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Found 19 results

  1. CZelednikov

    Pistol caliber damage

    I have really hard time understanding how damage in this game works. I've just managed to kill one scav with Makarov by 8 shots. All to the stomach, all confirmed hits and he had no armour at all. I have really hard time believing that this is realistic damage. Yes, I know I am supposed to aim for the head. But a pistol that would require entire magazine and hit with every single bullet would never be possibly accepted into service. I know that ammo makes great difference but from realistic point of view it seems ridiculous. PPSh on single shots is completely useless and TT-33 is n
  2. People often complain about getting killed by single pellets from shotguns. I think that by adding this pistol that would reduce the amount of complaining towards shotguns and distribute some of it to the pistols as there would be more BB/pellet like projectiles to die from.
  3. BrandonS101

    Dual Wielding pistols

    I assume this post is going to get a lot of hate as I have seen people before say it's not realistic or it would be like COD but if this is supposed to be a realistic game, if you are out of ammo in your primary and are in a close quarters situation, I would take 2 pistols over one. I've seen people say you can't be accurate which for a novice you wouldn't but professionals can dual wield pistols and hit almost every single bullet as seen in the clip below. I think if they did add this you would have to be really inaccurate at the beginning until you hit 8-10 or higher levels. Also, they would
  4. As seen below, I have attached some examples of incorrect floating models for the Pistol Holster on different types of clothing. I thought I would put this forward. 1). - 2). - 3). -
  5. Tried to search around real quick, found nothing and havent heard anything but was thinking.. Encourage use/carry of side arm by changing quicker to pistol then reloading the main gun. If your rifle is on a sling and you shoot it dry you can change to pistol quick by simply droping the gun down and drawing fast. If you are using the rifle from the back and not the sling, and quick change to pistol you can drop it on the ground. By making swaping to pistol faster more people might start carrying pistols and the be more realistic/be helpful in low ammo situastions.
  6. saibot0

    New pistol glitch..?

    So there is a new pistol glitch, don't know it but yeah some guy is abusing it. Killed a guy FULLY modded glock, just had an extra magazine in a scav vest and no weapons at all when i killed him.
  7. JacksonBarret

    Glock 17

  8. DawNoFd3aTh

    I'm so sorry...

    The true power of a scav SKS was unleashed. But I'm actually sorry, I got so greedy I should have died. Great firefight you 3!
  9. Sabotaaki

    Pistol glitch is back

    So it seems that pistol glitch is back in the game. No idea how to do it would report it if i knew. Have countered several glitchers today at factory while doing punisher pt6.
  10. JacksonBarret

    Desert Eagle

  11. After I'd posted in the weapons department it got me thinking that I haven't seen or heard about them adding comps or ported slides for pistols. This would be a great addition to the modifications you could conduct on your handguns to help control recoil and muzzle climb.
  12. I was wondering why drawing a pistol is so slow and it does make sense when I think about it, you have to put away your gun first. What would be a nice feature is to just as with the quick reload by double tapping make a quickdraw too so you can drop your gun to get out your pistol really fast. this way pistols would actually serve a purpose beside cheap runs to get some gear.
  13. The-Doctor

    Best Pistol Currently?

    Hey guys! I was wondering what is the best pistol and ammo to use in the current patch. Last patch everyone loved the TT with LRNPC but some people are saying its not good anymore. Is that true?
  14. CaptainKoko


    I was in the customs and I saw a dead body that carries full upgraded TT. When I search the guy, again there was no weapon. Still people find a way to glitch...
  15. Cfxsquad

    Pistol stand for Tarkov Room

    Hi all, project gameroom is getting greater and greater step by step. Now I have something new, I bought a closet and on top of that I'm gonna put this light box from IKEA. I want to put a Makarov in it, with a small logo on the floor next to it with the logo of escape from tarkov. Anyone got some inspiration how to do this?
  16. EnragedMidgets

    They already found a way!!!!

    A friend and I were in a raid on woods while doing the quests. Had already engaged one guy when someone else came up behind us. He shot at us nonstop with only the impacts being heard around us and he had no rifle in his hand so I assumed PB drum. Being excited because ive wanted one, only to be let down by the fact that they found a way to glitch them again. IDK how, nor do i care how. Just want it to be known.. this can happen to you. Also maybe the devs can fix it .. hopefully. Pictures are as get to the body not looted yet just checked to find the gun not in inventory. Backed out, screen s
  17. derickfoggs

    pistol glitching needs to be fixed

    this is insane. on every customs match i run into at the minimum of 2 pistol glitchers now, my last game i ran into 4 of them. it ruins the fun knowing someone can be risking nothing they bring in yet im risking everything i bring in. i have even seen it done with rifles. i would almost go as far to say it should be a bannable glitch abuse
  18. B1ack3ye

    Neuer Pistolen Bug?

    War gerade auf Twitch unterwegs und habe das bei einem Streamer gesehen:
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