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  1. Hello, I do not know if this is the right location, but I would like to play Tarkov, indefinitely solo. I believe millions of people don't buy Tarkov because of PVP and I also believe this could resolve a lot of server stress. Here is my idea. Offline and Online Tarkov. All the people that never want to play PVP, like me, can play offline indefinitely. Currently, I have to play each season till I obtain the gear I want, just so I can play in offline mode and truly enjoy the game how I want to play it. Can you please escalate this to management Please believe me when I say that millions will buy Tarkov if this mode is a reality as most people that I know, don't want to play Tarkov because of PVP, but they love the concept. I would play Tarkov, on stream, every single day if this was the case. I want to enjoy the game more, and PVP makes me not want to play on most days. Also, this would allow players to play your game when servers are down. I see positives everywhere. I tried to make Fallout 4 like Tarkov with `500GB of mods, but it is just not the same. Thanks for listening. Online Mode (PVP Crowd) 1. Online Tarkov remains untouched for PVP users out there that like PVP 2. Online Tarkov profile, stats, stash, progression, etc. can copy over to offline, but not inversely. Offline Mode (PVE Crowd) 1. Offline Tarkov never uses your servers. Local host only. 2. Nothing on offline mode affects online mode progression. 3. Offline Tarkov has skills, quests, progression, stash... Just like Online, but without the other real humans. 4. Make some PMC AI that range from Scav to Thick Killa and beyond, so the quests can still be done throughout the game 5. Let the flea market have random prices within a range. 6. Allow autogenerated random scav runs that are just like the online world but with PMC AI instead of players. 7. Maybe open up offline to CO-OP in the future. This would make many people very happy. Please do this!!! You will make millions of dollars, and make millions of people happy.
  2. So playing as player scavs[pscavs] right now, you are given an option to play friendly, without murdering AI scavs or other pscavs, or as a rogue pscav, killing any scavs as they please. Here's my point: If you are a friendly pscav, you are on the defensive side from the rogue pscavs. You will always get shot at first, resulting in very high chance of you dying prematurely. This is especially true if the two of you are alone, since currently there is no way of telling which is a rogue pscav without having other scavs shooting at them. Which is a rare sight in itself considering how short scav gunfights can be, due to AI scav incompetancy and unlikeliness of having a good armor etc. However, lets pretend you did come across one. Basically, you are witnessing a scav fighting another scav. How can you tell which is which? With the things AI scavs do nowadays, sometimes it can be very convincing, especially in the short time span of a scav gunfight. Obviously it isn't THAT bad, you will eventually figure out which is which, but regardless, it can be a very frustrating experience. Also, the scav karma system as of currently doesn't really stand to prevent pscavs from killing other pscavs. Currently, you lose 0.02 for killing one, and gain 0.1 for killing a rogue scav. So basically, if you shoot any pscavs on sight, and if any one out of five of them were rogue, you've broke even! Plus any gear they've farmed for how long they've been in the match! So here's my suggestion: 1. If pscavs exfil without killing any scavs, they should get karma(fence rep). 2. This should scale, the more you exfil without scav aggression, the more karma you gain. 3. If you've gone rogue, you shouldn't get karma for killing other rogues. 4. If your karma is low, you shouldn't get as much karma for killing rogues (i.e. if you've crossed the line too much, your best option of redemption is to be peaceful; not aggression). I think this way, it gives some real consequences to rogue pscavs, and encourages pscavs to play as the way its intended, as a scav and NOT a pmc in scav disguise.
  3. SniperK95

    Domanda sul matchmaking

    Salve a tutti, sono nuovo su tarkov (ho una settimanella scarsa sulle spalle) e ho una domanda da porre a chi magari è tanto che gioca. L'abbinamento dei giocatori è puramente casuale o segue una logica: tipo per livello, per esperienza o cose simili? Perchè nella quasi totalità delle mie partite finora sono stato praticamente oneshottato da gente di livello max. Anche tendendo imboscate o sparandogli alle spalle loro neanche un graffio e a me tirano giù in uno/due colpi. Gli unici player che sono riuscito ad uccidere sono di livello basso come me, gli altri totalmente inavvicinabili. Grazie per le risposte e sono bene accetti consigli. :)
  4. Harrybelly

    SV-98 damage

    First allow me to thank our Russian brothers and sisters for creating, what I think has the potential to be one of the greatest successes in gaming history. I would say its a much better version of COD adding an RPG like gaming experience. A true diamond in the rough! Its nice to know that even though we are separated by an ocean, divided by politics and classified by cultural differences we are all still "Brothers of the Same Mind". Gamers to the core! To the point, yesterday I shot another player at very close range in the chest with the SV-98. Both of us had no armor on and were at full health. In the time it took me to fire and pull the bolt for next shot, he was able to knife me twice. Doesn't seem like a chest shot from 6 feet had a realistic effect on him. I believe it should have at least impaired his movement so as to extend the length of the fight. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work!
  5. Plasmaproof11

    Text is hard to see

    I play on a 32in tv that’s only a few feet away from me and I never have problems in other games but for whatever reason the text in this game is burrly and very hard to see, after a short time of trying to read stuff my eyes start to hurt. Is there any setting that can help with this because when I watch streamers it looks fine
  6. No fists, please!
  7. usimo1

    SA servers full of Chinese

    Why is South African severs is full of Chinese player??? I go to shoreline huyaXXXX reserve douyu XXXX Interchange huaye XXXX lab huaya XXX all map are full of Chinese player.Am i in china or what???????? And i can't go back to European severs because ping blockade.
  8. I was in a game last night 2/23 on interchange at night as a hatchling. A friendly PMC spared my life at the opposite end of second floor from the red tech room. So i led him to where i left the loot i couldnt fit. there was a kitted out enemy PMC already there... bad news ik... my new friend destroyed him and let me take what he had. I WANT TO KNOW WHO THIS FRIENDLY PMC IS!!! what he didnt know was that i had 2 graphics card in my gamma and he let me loot another 600k off the body!!! it was a record run for me and i didnt even have a kill! P.S. i had to dip i didnt know if he was going to shoot me on extract but thanks bro!!!!! i wish i had my streaming gear so i couldve of shared with everyone! look out for my streams coming tuesday and sat in march! From your friend, Nosightsnipe
  9. xXDaKoTaGrAyXx

    Scav Killing Scav

    They need to punish scavs for killing other scav players. It doesnt have to be anything severe just make it like an hour ban for each scav player killed. It makes the game beyond unenjoyable when you literally get camped and you see the name of the person that killed you is none other than a "so called" fellow scav....
  10. Dear BSG Devs and EFT Community, Sometimes when I play as a Scav (especially in Factory), I usually come across other Player-Scavs. They will go shooting at me and trying to rob my stuffs. I have no choice but to kill them to defend my Scav. And then all the AI Scavs will mark me as the bad guy and start hunting me down. That's kinda pain in the *ss. There should be an in-game mechanic where all "bad" Player-Scavs are allowed to be killed by the "good" Player-Scavs. So AI Scavs won't mark the "Good" Player-Scavs as the "Bad" Player-Scavs. Just my 2 cent.... Of course when I play as a Scav, I always avoid confrontation with other Scavs. I only loot dead bodies in Factory and get the hell out right away lol Damn, it's hard to be a Scav right now lol Plus the fact that now PMC has civilian cloths which makes it harder to distinguish them from Scavs. Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  11. So I was trying to do the quest, delivery from the past, I think is what its called. Am still new and read that if I die I have to start all over again, considering that i nearly died twice trying to get the case in the first place I was really nervous and decided to group up, I got into a group with 3 other players, the one guy i guess backed out because when I spawned in it was only the one other guy, and I rushed to where i needed to go, considering the other guy had nothing in his invo, no gun no vest no bag, just a knife, he followed me, I got right to the spot and started to hide the item, my team mate was getting shot at by scavs and hid with me, while am sitting there staring at the wall, I was debating on just dropping my gun and running for the exit, he started knifing the wall, and with 10 seconds left, he stabbed me and killed me, when I messaged him after, asking why, he was like "oh idk i think you got shot, and when i told him I have the proof it was him he was like, your bad at game, your a noob I killed your shiny skinhead skull, you die not my problem. I just wanted to know if an action like this is well considered against what the devs want for this game
  12. As the title says, a recent update has made it increasingly difficult, mostly for the casual players, for an already difficult game. I don’t mean difficult in the unforgiving game style, that is one of the reasons why I love the game so much, but the player and skill levels that are incredibly grindy for a beta test game who still wipes their characters. For a streamer or someone who has a lot of time on their hands, it might not be as huge of a problem, since they can put 8+ hours in the game per day, but for a lot of people who have work, school, and other responsibilities outside of the game like myself, we can only fit a few hours per day if even that. Because of that, it takes months just to get our USEC and BEAR characters to a good position in the game. And it only gets worse for people the closer to the next wipe that they decide to play the game. Keep in mind, even the streamers agree that leveling skills in the game is grindy, one streamer GhostFreak said it can take 100+ raids just to level one skill(Forgive me for not going into more detail, i don't remember which skills he was taking about). What used to be having workarounds to offset that time grinding out skills, now you can’t even do those methods anymore, which makes leveling take even longer now. Pestily said in a recent stream after someone was complaining about the skills "Well, what would you want, them to work 6 months to rework the skill system, or to progress in the game". But it shouldn't take that long to fix, next wipe the developers can lower the xp requirements for each level for skills and for the character, or make the first 30 levels very easy to achieve, and make the last 20+ the normal or an increased amount so that people who put in more time into the game can still be rewarded, but give every player a chance to effectively test every aspect of the game, skills and end-game gear. The game is still in Beta, it’s a spoken(and unspoken) truth that people who buy and download Alphas and Betas are all testing the game, so it’s only reasonable that every player should be able to test all aspects of the game, not the handful of people who can make it to the endgame items and effectively test them before the wipe. My respects to the developers for creating such an amazing and unique game, but they need to treat the game as what it is, a Beta, not as a complete game. Once the game officially releases, and there is an option for a character that doesn’t wipe, then the developers can and should revert the player and skill levels to how it is now and make it the realistic hardcore gameplay they have in mind, but until then, leveling shouldn’t be unreasonably grindy just to get wiped a month after landing in a good point in the game, and the game shouldn't have an architecture that overwhelmingly benefits streamers and people who can put a lot of time into the game, not yet. If the developers truly don't take all the opinions and ideas from the streamers, please keep this forum post in mind for when the next wipe happens in March.
  13. Beaches

    LFG Returning player

    Hey guys, im a returning player with an Eastern Standard Timezone. Im looking for a fun but laid back group, mature and down to earth. I have TS3+Discord headset+mic ready. Comment/PM me for details or to start a convo to talk about your group. -Cheers
  14. Greetings to you, developers of EFT and you beautiful people of the EFT Community, I am an extremely new player in EFT, but have been a gamer of all sorts of game for the last 27 years and I have to say that I have never seen a game with so much potential as EFT. I want to see this game succeed and become a staple for the genre. And in many ways, it already is. Enough of that though, let's get into a couple of suggestions that I had. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* I do want to lay down some groundwork and some premises before I go into the meat and potato. 1- I am well aware that my suggestions MAY be very far from the Devs vision and plans for the game. Because of my respect for that, I'd like to underline that my suggestions come from purely a personal wish; a wish to, perhaps, see them implemented sooner or later. In no ways I am suggesting that the Devs SHOULD or MUST change thier scope for this game. So if you feel compelled to comment that "dats not the devs plan"...save it. I'm aware. 2- I suck at the game big time. But I love the premise of it regardless, so I play it. The fact that I am nowhere near the top names of the leaderboard, should not influence the credibility and validity of my suggestions. Besides...we are talking about suggestions, not orders. So if you feel like criticizing my suggestions based on...well...your feelings that day, save it. I'm well aware that my suggestions may be subject for laughter to you and others. 3- I am NOT aware that these suggestions have already been made and declined. So if I bring up points that have already been dismissed by the devs, let me know, civilly and constructively. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* With that out of the way let's talk about Story Mode. Why do I bring it up ( i know, boooriiiingg) and what do I see this game do with it. But most importantly: why oh why do I think it could be a good idea to implement in the game. Let's take it from the top: -- WHY SINGLE PLAYER AND WHAT STORY MODE -- We all know here what type of game Escape From Tarkov is. We all know that its ultra realism and deep weapon sim nature, make it a dream come true for competitive shooter gamers. However EST has (willingly or unwillingly, perhaps) created an incredibly solid foundation for not just the present day, but for next-gen shooter of all genre. With its deep control system, inventory management, weapon response and realism, this game has spoiled us, if you may. I cringe anytime I play a game that doesn't have proper sound recorded, arcade mechanics and less than realistic looks, even. Is it just me? Maybe, but indulge me for a second and think of how huge and incredibly satisfying a potential Story Mode, with a plot well written, a level design that is top notch - just like what we already see in the multiplayer already, by the way -, character creation and customization, skill trees, perk point attributions, survival mechanics, could be. Single Player in EFT, should be. of course, COMPLETELY SEPARATE, from the Multiplayer experience. Nothing crosses over: no items, rares, weapons, experience...nothing. It is a completely separate, fully self sufficient reality. What I am talking about here is to take the customization mechanics and use them into a play mode that allows everyone to experience it and makes them want to, even more, take that knowledge on the multiplayer ground, against, other players. I am talking about a full Special Forces Simulator, Action/RPG, with elements of survival, quests, mission rewards and tactical co-op integration. I am talking about the next gen Action shooter RPG. Call me crazy or delusional, as you may, but this very thought blows my mind. I want it so bad. I am talking about a Single Player that has few, but very engaging modes: a. Loadout Room: A open and close space where one can gain familiarity with his gear and all the gear in the game. Where it can field test gun modifications and game mechanics. b. Single Player Story Mode: with a plot, voice acted, soundtrack, cut scenes. I'm thinking big here because there is massive potential. But it doesn't have to be this big. It could be even just a bunch of missions that you go through and go from rags to riches, type of deal. c. Co-Op Story Mode (up to 4 players) d. Shooting Range Challenges: A Shooting range where you enter alone or with up to 8 friends to complete challenges and compete against each other, to see who's got better aim. Completing challenges awards items you can then use in your story mode as you progress. I am aware that the co-op modes I suggested, are not technically Single Player, but the realm and context of what you play is single player. You co-op a story mode, if you catch my meaning. What I have imagined for EFT is a story mode that picks up the lore of the game. I have several ideas for a plot line that could potentially fit in the game, so DEVs, if you are interested in suggestions about that, let me know. I'd be open to give some ideas. I'm not going to crowd this topic even further. --SO WHY IS IT A GOOD IDEA, AGAIN?-- I believe that today, games are moving into a more and more multiplayer platform. This is all well and good, but there is still a massive chunk of people that loves the single player experience. I love immersing myself in the game mechanics and grow and progress within the story. Falling in love with characters, relate to life experiences. That's what gaming is about, in some cases. It's story telling and pure entertainment. The reason I'm so convinced that EFT could revolutionize the Single Player world, as well as the multiplayer world, is because it has a strong structure and game mechanics. I imagine missions in the story mode where we are tasked to recover a nuclear detonator fallen in the hands of (put faction name here). I imagine having to approach the mission according to the gear and skills we have available at that point: if we have a suppressed weapon, we could strive for a silent and more tactical approach. What about if we only have a shotgun? We can't approach long range, so we need to play it differently. Or we can go full on only knife, if we so wish. Using the enemy's weapons as we kill them. Every mission is re playable later, with the gear you have so far collected. When I imagine all this, knowing the mechanics of EFT, I just want to play it so bad. --CAN THE GAME BENEFIT FROM A SINGLE PLAYER MODE?-- It is very much my belief, that a game like EFT, can ONLY benefit from a Single Player mode. I believe that the numbers of sales would only improve and more and more people would then be exposed and drawn in the main attraction: the Multiplayer. It would allow less confident players, to still want to play it and get into it, BECAUSE, there is a Single Player mode, where they can practice and perfection their skills and confidence. It would benefit the game, because it would add a massive layer of depth to the game, through a well crafted story, that draws people in not simply because of the high-adrenaline feeling, but also emotionally and sentimentally. There are only few games that I still play from 20 years ago, and those are the games that made me feel something inside, that I attached emotionally to. I am of the strong belief that, if EFT crafted a great story, people would flood in from everywhere, trying to experience a campaign mode that encouraged them to play the game, be less frustrated with loosing gear, and not abandon the title because they feel not good enough at the game, and leave feeling they have wasted money on "another game". Instead, you give them something to come back too and, eventually, help them feel more comfortable and confident with this incredible game. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* I know, super long. Super boring and super hyperbole-filled piece. But I hope this gave you, at least, a good read, devs. Hopefully, whilst swamped with updates and work to do on the current game ( which I am aware it's a ton of queued up work), you may find time to give this a thought. And perhaps you already did and strongly decided against a single player mode, in which case: more power to you and I truly hope you'll make EFT the game you all have in mind to make. Peace, a massive fan.
  15. Lotta text coming. Scroll to the line before the bullet points for TL;DR. Just something I felt like throwing up a topic about and voicing my opinion on. I'm by no means a Tarkov veteran. I've only played for two wipes now and only have maybe a hundred PMC raids and a similar amount of Scav Runs. But this is a topic that I think is abrasive for everyone, new and old. Long story short, I want to address the constant shoot on sight mentality that Player Scavs have in Tarkov. Tarkov is a game where people are both paranoid and greedy. This isn't a negative, however, as the paranoia keeping everyone on edge and greed to snatch and exfiltrate with the best possible loot is what makes the game such a unique experience. This is fine for PMC Raids and Scav Runs, but only to an extent in the latter. In a PMC run at the start things are somewhat contained. Players spawn in at approximately the same time. Scavs typically spawn in shortly after and at an adequate distance from PMCs. Scav Runs however have way more variables. You spawn in at a random location with random gear around whoever my be near by, be it Scavs, Player Scavs, or PMCs. Now it goes without saying, there's not much that can be done to change this, nor should there be. The random nature of it all is required. But such spawns, in tandem with the traits and mentalities I touched on prior, result in the topic I want to address. Player Scav on Scav/Player Scav violence. I know this is an old topic, one that has been talked about in the past and that there may be some systems in the works for. But I still feel this is a topic worth throwing up here so I can voice my thoughts, as well as others if they want. I personally think that Scav on Scav violence at the moment is a sore spot of the game that takes an interesting part of EFT and makes it a bit tiresome. Now, I don't think that Player Scavs shouldn't be able to kill each other. But I do think that, at the moment, it's a bit of an epidemic that negatively impacts the game for some people. That being the case, I think a number of changes can improve the Scav on Scav violence. TL;DR- I think Scav on Scav violence is kinda annoying and abrasive in EFT and it can be sightly modified to make it a more interesting and fun experience. Some thoughts below. Increase the Scav Run timer by 10 minutes per Scav (or Player Scav) killed in the previous Scav Run to a maximum of one hour If no PMCs are left in the Raid, killing other Scavs (or Player Scavs) increases Scav Run timer by 5 minutes Killing X Scavs (or Player Scavs) in a 24 hour span results in your Scav being "marked", thus Scavs aggro upon on sight after entering a Scav run Killing Scavs after X amount within those 24 hours increases the time marked to 24 hours since the last Scav kill, till you kill no Scavs for 24 hours Marked Player Scavs will be denoted by red arm bands they cannot remove while marked (possibly red facemasks or other item of clothing) Those are just some thoughts and recommendations I have on the matter to make Scav gameplay more focused on actual scavenging and focusing on PMC enemies. Given that Scavs are still out for their own interests and cutthroat, you can still kill other Scavs, but at a cost. Want to kill that Player Scav who is trying to extract? Do it. You'll incur a 10 minute penalty as your Scav lays low for killing one of their own. Want to kill more Scavs for better gear? You'll need to lay low for longer, or even lose the trust of the Scavs who will attack you on sight for the time being. As I see it, this is a somewhat lore friendly option that I think could be very interesting if implemented. But yeah, that's what I've got. I'm curious to hear what other people have to say on it and if you think Scav on Scav violence is fine as is, could use some tweaking, or what. Thanks for reading if you somehow read all of it, btw.
  16. Hello everyone, how you can see on my topic, I would like to know how this game will be in about 3 years or longer. I can't see a true future for this game. In the end, only the good one will stay and the not that good people will leave. So why should there be a game with only about one thousend player or so. Right now, it is even pretty empty in some lobbys ingame. What will this game make a "boom" on sale? To get new player. What will keep people on playing? The account reset? I never say that this game is bad. I am bad in this game. But nothing keeps me on it. So... what does other people keep on playing? And in the future? Thank you for every good answer
  17. Tech_Savvy_Monk

    New Player US (East) Would appreciate some help.

    I just got the game a day or two ago and have been having a blast doing runs on factory, but would like some help if at all possible because frankly I am terrible at the game. I have a discord server etc. thanks.
  18. Jazztroll

    Cheating Player

    I'm not sure where to post this so i'm gonna do it here.\ So i was playing Customs behind the gas station there's a couple of trees forming like a little forest.. So i was in prone position at the top of this little hill. I was in the middle of few trees and i was observing the station for someone there (scav's players w/e) and out of nowhere something just hit me, and then again, and again. At first i didn't even understood what the F is happening. I started bleeding so i got up and started running and bandaging myself, i try to hide, i was kneeling behind cars, garbage containers, that little shack with one ammo crate and nothing this dude kept following me and killed me probably with an axe, but i couldn't see him, he didn't produce a sound, not even once. He was invisible ?!? And just kept following me hitting me with his stupid axe, and eventually he killed me?!!?! And i'm like "What the f*ck????" He couldn't be shooting at me from a long distance cause i ran away so far that he has to follow me, find me again and start shooting at me again. It cannot be scav cause he didn't produce a sound. However i got his name bcs the game tell's u who killed you and he was normal player who goes by the name "###" if its not a big problem for the devs and moderators ban this idiot as soon as possible. thank you..
  19. Proto21

    Separate Offline Mode

    It would be cool if the offline mode was separate from the normal multiplayer by having a separate inventory and leveling for people who have internet issues or just want to play against ai.
  20. Cardboard231

    Player Scav killing Player Scav fix

    So you spawn in as a scav and after about 10 seconds you die because another player scav shot you in the back. Everyone hates this and it's completely unfair. So an easy fix i think if you go into a raid don't loot anything or shoot. if your killed by another player scav which hasn't been aggressive around you then you simply get your scav option back without the cooldown. What do you guys think?
  21. Plasmaproof11

    Need help with graphics

    I cannot seem to find a way to fix this issue i am having, when i play the game everything is outlined in a bright white, such ass trees bushes power lines buildings. on customs i saw what i think were like wet tire marks and they were completely white. ive tired many settings to fix this and i cant figure it out, weirdest part is a took a ton of screen shots so i could put them here but now when i look at them they look mostly normal but to me in game everything was either covered in white or outlined in white. i have never seen any youtuber or streamers game look like this, this game is really fun and i love it but having everything outlined in white hurts my eyes. if anyone has any idea what this is or how to fix please let me know also im going to post a picture to try and show what i mean. so in the picture everything looks fine but for me in game everything was outlined in a bright white. it looked horrible all i could see was white. even the individual grass stalks were outlined in white but for some reason it looks fine on the screenshot, i have never had this happen in any other game
  22. so nach 14min warten auf synchronisierung der spieler wurde ich rausgeworfen und alle meine sachen sind weg selbst aus mein beta container es reicht was ein poo eh letzter post zu bsg geschickt jetz können die machen was se wollen ich mach mir da keine mühe mehr is ja sinnlos nach knapp 20min ich hab es endlich mal geschafft ohne gear zu joinen und falle tot um clap clap clap einfach nur frust mich nochmal aufgerappelt denk mir so ok is halt broken wie immer, neu aufgerüstet keybar docs alles weg btw... join diesesmal ohne probleme 2min später kommt ein fliegenderspieler vorbeigeflogen...dead...... done
  23. robertacedane

    Looking For EFT Indonesian Player

    Looking for indonesian player to talk, play and discuss with or if anyone know Indonesia EFT discord can you pm me
  24. katkatman

    Scavenger rogue status

    Currently, Scav players who attacks other scav get the "rogue status" on the scab bots. This status should be usable by scav players as well. (ie : if we kill a "rogue scav" we shouldn't be classified as rogue by ai). Like that scavplayers can defend themselves against aggressive players without penalty.
  25. LightningWolf

    Looking for OC Group

    Don't have friends that play EFT so looking around for some OC players to team up with
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