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Found 21 results

  1. ArtamStart

    äÄ, öÖ, üÜ

    Wer übersetzt hier eigendlich an die programmierenden Kollegen? "Weitere Steuern und Gebühren sind noch nicht im angezeigten Preis enthalten. Die endgültigen Kosten werden vor der Durchführung der Zahlung angezeigt. Durch die verschiedene Zahlungsmethoden, können unterschiedliche Gebühren anfallen." Warum sag ihnen keiner, dass Umlaute mit ae, oe, ue geschrieben werden können? Dann ist es korrekt und einfach ...
  2. klops121

    Expired preorder

    So i logged in to my account and wanted to download the game and it says it is expired what can i do?
  3. I upgraded my account on the 4/8/2018 but it wont let me reset my game profile to the 19/8/18 to get all my new bonus's from upgrading. Why would this be? why would i keep girding this game if i need to reset my account? i'll have to wait two weeks to play this game again....
  4. Jacwolf

    Next Pre-order Sale?

    I'm new, My question is any general idea when the next sale will be? I just purchased the game not too long ago, and enjoy it a lot. I then noticed that it went on sale shortly after and thought it was a good time to upgrade my edition since i find it's really fun. But waiting for this week's payday to come around, the sale ended the day before I got paid on May 10th. I want to upgrade to the upgrade for the EoD edition, but will have to wait for the next sales event to do so...
  5. Hallo Escaper! Battlestate Games hat verkündet, dass mit dem nächsten Patch ein Update der Vorbesteller Pakete kommen wird. Das Startequipment und Stash Ressourcen werdet verbessert, Informationen über die Vorbesteller Pakete werden detaillierter aber der Preis wird sich nicht ändern. Zudem wird der Stash jeder Vorbesteller Version um 30 Slots erweitert! Folgendes erhaltet ihr garantiert in den Vorbesteller Paketen: Standart Edition + 100k Rubel AKS74U mit zwei Magazinen Left Behind Edition - Alle neuen Items der Standart Edition und zusätzlich:
  6. StormyDayz

    Perks of Pre-Order?

    Are there any perks of buying EOD edition during closed-beta as to buying the game after full release that's other then the full access to future DLCs? e.g bigger stash, unique containers, different starting-gear etc. ( thinking about purchasing EOD )
  7. Dear fellow escapers, I'm very excited for Escape of Tarkov, but I don't know if I should buy the EOD preorder. For me, the only thing that is of value are the: -Unique ID -Season Pass -Early Access As I've read all the FAQ's, I know that all the other bonusses such as a good standing with traders and a bigger stash can be acquired by just playing the game, and that the extra items you get in the start, such as the Tomahawk and the Large Backpack can be lost in a second. I just don't know if the 75euro's extra edition than the standard edition has so much to of
  8. So i heard about the announcement that players who preordered the game before August 5th 2016 will get a second copy of the game and when i went to my account to check when i preordered the game it showed me this date (06.09.16). Now my question is which one of those is the month and the day? it never states anywhere anything about this
  9. MadMcardle

    Pre-order/Purchase Options

    I was wondering if it was planned, or possible to add, the ability to get the multi buy discount option across two different types? For example if I wanted to buy a Left Behind Edition and Prepare For Escape Edition? Also what about an option to gift an upgrade to someone? Thanks in advance, Mad
  10. Hey, i try today buy standart edition pre order but i cant. Thats problem "Unfortunately we cannot process your payment at this time". I have Paypal card. i dont understand, whats wrong? pls help me.
  11. RussianCTHULHU

    Pre-order website problems

    Hi, My friend is trying to buy a preorder for the game and can't seem to get past the age confirmation popup as it just does nothing and does not show any "life signs". Is there some kind of problem on the website or on his side?

    Pre-order prélevé deux fois

    Bonjour, je viens de me rendre compte que j'ai été prélevé deux fois pour mon pre-order. Je ne sais pas comment me faire rembourser, si quelqu'un peut m'aiguiller. J'ai envoyer un message via le support mais je n'ai pas l'impression que ça ai fonctionné, je n'ai aucun mail de confirmation ni suivi.
  13. Just a quick question because my friend wants to get in the closed beta. Can you still pre-order the game and get in closed beta? Or is it too late?
  14. Hey, I bought the game (standard edition) and then I decided to upgrade to the higher tier. But my stash didn't get larger (by 10x30). Help.
  15. Hey guys, So about 25 minutes ago, I tried to upgrade my package from PTE Edition to the EOD Limited Edition but it rejected my VISA card even though I got paid today, had to pay through PayPal, will it take long for it to fully process, my friend said it might take a while to process plus I might not be able to reset my ACC because I reset it today when I upgraded from the Standard Edition to the PTE Edition. If anyone can tell me the average waiting time for a PayPal processing payment that would be great!
  16. Caraceus

    Secured Container Upgrade

    I just want to have this sorted out because different mods have been saying different things on multiple posts. We have been told that everything you get in the preorder-packages will be available just by playing long enough. But then we have other people saying the secure container (3x3) is unique only to the EOD edition and otherwise not obtainable. (I dont care about the Tomahawk) What is exactly the case now or is it just not decided yet?
  17. Hi I have an important question that I think only a dev may be able to answer, or someone who had the same issue... -So if I buy myself a preorder package and I want to upgrade, I have already heard that you can pay an 'in-between fee' which is less than buying a whole new copy. -However, what if I have preordered a package, and then I win a whole new preorder package (gift code for a friend) key from a giveaway? What will happen, since I (theoretically) already have my own package, will I lose the value of that since the key was not an upgrade but a whole new pre-ord
  18. So, i want to preorder the game, im considering buy the normal package that costs 35 euros, but i just realize there is a massive VAT charge, the total amount i will have to pay is around 49 euros, at this point it is better for me (and alot of other ppl too) to wait for the Steam version/early access and order the game from there. What i wanted to ask is: you will address this problem with VAT commission or it will remain the same even on steam version???
  19. Allfather

    20% And Early Buyers + EOD Edition

    I was just curious as to why the Edge of Darkness edition is still present, despite being "exclusive to early supporters" and allegedly quite limited. On top of that, there is now a 20% discount which feels like bullshit to someone who bought the game ages ago for full price when it was far more of a risk to do so. Just feeling a tad screwed over by this. Now for my actual question: when will EOD no longer be available, and will early supporters receive some sort of extra reward? Call me a snowflake, but that's the exact reason such an edition exists so let's not be hypocrites.
  20. SAMICH

    About Steam...

    Hey, I just wondering if I preorder the game, will I get a steam key with it when the game is released on steam or will I have to use the games launcher and rebuy it in order to get it on steam. I just want to be sure in case it is like what happened with Elder Scrolls Online where i buy the game and it is released on steam a few months later with steam trading cards, achievements, etc. Thanks. Also, will the release price be the same as the Standard Edition preorder.
  21. I have searched through all the English Speaking forums in light of this question, so please forgive me if this has been answered, but I don't believe it has been. For the Edge of Darkness pre-order package that guarantees Closed Alpha access in February, will this package be limited to a certain number of players/testers to keep the group smaller? Or will the Devs allow everyone who purchases this package to be allowed in Alpha? (for example: 5,000 people purchase EoD package, will they all get in? or will it be capped at a smaller number?)
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