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Found 20 results

  1. TheVonCleaver

    Ping Abusers

    What is the development teams plan to prevent people from editing the game files just so they can play outside the intended 150 ping limit? I feel like people who have feel cheated against in this game more times than not is probably just do to latency in that there are players playing out of their region.
  2. jamrob13

    Ping issue

    Hi eft devs or players, i am currently having a issue where i get in a raid my ping goes from about 30 to around 300 and my connection goes to the lowest on discord. It is ruining the game for me as i can not kill people or loot, it would be highly appreciated if someone could help me with my issue, thanks .

    Servidores latinnoamerica?

    Hola gente! quizas esta pregunta sea reiterada... pero queria consulta si se sabe de alguna fecha o si realmente añadiran servidores para latinoamerica, yo soy de argentina y juego con un ping alto la verdad. Simplemente queria saber eso gracias.
  4. ___MK___

    Middle East servers

    Hello there :), Am just asking if its possible to have more ME servers. Cause there's only one ME server and it takes a long time to match plus joining other EU servers causes a high ping therefore big lag spikes Thank you
  5. Nach dem Launcher Update heute, kann ich den Server auswählen, über den ich spiele. Das ist schon mal eine gute neue Option. Der Ping ist auf den Europa - Servern für mich so zwischen 25 und 30ms. Trotzdem geht der Ping während des Spiels manchmal sehr hoch, leider meistens im PvP über 200ms. Das liegt wahrscheinlich auch am jeweiligen lokalen Traffic auf den Leitungen des Provider und hat weniger mit dem Spiel zu tun. Ist halt leider so.
  6. As the title - ping based matchmaking will have good results on reducing the dying when in cover desync issues. Is such feature planned for the upcoming netcode optimizations?
  7. gustjc

    What is your PING?

    Now that tarkov has a ping counter on the upper right corner I was wondering what is everyones ping? I'm from Brazil and mine's btween 160-200, usually it stays at 170 with 200 and 210 spikes.
  8. Maslack

    Middle east left behind!

    I paid for the EU version... so why I play in Asia... why nobody fix this rubbish??? since the Beta came out, the game for people from the Middle east just became even worse!I
  9. Dazenil

    the PING is too damn high

    Hi, I have the EU version, Top of the line pc and fiber optic connection, and I get 330-360 ping in game. I checked my ping to several EU servers online and i get 120 ping in iceland and the rest much less. Something is very very wrong, and I think it got worse after the patch. Game is barely playable and sometimes lagging for many seconds which get me killed. and advice, remark , comment?
  10. Ping indicator is really annoying and won't go away for people like me with bad internet connections. Please add an option to turn it off.
  11. I just realize that, the command to show the FPS on the HUD, now shows something call it "NET OUT, PACKETS OUT, PACKETS IN" This command is "fps 1". Can we say Net Out is the Ping?, and the Packets are... well... Packets... can some one else upload some pictures of this? to get a reference.
  12. stonedman

    how know my ping

    is it possible to know my ping on escape from tarkov? Either by games or other applications?
  13. Machine_Head

    Ritardo Ping

    Io ho un ritardo assurdo.... non so a voi ragazzi ma gli altri hanno tipo un secondo più di me quando sparo!!! praticamente non riesco a uccidere nessuno... Eppure la mia connessione è buona...
  14. Ritzenpopkorn

    Pingprobleme bei Serverstart

    Hallo Leute, seit ein paar Tagen habe ich das Problem, dass sobald ich einem Server joine, mein Ping auf über 2000 ms hochschnellt. Zunächst war das nur bei Costum & Woods der Fall. Seit kurzem nun auch bei Factory. Was kann das sein, wie kann ich es beheben? LG Ritze
  15. xHayabusaATx

    PING ( Connection )

    Guten Abend Kann es sein das die Connection nachts schlechter ist als am Tag ? Mir kommt es so vor als würde ich nur noch am laggen sein und kein einziger Schuss sitzt mehr richtig. Ist es irgendwie möglich das man sich den Ping anzeigen lassen kann? Oder die momentanen FPS ? Bin neu bei EFT und würde mich über eine Antwort Freuen
  16. Moin zusammen, ich habe gerade nach langem wieder versucht EFT zu zocken. Leider habe ich ein gewaltiges Problem. Sobald ich in einer Runde bin bsp. Factory dann schnellt mein Ping bis auf 1500ms hoch. In der Lobby ist jedoch alles schick und liegt dort bei etwa 80ms. Das macht es mir unmöglich das Spiel zu spielen. Hat jemand vielleicht eine Idee woran es liegen könnte evtl gleich mit Lösungsvorschlag? Danke!
  17. Anauto

    Ping Problems

    Hey Guys, I have massive Ping Problems, on the woods map I stood at the evac point, then i got shot and heard shooting sound far away. But there was nobody. I also didn´t get escaped so i guess the Sound is Client sided and the Escaping is Server sided. For me it´s obvious, I have a high Ping (cant see it cause there is no feature), normally i have a Ping lower than 40 to every Server, no matter what game. Please fix it I cant Play the game if it´s that laggy
  18. Hi all I need help I bought the EOD for region other yet when I start the launcher it says Region: USA. that can not be right that means that I have to connect from Namibia to the USA is that correct?? if so that's ridiculous. Please help
  19. Будут ли в альфа клиенте счетчики производительности? Ping, fps, cpu, gpu usage и прочие в том же духе. Важно знать производительность клиента на своем железе. Имею ввиду показатели в реальном времени.
  20. rulogq

    What will Servers Locations be?

    Hi, I couldn't find this information in FAQs, i want to know where will servers locations will Be, because of PING. Thank you
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