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Found 10 results

  1. blackdog313

    sound problems

    sinds i have dowloaded the latest patch/ update i do not have any audio in my game, before the update this was not a problem. i have been trying to troubleshoot the game myself by reinstalling, changing sound settings ingame and checking ive my audio devices where still working on all other programs wich they are. i only have this problem with tarkov. does anybody know how i can fix this and know how to do it?
  2. Ho acquistato piuomeno una settimana fa l’upgrade del gioco ma subito mi ha dato solo la coroncina in game, il resto delle ricompense non ci sono. Non ho il messaggio di SISTEM perfavore qualcuno mi dia una mano
  3. od 8.10.19 nie jestem w stanie grać w Tarkov, mapy ładują się mi po 20 min minimum oraz czas oczekiwania na start sesji trwa u mnie od 2 do 5 min m można coś z tym zrobić? jest jakaś rada?
  4. Madsssen

    cant install game

    each time i try installing the game in the gamelunch it seems to refresh only...
  5. So I had standard edition and wanted to upgrade to EOD when the wipe happen. Well the wipe has happend and I upgraded, I bought EOD, reset my account, opened up the game and made a new character, only to find that I still only have standard edition. Even the launcher says I have EOD, I have a confirmation email saying I have EOD. But I only have standard. Spending $95 on an upgrade just to not get it is mildly frustrating. Anyone ever had this issue, or know what to do?
  6. Xander8927

    Access Denied?

    Can anyone tell me why when i launch EFT it tells me access denied?
  7. G'day, Ever since the last wipe I haven't been able to play this game anymore. I get hung up on trying to join raids, it just sits there waiting to join server and then drops connection. When I do eventually get into a raid It will run smooth for a while then I will receive no packets in (going off the "fps 1" console command) and all of a sudden everything/everyone is frozen. I then proceed to force crash my game to try and rejoin and I am either dead or still stuck in the server receiving no packets, which then I have to leave the server causing me to lose all my gear. I have even had times when I can't even hear or see my squad mates or see any scavs that they can see. But they can see what I am doing and if I am moving/shooting/running etc. They have even watched me die when I can't even see anything or hear anything. Now I am from Australia, and we have some pretty bad internet here compared to the rest of the world. But I have around 7 friends that have play this game, some of which have worse internet than me (lower download and upload speeds) and they can still play the game without all the troubles I get. I understand that this game is in Beta, and that there is bugs. But It is completely unplayable for me, I have made sure absolutely EVERYTHING in the background isn't running (Antivirus/Firewall) and even reinstalled the game multiple times, but since the large update/wipe I just can't seem to fix my problem. I haven't even changed anything to my computer prior to the update and up until now (except maybe 1 or 2 new games). I have owned the EOD edition since they announced it, and have logged many hours into this game. I absolutely love it, but now I can't play with my friends because after that wipe it just won't work for me. Now I get a lot of errors in the console, could this be my problem? Please someone help! I just wan't to play this game again. Thanks.
  8. Gandalfix

    Server/map/istances problems

    The map istances has idea problems. A lot of time I start a match (raid) with my first character but I don'the find loot in the map and I don't find enemy's too, the only thing I can do is extract...so it'should very boring. I suggest more full character players in the match at the start. After 10 minutes of the match I don't suggest other full character players can enter in it, but only scavs
  9. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object EFT.PlayerCameraController.Update () I can log in and go to my inventory but i cant go into any game. waiting for server response forever please help meh NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object EFT.PlayerCameraController.Update ()
  10. To @TarkovEscaper, @Claus & Other Dev Team Member, Can The Community Help DEV With Solving Technical Problems? There are lots of extremely technical and savvy members within gaming communities, and some players already work within large computer organizations with extremely high computer skills, qualifications, and/or experiences solving all types of Computer/Netcode issues. For example, the AMD Community frequently post very technical problems to see whether the community can help solve them. It goes without saying that you will need to be careful to properly vet proposed solutions. I would guess that those with the right technical skills and experience in this community would love to help out. Anyway, this is just an idea/suggestion for your consideration.
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