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  1. ageingfossil

    Postman Pat part 1 mission bugged?

    I am stuck on prapors mission:postman pat part 1. I know from doing this mission last time where the dead scavenger is, he's in the small building at the ramp to the underground area, I've now been there 5 times a couple of which I was definitely the first there and no letter on the scavenger, it's usually around his neck/collar area but not for me, any help appreciated
  2. AKurmazov

    New Prapor's quest

    Hello everyone! I was trying to complete the new Prapor's quest, and I've faced an issue that, in spite of getting the "subtask completed" for both the USEC camp and Prapor's convoy, the convoy part did not appear to be completed when I got out of the raid. Has someone also got such a problem? What could be a solution? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hey everyone, I'm stuck on Delivery from the past. I succesfully extracted the documents case from customs, but after that I died and didn't know you would lose the case if its still in your ''raid inventory''. No problem you think? Well the problem is that the documents case doesn't respawn in customs. I tried now around 10 times and all the times I was the first in Big Red and unlocked the door. So to summaries I found the documents case, lost it and can't get it again? Anyone know how to help me? Thanks
  4. Hello BSG and players, I would like to suggest a rework/rebalance of the Delivery from the Past quest from prapor. I am starting to empty my stash and wallet, yet it doesn't seem I am even close to finishing the mission... It is one of the hardest quest I had to do in my two decades of gaming. This kind of quest is a horror to accomplish pre-wipe. Maybe I've just had a lot some unlucky runs, but I just wanted to share my frustration here on the forum...
  5. Yellowasianman

    Twitch Drops went missing

    So Ive had some twitch drops waiting to be transferred for about a week maybe 8 days but there was no expiration to receive them just like the other appreciation packages from the devs them selves so I was waiting to transfer it after I made room from a couple of death raids Well I joined a very LAGGY server last night where every scav, player was desyncing terribly. I ended up dying but after that I gave the game a restart and noticed almost every single message from Prapor were missing including the Twitch drop claims. Only a couple March 13th insurance claim messages remained. I restarted the game multiple times and no luck in getting my Twitch drops back or any other messages from Prapor.
  6. Plant_Pot

    Prapor Bronze watch bug

    Hey, i have tried to complete the prapor quest where i have to get the bronze watch, and i did and it gave me an achivement for finding it but when i go to the quest screen it has a check for *(optional) Find the key from the tank truck* but not a check for finding the bronze pocket watch. If anyone knows what's going on lmk btw i have tried it 2x but no check
  7. Okay, so I have been playing this game for about a month now. Last wipe there was an exploit where everyone had infinite money and best traders in the event. That is when I started playing...... Now, I do love the grind of earning my money, and growing my inventory slowly but surely.. Although I really don't know how BSG expects me to easily spend as much as 1 mill rubles on Prapor to get him to level 2 alone. I'm fine with the tasks, doing missions don't bother me.. In fact I love a little challenging mission (don't get me started on the pocket watch xD). But I still don't know extractions for either woods nor shoreline. I don't get how I'm supposed to make money, learn maps. do challenging tasks, and have fun at the same time. I feel like this process would go a lot smoother if No.1 there was a tutorial for each maps extractions. No.2 A stable way to get a cash flow, or just lower the amount of money required to level a trader. As of right now I'm on Prapor's 3rd mission, I have to kill 14 scavs in woods. I don't know the extraction and I'm doing this mission as I'm learning this map so I usually go in... Either get spawn killed by a hatchet who knows spawns and has the game downloaded on an SSD or get some kills and loot and die trying to navigate the exit. Please help! And also... Who agrees?
  8. Hi everyone, Sorry if this question was already asked/resolved earlier...but I was wondering if your insured item can be "bugged" and never came back? Long story short: I was on Woods with my battle buddy/teammate. We were on Woods, on a rock, playing at night with thermal scope on a (close to) empty server. I suddenly got (un)luckily one tap by a scav or scav boss when I tried to pick up a line on sawmill. My friend then discard my stuff by "spreading it a bit everywhere, to make it difficult for scav player to find everything, if ever they come to this area". I later received a message from Prapor saying "My guys went to your location on Woods blablabla about that raid on 19/01 blabla they will bring back everything if it was not looted up". So I was confident about receiving it back (Killa's armor, thermal scope, T-5000, full modded FN 57, etc...well not the stuff you like to loose). However it's been almost 48 hours now and no message. Not even a message saying "we did not find anything, sorry", as I usually receive when someone took everything. After that raid, we went several times on Reserve were I died twice: once by scav boss in a hidden room, once by a scav player who managed to take my stuff. In both cases, I got insurance back (everything in the first case, almost nothing in the second). But still nothing about the raid on Woods. Did someone already experience this? I guess I can forget about getting back anything, isn't it? Is there specific event/thing causing this bug? Thank for your answer, Cheers, Squall
  9. Let us choose do we want to do quests that dont have anything to do with Tarkov lore, like punisher task series, its basically killing people for Prapor and his friends fun or the gunsmith quests. So i think if you dont want to waste time on that series you can just skip those tasks but you will never get any experience or rewards that players who finished the quests got. You can make task skipping by players have negative effects on players popularity at certain players traders, also this way you give player option to choose does he want to grind quests for the reward or he will get to the reward on some other way, and the player that skip the task might get the reward on more or less difficult way, but he will never get the EXP points and trader popularity points that he could get if he did all those quests. If this gets enough attention i hope it will be reviewed and considered by the dev team as this could be a night little option. Thanks
  10. SPAJR99

    Polikhim Hobo

    I know in earlier patches, the Polikhim Hobo task was timed. I received it last night (3/21/19), and it says 30 scav kills in customs and if failed you lose .06 rep with prapor. I don’t see a time limit anywhere, was that changed in a recent patch? I’d hate to leave it to complete as I play and end up failing. If there is no time limit, how do you fail (just to be sure I don’t do it accidentally)?
  11. DarkSoldier

    Insurance failures

    Hi Guys, I'm just making this post to see if anyone else is noticing an insurance problem im witnessing with prapor. I've been hiding gear for myself and my buddy's aswell as purposely hiding really small insured items. It's been 3 days almost and still no sign of any of the gear. Not a single piece. I understand gear can be picked up by player scavs that spawn later on in the game and also I could have poor placements. I've done a 'shotgun' effect and thrown small pieces about in random hidden spots and still it's overpasses the 24-38 hours that prapor promises for the gear. is this a known bug / issue or am I only experiencing this. I don't insure with therapist as she's over priced and I'm not in a rush for gear to be handed back. I'm level 57 and understand the game mechanics and have only recently been noticing this. I've been playing for almost 2 years just so people try giving me tips. Just wanting to know if you have the same issue or heard of anything. Cheers for reading.
  12. Theres two identical AK74 from Prapor level 2, everything seems the same (name and everything) only with a tiny difference in amount of roubles. Whats the catch here exactly? Are they identical?
  13. Hallith

    Delivery from the past bug?

    I am trying to do Delivery from the Past with Prapor and was wanting to check if anyone else ran into the problem of dying on the factory part of it and losing the quest item? This wasn't like this before. It is infuriating to have to go back to customs every time to redo the quest and make it out alive, and then factory and make it out alive. Should be able to put in your safe case.
  14. Has anybody else had a problem where you can't place one of the markers on a truck? I did the first 3 and went to do the last one at the gas station extraction but the prompt doesn't show up. I bought another marker to see if that would fix it, but that didn't work either.
  15. Eisenriese

    Prapor - Postman Pat pt1

    So how do I complete this quest? I have looked around and tried everything suggested. Here is the problem.. Ran into Factory at night - Spawned a few meters from the dead guy with the letter in his collar - Grabbed the letter, got the bleep sound that the quest updated - Headed for the exfil knowing I had to get a survive and not a run through - Ran into a scav and killed it, scav blacked both my legs so I used a few hits of meds and got out - Sadly was a run though - Not thinking I turned the letter into Therapist, which competed that quest and took the letter - Checked Prapor and sure enough no check next to "Survive and Exit factory" quest line. So I did some checking and tried deleting "log" and "cache" folder in game directory. Also ran back into Factory to try to get another letter, none was there to grab. Finally "survived" a factory run, again at night, but still no check mark on Prapor quest. Any ideas? With out this quest complete there is no way to advance his quest line farther which means no lvl4 Prapor goods.
  16. tcrosby26

    Prapor Quest Jumps

    So just finished Prapor 4 (delivery from the past, finally) and the next available quest from him was BP Depot, which, according to the gamepedia site, is #9. So do I just miss out on the 5 quests (and rewards) in between, or do I have to do other quests for other traders before I "unlock" those quests from Prapor? If that's the case, does anyone know the order of traders I have to quest for in order to unlock those Prapor quests? Thanks in advance
  17. I found the key to the truck in the dorms, however, when I opened the truck door, the watch wasn't there on the floor on the drivers side. I've watched several tutorials and I am looking in the right spot. It just isn't there. There were plenty of scavs around, and the truck hadn't been opened yet so I don't think it would've been looted. Is it a bug, or do I just need to do it again and hope for a spawn? Is it possible that it was already looted in the instance?
  18. I have been struggling with the second quest for prapor. In the task you need to kill 14 woods scavs. The problem i have with it is 1. There are rarely any scavs at all in the map. This makes the quest really really hard. 2. The players. If you are going out to woods you will meet players that are fully geared. In all of my woods raids i have never seen a single person that hasn't been geared. Whenever i take gear with me i'll just get killed by a player before even noticing a scav. In one raid i took my best gear and tried to finish the quest. In the 20 minute run i never saw a single living scav. I found 2 scavs in total at the most popular places to be. Both were dead. It really pisses me off that it's so hard to complete. The quest prevents me from leveling prapor to level 2. And that really sucks.
  19. Prapor trades a "AK-74N Damaged" for one Blackrock rig, and I was just wondering what about it is damaged and whether or not it can be repaired. I've noticed that if I remove the gas tube, more specifically the foregrip, the rifle no longer has "damaged" in the name. Of course this renders the rifle useless as it's a vital part. The rifle has 100/100 durability, and no mods have any durability themselves, so I'm just confused. Is there a part missing? Should I be looking for a new gas tube/foregrip?
  20. Hello, I'm currently doing the second quest for prapor which is the 'Prapor Pocket Watch Quest' and I'm currently having some trouble. I went into the dorms, checked both the jackets and there is no bronze key; I went as scav the first run, nothing and then went as PMC the second run and still nothing there. - I've accepted the quest 100%, It's not in my pouch, backpack or stash - I've also checked all the rigs and backpacks I own. Am I bugged or just mentally handicap?
  21. ItsDarkhawk_YT


    NOT A GUIDE - Thanks for watching! Likes, shares, and general feedback is always appreciated.
  22. I have done every single Task on Prapor and i still don't have a trader reputation of 0.60 to max him out. I also didn't get the punishment of -0.06 on the one task where you have to kill 20 scavs on customs. Are there other task from other traders where you get a better rep for prapor or isn't it possible?
  23. Hat jemand eine Idee, wieso die beiden bei mir nicht auf Level 4 hoch gehen? Alle Vorgaben sind erfüllt. Wenn ich irgendein Item kaufe, springen sie kurz auf Level 4, aber wenn ich dann auf das Level 4 Registertab gehe wird mir nichts angezeigt. Gehe ich dann zurück auf die Händlerübersicht, wird die Krone auch angezeigt. Wenn ich dann wieder in den Händlershop gehe, ist es wieder Level 3. Spiel neustarten hat nichts gebracht. Ist jetzt seit heute Nachmittag so.
  24. Da_Ru55ian

    Fix Punisher Part 6!!!!

    So after about 2 weeks of preparations (gathering weapons, gear, waiting for a 3 hour slot to complete the task) I decided to take on punisher part 6 (kills 25 bears in 3 hours). I looked up various videos and forums for tips. I also did a couple of test runs practicing my technique for the most efficient way to complete the task. And finally I was ready..I accepted the task and quickly set about killing the bears 3 hours later I had failed with 24 bears killed Now this wasn't what made me annoyed what really is infuriating about this is that in the 3 hours I killed over 70 PMCs. 48 USECs in 3 hours and only 24 BEARS is a joke and now I will have to wait for another couple of weeks until I can find the time again to complete this( that is if I ever want to). So after having this absolutely infuriating experience I would like to ask the devs to adjust this task. Here are a few ideas that I have: -Change the task to PMCs but lower the time limit -Change it to USECs as they are easier to find -Exclude time spent outside of the raid -Lower the amount of kills as a whole I hope you will realise how stupid this task is and I hope you will adjust it. But until then I'll have to keep trying. Thanks in advance for your time.
  25. Hi, I don't know if it's just me, but Prapors task number 6 where you have to kill 25 Bears in 3 hours just seems too difficult. Bears are too hard to find. I keep killing USEC and Scavs.... Can you guys please take away the time limit??
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