post about it (searched a couple of pages and didn't find this idea). Cheers, Datvi
  2. I was in the middle of a game on Shoreline and I was looting two players that I had killed. When all of a sudden I guess the game didn't like how fast I was looting my inventory glitched. When I tried to loot anything it was like my inventory was frozen, and there was an item inside that was just blinking like it was trying to "inspect". Well I believed that the only way to fix this was to disconnect from the game and reload. Thinking when I hit disconnect that the warning message says you have a limited time to join back... well turns out that is not the case. It automatically kills you and you lose everything. This is very disappointing since all I was trying to do was fix my inventory and there was nothing else that I could think of to do. If there is any information on why the disconnect feature says you have time to join back but you actually do not that would be something that needs to be fixed, or allow for us to quick disconnect for small bug issues like I had experienced. Thanks for such a great game, and I hope that it only gets better. Killawack
  3. Jeffpogany

    Punishing Scav on Scav Violence

    Hi ive been playing EFT for 5 months and i have maybe 10 hours of pmc action to show for it most of which was in offline mode for practice and map knowledge the other half of my time as pmc was spent trying to find interesting encounters with fellow pmc's of which half the encounters were met with unsure peace of mind. This has been impossible for me to manage as a player scav on any of the maps every single player scav i encounter attacks me on site most of the time i dont even feel the need to immediately return fire instead i run almost everytime because i know that player doesnt has jack in his crap sack worth killing for so why even waste the bullets when im almost guaranteed a standard Aks74u just from peacefully looting weapon crates often times i find two Assault carbines by the end of my scav run all i am asking for is to play my scav the way i would want to play without accomplishing the same exact result everytime being my immanent death from a lurking player scav and not by a PMC who are intended to be my true threat. In my personal opinion simply tallying time penalties toward scav on scav violence is the sufficient incentive to mitigate the temptation of murdering a fellow scav. I think the player should be penalized for injuring or killing both ai and player scavs most severely against other players, so maybe like 2.5 minutes for injuring AI 5 minutes for killing plus the 2.50 minutes and scav on scav should be doubled in penalties 5 minutes for injuring and 10 for murder. I think playing as the player scav who is receiving fire from another player scav there should be a good incentive for that player to retreat and not engage just for the kill but only to save there own life in exchange for a small five minute penalty so i figure maybe if you are injured first and return fire and it gets you the kill you could receive only half the full time penalty while player who injured you can receive the full penalty for the simple intent of killing one of your own. I figure if this is made a stack-able penalty for player scavs only it could reduce the amount of both ai and players scavs being killed by other player scavs. Personally i enjoy this game the way it is but its obvious to me that scavs are not able to do what they are intended for and it saddens me to know that no scav experience counts toward my progression in a meaningful way not even metaphorically as i learn from each death, death as a scav means nothing yet i feel like it should be more then just a free loot run. I would love it if BSG redeseined scavs as a collectable survivor of some kind that you can play as so long as he lives with his own stats and inventory. I could not care less about having my own separate scav stash maybe as a unique storage system so it would not be overpowered and if that scav dies you lose access to his small stash forever. Escape from tarkov is the most difficult tactical shooter to master as well as almost being equally as hard to truly love inside and out i just want tarkov to be as hard as possible while maintaining some level of being approachable for its intended audience. Scavs are a beloved part of the game for me i love the concept of defending my homeland from invaders who wish me and my comrades harm it adds a nice level of complexity to combat and i feel that only makes the game that more unique. Right now i feel like its balanced well enough to function as intended for supplying your pmc but i honestly want more interesting engagements and adventures as a scavenger and i want to feel like the good guy when ever possible because at the moment i feel like all scavs are inherently evil and just want to steal my tuna fish and toz. I would like to hear others opinions and ideas. KEEP UP THE HARD WORK TARKOV IS LIFE!!!!
  4. Landerson

    penalties for team kills

    hello, please consider giving big penalties for people who instantly kill teammembers. I joined a team and was instantly killed by that dude. this immediatly wants me to quit the game... those people exploit the games intention without getting punished... another suggestion maybe: I'm playing for a couple of days now and I'm really poo! I get killed all the time. I could extract only once... make different servers for the different levels... This game doesn't inspire me to keep going if you lose all the time in the beginning. 3th suggestion: make a good tutorial. it's not clear in the beginning what to do and how to extract... (e.g.: the double tap 'O'... did not know that)
  5. Hey everyone, Sorry if this has been posted before, I tried looking but haven't been able to find much information regarding the topic. I've heard mention of a 'karma' system and penalties for killing members of your own faction but was wondering if anyone had any more detailed information about how this will work and/or an estimate of when it is going to be implemented. I personally believe that adding a penalty for killing members of your own faction would make the game much more tense and would be a lot of fun. Again, any info on this would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. MonsterMan

    Disconnect Penatly

    I have on several occasions ambushed or sneaked (snuck?) up behind players for CQC kills only to have them either alt+f4 or crash before their lifeless bodies hit the floor which results in their body/loot disappearing. My buddy crashed in-game yesterday and he kept his equipped items when he relaunched so I understand if, due to bugs and unintended crashes, the player isn't being penalized during beta testing by having his inventory wiped. What I do find annoying however is the fact that any player who crashes or quits also takes their gear with them from the battlefield. So all those players that are geared up don't have to lose their precious equipment when I sneak up behind them and put a tomahawk in their heads. They can just alt+f4 and poof, their gear has the ultimate insurance of not disappearing. To that effect I am also left with nothing and in some cases not even a registered kill. It will say I got a headshot and did a bunch of damage but lists no kill. This is pretty bogus. The need for balanced and fair play as well as the testing of the principles that will shape the foundation of core gameplay should take precedence over the salt of any beta testers that succumb to a game crash due to network or runtime errors. I think a disconnection penalty should be implemented or whatever route BatteState has in mind to address the issue, but if you log out or crash or otherwise disconnect during combat then I think your gear and your life should be forfeit. This would discourage the salty disconnection cheats and allow for the flow of core gameplay to remain uninterrupted so that balancing and tweaking can continue appropriately. I also understand that this is beta and that characters will most likely be wiped several more times before the final release as it was through alpha, but this affects core gameplay mechanics and decisions that may get interpreted wrongly if it isn't addressed. Or am I just salty?
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