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  1. Aytoms

    new ping limit goes too far

    the new ping limit being at 180ms i really really do believe is a huge hinderance to the game as a whole. 250-300 is where the realm of max ping should ALWAYS be at, because going past that oversteps the bounds and essentially region-locks the game for no real benefit. maybe for some people it's not a problem, but if i'm having troubles playing with my international friends, or having troubles finding matches since i'm playing off-peak hours, i'm now unable to play this game. i understand that this game is in beta, but that really shouldn't mean developers should take this type of action to co
  2. Hey guys, I've heard a lot of people complaining about either the servers or the actual high ping kick system. The problem is that sometimes, you could just get few moments where you don't have a great connection and you will ket kicked. The problem is that more often than not these are just some really short moments that last for 10 t0 30 seconds. So my proposal is the following, Why not increasing the time before you will get kicked from 10 to maybe 30 seconds or even 1 minute. That way people who used to abuse the ping system still wouldn't be able to do that and people who have a shitty co
  3. CactusBatar

    TR sunucusunda Ping Sorunum Var

    SuperOnline kullanıcısıyım launcherde ping az gözüküyor ping attığımda az gözüküyor tracert denedim ping az gözüküyor ama oyuna girdiğimde 2023 ping oluyor
  4. SpaceJunky

    Ping explaination?

    So I got booted from a server that tarkov says I have a 60 ping from. And ookla says I have a ping of 11. So why, in game, was I suffering from 220+ ping and getting kicked repeatedly? Can anyone explain? Id love for it to actually be my problem so I can fix it. I just lost a million rouble kit and I only have like half a mill left so I cant even get that back. o-o
  5. Yesterday I bought this game and was able to play a good two rounds. But ever since then, I simply couldn't play. Every time I join a raid, after 10-30 seconds, I get kicked from the server with an error saying "Server Connection Closed due to Poor Connection Quality." The thing is: My ping for the closest servers to me is around 120-150ms. I didn't have that issue for my first two games, but after that I did. Checking the internet, it seems this issue existed for the past few years. The only solutions I found were related to players that are connecting via German ISPs, which I'm not. Can anyo
  6. Boa noite. Sou cliente da Oi Fibra 200 mb, serviço que até o momento tem se mostrado estável e rápido. Todavia o EFT é uma exceção: não apenas tenho ping elevado no servidor SaoPaulo, como também há grande ocorrência de perda de pacotes e desconexões. Testei conexão com demais servidores do EFT (NewYork e Miami) e todos apresentaram resultados melhores - ping entre 150 e 160 e estável. Testei o meu ping com outros servidores em São Paulo-SP, como o da Valve (, apresentando ping inferior a 20 ms. Li em outras postagens nesse fórum que alguns usuários reportaram possíveis problemas
  7. desde a semana passada quinta feira mais ou menos varias pessoas tem relatado um almento no ping do servidor south america o servidor br nao esta dando pra jogar caindo toda hora cada dia sobe mais o ping, oping por ex para min era de 20 30 no max agora esta a mais de 160, por gentileza os devs ou pessoas ligadas a eles ajudem a resolver,dispenso curiosos e pessoas sem vinculo com os devs ou admins do game, se vc esta tendo esse problema tambem comente aqui, para que eles nao venham dizer que a culpa e da sua conexao.
  8. Sympatel

    Ping Issues

    So i'm an American player, but i bought the game while i was living in Germany. I never had ping issues before, while in the EU. I've recently moved back to America and now I'm getting 500 plus ping in raid even in the US servers. I'll go into a server that is listed between 30 to 60 ping, but in raid it skyrockets and I get booted and lose everything. Does anybody know what the issue is and maybe a solution. Could it be an internet issue? My wifi here isn't as good as it was in Germany. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  9. Hello everyone, Ever since the wipe to 0.12.9, my ping have shot up significantly. After about 2 days of my ping being unplayable and constantly being kicked I had enough and tried to figure out the problem myself. I wiped my router and reinstalled it to factory conditions. I get about 1GB up and down. That did nothing and was stilling frustrating me. So I switched internet providers because my dorms offer a internet service. I chose the faster available option which was just wifi but 100 mgb up and down. I noticed that my usual close servers being Japan and Korea (Seoul) had their usual low p
  10. BogusBlue

    Ping Issue

    I used to have no issues with this game and now, ever since the last wipe, I feel like the servers have had more ping than usual. For example, I live in Texas, and the Denver server had more ping than the Seoul server did, yesterday. Is it because of more traffic or is my internet getting less consistent?
  11. It's been some time since the ping limit was implemented and I totally agree that it's made the quality of in raid gameplay better and reduced desync. With that said, there are many people (myself included) who either have friends who they can no longer play with, or themselves can no longer reliably play. I'm sure I'm not the first to have though of this, but why not give players the choice in the settings to queue with higher ping players or not? If people really enjoy the ping limit, then queue times shouldn't be cut down by this addition. If they don't, then they're free to play with their
  12. Theron550

    Please remove 250 limit ping

    It just doesnt do us any justice whatsoever to us LATAM players. I live in Argentina and i should be connecting to Brazil, but my routing is not that great so EFT chooses Miami servers, in which I get 180 ping. If by any reason i get a ping spike, i get automatically kicked. I CANT play without any friends. Game was fine before this absurd ping limit. Got any problems with chinese players? Region lock them. Its not our fault.
  13. Vershet

    Ping issues

    Dear tarkov devs, Escape from tarkov seems to be the only game at the moment that I'm experiencing very unstable ping on. I've put the server selection on automatic. My ping will jump from 30 to 300 and back to 30 back to 300 etc. I'm pretty new to the game, but also desync seems to be a big issue, I don't know how many times now that I've been shot while standing behind a wall. Its very unpleasant, and its ruining my experience in this game, whilst I really like the general feel of the game. I know its not an easy fix, but I'm hearing from more and more people that they have alot of issues
  14. Twitch_Ral77

    PING mínimo de 153

    Buenas, soy de Argentina y conecto al servidor de Sao Paulo ya que es el que menos ping tiene para latinoamérica. El problema es que como "ping mínimo" me tira de 153 para arriba, ni hablar si quiero conectar por ejemplo a Miami, directamente en ese servidor me Kickea casi instantáneamente. Esto me preocupa debido a que al día de la fecha el único servidor donde podemos jugar la mayoría de los latinoamericanos es en Sao Paulo y la verdad que es bastante frustante tener que jugar con un ping tan alto...yo no se si es algún problema de mi cuenta o de mi proveedor de internet, pero aclaro que ha
  15. azullaris

    Ping Lock Redesign

    So i have a suggestion for the Ping Lock system. Im not a big fan of the system myself, but if you wish to continue using this system consider this proposal. Raise the ping limit to 200. 150-180 is too low, and this rate doesnt affect in nothing the gameplay for no one, you wont see teleporting players, nor lag abusers, only regular people that you dont even know that has 150 ping on their backs. The way it is implemented right now creates a huge problem of deviding same continent players, that in some places has 150 ping while others has 70-120, also turning the game unplayable in som
  16. rafaelgreick

    Local Server Ping BUG

    Hello, I live in Brazil, since yesterday my ping in BR server are 200ms + (see image) While all USA servers have a lower ping, even 1 server in Europe. I Can't play with my friends because I get DC "ping too high". My internet is working fine, in others games I still have 5-10ms ping in Brazilian servers.
  17. rafaelgreick

    Server SP com ping alto

    De 2 dias pra cá meu ping no Server SP ficou injogavel (ping 200+) Não consigo jogar com meus amigos por tomar DC todo jogo. Minha internet está normal. Em outros jogos tenho ping 5-10ms. Tentei usar o exit lag. (la mostra ping 13ms) porem no server BR sempre sou kickado por ping alto. Testei no servidor Miami e jogo com 130ms. Porem agora nao consigo nem voltar pro Servidor BR, pelo ping alto nao consigo selecionar.
  18. Stuka8

    PING Limit?

    Please change it to a general acceptable limit of 250. I know it is hard for most humans to admit mistakes, but this is not about ego or pride. I Legally purchased this game because it had the option of playing with friends all over the world. I then upgraded to EOD, top support Battlestate. Whoever buys a game in Beta actually does so because he believes and hopes for the success of the development company. I would like to be refunded if you keep on with this tyrannic no-care approach to your dedicated support base. As it stands now, I have been scammed by Battlestate. My money was good
  19. I live in Brazil and the server here has a very long wait time, I've been waiting around 40 minutes to get into a match, the Miami server has a wait time of less than 1 minute with a ping from 150ms to 170ms, but when I log into North American servers I am constantly kicked due to "poor Connection quality" every 30 seconds, and that irritates me a lot, I think the ping limit needs to be increased to at least 250ms as in every game because with this wait it gets really boring to play, and this game is not very cheap for those types of connection problems.
  20. RyanKingsman


    Hello I am from Australia were the Internet infrastructure is among the shittest in the world. I tried playing with my American friends on the Seattle server but I got 155 ping and immediately was kicked. So close only 5 ping from being able to play with my friends. I haven't been able to play with my friends since. I would recommend the devs to at least change the ping limit to 200-225. Please this is unfair.
  21. The latest 150 or 160 (or whichever value in this range) limit that got introduced killed my ability to play! I don't have a single server that doesn't dip at least a few times over the limit. I'm playing from Dubai and the ISPs here are a garbage duopoly that have no incentive to do anything about improving the infrastructure. My ping will fluctuate in a range of between 120 ms all the way to 300 for a few seconds. Like I'll be playing for the majority of time at 120 .. 125.. 142.. 135.. 126.. then 240... 180... 132.. 125... then again 301.. and back to 140.. and so on. T
  22. I use to play Tarkov every day after work deep into the Aussie night then I moved houses and due to Australia's horrible internet outside of the city I find that I can not achieve less then 600ping witch in a online raid is an instant kick. Now I love me tarkov and I thought why couldn't they add an offline version. Have an offline character with there own stash and own trader like a offline fence that randomly generates his stock with a chance of high loot. give players like myself something to play with our crappy net. Earlier on all I wanted was to run around with a mosin but due to no
  23. Simple, game auto kicks when above a certain ping. My situation is the following. There are no server on EFT where i can have less than 200 ping because of the distance from the place i live in to the differents servers. This has nothing to do with my internet connection quality or anything else, my connection is very stable. Some of you reading might think an unplayable stuttering experience, well this is not the case for me since my ping is stable, no one sees me teleporting around like you could think, i might have a slight disadvantage but I could still play the game ...
  24. Wiinter011

    Servidores latinnoamerica?

    Hola gente! quizas esta pregunta sea reiterada... pero queria consulta si se sabe de alguna fecha o si realmente añadiran servidores para latinoamerica, yo soy de argentina y juego con un ping alto la verdad. Simplemente queria saber eso gracias.
  25. Rdelaura

    Player RTT

    How can you reduce Player RTT? I have over 500 Mbps download and 50 up, my ping to the servers Im choosing is generally >50ms I dont understand how my Player RTT is 100-200 all the time
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