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  1. Как определить на ботов ты нарвался или на игрока. Есть ли в игре какие то метки или наугад все?
  2. SniperK95

    Domanda sul matchmaking

    Salve a tutti, sono nuovo su tarkov (ho una settimanella scarsa sulle spalle) e ho una domanda da porre a chi magari è tanto che gioca. L'abbinamento dei giocatori è puramente casuale o segue una logica: tipo per livello, per esperienza o cose simili? Perchè nella quasi totalità delle mie partite finora sono stato praticamente oneshottato da gente di livello max. Anche tendendo imboscate o sparandogli alle spalle loro neanche un graffio e a me tirano giù in uno/due colpi. Gli unici player che sono riuscito ad uccidere sono di livello basso come me, gli altri totalmente inavvicinabili. Gra
  3. Harrybelly

    SV-98 damage

    First allow me to thank our Russian brothers and sisters for creating, what I think has the potential to be one of the greatest successes in gaming history. I would say its a much better version of COD adding an RPG like gaming experience. A true diamond in the rough! Its nice to know that even though we are separated by an ocean, divided by politics and classified by cultural differences we are all still "Brothers of the Same Mind". Gamers to the core! To the point, yesterday I shot another player at very close range in the chest with the SV-98. Both of us had no armor on and were at fu
  4. Plasmaproof11

    Text is hard to see

    I play on a 32in tv that’s only a few feet away from me and I never have problems in other games but for whatever reason the text in this game is burrly and very hard to see, after a short time of trying to read stuff my eyes start to hurt. Is there any setting that can help with this because when I watch streamers it looks fine
  5. No fists, please!
  6. usimo1

    SA servers full of Chinese

    Why is South African severs is full of Chinese player??? I go to shoreline huyaXXXX reserve douyu XXXX Interchange huaye XXXX lab huaya XXX all map are full of Chinese player.Am i in china or what???????? And i can't go back to European severs because ping blockade.
  7. I was in a game last night 2/23 on interchange at night as a hatchling. A friendly PMC spared my life at the opposite end of second floor from the red tech room. So i led him to where i left the loot i couldnt fit. there was a kitted out enemy PMC already there... bad news ik... my new friend destroyed him and let me take what he had. I WANT TO KNOW WHO THIS FRIENDLY PMC IS!!! what he didnt know was that i had 2 graphics card in my gamma and he let me loot another 600k off the body!!! it was a record run for me and i didnt even have a kill! P.S. i had to dip i didnt know if he was going to sho
  8. xXDaKoTaGrAyXx

    Scav Killing Scav

    They need to punish scavs for killing other scav players. It doesnt have to be anything severe just make it like an hour ban for each scav player killed. It makes the game beyond unenjoyable when you literally get camped and you see the name of the person that killed you is none other than a "so called" fellow scav....
  9. Dear BSG Devs and EFT Community, Sometimes when I play as a Scav (especially in Factory), I usually come across other Player-Scavs. They will go shooting at me and trying to rob my stuffs. I have no choice but to kill them to defend my Scav. And then all the AI Scavs will mark me as the bad guy and start hunting me down. That's kinda pain in the *ss. There should be an in-game mechanic where all "bad" Player-Scavs are allowed to be killed by the "good" Player-Scavs. So AI Scavs won't mark the "Good" Player-Scavs as the "Bad" Player-Scavs. Just my 2 cent.... Of course
  10. So I was trying to do the quest, delivery from the past, I think is what its called. Am still new and read that if I die I have to start all over again, considering that i nearly died twice trying to get the case in the first place I was really nervous and decided to group up, I got into a group with 3 other players, the one guy i guess backed out because when I spawned in it was only the one other guy, and I rushed to where i needed to go, considering the other guy had nothing in his invo, no gun no vest no bag, just a knife, he followed me, I got right to the spot and started to hide the ite
  11. As the title says, a recent update has made it increasingly difficult, mostly for the casual players, for an already difficult game. I don’t mean difficult in the unforgiving game style, that is one of the reasons why I love the game so much, but the player and skill levels that are incredibly grindy for a beta test game who still wipes their characters. For a streamer or someone who has a lot of time on their hands, it might not be as huge of a problem, since they can put 8+ hours in the game per day, but for a lot of people who have work, school, and other responsibilities outside of the gam
  12. Beaches

    LFG Returning player

    Hey guys, im a returning player with an Eastern Standard Timezone. Im looking for a fun but laid back group, mature and down to earth. I have TS3+Discord headset+mic ready. Comment/PM me for details or to start a convo to talk about your group. -Cheers
  13. Greetings to you, developers of EFT and you beautiful people of the EFT Community, I am an extremely new player in EFT, but have been a gamer of all sorts of game for the last 27 years and I have to say that I have never seen a game with so much potential as EFT. I want to see this game succeed and become a staple for the genre. And in many ways, it already is. Enough of that though, let's get into a couple of suggestions that I had. *********************************************************************************************************************************
  14. Lotta text coming. Scroll to the line before the bullet points for TL;DR. Just something I felt like throwing up a topic about and voicing my opinion on. I'm by no means a Tarkov veteran. I've only played for two wipes now and only have maybe a hundred PMC raids and a similar amount of Scav Runs. But this is a topic that I think is abrasive for everyone, new and old. Long story short, I want to address the constant shoot on sight mentality that Player Scavs have in Tarkov. Tarkov is a game where people are both paranoid and greedy. This isn't a negative, however, as the paranoia keeping eve
  15. Hello everyone, how you can see on my topic, I would like to know how this game will be in about 3 years or longer. I can't see a true future for this game. In the end, only the good one will stay and the not that good people will leave. So why should there be a game with only about one thousend player or so. Right now, it is even pretty empty in some lobbys ingame. What will this game make a "boom" on sale? To get new player. What will keep people on playing? The account reset? I never say that this game is bad. I am bad in this game. But nothing keeps me on it. So... what
  16. Tech_Savvy_Monk

    New Player US (East) Would appreciate some help.

    I just got the game a day or two ago and have been having a blast doing runs on factory, but would like some help if at all possible because frankly I am terrible at the game. I have a discord server etc. thanks.
  17. Jazztroll

    Cheating Player

    I'm not sure where to post this so i'm gonna do it here.\ So i was playing Customs behind the gas station there's a couple of trees forming like a little forest.. So i was in prone position at the top of this little hill. I was in the middle of few trees and i was observing the station for someone there (scav's players w/e) and out of nowhere something just hit me, and then again, and again. At first i didn't even understood what the F is happening. I started bleeding so i got up and started running and bandaging myself, i try to hide, i was kneeling behind cars, garbage containers, that
  18. Proto21

    Separate Offline Mode

    It would be cool if the offline mode was separate from the normal multiplayer by having a separate inventory and leveling for people who have internet issues or just want to play against ai.
  19. Cardboard231

    Player Scav killing Player Scav fix

    So you spawn in as a scav and after about 10 seconds you die because another player scav shot you in the back. Everyone hates this and it's completely unfair. So an easy fix i think if you go into a raid don't loot anything or shoot. if your killed by another player scav which hasn't been aggressive around you then you simply get your scav option back without the cooldown. What do you guys think?
  20. Plasmaproof11

    Need help with graphics

    I cannot seem to find a way to fix this issue i am having, when i play the game everything is outlined in a bright white, such ass trees bushes power lines buildings. on customs i saw what i think were like wet tire marks and they were completely white. ive tired many settings to fix this and i cant figure it out, weirdest part is a took a ton of screen shots so i could put them here but now when i look at them they look mostly normal but to me in game everything was either covered in white or outlined in white. i have never seen any youtuber or streamers game look like this, this game is real
  21. so nach 14min warten auf synchronisierung der spieler wurde ich rausgeworfen und alle meine sachen sind weg selbst aus mein beta container es reicht was ein poo eh letzter post zu bsg geschickt jetz können die machen was se wollen ich mach mir da keine mühe mehr is ja sinnlos nach knapp 20min ich hab es endlich mal geschafft ohne gear zu joinen und falle tot um clap clap clap einfach nur frust mich nochmal aufgerappelt denk mir so ok is halt broken wie immer, neu aufgerüstet keybar docs alles weg btw... join diesesmal ohne probleme 2min später kommt ein fliege
  22. robertacedane

    Looking For EFT Indonesian Player

    Looking for indonesian player to talk, play and discuss with or if anyone know Indonesia EFT discord can you pm me
  23. katkatman

    Scavenger rogue status

    Currently, Scav players who attacks other scav get the "rogue status" on the scab bots. This status should be usable by scav players as well. (ie : if we kill a "rogue scav" we shouldn't be classified as rogue by ai). Like that scavplayers can defend themselves against aggressive players without penalty.
  24. LightningWolf

    Looking for OC Group

    Don't have friends that play EFT so looking around for some OC players to team up with
  25. Belrumm

    Looking for group to play with!

    Just bought the game and was hoping to join a clan or even just a couple of people that could teach me the ins and outs of the game! my discord is Belrumm#2846. ill be on at 12 am CST from 3 or 4 CST! i would appreciate any help i can get!
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