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Found 18 results

  1. Scarlett_Jack

    150 Ping limit too low

    First post to the forum so be gentle. For context I live in South Africa and the closest servers would be European if I'm not mistaken. As far as I understand it the ping limit for manually selecting a server region is 150ms. Would it be possible to raise this limit to 200? Or even 180? My lowest ping seems to be around 160 odd but this defaults me to American servers (according to the launcher). So my suggestion would be to just raise this limit a tiny bit so players in unfortunately distant areas can at least select the lowest possible ping servers. Thanks for the time Jack
  2. ok so i bought this game like 7-8 months ago and it looked like a lot of fun but when i went to load into a map it gave me this error (Cant Load bundle;maps/(map name)_preset.bundle) after sitting on 0% map load for a few minutes, now i talked to of number of people who have or dont have the game and watnot but nothing they suggested worked i uninstalled and reinstalled the game and launcher 8+ times but that didnt work. so i decided to wait until the problem was brought more into light and potentially even fixed in a patch or something but here i am months later with the same problem. in hindsight i should have tried to do something about it then but i had other things to do, i really want to play this game and thank you in advance for any help
  3. I only recently started playing EFT in January of this year. Since then I've put in over 350 hours and Tarkov has become my favorite game on the market. Even as someone who plays this game 20+ hours a week in almost all of my spare time outside of work, I can say for sure this patch has killed the game for me at the moment. Having grinded so much for what I possess now, modded weapons, high tier armors and rigs, those gigantic backpacks, I feel immense disappointment that simply bringing a plate carrier, helmet, and a primary with a few spare mags I'm already penalized by the game. Sneaking is impossible with even half a kit, despite my covert movement skill being at 18. I kill a team of players and I can't take anything from them. Grabbing even a helmet and gun off a dead player raises my encumbrance to the point of being unable to extract because I'm so slow or unable to sprint long. The kicker is that I actually wanted this mechanic in the game. But to wipe all of our strengths and endurance skills, midwipe, well in my opinion you might as well have wiped the full game. My inventory is full of goodies that will just make me an easy target for all players and scavs now.
  4. xgimmiexgamesx

    Need Teammates anyone?

    Hi im relativity new to Tarkov. ive got most of the stuff down im sure theres more to learn regardless. i really need a teammate running solo can only get you so far if your interested my discord is Xgimmiexgamesx#7957
  5. DieselFTP

    201 Error, please help!!!!!!

    I recently downloaded the game (3 times) on my new computer. It keeps giving me the "201: Client not authorized or not selected game profile" error message. Here is what I have tried:: - Uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice -Uninstalled the launcher and game and reinstalled them both a separate time - deleted the game and launcher I had on my laptop before the last time I installed the launcher and game on my PC - (advice from the internet) Logged out of the launcher, signed in online, then logged back into launcher and changed the servers from manual to Auto-Select servers - - None of those worked, I sent tech support a message and im waiting to hear back but...…. I would very much like to play this game, seeing that I paid money to play it only to find out my laptop wasn't compatible; so I go out and buy a PC, only to experience more problems. If anyone can help me, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!! -Angry Gamer
  6. Cloud12363

    Game Crashing all of a sudden

    Game randomly started crashing after map and loot loads. Started happening one night out of no where, anyone have any idea? Would be greatly appreciated, only map that works is Factory
  7. JoshKenny177

    im horrible at this game, need some help ENG

    Someone pls be a nice chap and help a brother out
  8. TheSoupWizard

    Help fixing matchmaking?

    At the moment, I can't get past matching in queuing. I know this isn't a problem with my internet or my connection to BSG servers because flea market/LFG works just fine. I've also tried setting my region to the 5 nearest servers to me, but I still can't connect. I've waited past 17 minutes of matching. Help would be much appreciated, this game is a blast. I also can't make a support request, the button at the end of the website process simply doesn't work for me.
  9. kevin23649

    fix the servers

    the servers are so laggy and preform poorly plesae focus on fixing this problem
  10. ThomasKing


    So I just started playing this game not too long ago, and I'm unsure if this has happened before but when the servers died I was in the screen saying I escaped. But this wasn't just any escape, this was single handily the best scav run I've had in my life. Just to put it into perspective, I had a bag, in a bag, in a bag. Full of new guns, ammo, and health that I've never even heard of. So my question is, do we get our items back? Because that was a run and a half, just to lose it to the servers; it'd kinda suck. Thanks
  11. In the pictures I've uploaded you can see the box just barely in the top right screen. I don't know what it's called exactly but it's part of the UI and it's preventing me from doing quite alot. Anyone have problems like this or know how to fix it? Ive tried to change my resolution and move it back to the middle but it returns when I rescale it. I play on a 4k monitor in 4k resolution by the way

    Bring IFAK back to Peacekeeper

    Im on my knees begging you Nikita or whom ever reads this that is able to make the decision PLEASE bring back the IFAK to Peacekeeper. If you gotta make it level 3 or something then so be it but just bring it back.
  13. Dear Devs, I fully understand how hard it is to make a game and how much time it takes to do so, and completely understand problems cant be fixed within a week. but please.. rather than adding more and more and more things into the game focus on the desync and the servers, it's got the stage where i'm losing every other run (Winning 1 in every 2) sometimes 1 in 4, due to dying by being behind cover on my screen or being in a room on Shoreline with the door closed to someone then shooting me through the door and walking through it due to it not being closed on their screen, just stupid little things that make the game un enjoyable, i love this game and i really wan't to see it succeed but designate all your people to fixing this issue, the game is perfect at the state it is in without adding more guns and items, people just want to see the desync gone, i cant kill a single player without being shot once in the head from him not even being there on my screen, but some how he peaked on his screen and killed me without me even seeing it, please, i beg of you, dont let this game die just because you want more content in it, fix its initial problems then focus on adding more. Thank you for your time A worried USEC Survivor
  14. i318legion

    Player Holes

    On customs I was jumping the fence using the dumpsters. Well I messed up my jump and ended up getting stuck in a small hole with no way out. Please remove these from the game by allowing the player to get out of them or by just filling them entirely.... like with garbage bags. falling in one of these is pretty much the equivalent to dying but without the actual dying part.
  15. xOats

    Saiga Drum Mag

    Dear Developers, I think that the Saiga is an amazing weapon with loads of potential but it is held back by one single thing. The magazine only holds 5 rounds, if it had a drum mag that held 25-30 you could really mess people up so please consider adding a drum mag to the Saiga.
  16. Uniaxxxy


    In any possible way can i get a refund?
  17. Europoor

    Developer team introduction

    Can we have some small videos in the future, about the developer team, and a bit about personal things
  18. Please stream the vidya game devs! It'll be Friday and that's 5 days away from my exams! It'd be amazing! I would stay up as long as possible to watch!))))))))) Well regards from Canada! -Thomas H.
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