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Found 11 results

  1. Hello devs and EFT gamers, We ran a Facebook poll on the English speaking group "Escape from Tarkov - Gamers" to determine the community attitude on possible changes to the secure container. BSG has suggested that community attitude is important in guiding how secure containers will work permanently. Our closed Facebook group consists of more than 11,000 gamers that are highly representative of the wider EFT community. 2 options were provided. The poll began October 17th and ran through October 23. 392 players responded. 68.3% of respondents preferred no changes to the secure container. 31.7% preferred the container to work as it did in the recent event (nothing added to container in-raid). With this sample size, the margin of error was +/- 5% with a 95% confidence interval that the respondents are representative of the EFT community. This margin demonstrates a 95% likelihood that between 63.3% and 73.3% prefer secure containers remain unchanged (group link provided below--members can view the poll) https://www.facebook.com/groups/EscapefromTarkovGamers/?multi_permalinks=1164513910425138&notif_id=1571858083342926&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic
  2. I've mostly run into AK and moslings in Tarkov, I'm wondering what other people see?
  3. sginga

    Flea Market Poll

    Just a quick poll to get a feel for peoples thoughts on flea market :p
  4. I know, I know it's making the game easier where it's a hard core shooter, I just think it'd make the game more appealing to casuals and increase the life cycle of this game.
  5. after the recent backlash by the community with the strength changes i suggest tarkov should have an ingame poll system similar too old school runescapes system (example: http://services.runescape.com/m=poll/oldschool/results.ws?id=1505 ) it commonly needs a 75% approval rating for anything to pass but has the option for the devs to change that percentage to their liking depending on what they are polling i think this could help the game tremendously, In my opinion it could also give a small reward (lets say 10k rubles as an example) when completing the poll to try and get more people to do it this is obviously up for debate on if it should have a reward system or not
  6. MIkeKillson

    View Model slider / Setting ?

    back before patch 0.4 we had a glitch that would make our View model more wide causing the gun to be smaller etc , I personally think we should get a setting for it but others don't agree with me as much so give me your option on the topic
  7. canoztrk24

    Poll on next update

    Looking to see what the community thinks about the update. If other, feel free to mention what you're hyped about.
  8. So im curious what you guys think about Female PMC´s in Tarkov. I know BSG already stated they wont add female PMC´s in the game but still i´d like to see your opinion to this.
  9. Hey guys, im gathering some data for a test next week, and thought, why not try out with EFT. I would appreciate if you spend a few minutes answering these three questions. Have a good one!
  10. Nur reine neugier meinerseits
  11. hidden_citizen

    Escape From Tarkov RPGTexto

    Buenas Supervivientes de Tarkov! Con el reciente anuncio y lanzamiento del juego secundario de Escape from Tarkov, hubo muchas dudas sobre como poder ingresar y crear un personaje. En este post voy a tratar de responder todas las preguntas que puedan tener sobre el sistema, ademas de dejarles una breve explicación. Primer paso para poder visualizar correctamente el subforo - Text RPG: El usuario debe tener al menos 20 Posts en el foro, en esto cuentan respuestas a hilos ya creados, o la creacion de nuevos hilos. Esta medida se implementó para evitar que se creen cuentas spam y protejer el juego. Aclaración: No spammear el foro con temas y respuestas sin sentido, ya que van contra las reglas del foro y seran penalizados por ello. Sabemos que todos quieren participar del juego, pero spammeando no es la forma. Sean participativos como cualquier usuario. Estan limitados 9 mensajes por día. Segundo paso, Crear tu personaje: Para crear tu personaje en el juego de texto RPG. Desde el PC: deben ir a la página principal del foro y entrar al apartado Text RPG desde la barra superior. Desde el móvil o celular: ingresar al menu desplegable de la derecha e ingresar en el apartado Text RPG. Aclaracion: En caso de ingresar, y que aparezca la leyenda "Max Player Count Reached" por favor volver a intentarlo mas tarde. El juego recien se ha lanzado y aun se están ajustando algunos detalles. Pronto el límite sera expandido. Y para finalizar les dejo una encuesta sobre el juego. Les interesa? Lo aman? O es solo algo mas que no usaran? Hago esta encuesta para saber la demanda de usuarios que pueden llegar a jugar, e incluso si está es lo suficientemente grande, es posible una traducción del juego al español para aquellos que lo desean. Saludos!
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