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  1. I commented on another thread about the pmc forgetting about the dead bodies from the Therapist's Colleagues quest and needing to restart the task after dying and it got me thinking. I was under the impression that he doesn't die since you run the same pmc over and over, he comes back wounded, and has to be healed. I always thought of it this way. He gets incapacitated, almost dead and unconscious is recovered from the raid after being stripped of his belonging by pmcs and scavs, and gets deposited back at his hideout by a friendly who finds him naked and on the edge of death. The on
  2. alex8xela

    Black Division PMC (long post)

    I don't know if any of you played Contract Wars browser game, but in that game they had a roulette which you got to roll for free 2-3 times a day or purchase more rolls. They had many prizes that you could win, but the most sought after and valuable prize was Black Division - supposedly this would reward you with one million credits and 500gp (not sure how many gp, something like that). GP was premium, real life money, in game currency. I can't remember where exactly I heard it, but Black Division is like the best of the best. Only the best fighters get into Black Division PMC.
  3. I was trying to do the quest from therapist where you have to find and turn in salewa kits. I collected one and put it in my alpha container, but died. As I tried to turn it in, it didnt let me. I found it as PMC so whats the issue there? Some where 100% unused...
  4. AppleGod0320

    Died by a bug?

    So, While I was playing on a run of shoreline, I was running to exile after getting some loot. while I was extracting, I saw a scav and killed him. Not a second later, I was running and died. Confused, I look at who killed me. It was the scav who I shot and killed. It said I was killed by a headshot, but I had already killed him. I have the kill to prove it. I'm really confused. I feel cheated out of a ton of gear. I also have heard of this bug before, I don't know if BSG compensates people for it or what, but this is upsetting. I hope it's patched soon. Also picture of the gear I had
  5. GeorgeMc14

    1/6 scale operator (WIP)

    Seen this 1/6 scale operator that my cousin has been making, thought it looked like a PMC. let me know what you think!
  6. add a way to listen to the voice we select since we can't change it afterward
  7. Rilla_kim

    BEAR main loadout

    Orange tips on airsoft shits are for legal ownership
  8. waifuwannabe

    Custom PMC made LOADOUTS

    Hello, I wanted to ask the community if this was an interesting idea. I tend to do a lot of raids with friends and sometimes my friends are really slow to get their 'load-out' ready for the next raid. I have made a few videos about keeping your stash clean and having pre-made load out for when you wanna jump into the game and not wait in lobby which can sometimes feel like an eternity. below is a picture that demonstrates my idea. I am sure other people have thought of this i just would like to get some traction on it. // if you are missing any info I will be following t
  9. Vtrap

    PMC group spawn problem

    Hello, I'm playing your game for a while now and am very much enjoying it! There is one thing I'd really like you to improve though: I'm playing together with a friend who needs very long to load the map - there are generally 2+ minutes difference between our loading times. This causes us to not spawn together, since the game doesnt wait for him to load before starting: I'd start when the round starts and he gets late spawn. This is problematic, because when I try to stay at the spot where I spawned (and he will spawn 2 min later), I have to defend against passing gro
  10. A lot of the changes to combat RMT affect the gameplay of the general playerbase. Allowing only a specific amount of items/money on your character makes the stash management a bit harder, you can not just load all those items in your character to move them easily to the desired location. The backpack stacking change makes accessing them way harder. Having multiple big backpacks in a stack results in being forced to have double that amount of space in your stash to unpack them. Sometimes this is hard to accomplish for EOD, for the standard edition this can be backbreaking. Befo
  11. Ukki

    PC stuff

    Painted the bear logo on my case, thoughts? It was a pain in the ass to cut the template 😁
  12. Amani9

    PMC Voice line presets

    There are so many different voice lines for so many situations, I feel like having to double tap y and looking for the correct voice line for the correct situation can be tedious and dangerous in raid. Having a quick preset button like Y+1, Y+2 to change presets. It also helps a lot with people trying to make friends with another PMC without becoming fully letting their guard down by going into the speech menu.
  13. Mr_Daemon_

    UK Player Looking For Group / Duo

    Hi everyone, I am a UK based player I have played loads of FPS shooters in the past but this is my first venture into Tarkov and to be honest I am loving it that's why I forked out for the Edge of Darkness bundle! I am looking for people to run with or a solid duos partner i play mainly from about 8-8:30pm GMT until 12:00-02:00 most weekdays but definitely Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday. I am 32 and play mostly for fun but I am a bit of a completion fiend too :-) find me on Discord @Tinker_Gaming#3477
  14. Hallo zusammen, Mein komplettes Karma-System, das aber auch LP-System (ähnlich Super Mario Bros NES) und Sicherheitsnetz zugleich ist und damit viele Ecken und Kanten des Spiels optimieren soll. Karamba 😁leros Ich weiß, es ist ein kleines bisschen lang geworden, aber es lohnt sich (hoffentlich🙃) Ich freue mich schon auf euer faires und detailiertes Feedback und bedenkt bitte, es war ein riesen Aufwand! Aber zuerst die Prioritätenliste für das Gameplay imo: 1. Überleben (muss dann mehr belohnt werden) 2. Suche / Plünderung lebensnotwendiger Güter 3. Auf der Suc
  15. It always bothered me that you can't have a USEC and a BEAR character simultaneously. I think it would be a cool idea if you had two PMCs one BEAR and one USEC, so you could have a character of both factions. This addition would also be helpful for people that don't want to pay for meds to heal with one PMC but instead could just play as your second PMC (This would also be great for jumping out of one raid and having another kit built on your secondary PMC). You could even go further with the factions and make it so BEARS are more experienced with Russian made weapons and vice versa for USECs.
  16. But at first the priority list for the gameplay imo: 1. Survival (must be more rewarded then) 2. Searching / looting life-necessary goods 3. Questing for the end goal of escaping Tarkov 4. PvP Main points are: A. Progression system for more importance in survival and as safety net in the same time. B. A stepless weight system, removes some flaws of the current version and adds benefits. C. Tweaks to flea market, insurance and secure container for a hopefully better experience. ------------------------------------------ Now the list of new features: 1.
  17. My complete package of new features, tweaks and changes: But at first the priority list for the gameplay imo: 1. Survival (must be more rewarded then) 2. Searching / looting life-necessary goods 3. Questing for the end goal of escaping Tarkov 4. PvP Main points are: A. Progression system for more importance in survival and as safety net in the same time. B. A stepless weight system, removes some flaws of the current version and adds benefits. C. Tweaks to flea market, insurance and secure container for a hopefully better experience. -----------------
  18. Now that a lot of clothing options are on the table and more to come I figured I could throw some additional idea that someone hopefully takes into consideration. I for one think that BEARs have enough of old school classic items and could instead use more casual or modern tactical clothing, while USECs could use some extra traditional PMC-like clothing and a couple of extra cammies since they are after all a multi-national organization. Some ideas are listed below in screenshots: Possible option for USEC faction such as casual shirts and cargo pants 5.11 for USEC
  19. wantedsnowman

    Spawn issues

    Started up a PMC night raid on customs, I spawned in plain view of a player scav none the less and within five seconds of my spawn was shot in the head and killed. I did not even get a chance to move. My spawn location was nowhere near the specified PMC spawns according to all the maps I have seen and looked at. Can the spawns for PMCS be addressed so we can ensure that we are not being spawned in in plain view of scavs or players who will get and unfair advantage. I lost a lot of good gear all because of a messed up spawn to which someone else benefited and will now be taking all of my gea
  20. When you are matchmaking, for example in the finding match section of loading. if you bump escape on accident it just instantly backs you out. Personally I think it would be really nice if it would give you a warning kind of like how it does on the exit tab on the main menu now. (Great addition by the way) I'm sorry if this is worded weirdly or anything.
  21. AtoK09

    PMC Spawns

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin neu im Spiel und bin recht schlecht. So weit, so gut... Gerade hatte ich als PMC die Situation, dass ich im Spiel spawne (vermutlich westlich von "road to mitilary base") und nach sage und schreibe 33 sek von 'nem Spieler niedergemäht wurde. Kann es sein, dass jmd so dicht neben mir spawnt? Herzlichen Dank für die Rückmeldungen...
  22. silverhammer92

    Spawns explained

    Hi all I am trying to understand how spawns work in Tarkov but I don't find anything online and in the game it is hard to find it out by myself. So maybe you guys know more than me. I am wondering when and how spawns work. Every map has a set amount of PMC's on that map (e.g. 6-9). Does that mean that there are always between 6 and 9 PMC's or that at the beginning of the game there will be 6-9 PMC's spawning at the same time? In other words: If i kill 9 PMC's I can be assured there is no other PMC on the map? Can PMC also spawn later in the game or only at the beginning? W
  23. Gasparovisk

    Como farmar $ e Itens

    Bom galera devido ao crescimento absurdo do número de jogadores decidi fazer um tópico buscando ajudar a galera que está iniciando a como fazer uma grana e aproveitar a experiência do game ao máximo. Tarkov é um dos jogos mais complicados que já joguei e por diversos fatores ele pode ser frustrante as vezes. No entanto buscando conhecimento a respeito do game podemos reduzir muito essas frustrações. O guia que postarei abaixo não é específico de nenhum mapa e pode ser aplicado para qualquer raid principalmente as de pmc, as raids de scav tem algumas restrições que eu citarei que a deixa e
  24. addbow


    I saw the thread that Necuja answered to and I was interested to see if there is any possibility this will change, I can help with character modeling and Ideas. I do know that BSG is up to a lot but this is really an opportunity in my eyes. I know that you listen to the Community so I beg to you for this, Thanks in advance! //DiCaprio Necuja - "Old post that has been addressed already, bsg doesn't see a female model as necessary for the vision of this project. Also the issue of the added work that'd be involved with implementing this. #locked already discussed"
  25. I have heard that wipes are not planned for the Live version of the game. I have also heard that some players only enjoy playing right after wipes. Wipes are also a great time for new players to enter the game due to an even playing field. I feel that allowing us to have 2 separate PMCs can allow us the opportunity to have both a built up character and a character who is regularly wiped. We already pick either Bear or USEC when we first join the game. Allowing us to have the other faction and allowing us to include it in wipes can give everyone more freedom to enjoy the game. Wiped charac
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