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Found 8 results

  1. Dear developers, I just wanted to sell an airfilter for 21k - I clicked on it - filter by item - checked the price and went to type in the price 21.000 then some bug occured (trust me it happens a lot but this time I didnt see it) and it had selected some bullets instead of the airfilter - the games fee system then taxed me over 900.000 rubels for a simple mistake. My suggestion to you is - only take the listing fee from the player after the item has been sold - this way I couldve seen my mistake and taken the bullets off the market. This simple change wouldve saved me a ton of money - which I had to grind for 1 hour to get. The other alternative would be adding a warning that tells players when they are about to list an item for MUCH TOO HIGH and it will ask them if they really want this and then they can fix the mistake. The way it is right now is just much too easy to duck up. Thanks
  2. DxTox

    Price Fixes.

    Saw a 25% discount on Escape from Tarkov and i was gonna upgrade to the EOD edition because i really like the game and i wanna support the developers and as we now get more stuff. Problem is when trying to check i was shocked to see the price up 15Euros roughly than the original amount stated. I did my research and i realised that the Fake amount of Euro56.25 is excluding VAT and excess charges. I understand that you did a small warning of, ("The additional fees are not included in the price. The final cost will be presented before the payment. Different payment methods include different fees.") but i am disapointed to say that , that statement does not indicate that the amount Shown is not inc. VAT. For my country that is an additional 18% VAT makes the amount go up to Euro70.54, Via. Credit card not even paypal.If you would please make it more visible for us i would appriciate it. but as it stands im not going to pay that amount even doh i wanted to help in the development. Thank you, Regards
  3. Hi, We all see the price of ammo grows up again and again at dealers. It seems like and "IA" auto ajust by comparison of the flea market. It sound a good idea, but it can't really work for some items, like ammunitions . You shoul manually balance some items.. Some people will say: in Why? It can only grow, again and again (today m995 is 14$, bp 7.62x39 638 roubles). For exemple I ll use bp 7.62x39 and prapor This system can only work for low tiers ammo or very common on looting (like 5.45 BT) As some bullets are only available on unique vendors, after quest and/or high rank, the lower price will EVER be this vendor. So ALL flea market resellers will sell it more than that unique source.. But if dealers prices are calculated by an avarage (or Something similar) of flea market offers, it will never stop to grow. So , what will happen? All top tiers bullets will be overpriced. So high rank players with unlocked dealers (like me) will make money regardless of initial price. They will continue to have good amunitions. Low/mid players can buy less and less powerfull amunition, but still fight vs high tiers armors (price is stable). So the "sponge effect" will be more evident. High geared players will be more and more efficient, mid geared weaker and weaker. Some people will say "in real life market is regulating itself etc" BUT : "simulation" should stop when it break the balance of the game. And more, the market on tarkov is biased, because of unique source of some items. exemple with prapors BP,: it is rare to drop it. On real life, if a dealer is abusing on prices, a rival company will come in the market. or people will stop use this product. But in tarkov, we dont want to have unused items/weapons no (why develop them haha)? we can't have vendors, IA or Human who sell ammunitions at right price (some are rare to loot). auto regulation is good for some lootables items, but may be not for consumables. The impact is too heavy. So a manual balance of prices is required on ammunition to prevent infinite grow..
  4. Hi escapers, So, i post here because i have a gripe with the current dynamics prices and people abusing it easily (see pestily's video on the subject). Some basic items prices have just flow out of the windows : - Salewa 7.500 --> 13.000 - Ifak 11.000 --> 18.000 - 7.62x39 ps round 86 --> 238 Those are example but, for beginners, those items (and more specifically the 7.62 ps) are quite important. But more importantly the raising of prices for said items shows that a bunch (around 50/60 ppl) can completely duck up some things. For example, if the 50/60 ppl decide to gain money by selling AI-2 medkits/bandages or Scav vest, the prices could skyrocket and tripling or quadrupling their base price. So, i am all in favor of the flea market and, in some way, of the dynamics prices, but, i think some things should be protected and not be influenced : - Ammo and meds should not be influenced by the dynamics prices (however, the limits should be strict for the number of high-end ammo one can buy every reset). - A more radical answer would be to only allow on the flea market items looted on the maps. This would prevent people exploiting a certain item from the traders and making the price skyhigh while making huge bonus. What do you think about that ? Do you have any other solutions you would like to add ? Feel free to present them here Nb: and please do not come with the argument: "if you're not happy with the prices, don't buy them" only running cars and 7.62 T45m is not an answer.
  5. Gh0stB0nes

    Stop the Balancing Act

    When it comes to gear and load-outs in a hardcore tactical shooter, the performance and cost should match as close to possible as real world values. I understand that many people are dissatisfied with the idea that a fairly inexpensive rifle has been released that is capable of utilizing, probably the best, ammunition in game and in real life to defeat armor. This crowd of people are enraged only because of their inability to recognize the fact that with new equipment in play, their methods and tactics of play must change. I am a believer that the ammunition is the important factor in the defeat of any target where the platform it is fired from mainly affects velocity of the ammo and anything related to modifying the ergonomics, handling, and mounting of attachments. People pay for the platform they shoot. The cost of the platform is often dictated by the age, numbers in circulation, prevalence in region. The Mosin-Nagant 91/30 is a rifle that has been service since 1891 and has extremely high production numbers. I purchased one in real-life from a gun store four years ago for $95 USD all taxes included. The only reason real-life prices for this platform in the United States skyrocketed recently is because of the current low importation numbers. US prices after importation taxes and transfer fees they can still be had for around $200 (12983 RUB). BattleState went with a model that has a bent bolt and is drilled and tapped for mounting PU optics. Considering Escape From Tarkov takes place in Russia the original in-game price is more than fair and accurate. BattleState has done a great job with the research applied to implementing different types ammunition and weapons. Do not let all of this time and research be squandered to people claiming things not being fair. Armor does not make you invincible. Players take note, that unless wearing plated armor, many types will be defeated by much of what people use in game. The US Army only in the past few years getting helmets capable of stopping 7.62x39 without the wearer getting knocked unconscious. Fights are typically unfair. The sense of accomplishment comes from using whatever you have available to defeat any adversary you face or knowing when to run.
  6. Hey! I've been playing Tarkov for some time now and I always like to point out problems or the good parts of this game whenever I can. So let's talk about the prices I'll leave my thoughts in a video I'm posting righhhtttt here..... Cast a vote or leave a comment, please!
  7. airelek

    Dogtag prices

    How are the prices calculated for Dogtags, i just found a Dog tag worth 40k R while some are worth 1k. What gives ?
  8. kekkonn

    Shop prices

    Hello, for some reason now the shop prices are very cheap, I mean Prapor sells an ak74 for 225rubels. Not sure if this is a bug or some event going on.
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