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Found 21 results

  1. Hello I just upgraded my account to the Limited Edition and would like to reset my in-game profile. Through the site, I can only reset the profile on July 21st (maybe it started counting when I started playing this wipe). Do you think BSG would reset my in-game profile through a support ticket on this case? Thanks
  2. I've been playing Escape from Tarkov for about 20 hrs now, but recently stopped playing it. I came back to the game a couple weeks later to find there has been a game update. As I normally would with most games, I updated it. However, when loading the game it prompted me to selected a PMC character as if I hadn't played the game before. Obviously, I thought this was just supposed to happen of course, so I went along with it and selected a PMC character, only to find out that everything I had earned was removed from my profile. Why is this and why does this happen? Is this a glitch? Because now I can't be bothered to play the game unless I know for sure that the next update is not going to do the same thing. Do you know if there is a fix for this?
  3. Hallo, nach installieren des neuen Updates wurde mein Charakter komplett zurückgesetzt. Ich musste einen neuen Charakter erstellen, bin wieder Level 1 und hab all mein Gear verloren. Ist das normal oder nicht? Im Internet habe ich nichts dazu gefunden, nur wie man sein Profil zurücksetzt, was ich aber nicht gemacht habe. Weiss jemand warum? Hello, after installing the new Update my character got completely resetted and lost all my gear, money, level, ... Somebody knows why or is this normal?
  4. Ich hab seit heute das neueste Update und wenn ich das Spiel starte, dann kommt der erste Ladebildschirm und danach kommt man ja eigentlich ins Hauptmenü und es werden die restlichen Daten geladen wie z.B. das Profil Bei mir kommt das Hauptmenü Design (Hintergrund mit nem Ast, wie in dem beigefügten Bild) aber die Profildaten werden nicht geladen, mir wird nicht mal angezeigt, ob überhaupt etwas geladen wird Hab das Spiel schon zweimal neu insalliert und zusätzlich auch den Temp und Cache geleert Hat noch jemand eine Idee oder dasselbe Problem
  5. Dex (Aust)

    Player Profile Statistics

    Will it be possible to view other Player's in-game statistical information? For example, the longest head shot in meters, current gear profile, weapons, status etc? Getting intel on other Players might be interesting and useful.
  6. I purchased an upgrade from standard to EoD December 27th, 2019 and I have placed two separate support tickets for the matter with no response. I have seen a few posts here discussing the same issue and I was wondering if their is a specific support/forum system for this issue. To be clear, my payment via xsolla was confirmed to go through and I have the EoD Crown on my name and the client states that I have EoD Edition.
  7. I've bought the game recently and when i wanted to enter the game for the very first time, i faced some similar errors. please look at these screenshot below. and the error logs also attached.04.09 22-44-41 application.log 04.09 22-44-41 errors.log 04.09 22-44-41 traces.log and i have tried all solution suggested by the support team. Thanks for any help.
  8. Tokias

    Changing Signature

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to add a signature because I can't for the life of me figure out how.
  9. Questenberg

    Can you have Secondary Profile?

    I play Bear. Why do I play Bear? I do not know. But, I play Bear. I would like to try USEC. I do not know how to try USEC when my profile is Bear, but, I still want to try USEC. How do I create a second profile - linked to this account of course, but, a second in-game profile. I read somewhere the maximum profiles per account was three? Or was this false/dated news?
  10. frkr

    Reset de Profile

    Pessoal, blz? Gostaria de saber se o reset de perfil volta com os itens iniciais do stash. Acabei de comprar o jogo e tô com medo ate de perder a pistolinha inicial.... https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/reset-game-profile
  11. I was playing with a 7-day trial pass and recently upgraded to EOD last night. I know that I need to reset my profile in order to receive all of the perks that come with EOD so I did that right after. I reset my profile but nothing happened other than my reset timer being set two weeks out. There is no claim button for EOD items or anything on my profile other than the holiday gift. Is it possible for Devs to either reset my profile manually or reset my reset date? Thanks for your help.
  12. CavScout6956

    Game error

    Critical error receiving profile data. Close the game and contact us at forum in response to http://prod.escapefromtarkov.com/client/game/profile/list:Slot stackslot cartridges in item mag_ak_custom_sawed_off_762x39_10(id: 5a7dc1188a450408a4aee09) expects an item at position 0
  13. Tricksour

    Problem with in-game Profile reset

    I bought the EOD edition of the game after playing the standard and then I reset my profile (after buying it) but I still have all my old stuff. Stash size, guns etc. I cannot reset for another 2 weeks or so, Is there anything I can do? because there is not much point in playing until i reset my stuff.
  14. Ok so I was playing the other day. No issues (probably 2 days ago now.) I go to get on yesterday and the game asks me for my profile/character name. Weird, I didnt have much time so I figured I would come back today. Same thing, My profile has reset its self and now I lost all my items, All my tasks completed and all my levels on traders etc. Its fully reset. Can the Dev team be of any help here in restoring my account with data from a few days ago?
  15. Hi developers, I was wondering if you guys let us know in advance when the profile wipe is? Any estimated time? Because there are some guns and gear that im holding onto and dont use as much and if the wipe is coming Id like to use all my gear and weapons before the wipe occurs. Would you let us know please?
  16. Hallo vlt kann mir jem von euch helfen habe seit dem 8.11 das Problem das mein Profile scheinbar nicht richtig geladen wird als scav funktioniert alle normal will ich aber als pmc spielen kommen ich nicht weiter als der schritt wo ich meine Items versichern will außerdem wurde die Versicherung alle Items aufgehoben wenn ich einmal in meinem Inventar war komme ich nicht mehr zurück auf die Auswahl Trader oder spieler Trader an sich sind nicht da wenn ich rechtklick mache und versichern will tauch ein Fenster auf was nur weiß ist sonst nix escape taste wie ohne Funktion was ich bisher versucht habe Viren Scanner abgeschaltet spiel als Admin gestartet. launcher und game komplett deinstalliert mit regestry Löschung und Neu installiert, Fehler wieder sofort vorhanden ich vermute mal auf ein Server Problem hat jem vlt so einen Fehler schon mal gehabt ? oder kann was zur Lösung beitragen ?? mfg
  17. So I had the Standard Edition of the game and I upgraded to EoD edition yesterday. I know you have to reset your game profile in order for the benefits within EoD to kick in. But since there is an upcoming wipe, will the wipe reset the game profile too? If so I was thinking I could wait for the wipe to have the game profile to reset automatically, since I am pretty happy with my current levels of my current main character. Even if it is only standard edition.
  18. Rodger_Rodger

    The Once Percent of Tarkov?

    at the beginning of this video it says 'Press Release Edition', Gets all these guns when you reset your account. I dont know if hes talking about 'Edge of Darkness' or what, because what I spawn with is honestly not enough to be accounted for 150 dollars tbh. I want to reset my account to see if I get the same stuff but honestly I've spent too much time getting a bunch of disfigured ak74u's. bought a game for a 150 dollars > horrible at the game and cant get guns or any decent gear. and if there is so much as something called press release, how can you get it? is this profile reset permanent too? and whats the catch? (infinite guns?) Thank you so much if you are able to answer all the questions listed above.
  19. I got this error today. I think it has something to do with "Profile already in match" error.
  20. I get this message after every raid. I'm worried that once I successfully complete a raid it will not transfer any of my loot. What should I do? P.s Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.
  21. wildpumpk1n

    Et si on se présentait?

    Bonjour à tous, Bon je n'ai pas encore tout regardé mais je n'ai pas trouvé de section où se présenter sommairement. N'hésitez pas à me dire si ca sert à rien vu qu'il y a la zone ou présenter son clan et dans ce cas à supprimer ce post.
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