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Found 6 results

  1. Intro There has been some talk about the game dying in it's player base recently. This does happen quite a bit late in the wipes, but I suppose this is slightly different when the big predators such as Pestily takes a break/leave from the game. Pestily is stating that he's seen everything and that Tarkov for him kind of becomes uniform. Tarkov has recently added daily tasks which makes it slightly more unpredictable, but I get the feeling that the daily tasks were added more for the sake of the players nearing the end game so to speak. For me, I don't really enjoy playing much anymore, and that is mainly because you have to do the same tasks in the same order to unlock traders and further on from there. It is really predictable how to level up, sure raids are different because players are different, but it's the same objective each raid each wipe. I had some ideas that could maybe change it up a bit. These ideas are pretty much the same idea but with some differences. Idea 1 What if at next wipe you start Tarkov and you look at tasks and each trader has every task he has, unlocked for you that you can choose from? Sure this could be broken in many ways, some people could for example start with the end game tasks and just yeet on from there, but it could be limited a bit. What if, BSG could code task xp and rewards to dynamically fit to your level. So for example, the first task now from Prapor gives you 4k xp if i am not mistaken? What if you had that reward coded into the player's level, so for this idea I would then be able to choose that I wanted to start with the punisher task, but since I am at the same level I would still get that 4k xp for completing said punisher task. This is a good start of my idea towards balance but it could be limited further, say for example you had the ability to choose what tasks you wanted to do with everything unlocked, but you could only accept 4-5 tasks at a time? I think this idea would change the predictability of every run, because some might start standard by going for a certain pocket watch, while others might start hunting Rechala for example. With this method you could not really predict where players would roughly be at each wipe, which could alter the game heavily, and perhaps even make people more cautious per game? Idea 2 Sorta the same principle with you being able to progress how you want without being limited to a chain but far more "dumbed down" in a way. What if you could skip a task? Say for example I just accepted delivery from the past from Prapor. What if I could talk to Prapor and choose skip current task and jump to the next one? This idea could also be kind of broken so here is my "nerf suggestions" Say for example I skipped delivery from the past, Prapor could then get angry at me, I could loose 0.5 reputation with him. You could even take it further and half all rewards for the next task I do for him. To me these ideas make sense because we are supposed to be pmcs working in Tarkov as mercs for the traders, and considering the conditions of Tarkov, I doubt Prapor as a businessman would be incapable of thinking only on one thing task related at a time, and not see into his own future. Idea 3 This is technically not a new idea but more of an alternative way of looking at the two ideas above. Sure it would not make sense that a trader hires a merc with no reputation to go and kill the big bad wolf, you could for example limit one of the two ideas so people had to do the first 2-3 tasks before they were able to choose them selves? Anyways if it's not too much effort to change, I suppose you could try it for a wipe in the future to see how people progress and what sort of tasks they do, maybe BSG might get some ideas for balancing/changing the game for the final release? hell you could even up the flea level requirement higher because at least with the first idea people would be able to choose tasks they could do, so they weren't forced to hatchet run for a key spawn to get to the customs office for example? And now for something completely different Do you think it is possible for players to sort tasks based on location, so I could click on location and then it lists all tasks for shoreline that I have accepted for example and then all the ones for customs below? I know this is contradicting to the ideas I posted above but I still felt like it's a small quality of life improvement that I wanted to mention. Anyways cheers and hope my suggestions could be useful. It's my birthday and I'm off to the pub!
  2. I am actually not sure if it is indeed a cut feature, but i vaguely remember something said about flea prior to its introduction ingame: You wouldn't be able to buy things you haven't inspected. This could be quite big, as reaching level 20 wouldn't directly allow you to buy the best gear/ammo, as you would need to find and examine it first. and effectively slow down progression In one of the recent podcast (i think it was in the "Pogcast") Nikita mentioned the possibility to cut the flea into "tiers" to restrain the immediate obtention of every items at once when reaching level 20. This change could fill this goal in a more intuitive and coherent way.
  3. TheGhostOfMe

    Losing my progress

    I just logged in the game after 2 months of inactivity and it appears i have lost all my progress . Is there anything that can be done about it or do i just accept it and never touch this game again ??
  4. Hi, I bought a key 6 days ago from Gamivo because I didn't know it was a problem and cause I'm stupid. After playing for six days, I think my key has been revoked because the client says I have to buy the game to play it. Now my question is: - Has my progress (stash, hideout, etc.) been cancelled? Is there a way to recover them? If I buy a copy from this official website and activate it will I be able to resume my progress? I look forward to your answer to buy another copy. Thank you.
  5. Majime1

    Download Speed!

    So my update would let me finish the update after downloading it at 23kb/s so i have had to reinstall the game but it is telling me that the 5000 MB is gonna take 203 hours meanwhile i just downloaded war frame in the time it took me to finish the update that didn't even finish. So is there a way to fix this or Is it even fixable?
  6. quizcanners

    Scavenger progression

    This is the follow up to my previous thread. I realised that what I am suggesting is basically Scavenger Mode Customization Options. Options, that increase in variety the more you play as a scavenger. From the way I understand this mode is like an inferior way to play, and your MAIN character is the MAIN gameplay. Here is the thing: scavenger mode is described as Less hardcore, because you don't loose anything from your main hero. But in my very personal preference I would play as a Scav mode alot, and not because I suck and afraid to loose my main gear. But becouse I like that challange: "Start and survive for as long as you can. You don't have any stash.". So what I would want for scav mode is horisontal progression. As I scavange, I unlock perks. When I die, as a scav, I loose EVERYTHING, including perk progression. But the next time I start as a scav, I can costumize my guy to start with those percs I unlocked last time, instead of some of the starting gear. So, my scavenger starts with no guns or ammo, but with some skills. So his game will be more difficult at the start, as he can fall an easy victimn to well armed players. But it was player's choice, can't blame the game. Player decided he don't need that extra armor piece, in favour of "fast runner" perk. With this ruleset, player can enjoy simply playing as a scavenger for a long time. And yes, for this I want scavenger to level up too. Look, if guy survived as a scavenger for hours, he deserves to be hard to kill, he deserves to have high stats. Because by this time scavenger would be a nice lootchest for the one who hunts him down. Scav who survived many hours is like a Moby Dick. And MAYBE even the more your scavenger survived the better loot he finds. It will make the moment when you deliver things to your stash it's like "Cash in": every time player has to make a choice: risk this equipment for benefit of his scavenger to find even better, or secure it in the stash for main guy. It sounds interesting to me, and I would pay money to play it this way. Just as a DLC. //// And to address comments from previous thread, not to see them repeated: * Not A direct quotes: "Judging by what you are saying this is not the game for you." - Disagree, this is exactly the game for me. I'm pretty sure that community suports this game for the realism, for authentic combat mechanics, for the great graphics. And what I am talking here is just a rulesets that would affect player ecosystem, I think even developers are opened to some new ideas on this matter, because balancing the multiplayer is one thing even AAA games have problems with. Here is the reality: you will sometimes die because someone had better gun and better character. And you will feel that. And your enemy had better gear because he played longer. Well, some enjoy social aspect, some enjoy achiving something, some just enjoy killing, some enjoy exploring. Those people know exactly why they came to the game, but most of the potential playerbase don't have defined agenda yet. In Counter Strike where people have identical chances, there is alays a "CHEATER". And here, chances are not equal, so the moment new player dies, he plays to progress, no longer enjoy exploring the world, just play to become SAFE from high level guys, plays to make game fair. And after realising that they need to level up first, before taking on high caliber guys, they will make LEVELING their prime focus, not the exploration, not the community, not the fun. And while they WORK for their level, they will complain over and over again how unfair the game is. It just happens so much, every time. "This is a hardcore game for good players, you probably suck" Nope, played shooters for as long as I can remember myself. I'm good, really good. I even played Arma, Red Orchestra and long time ago - Operation Flashpoint, if you are concerned that the only realistic shooters I know are Battlefield and CoD. (semi-realistic if you want) I actually hope this game will not be as realistic as Red Orchestra - too much random death is not enjoyable, and I think you don't want that too, even if you say otherwise. And every time you say to someone "Well, this game is not for you", just think about what disservice you are doing to the developer who is making a game for you. The No. 1 reason people quite the multiplayer is not it's difficulty, it's community. It is everyone's interest to have healthy and welcoming community then closed cult-ish community. And I'm not using word CULT loosely. Game wants to be authentic, if this is what you prefer -good for you. But when people see themselves as superior because they prefer realistic, they form a closed community - a cult. Don't be a cult. If you be nice, players will enjoy the game, they will buy DLC, and developers will produce more good stuff for you.
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