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Found 6 results

  1. RERE4000

    BattlEye Launcher question

    When I go to press the button play it asks me if I want to allow changes to this computer, and I select yes. Then it brings up a BattlEye Launcher box that say "00:34:07: starting BattlEye Service..." "00:34:07: Failed to start BattlEye Service (577)" "00:34:07: Installing BattlEye Service..." "00:34:13: Failed to Install BattlEye Service (4,241)." If you know on how to fix this plz reply I have spent 2 days searching the internet trying to fix it but nothing seems to work.
  2. hey guys my friend is having trouble with black screens , long load times, error messages pretty much he cannot play the game. It says cannot connect to destination host. All this started yesterday after his game crashed it ran fine before. He has tried uninstalling and reinstalling serval times and on different drives... any other suggestions ?
  3. Hello, i'd like to suggest something to developpers: First of all, i've shot with my AKM. If i go to inventory i should see this: Then, i check the magazine: So in my inventory i should be able to see the last info i've got about my mag: This would really change the way the game is beeing played, and increase the immersion. Of course, it would depends of the mastering level of the weapon. OR else, just remove the inventory info, you will have to remind the number of cartridges inside your magazine Pease guys, tell me what you think about this, if it's (i'm quoting Nikita ) "PLANNED" or not and your own suggestions. I hope a dev or Emmissary will hear about it^^ Thanks!
  4. tyce95


    PROOF you can watch the video of us spawning and hes already spraying the hill before we come over it. no noise. murked a 5 man squad i was split from my squad and am so far away he comes over the hill spraying again. if need of more proof can provide more clips. USER:
  5. shalashaskav


  6. hunter97

    Cry for Help

    Please let me know if this kind of message is frowned upon but I will proceed until I know. As a few of my other posts I have complained about factory only having one exit which gets camped on and unless you have the key, your just screwed. I have reached the point that after successfully completing (Mind you SUCCESSFUL) my 120th run to dorms in search of the factory key, I have yet to find it and I now turn to anyone who may or may not have extras for help. If you could happen to meet up and "drop" your spare key next to me, I would be happy to "drop" anything I can in return. I have given up in searching for this key. There is no reason bolting directly to spawn as either scav or PMC and not finding it there this many times. I know im a wuss, but I just want to be able to play factory without getting wrecked by opening the doors. Thanks and hopefully someone with a merciful soul will save me (Or laugh and point fingers, either is acceptable at this point)
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