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Found 44 results

  1. azullaris

    Ping Lock Redesign

    So i have a suggestion for the Ping Lock system. Im not a big fan of the system myself, but if you wish to continue using this system consider this proposal. Raise the ping limit to 200. 150-180 is too low, and this rate doesnt affect in nothing the gameplay for no one, you wont see teleporting players, nor lag abusers, only regular people that you dont even know that has 150 ping on their backs. The way it is implemented right now creates a huge problem of deviding same continent players, that in some places has 150 ping while others has 70-120, also turning the game unplayable in some places, mostly rural areas that usually has a more slow response time (also for the community stop saying "contact your ISP urr durr, it will fix anything, bad connection doesnt exist urr durr". A lot of people can play the game fine without desync but their ping will be higher than most, so dont be an elitist and think about this people too). Give a warning that you will be kicked out. Its fair to say that if im goint to get kicked out of a crucial game i should be able to know, simply my screen fading and im back in the menus is NOT A GOOD IMPLEMENTATION! No one in a serious situation will be looking at ping, literally NO ONE. You will most likely be mowing someone or being mowed, you will not even think about this issue, but if your connection gets a little "freaky" you will be kicked back to the menus whitout any kind of warning, and this can be the difference between life and death (and if im to die in raid, i wish to die fighting, not getting disconnected and die offscreen not even having a chance to fight back). Raise the time until the disconnect happens. This can be debatable, but in my opinion 20 seconds is enought that you at least try to do something. Maybe run to the nearest bush until the disconnect happens, run for the nearest exit and if you manage to return tries again until you make it to an exit (it will require a lot of patience but is manageable) or drop you insured gear in a bush so you have a chance to get your gear back. But the way it is right now you can consider losed gear already, cause you never know when you will get a disconnect or when you will die offscreen. A lot of people complained about this, but im trying here not to just simply complain, and actually try to help solve this issue suggesting the above. Thank you for your time! PEACEEE!!
  2. rafaelgreick

    Local Server Ping BUG

    Hello, I live in Brazil, since yesterday my ping in BR server are 200ms + (see image) While all USA servers have a lower ping, even 1 server in Europe. I Can't play with my friends because I get DC "ping too high". My internet is working fine, in others games I still have 5-10ms ping in Brazilian servers.
  3. Theron550

    Please remove 250 limit ping

    It just doesnt do us any justice whatsoever to us LATAM players. I live in Argentina and i should be connecting to Brazil, but my routing is not that great so EFT chooses Miami servers, in which I get 180 ping. If by any reason i get a ping spike, i get automatically kicked. I CANT play without any friends. Game was fine before this absurd ping limit. Got any problems with chinese players? Region lock them. Its not our fault.
  4. rafaelgreick

    Server SP com ping alto

    De 2 dias pra cá meu ping no Server SP ficou injogavel (ping 200+) Não consigo jogar com meus amigos por tomar DC todo jogo. Minha internet está normal. Em outros jogos tenho ping 5-10ms. Tentei usar o exit lag. (la mostra ping 13ms) porem no server BR sempre sou kickado por ping alto. Testei no servidor Miami e jogo com 130ms. Porem agora nao consigo nem voltar pro Servidor BR, pelo ping alto nao consigo selecionar.
  5. Stuka8

    PING Limit?

    Please change it to a general acceptable limit of 250. I know it is hard for most humans to admit mistakes, but this is not about ego or pride. I Legally purchased this game because it had the option of playing with friends all over the world. I then upgraded to EOD, top support Battlestate. Whoever buys a game in Beta actually does so because he believes and hopes for the success of the development company. I would like to be refunded if you keep on with this tyrannic no-care approach to your dedicated support base. As it stands now, I have been scammed by Battlestate. My money was good enough for you when you needed it to pay your rent & Bstate employees. Now i when I need you to reassure me of original invested in this game.. you give me a nice Russian F.U.? Do not forget to sometimes listen to your most loyal supporters, the Alpha guys.. streamers will come and go, don't door out this piece of art of a game.. Cheers
  6. I live in Brazil and the server here has a very long wait time, I've been waiting around 40 minutes to get into a match, the Miami server has a wait time of less than 1 minute with a ping from 150ms to 170ms, but when I log into North American servers I am constantly kicked due to "poor Connection quality" every 30 seconds, and that irritates me a lot, I think the ping limit needs to be increased to at least 250ms as in every game because with this wait it gets really boring to play, and this game is not very cheap for those types of connection problems.
  7. Aytoms

    new ping limit goes too far

    the new ping limit being at 180ms i really really do believe is a huge hinderance to the game as a whole. 250-300 is where the realm of max ping should ALWAYS be at, because going past that oversteps the bounds and essentially region-locks the game for no real benefit. maybe for some people it's not a problem, but if i'm having troubles playing with my international friends, or having troubles finding matches since i'm playing off-peak hours, i'm now unable to play this game. i understand that this game is in beta, but that really shouldn't mean developers should take this type of action to combat this type of issue. i do believe the cap needs to be in place, but the lower you go, the worse of an impact it has, and rn its way too far. packet loss kicks already deal with lagswitchers, and if theres an issue with ping this low, its a netcode issue, not a ping issue. i really hope people will at least consider getting the devs to raise the ping limit way back up, since playing it with international friends rn is a dream. thanks, aytoms
  8. RyanKingsman


    Hello I am from Australia were the Internet infrastructure is among the shittest in the world. I tried playing with my American friends on the Seattle server but I got 155 ping and immediately was kicked. So close only 5 ping from being able to play with my friends. I haven't been able to play with my friends since. I would recommend the devs to at least change the ping limit to 200-225. Please this is unfair.
  9. The latest 150 or 160 (or whichever value in this range) limit that got introduced killed my ability to play! I don't have a single server that doesn't dip at least a few times over the limit. I'm playing from Dubai and the ISPs here are a garbage duopoly that have no incentive to do anything about improving the infrastructure. My ping will fluctuate in a range of between 120 ms all the way to 300 for a few seconds. Like I'll be playing for the majority of time at 120 .. 125.. 142.. 135.. 126.. then 240... 180... 132.. 125... then again 301.. and back to 140.. and so on. The game won't care, if it dips a couple of times over that's it. I'm kicked. And these dips don't last too long. Can we please have a compromise of at least having the system kick me if I'm over the limit for an extended period of time per period? like if there is a 10 second duration, each time I dip back down, the timer resets? Have the current system kick per usual at maybe 250ms like last time. I don't think lag spikers would spike their ping that low, and I think the Chinese would have their ping higher that 160 for a lot longer than someone with garbage infrastructure.
  10. I use to play Tarkov every day after work deep into the Aussie night then I moved houses and due to Australia's horrible internet outside of the city I find that I can not achieve less then 600ping witch in a online raid is an instant kick. Now I love me tarkov and I thought why couldn't they add an offline version. Have an offline character with there own stash and own trader like a offline fence that randomly generates his stock with a chance of high loot. give players like myself something to play with our crappy net. Earlier on all I wanted was to run around with a mosin but due to not bing able to play online raids I cant loot up cant level up witch prevents mission progression trader progression and no flea market. I have no idea if this is even possible copy the game and turn the online off even a sepret tarkov "Escape From Tarkov Offline" I love this bloody game but am crushed I cant play!
  11. Simple, game auto kicks when above a certain ping. My situation is the following. There are no server on EFT where i can have less than 200 ping because of the distance from the place i live in to the differents servers. This has nothing to do with my internet connection quality or anything else, my connection is very stable. Some of you reading might think an unplayable stuttering experience, well this is not the case for me since my ping is stable, no one sees me teleporting around like you could think, i might have a slight disadvantage but I could still play the game ... I got Edge Of Darkness Edition for a while now, and i had no problem whatsoever before the auto kick. But I simply can't even play a single game anymore because of this new "auto kick feature". What happens exactly is the following: I log in a game, get to move for under 10 sec, then get kicked out of the game with the notification about internet quality being too bad. before you say it, I already checked all the tarkov servers and theres is none under 200 ping for me in the launcher. I got some answers from the support, but I just feel like they did'nt even read my post since part of the answer was the following: "If you constantly experiencing server kicks due to high ping then: - check your internet connection (restart router, try to connect your PC directly to modem and see if problem will keep happening) - try to select several servers in launcher with lowest ping - try using tethering (using your mobile phone as modem) - contact your ISP to find other possible solutions for this issue (upgrading router, changing the route of connection etc.)." To be fair , i would understand if they just don't want ppl having more than a certain ping to be unable to play completely, then atleast refund me now, since when i bought the game that was'nt a problem at all, then suddenly one day i just can't play anymore...
  12. Wiinter011

    Servidores latinnoamerica?

    Hola gente! quizas esta pregunta sea reiterada... pero queria consulta si se sabe de alguna fecha o si realmente añadiran servidores para latinoamerica, yo soy de argentina y juego con un ping alto la verdad. Simplemente queria saber eso gracias.
  13. Rdelaura

    Player RTT

    How can you reduce Player RTT? I have over 500 Mbps download and 50 up, my ping to the servers Im choosing is generally >50ms I dont understand how my Player RTT is 100-200 all the time
  14. I would like to apologize if this post is a little bit all over the place. I have some criticism (of course, I wouldn't be making this post otherwise) and some QoL features I would like to see with the current progress of the ping limits. The current ping limit (as of today, 155ms) is too low for 100% use and the discrepancy between the launcher reported pings and actual pings you get ingame make it worse. I live in Finland and I can select probably 6 US servers but I can actually only play on maybe 2 of them. If a strict limit like this is made in a game like Tarkov, there should be some protections for the players too. If I try to load in to a server where already at the map loading screen I'm over the limit, then tell me that I cannot join that server so I don't spawn in just to lose all my gear because I get disconnected every 10 seconds after connection/reconnection. If possible I think a solution regarding the servers is to give both sides what they want. I don't see why it has to be just one or the other. Have a set of servers that will only allow <100 ping and another set of servers that allow <200 as I think that 200ms is a good cutoff point. Give the players the option to choose if they want to play on <100 or <200 servers either by having specific server locations allowing only specific ping or making this an option in the game or launcher settings that allows you to connect to the types of servers you want. Depending on the utilization of this you could adjust it so that 30% of server instances at a given locations are 200ms servers and 70% are sub 100ms servers or any other ratio you find more reflective of the amounts needed. Another issue that might arise with this is that now we will be back on the problem of "infinite matching times". If I can maybe play on 1 or 2 servers with my friends, then we will be waiting in queue for 20-40 minutes again on peak traffic times. I play 95% of my time with my friends because I suck at playing alone and all those friends are US based and I'm from the EU. The current limit has just made the game unplayable for me and my friends too because of the 155ms limit. I am 100% fine with a solution that gives advantage to people with lower pings as long as I can play with my friends. If I cannot play with my friends that means I cannot play and that both saddens and angers me. Tarkov is a very special game and you are making ripples throughout the whole FPS genre with it. I can already see many features that I've first seen only in Tarkov being implemented in other games because those features are just so much better than what we had before. Hell, even Star Citizen copied the changing movement speed with mouse scroll feature and multiple other FPS games in development are clearly copying features from Tarkov that I haven't seen in other games before. The ping counter colors should be changed I think from the current green (good) - yellow (medium) - red (bad, but still maybe okay?) where you don't actually get a visual indication on when you're over the limit to something like green (ok - <80ms) - yellow (medium 81ms - 120ms) - orange (danger 121ms - 155ms or the limit) - red (over the limit). I know you guys are under a lot of pressure from the huge amounts of popularity you have gained in the last year but sometimes you also need to take a moment to breathe and think if the changes you are making are necessary to implement that fast and without more considerations of how it will affect the players and what you can do to make those changes easier to the players. And if you know you are making a change that will have a big effect on players, like the current ping limit, have solutions already available like those intermediate servers that were mentioned in your tweets. I currently feel totally disheartened by the fact that I simply have no reason to play anymore. But I've been with you guys since 2017 and I know you can find a solution that allows me to play with my friends again and the sooner the better. I'm just sad that we are a couple of weeks deep in a new wipe and now it all comes to an abrupt stop for me.
  15. Hello, I just wanted to point out the issue that there aren't any decent Middle East servers whatsoever. I want to preface this by saying that I'm playing from the UAE and I get: Tel Aviv - 200 Ping Turkey - 150 Ping I have better ping playing on European servers. Getting disconnected from raid isn't rare and usually ruins the game between the time I have to get disconnected, reconnect and re-load the map. It would make alot of sense to have a server in the UAE, or Saudi Arabia.
  16. -Tkullberg-

    Desync or high ping?

    Hello, been playing this for acouple years now. After the wipe i been seen alot of desync or highping? Dunno which but when I peak i got insta killed but after i unpeaked.. anyone more that have this issue? its like there are some rubberbanding like it was in bf4. I have great internet. Thanks in advance.
  17. wangdayahome


    关于锁区 控制外挂 根本就是对玩家的不负责任 既然开了中国服就要服务于中国而不是去限制 还有就是锁ping 原来锁ping值 不得高于250 一直正常在玩 现在竟然锁到180以下 现在导致在自己国家玩自己国家服都不可以,早知道这个游戏最后变成了期货游戏当初就应该做好相应的补偿或予以退款 这样的游戏既然没有可以服务大众的本事,就不要对玩家开放 。现在这种一刀切的局面实在惩罚开G的个人 ,还是对中国玩家的歧视
  18. Please allow some type of grace period before kicking due to a ping spike. Freeze my character in place for 10 seconds if you need to. I have bad internet, and I only have 3-4 servers selected, and 90% of the time my internet operates below the ping kick threshold. However, it will spike up for seconds and I get kicked and spend 1-2 minutes reconnecting. Of all my PMC deaths this wipe, I have only been connected for 2 of them. Please, try to implement something like CSGO has, where it will freeze you and all inputs for x amount of time, and kick you if it doesn't return to normal by the time limit, instead of instant kicking.
  19. Kriegs

    server kick

    i choose it on auto since its start of the wipe and it keeps connecting me into high ping server then kicks me... i mean.. how about you let me in one of those acceptable server .
  20. I completely agree with the high ping kick mechanic, but I think it could be a little better. Right now I believe it is having 250+ ping for 2-5 seconds or so gets you kicked from the server. I Think the timer needs to be extended. Right now I am completely unable to play the game anymore, During games I have great connection quality (100 down) but due to living in an apartment with Spectrum internet, the ping will jump from 30 to 300 for 1-7 seconds few minutes. I have never noticed it actually effect game play in any way other than getting me constantly kicked during raid, which of course ends up with me dead every time. So I would suggest the timer being increased to 10 or maybe 15 consecutive seconds of high ping before any player gets kicked. This change would still keep players from abusing server swapping to their advantage, but it would make it so other players in situations like mine can still play the game at all. It's looking like at this point I am either going to have to uninstall the game... or break my contract with my landlord and move to a different city (as spectrum is the only ISP where I live) just to play this game. Though option 2 isn't available because I have my career here.
  21. I want to bring up that subject because i live in Reunion and so have ping in all serveur. But since the last maj about ping abuse, my referencial server has being changed ans now i have 400+ ping on all serveur, so with the new patch i can't play at all because i'm kicked out off any raids i try to go in for too high ping. So question for the devs, can you ad a manual server selection on the launcher ? in fact there is one but over 150ping you can't select server, just be able to choose server manualy will solve my problems because i have some server where i have around 200ping and so if i was able to select them i will not be kicked out of the raids for "too high ping". I whant to know if others peaple are in the same case as me because if nothing change that mean i can't play the game at all and i pay a total of 140€ for this and don't hope any refund for being "in a isolate place" sadly. Thanks for your attention and excuse my writing i do my best but english isn't my native language.
  22. GaysonBinh

    The ping Kicker is absurd

    My internet is pretty terrible, but still playable. So Once upon a time I decided to go on a scav run on shoreline. A person with gen 4, and decked out ak decided to show his face and I killed him and got all his stuff. However, I was unable to ducking extract because I got kicked ducking 3 seconds before I extracted and since its a scav the screen isn't there and lost over 1 million rubbles. Holy poo, why did they add it now? The game has been in Beta for 3 years and they decided to duck over the players with less fortunate circumstances. I paid full price and don't even get to ducking play it.
  23. KikiG4mer

    Anyone else has ping kick problems ?

    i have been playing the game for few months now, everything was fine until the new Ping kicking update. i live in algeria (north africa) and i have only EU servers selected on the launcher. when i get in a raid the ping is 60 - 80 after few minutes in the server the ping Peaks at 300-400 and i get kicked. av always had this ping peaking problem as it used to peak for few seconds and then it goes back to 60 - 80 but with the new update the game kicks me before it lowers. also the ping peaking is not from my internet as i have a good internet and when im plying csgo the ping Tops at 70ms. so who else is having this problem ?
  24. baluzin

    State of the San Paulo Server (SA)

    Hello Devs! Hope you guys are having a nice day of work! 😃 Recently I noticed that my ping on the San Paulo Servers is too high for my location, I live in a city called Belo Horizonte that is about 400km from São Paulo. In the beginning of the year my ping was about 40, and I played on both MIAMI and SAN PAULO. Yesterday I noticed that I rarely get a good ping (not RED) Server, so I checked only San Paulo from the server list(when i could check, because the ping was too high or the connection timed out), and the ping was about 140, 150. My ping in others games is fine for Sao Paulo Servers (CSGO, LOL, HUNT SHOWDOWN) So, Do you guys now about this issue? Is this even a issue at all?? is my internet provider trolling me? is there anything I can do to lower my ping or help you guys do that? last tiny question, is there gonna be more south american servers? Argentina, Colombia, chile? Thanks for your hard work!
  25. I am an ordinary player from China. Recently, you added a rule higher than 250ping that will remove the game. Our Chinese players are really miserable. Most of our domestic forums currently denounce this rule because our There are a lot of people with a high ping value above 250, and the ping value is very high to play the Asian service, but no one wants to play the Asian service. Because of the plug-in problem, we have to take measures to go to the United States and Europe to play the game. Well, many of us have no way to play normally. I hope that optimizing the server is too important for us. Many people in our forum think that you do n’t collect money and do nothing. The problem of poor server quality should not be what you want to see. Let ’s hope you improve it. We still like to escape from Takov :)
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