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Found 3 results

  1. TAW_Mokkastube

    Using Iron Sight while PSO is Attached

    Hi guys! I looked at my AKMN in the modding screen from multiple directions and tought about a secondary sight option for a PSO AK Rifle with a Magpul MOE foregrip. Is it possible to use the Iron Sight while the PSO equiped irl? I never used a PSO AK irl so i have no clue :-). But if it´s possible that would be a nice addition to the game. What you guys think about it? Is someon here who can confirm or refute if that would be possible? Thanks for responding. Greetings, Mokkastube
  2. Chouette

    SKS iron sights use with PSO

    Hello, I have several questions / suggestions, I don't know if they were covered before (no luck with search). I'm talking about the PSO / SKS combination but most of these questions apply to other rifles and other scopes as well. 1. will it be possible to toggle between PSO and iron sight (PSO does not completely obscure the iron sight, so it will be very helpful to be able to use it) 2. will there be a option to adjust the distance of the iron sight with page up / down (rear sight has a slide system with distance graduations adjust the height) 3. About picking up a scope in field, when I find a PSO in a crate, I can attach it right away to the rifle, and it is magically aligned. I suggest that only scopes that are taken from the stash are accurate, others should be off aim (randomized). 4. about changing the scope distance with page up / down, I find it really strange that a scope can change distance on the fly, I suggest that zeroing distance can be set from the property view (so still doable in field like with a screw driver) but not be modified on the fly (for the scopes that can't do that IRL). Thanks a lot!
  3. Since the Announcement that the AKM would be in the game I've been hoping to get myself an AKM in-game with a PSO and suppressor. However, I'm beginning to think that wont be possible since apparently even the military AKM doesn't have a dovetail mount. Is it possible to get a PSO on the AKM? is OP-SKS easiest/best way to get 4x with 7.62x39? I'm also curious what attachments others are running on the AKM or civilian variants.
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