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Found 11 results

  1. Hi! While playing with the weapon preset creator I found that it is difficult to know which parts are expensive and which aren't without having to exit the creator and check the price manually. What would be nice is if there was a price tag over each part in the opened combo box. I realize that it might have some performance related issues due to loading times but even if it was an avg. day price that would be nice. An option to tick box to turn it on or off would also work well. I know there is a find parts button that lists all the parts and their prices, but for a new player it makes it really difficult to make a good and cheap preset without spending too much time checking. I know that tarkov is a hardcore game with a steep learning curve but lack of that kind of feature is more annoying than anything else. It would be great to see something like that get implemented as a quality of life change. Another thing that i found annoying is the order of parts changing when picking a new one. I would like for them to stay in their place and maybe blackout the one that is currently on the gun. It would be also nice if there was an option to arrenge the parts by their price/name/type etc.
  2. Tannheuser

    QOL "Find parts" in presets

    Quality of life upgrade when going to "Find parts" when working in presets: Issue: In this example I have deselected one or more parts in the list, because I already have the gun for example. When I press "Purchase all" the game says I can't because one or more parts was already purchased by someone else. At this point the list resets and ALL PARTS in the list are selected again, and in order to attempt "Purchase all" I have to go through the list and deselect the items I don't want to buy. Repeat process until purchase is successful. Fix: In the "Find parts" list, remember which items were selected when pressing "Purchase all" in order to reduce risk of player insanity Also, on a slightly different note, it would be nice to be able to type/select how many sets of parts you want to buy, if you are building more than one gun. Cheers
  3. Hello, me and my friends having the problem that i cannot build my weapons out of the building preset screen. When I click buy missing parts I can only buy parts that are sold by the traders. When I switch filter from "trader" to "any" it won't show me active flea market offers. Only solution for me is to build the weapon in preset mode and then go to flea market and buy the cheapest offer. Can anyone help me? I tried the search function but I didn't find any related posts. greetings and a happy new year to you!
  4. RagaHD

    Presets for entire loadouts

    Similiar to the way "Edit Presets" work for weapons, it would be pretty dope to have something like "Edit Loadouts" for entire loadouts with armor, rigs, guns, backpack, nades, meds and you name it. Would be a bonus if it even saves everything in the desired slots, like grenades in pocket 1 & 2 and meds in 3 & 4 etc. Would be a cool feature and save a lot of time managing and getting ready to start each match. Not sure if this has been suggested before.
  5. Prankses

    My presets didnt save?

    All my presets were not saved from last wipe was that supposed to happen?
  6. Mirohslav

    feature suggestion

    i was thinking if we can have the Helmets presets ? i think it would be a bit better a quicker and can add something more in the game.
  7. LotteTorkilson

    Preset hover stats and price order

    Hi, Just a suggestion on the presets (this may have been brought up in the past): 1) At the moment the order of items in the preset menu seem to randomly change (eg. The order of your pistol grips change each time you try a new item). It would be great to have them in lowest price order as you enter the preset system (or even show the prices on each item and have it in a different set order). 2) Having your gun stats in the bottom left corner update each time you hover over an item will speed up and improve building and choosing parts through the presets. Loving the game!
  8. thethirdthree

    Presets suggestion

    Please consider adding a display on the presets page that lists how much the cost is based on lowest flea market cost at the time.
  9. Expostech

    Weapon Display Name Suggestion

    Make it so the names of weapons built from presets are displayed and saved as: "<Weapon Display Name> - <Weapon Preset Name>" e.g. "M4A1 - Budget Build". Make it so the preset name is prefixed by the weapon display name when a preset is saved. e.g. A preset built for an M4A1 saved as "Budget Build" would be displayed and saved as "M4A1 - Budget Build". P.S Would also be pretty awesome if we could see the name of other players presets in raid as well. Top: New Design. Bottom: Old Design.
  10. Loltree


    Presets. Why is it that when I search for parts for one of my presents it shows only the cheapest price trades. If that trade is out of stock then I am unable to buy my preset cause of that one item. Can we not make it search other items which aren't the cheaps parts????
  11. presets: i dont mind creating my own gun and loadout but it would be great if I could save my gun and loadout and later in game, next raid or so, I would just need to press my preset and get the same loadout I had. If I have the parts/gear it would be taken from my inventory, if not, it would be automaticly bought from the traders. If the traders didnt had an item in stock just a pop up saying that this loadout is impossible/unavaiable. meds: as you use a car or a salewa you use his contents, like bandage or splints or whatever, however in real life we can restock them without having to have 2 semi used medic kits so my suggestion is that you allow the players to refill a near full medic kit with near empty one, like it is a magazine. compass: it would work as a wearable equipment with is own slot (or not, people carry them in their pockets). it would work as a normal compass, no hud help or anything and, just like in arma 3, it would take a fraction of a second to stabilize. bitcoins: as we, players, can get computer parts i would like to get access to a special trader that "rents" a room where I can leave my computer mining bitcoins. Example: i get a cpu, a cpu cooler, a ram and a gpu (no need on cd driver) and for a "low fee" i could mine bitcoins, lets say like, 5h of rent room for mining values 12k roubles and every hour you have a 1% chance of getting a bitcoin sun dehydration; just to make the game a little more realistic i would enjoy/like to see a system where the player dehydrates faster in the sun than during the night time or rain. rain: speaking of rain i think it would be a little more realistic if the player gets heavier if he spends a lot of time in the rain. I mean, an hatchet would not feel the diference but a guy with a cap, silk face cover, backpack and an vest would feel the extra weight. just another tip not related with rain: if I have a food canister and I eat it i still get the weight of the food in me, the only weight I lost is the container weight Arm stripe: I've died a lot for my friends either because they suck or because i suck (this is more plausible) because we cannot keep track of all the gear that they are using so it would be great if we could identify ourselfs with a flag or an emblem or even a color stripe on our arm, just a tiny help so friendly fire decreases. Grenades: it would be awesome that we could cook grenades and trow them rolling in case we need a close explosion (like in a corner). But with this would come risks, like in real life, the fuse time varies, and sometimes, not blaming the chinese that made it, the fuse is soooo short that the soldier losses his hand (if not more) Battery: just to be a little overrealistic what if the rds, retro iluminated optics and night/thermal vision needed a battery change ever so often? you already have the D battery in game, it would be just a connection between those 2 items Dog tags: since dog tags are now tradeable for helmets and other gears (0.8.5) it would be nice if they could be bought and sell from/to Fence. Just a final thought: I think that it would be fun to have in the gun details (description) the name of the original owner because i think that a lot of players, me included, would like to keep a gun from someone and know who made it in the first place. Imagine this: you kill, idk, lets say lalalala and get his gun, 3 raids later you have his gun and get him again. A mensage could pop up on his screen saying that he was humiliated twice in a row by the same guy in a teasing way Soooo, this are my thoughts, i hope someone reads this and if so let me know in the comments below what do you think about these PS: im sorry for the english, its not my native language and google translate would not give me more that 1000 letters ahah
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