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Found 54 results

  1. chiquitita

    Purchased EoD, nothing changed.

    I purchased EoD edition on 5th of January. I can see that I bought it. It shows me on my website profile that I have the EoD edition. Launcher also shows me that I have the EoD edition, but system did not give me my new items and also my stash is the same as the old one. It was Prepare for Escape edition. I upgraded it as I said, but nothing changed. There is neither gift nor the stash got bigger. I also uninstalled the game and re-installed it, nothing changed again. By the way, i don't know why did that happen but I took my christmas gift on 26th December. When I purchased EoD at the night of 5th January, I accidentely clicked on "RECEIVE GIFT" button and it gave me christmas for the second time. Is it the problem that system did not upgrade my game edition? It would be awesome if someone can help me about this. In the screenshot you can see the crown icon next to my nickname, but in the next screenshot you will see that my stash is not EoD edition stash. Thank you for your time.
  2. So some times when i upgrade my stash my PC shuts off because of my power supply has surged, this happened 3 times in a row then worked, now it has happened again, I have no problems with my PC out of the game, Is this something that is knowing or is happening to others, this is only happening after patch ASUS Motherboard H81M-PLUS Vengeance 16GB Dual Channel DDR3 Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz, G7 Power Extreme 780W Power Supply GPU GeForce GTX 1080 AMP Edition 8GB
  3. Hi, as the title says I can not get into my account because every time I tried I did not receive the email with the security code. This problem is driving me nuts, anyone knows how to fix it? I have a gmail account.
  4. Maxim93

    PC stürzt seit 0.12 ab

    Moin, seit dem ich auf 0.12 geupdated habe, hängt sich mein PC komplett auf nachdem ich EFT starte. Sobald ich EFT starte, erscheint nur noch der blaue Ladekreis am Mauszeiger und ich kann keinerlei Programme mehr starten. Sogar ALT STRG ENTF funktioniert aber der Task Manager will auch nicht laden. Habe das Spiel schon deinstalliert wieder neu installiert. Vor dem Update lief EFT reibungslos
  5. Witoldinio

    Kto kradnie ruble z portfeli?

    Zauważyłem, że pieniądze wsadzone do portfela / docsow / case znikają. Po tygodniu brakowało mi 70k rubli. Zachęcam do zrobienia eksperymentu i wsadzenia 400k rubli do portfela (można kopić u Fence'a). Po tygodniu zajrzeć do portfela ponownie i ... samemu zobaczyć. Dlaczego tak się dzieje?
  6. So basically as soon as i open the launcher to log in a popup comes up saying 'Youll need a new app to open this about' and it doesnt go away it isnt a virus popup it is one from windows and i dont know what i have to do to make it work. I spent £37 on this game and i kind of want to play it!
  7. ReflexxxD

    No email for AUTH code being received

    Hi, I've been trying to log into the launcher and the website for 2 days now, asking for email after email with the AUTH code in, i have not received it. I know my password and email to log in, but the AUTH code is not being sent to me through email, any help?
  8. Mortyras

    Gracze posągi nieśmiertelne scavy

    Czy tylko ja mam problem pod tytułem. Wchodzę w raid postacie graczy stoją w miejscu tak samo jak scavy i są nieśmiertelne, oraz dostaje magiczne dmg z nikąd?
  9. Dan_Man74

    Cant Install the game

    I've been trying to install the game for over 3 hours now and each time it finishes it says something about checksum or something not being right. So i did research and tried a bunch of different things like uninstalling the launcher and unpacking a Zip file and nothing is working, a lot of my friends don't have this problem, i just really want to play the game.
  10. Testoviron

    Can't log in

    Hello there. My friend lost possibility to access his account recently. He is logged in on the main site, but he can't change email or anything else. He was playing the game the same day that he lost the access. What should he do? Two days ago he started procedure for changing email. Now both his emails are inactive.
  11. ludimatabk

    Cant start launcher

    So i just bought the game and installed the launcher and it wont start.Restarted the pc mutiple times ,reinstaled the game too and still wont work.I try to run it and nothing happens not even an error pops up. Tried to run it as administrator too please help
  12. XpressX

    Je ne peut plus joué HELP

    Bonsoir, j'ai déjà posté mon problème mais malheureusement pas de réponse alors je ressaye ici. Lorsque je lance un RAID que ce soit en PMC ou Scav j'ai une desync qui ne ce rétabli pas ou du moins une perte connexion à toutes mes parties sachant que je n'est jamais le message "connexion lost" et aucun freeze ingame je suis juste la ont peut me tué mais moi non je vois tout le monde bugger. Je vous est fait une petite vidéo pour vous montré le problème, j'ai vraiment besoin d'aide car je ne peut plus joué du tout. PS: mon pare-feu est ok pour le launcher et le jeu.exe, j'ai aussi déjà essayé de changer de serveur mais rien y fait.
  13. Keogre

    Spiel Will nicht laden

    Ich hab ein Problem mit EFT den das spiel bleibt im lade Sequenz Hengen ich hab das spiel schon neu installiert.Das spiel hab ich schon gespielt also kann es nicht am PC liegen.Wenn ihr das auch hattet und repariert habt dann bitte melden. Mit Freundlichen Grüßen Keogre
  14. Lord_Triscen

    Unkontrollierte Spielabstürze

    Guten Abend, Seit kurzer zeit stürzt bei mir das Spiel aus unerklärlichen Gründen einfach ab, dies Passiert nicht nur bei EFT sondern bei fast allen Spielen. Meine Specs: I7 8700K, GTX 1060 3gb, ein 550 watt netzteil, und 32GB Ram Ich hänge den Crash Bericht den ich immer bekomme an, einen neuen und einen alten. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  15. TigerLiker

    Probleme mit den Servern ?

    Hi lieber Escaper, Ich habe derweil das Problem das ich nich ins Spiel reinkomme es wird mir folgendes Angzeigt: Würde mich Freuen wen wer weiterhelfen kann Grüße Justin ^^
  16. Hel_Rus

    Can't get into the main menu

    So when i start the game from the launcher and set the name i want and select a character ( I picked USEC) it's loading infinitly. I already tried restarting the game numerous times but it still didn't change.
  17. AnonymooseSMCP

    Never got a secure container (2x2)

    Hello there, so to my knowledge I was supposed to obtain an "alpha container" or a 2x2 secure container upon purchase. However when I loaded up the game and looked, I didn't have one. Am I supposed to buy it or should I actually have it off start like it states? If I'm supposed to have it please provide a way I can contact someone or something to obtain one. I know for a fact I didn't lose it because I have only played as a SCAV. Thanks, AnonymooseSMCP
  18. CaptainCribbs

    What's up with this download time?

    I just got the game and I go to download it and it says predicted over 2 days to download. What is up with that my internet is fine I am currently located in the US and my internet speed is much better than 50 kb/sec. I have already tried troubleshooting a bit looking around on the forums for some help. I have tried restarting the launcher, started the launcher as admin, and even restarted my pc. And why after just 68 MB it needs a user action? I really don't want to have to babysit this download. If there is anyone who may be able to assist me any help would be greatly appreciated!
  19. So I got to the quest where you need to turn in 2 Pilgrim backpacks. I had been constantly saving them because they are so big and useful, so I had about 10 of them stacked, with 5 tri-zips inside those as well. I also had a set of fort, helmets, and all my gold chains in the last tri-zip, which was inside all the pilgrims. So, not knowing which bag was which, or that it would even let me turn quest items that were not empty, I turned in two. When I went back to my inventory the whole stack of bags was gone, including everything that was inside it. So I am just asking that you DONT let players turn in quest items that are not empty, or at least put the items that a player lost in an insurance message. Thanks, hope you fix this.
  20. When I try and Install the game it sends me to an error screen and won't let me install it. I can't even get the launcher. Somebody please help.
  21. I can't play the game cause it chrashes after spawning or some secs... I shut down Nvidia Overlay, started the game as admin and reinstalled it twice now... that issue needs a hotfix, because a lot of people have the same problem right now... Any ideas how to fix it maybe? Now I reinstalled the game 3 times...
  22. PooperMcPoop

    Can't Escape On Factory

    The normal extract didn't let me leave as a scav. I had just found 2 m4's, 2 trizips, fort armor, etc. I have a video that I can post to youtube as the forum doesn't except the format. This is the 2nd time in 2 days that I've had extraction problems. Please fix it ASAP
  23. I recently joined someone's group and after I died I got every Trader maxed out. Current Level: 12 Prapor: 0.09 Debut Completed Checking Completed Shootout picnic Active Therapist: 0.06 Shortage completed Skier: 0.21 Supplier Completed The Extortionist Completed Stirrup Active Peacekeeper: 0.00 NO MISSION STARTED YET Mechanic: 0.00 NO MISSION STARTED YET Is that on purpose that they are all maxed out for no Reason or is that a Bug? If I now want to sell something to a Trader they give me way less than I used to get. It kinda sucks.
  24. Lil_mo

    Scav Problem

    if you're in a scav game and you see another player scav killing all of the NPCs, you should be able to kill him without the NPCs freaking out and killing you. think about it, if all the NPC scavs wanted to kill a player scav because he shot them and you killed him and saved their lives.... you should be shot and killed for it???? it just doesn't make sense. i'm not hating on the development team either, you guys are doing a great job..... but please hear me out because this issue needs to be fixed.
  25. Goodnoob

    Problem with the EoD Edition

    Hello Bears and Usec! I bought yesterday the Edge Of Darkness limited edition (thanks for the 20% off ) but I still doesn't have my extended stash, my bonus stuff, like the pouch or the weapons... And I don't know why. On my account on the website, it's okay, and in my launcher, too..! I tried to reinstall the game, witheout success. Nothing changed. Somebody know why? Thanks by advence for your help!
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