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Found 10 results

  1. DreadedMetal

    Request for Oceanic server(Australia)

    Without friends locally to play with its borderline impossible to find a team with a decent ping. i either join a game with a steady 350 ping then get kicked repeatedly, until i give up and press "leave match" and forfeit all my gear, or go in with just under 350 and get stuck lagging so much im dead before i hear a gunshot. i've completed speed tests on my net (attached below) and they are decent enough for me to believe that it isn't my internet. the best server available too me is still sitting at 169 ping but one in a game i join through looking for group i receive the 350 issue if there is something else i can do to fix this please inform me Edit: i am running a wired connection
  2. Hey guys, I've heard a lot of people complaining about either the servers or the actual high ping kick system. The problem is that sometimes, you could just get few moments where you don't have a great connection and you will ket kicked. The problem is that more often than not these are just some really short moments that last for 10 t0 30 seconds. So my proposal is the following, Why not increasing the time before you will get kicked from 10 to maybe 30 seconds or even 1 minute. That way people who used to abuse the ping system still wouldn't be able to do that and people who have a shitty connection would be able to play. Sorry for my english btw but I think that you get the point and I'd be happy to discuss why it could be done or not
  3. Hello everyone, Ever since the wipe to 0.12.9, my ping have shot up significantly. After about 2 days of my ping being unplayable and constantly being kicked I had enough and tried to figure out the problem myself. I wiped my router and reinstalled it to factory conditions. I get about 1GB up and down. That did nothing and was stilling frustrating me. So I switched internet providers because my dorms offer a internet service. I chose the faster available option which was just wifi but 100 mgb up and down. I noticed that my usual close servers being Japan and Korea (Seoul) had their usual low pings. I then switched back to my main internet to see if there were any changes, I do this frequently to see if my internet is fixed. But it is not its been like this since wipe and idk what to do at this point. I called the internet provider and they assure me that there is no issue that their software picks up. I have attached 2 pictures idk if they will be shown because this is my first time posting. But one is on my regular internet which is showing Japan at a high ping and Seoul at a normal ping but Seoul's ping will still jump to the upper 200s same as Japan and these are my closest servers so idk what causes this. The other picture with Japan and Seoul both being low is the internet I'm using on the side since that's all I cant play tarkov on. If anyone can help it would be very appreciated.
  4. After the 12.8 patch,my ping suddenly became 200-300 when Im playing in SEA server. I Live in SEA so I don't have any server to play with. But after searching I came to a solution that using a vpn lowers my ping to playable state. Im just wondering if I use vpn for playing in SEA server will get me ban? This is my first wipe aswell so I really don't know if im violating conduct by using vpn. Hope someone answers. I provided the 2 pictures with and without VPN.
  5. Twitch_Ral77

    PING mínimo de 153

    Buenas, soy de Argentina y conecto al servidor de Sao Paulo ya que es el que menos ping tiene para latinoamérica. El problema es que como "ping mínimo" me tira de 153 para arriba, ni hablar si quiero conectar por ejemplo a Miami, directamente en ese servidor me Kickea casi instantáneamente. Esto me preocupa debido a que al día de la fecha el único servidor donde podemos jugar la mayoría de los latinoamericanos es en Sao Paulo y la verdad que es bastante frustante tener que jugar con un ping tan alto...yo no se si es algún problema de mi cuenta o de mi proveedor de internet, pero aclaro que hago Stream sin problemas y en otros juegos logro tener un ping decente, solo en Tarkov tengo este problema. Agradecería muchísimo que me dieran una mano, por las dudas agrego que mi cuenta es región EUR, muchas gracias, saludos.
  6. azullaris

    Ping Lock Redesign

    So i have a suggestion for the Ping Lock system. Im not a big fan of the system myself, but if you wish to continue using this system consider this proposal. Raise the ping limit to 200. 150-180 is too low, and this rate doesnt affect in nothing the gameplay for no one, you wont see teleporting players, nor lag abusers, only regular people that you dont even know that has 150 ping on their backs. The way it is implemented right now creates a huge problem of deviding same continent players, that in some places has 150 ping while others has 70-120, also turning the game unplayable in some places, mostly rural areas that usually has a more slow response time (also for the community stop saying "contact your ISP urr durr, it will fix anything, bad connection doesnt exist urr durr". A lot of people can play the game fine without desync but their ping will be higher than most, so dont be an elitist and think about this people too). Give a warning that you will be kicked out. Its fair to say that if im goint to get kicked out of a crucial game i should be able to know, simply my screen fading and im back in the menus is NOT A GOOD IMPLEMENTATION! No one in a serious situation will be looking at ping, literally NO ONE. You will most likely be mowing someone or being mowed, you will not even think about this issue, but if your connection gets a little "freaky" you will be kicked back to the menus whitout any kind of warning, and this can be the difference between life and death (and if im to die in raid, i wish to die fighting, not getting disconnected and die offscreen not even having a chance to fight back). Raise the time until the disconnect happens. This can be debatable, but in my opinion 20 seconds is enought that you at least try to do something. Maybe run to the nearest bush until the disconnect happens, run for the nearest exit and if you manage to return tries again until you make it to an exit (it will require a lot of patience but is manageable) or drop you insured gear in a bush so you have a chance to get your gear back. But the way it is right now you can consider losed gear already, cause you never know when you will get a disconnect or when you will die offscreen. A lot of people complained about this, but im trying here not to just simply complain, and actually try to help solve this issue suggesting the above. Thank you for your time! PEACEEE!!
  7. Cptmachine

    Random ping spikes

    Hi there I’m new to the game after having it for a month. I’ve started to encounter an issue with the servers where ping starts to shoot up and my performance goes from great to terrible at the start of a new raid. I do some times get a warning of high ping when I’m loading into a raid but but that point it’s too late and I can’t back out and I can kiss that gear goodbye. any idea what is causing it and how to fix it.
  8. Marcos11223

    Ping issues

    So with this new ping system we from Latin America are having alot of issues with raids(Server connection lost), is there anyway to make the ping a little better(with some sort of VPN or get better route with some program)? I mean we have one single server for SA and almost nobody plays one it.
  9. The technical patch that came out on June 10 2020 broke the game for me yet again. My game runs fine for a while and my ping hovers around 20-80ms, but then out of no where it spikes to 300 and even 600 ping and I d/c. I just died because I got kicked to ping and its ducking absurd. I was running the game perfectly fine before, but it seems that EVERY PATCH breaks something that makes the game unplayable. How am I supposed to play this game? I can't just stare at my stash. Every problem I had before was performance issues which I resolved after making huge compromises, but this I cannot fix. Switching my servers to only those that have very low ping doesn't even work because on a server where I have 14 ping, it jumps to 600 and I get kicked. Can they just stop breaking the game every update?
  10. Wiinter011

    Como saber el ping?

    Alguna forma de saber el ping que tengo en el juego? ya que me anda re lag. soy de argentina.
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