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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, My problem is that i have randomly fps drop for about 2min then it returns to normal about (50-60) fps with cap on 60. I have thoes drops since i remember. I have strong enough laptop that should handle Tarkov... My laptop specs are in attached files. (graphic card is 6GB memory) Also my ingame setting are in attached files. I was changing all setting trying to fix it but it doesn't help. Also with high setting my game runs with 50-60fps but still fps drops for a while. I'am using script to run all my cores to run tarkov. @ECHO OFF START "" "E:\BsgLauncher\BsgLauncher.exe" :LOOP TASKLIST | FIND /I "EscapeFromTarkov.exe" IF ERRORLEVEL 1 ( TIMEOUT /T 5 GOTO LOOP ) TIMEOUT /T 30 PowerShell "$Process = Get-Process EscapeFromTarkov; $Process.ProcessorAffinity=1365; $Process.PriorityClass=[System.Diagnostics.ProcessPriorityClass]::AboveNormal;" With and without this game still drops fps... My laptop is plugged to energy source all the time, i set up max performance on my laptop. I nottice that tarkov heat up my cores up to 80 degree of Celcius. I haven't change new post processing setting yet, I'will try thoes and give feedback if it helps. Also i have internet connection with high speed fiber if it matters. Game is installed on SSD disk with a lot of free space. My system disk is clean. I tried to reinstall game many times, i delete all file even from reg. I also changed Compatibility setting -> Change high DPI settings to aplication ... Also didint work. Yes i was instaling game on HDD disk and SSD disk the same situation. Fps from even to 8-15fps so its really hard to play with it... My nvidia drivers are updated
  2. 0ldSnake

    Performance update

    I know your eyes are bleeding from these kind of posts but I would like to kindly ask you to please work on a performance focused update for the near future. I don't have a terribly good PC but maps like Customs run like a charm 90% of the time, but Reserve and Shoreline are a problem. I get constant stutters and when I look towards the center of the map, my frames drop instantly. You could also look into the graphic settings using more CPU than GPU and at least give us an overview of which setting impacts what more. For example, shadows on low impact this more but on high impact the other thing more etc. Keep up the good work guys. Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. leflur

    Performance Tips

    Hi! I'm new, and loving my time with the game thus far. I've searched and have seen many topics on performance tweaks, but nothing that has worked for me. My FPS dips wildly throughout every map. Customs and Shoreline seem to be the worst. I have a Ryzen 3 1200, and a GTX 970. Not the most powerful rig, but the performance I get from this game is by far the most inconsistent of anything I play. The FPS dips between 20 and 60 all the time, it very rarely ever stays locked to anything. In my Nvidia control panel I have max performance, pre-rendered frames to 1, and threaded optimization on. I'm playing on the medium preset. Any tips for a new player? Thanks!
  4. olwarior


    Hello! Sobody else have atrocious fps and connnection in this game? I'm runing on a 1080, 32 GB Ram and an fx 8370 and still dont get 50+ fps on all maps even if most of them look like absolute yank. While running other games that look way better and maps that are several times the size of those in EFT and getting several times the fps in those games. But then also the devs of the other games are not some moneygrubbing devs that refuse refunds other than a forced payback by the bank. Factory is the only one with atleast decent fps but considering it's size it would be an achivement to duck that up too. Server desync should not occur when i'm on a 300 mb/s line. The only other game I have run into desyncs and bullets magically disappearing are in mods so something is seriously wrong with the server side. Also noticed realy low tickrate by beinging shot when I have just entered cover or managed to put a solid object like a house in the way and still dying. The fps issue seems the most glaring to me, have tried various fixs as reinstalling the game and mess around with the settings. I tried something quite funny in my eyes, I underclocked my CPU by 40% and still got the same performance from this unoptimized mess, tried underclocking the gpu by 40% aswell, to my enormous suprise I had exactly the same fps. That was when I seriously started to think this game is an absolute shitshow of performance. Advertising this game as a hardcore fps, when the only thing that is hardcore about this game is the playerbase trying to sloth through the unplayable fps and other issues that plague the game. If someone has a fps fix for the game please hit me up
  5. fat_cat

    Multi-Core CPU Performance issues

    I've never had this problem in any game before (save for GTA V), but there's some kind of massive memory leak. After about 40 minutes, the game is taking up 100% of my RAM, and my computer shuts down. I have 128 GB of VRAM, but it's on an eight-core, so I think it's not able to use it all (only about 16GB per core, and I think it's using all of it). Anyone have any fixes apart from hardware?
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