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Found 7 results

  1. The game constantly keeps bugging out after a raid and as i click "Next", the first 2 times its okay but in the last "NEXT" button, it is just stuck it doesnt go anywhere, its bugged out and i have to close the game then go in it again, and do it over n over again... and then sometimes an error of "session error" or something like that happens and i have to close the game once again and it keeps doing this over n over again..
  2. This all happened after the update. I finally got the launcher to work and now my game wont download. I wait for over an hour for the download to finish only for this to pop up. I've tried downloading 8 times now. Please help, someone.
  3. BallzDeep69

    FIX the sound

    Its impossible to judge the distance of a shot in this game. It sounds the same regardless of how many walls its through it makes no sense. How many more years until we actually get good sound quality.
  4. Retarded_Puppy

    Backpack quest issue

    I turned in a pilgrim backpack for a quest and i tried to make sure this didnt happen but when i did it turned in the pilgrim i had with 2 m4s a few scav and day bags trizips and a full med case, I put all of this into a pilgrim that wasnt found in raid so i shouldnt have been able to turn it in anyway and I lost all of this stuff because of this. according to my stash worth i am down 2 mill. Is there a way to get this back?
  5. I purchased my upgrade today and was told that i was supposed to recieve an upgrade bundle via ingame message but upon logging into the game i never recieved the ingame message that's supposed to be holding my loot and secure container please help me or send me what i paid for the only message displayed from the system is the profile gift i recieved for buying the bundle as shown in the pictures
  6. FasuG


    Hallo alle zusammen Hab da eine frage. Seit dem update ist ja die ausdauer und Strength wieder bei null hab auch jetzt paar Raids gemacht und Ausdauer ist auf lvl 2 aber Strength geht kein bisschen hoch nicht mal 0.1 bin auch schon im Raid jetzt wie ein Hase rum gehüpft aber da tut sich nicht war auch paar mal überladen hab alles probiert aber da rührt sich nichts.
  7. Terminator01

    Fix the main EFT problems !!!

    This game has lots of problems, mainly with the servers. Most people in EU and Oceania are having "error" 605, horrible desync, and horrible lag. The game costs 40 $ minimum and it is literally unplayable. I wouldnt recommend it to anybody atm. The game itself and the potential is good for sure but the servers problems are a big deal. 1. Horrible servers: We have the same servers as in Alpha but with more people. With all the Beta Hype lots of people bought the game and lots of them the EOD edition. Then BSG made a huge amount of money, more than enough for putting the servers up and open more of them so that we arent constantly on fire. And becasue of this we get "error" 605, desync and lag. 2. Gamma container glitch is still there. People still do it. You dont need a vest for doing the glitch. You can do it as fine with the gamma container and with hotkeys. Again, still not fixed. 3. Traders go out of money way too fast. 4. Lots of bugs. Specially when trying to lauch the game. It always says you have an error and then you cannot play. 1 out of 100 times I try to play I get into the game, the others make me report and try it again. So this makes the people lose the faith very fast in BSG and the game. We feel like the game has cost way too much for what it offers right now. When I bought the SE for beta I expected the servers to go well and play normally but I just cant when I put 8 perfect ADS rounds in the chest of a guy in factory and I dont kill him. Maybe they have secret plans but they arent working. The stress testing they are doing doesnt justify anymore the servers going horrible, since the devs already know the servers are hell-like going and they know that EU, Oceania and West USA need lots of new servers up and going. The servers were "stress tested" already in Alpha, and also in the past 20 hell like days of Beta. Nobody expected this. Why dont you want to fix the goddamn servers? You have lots of money from the pre-sales, including my money. It is not good for a game to have a playerbase that is losing the faith on the devs and the game. You better be fixing everything sooner because this is not good. This is not a Beta. This is like an Alpha DLC with one map but with horrible desync, lag and bugs. I have tried to be positive about all this but I just cannot right now, like everybody else. Saying this is a Beta is an insult to everybody that has paid 40$/more for an unplayable game. Sure this will get fixed with the time but we lose the patience.
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