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Found 3 results

  1. FallenActual

    PSA: twitch drop misconception

    Just a PSA for the twitch drops as I have been seeing alot of people spreading mis information in twitch channels. You DO NOT have to mute your web browser sounds to get drops you can still get them if you just mute twitch's volume and minimize the browser I have tested this myself and have been getting twitch drops every day. Aslong as you don't pause the video you are fine. Upvote this so more people can see.
  2. Okay so I was hoping to answer some stuff since nobody reads anything and asking legitimate questions[Trust me on this] can get you a strike[No Offence Admins/Mods]. So I will try to answer some common questions that are ignored because they have been answered or it is common sense, which I realize is not very common. Q:Will Tarkov have "Micro-Transactions". A: The game is in "Closed Beta", Wait till they are closer to release because you won't get an answer. Q:Hacking/Cheating/Abusing game systems... A:Tarkov is not Arma, it is not Battlefield or CoD, *Jim Sterling voice* it is not a AAA game, The developers have stated they are using/creating an in house anti-cheat. So yes there will always be hackers but as they continue to develop the anti-cheat, it will get better. Also to you any sly cheaters, they manual ban, so stop. Q:Why is "X, or Y, or Z, in the game/patch/ect? A: As stated above, Tarkov is not a mishmash of different games. Escape From Tarkov is like Crysis and Dark Souls(hopefully). It will set the bar to be compared to. Answering the question, sometimes I ask the same, but professionally I will say this, They have gained attraction and attention. They will release when things are completed. Q: How do I report a suspected hacker? A: [Personal Experience] Maybe submit a Ticket and video if possible? However, DO NOT post it to the forums... A: [Professional] They have stated at this time you CAN NOT individually report. Q: Why do streamers/youtubers/ect get everything? A: Think of it like this, EFT says. "Hey Big Boi, would you like to advertise our game?" It is a sort of live demo of what, TIME, EFFORT, and SUPPORT will allow you to achieve. Unless you watch Klean, He is a god damn ninja and Demi-God, you will never be Sneaky Cheeki Breeki like him[Semper Fi][Go watch his streams/vod if you do not believe me]. Q: Why does the game now feel like a MMO grind compared to older patches/ect.? A: The game is in Beta... Things change daily and that is a question closer to release not now. Q: What about things like the bunker, flea market, and more stuff promised months ago but I have heard nothing? Did they scrap it? A: I will assume in my personal oppinion, Especially in regards to the bunker, The game and popularity skyrocketed, so I feel when they add a big patch, they add more than a gun a sight and half a map. I believe they want the patches to be like the Victory Day Parade in Red Square each year; Meaning everyone is awe struck. Those were some I feel I could answer, I am sure the White Knights will correct me. As for beginners, let me give you some tips. Believe NOTHING YOU HEAR and HALF of What You See. Just because someone said it, wait till it happens. Do not complain about the difficulty, you will get laughed at. This game was not designed for any specific audience. Prepare to die, a lot. No seriously, A LOT. Find people you trust, a battle buddy or a squad. Currently 2/3 mans with my team can clear customs/shoreline/woods. Did a 5 man on factory(full fort,kiever,ect) and cleared it 2/3 times. Enjoy what you play now, because, it was a lot more rage inducing a few patches back. Sorry if this gets locked, but I wanted to give a players perspective on a few things. Hope this is okay.
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