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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, me and my friends having the problem that i cannot build my weapons out of the building preset screen. When I click buy missing parts I can only buy parts that are sold by the traders. When I switch filter from "trader" to "any" it won't show me active flea market offers. Only solution for me is to build the weapon in preset mode and then go to flea market and buy the cheapest offer. Can anyone help me? I tried the search function but I didn't find any related posts. greetings and a happy new year to you!
  2. RagaHD

    Presets for entire loadouts

    Similiar to the way "Edit Presets" work for weapons, it would be pretty dope to have something like "Edit Loadouts" for entire loadouts with armor, rigs, guns, backpack, nades, meds and you name it. Would be a bonus if it even saves everything in the desired slots, like grenades in pocket 1 & 2 and meds in 3 & 4 etc. Would be a cool feature and save a lot of time managing and getting ready to start each match. Not sure if this has been suggested before.
  3. Prankses

    My presets didnt save?

    All my presets were not saved from last wipe was that supposed to happen?
  4. Mirohslav

    feature suggestion

    i was thinking if we can have the Helmets presets ? i think it would be a bit better a quicker and can add something more in the game.
  5. LotteTorkilson

    Preset hover stats and price order

    Hi, Just a suggestion on the presets (this may have been brought up in the past): 1) At the moment the order of items in the preset menu seem to randomly change (eg. The order of your pistol grips change each time you try a new item). It would be great to have them in lowest price order as you enter the preset system (or even show the prices on each item and have it in a different set order). 2) Having your gun stats in the bottom left corner update each time you hover over an item will speed up and improve building and choosing parts through the presets. Loving the game!
  6. thethirdthree

    Presets suggestion

    Please consider adding a display on the presets page that lists how much the cost is based on lowest flea market cost at the time.
  7. Expostech

    Weapon Display Name Suggestion

    Make it so the names of weapons built from presets are displayed and saved as: "<Weapon Display Name> - <Weapon Preset Name>" e.g. "M4A1 - Budget Build". Make it so the preset name is prefixed by the weapon display name when a preset is saved. e.g. A preset built for an M4A1 saved as "Budget Build" would be displayed and saved as "M4A1 - Budget Build". P.S Would also be pretty awesome if we could see the name of other players presets in raid as well. Top: New Design. Bottom: Old Design.
  8. Loltree


    Presets. Why is it that when I search for parts for one of my presents it shows only the cheapest price trades. If that trade is out of stock then I am unable to buy my preset cause of that one item. Can we not make it search other items which aren't the cheaps parts????
  9. presets: i dont mind creating my own gun and loadout but it would be great if I could save my gun and loadout and later in game, next raid or so, I would just need to press my preset and get the same loadout I had. If I have the parts/gear it would be taken from my inventory, if not, it would be automaticly bought from the traders. If the traders didnt had an item in stock just a pop up saying that this loadout is impossible/unavaiable. meds: as you use a car or a salewa you use his contents, like bandage or splints or whatever, however in real life we can restock them without having to h
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