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Found 11 results

  1. I purchased the standard edition when in closed beta, but now I can't find launch link in my account page. Please tell me know the solution to this problem.
  2. This is a nice to have feature. I just got caught out on customs thinking I still had money in my docs case but my purchases had prioritized that over what was in my stash. If I was walking around and making purchases then it would make sense to come out of my pocket but I'm a little frustrated for getting caught flat footed on customs thinking I had money for dorms extract. Again, not really a big dig just a slight inconvenience that I should of paid attention to. Learn my lesson once I guess.
  3. I purchased an upgrade on my account after a few nights of binging the game after i got it. Ive waited like 5 min and still no messages in game reffering to new items. saw forum posts of people saying i may need to reset my profile, but what kind of upgrade is that?
  4. SlimJimBim

    Looking for EFT Gift Code

    Just purchased the Standard Edition for my friend, I got an email where it said "Thanks for purchasing Escape from Tarkov (xxxxxxxxx)" Is the numbers in the parenthesis the activation code or have I yet to get the right email?
  5. Hello, I'm in the U.S. Air Force and I have the potential to move over seas within the next year. I love the game and plan on upgrading to edge of darkness. But if I purchase the game here in the US, will I be locked to US servers even when I move to EU or Asia? I'd hate to have to spend a additional $95 just to not be able to play the game with playable ping in the next 6 months. If I am locked to the US servers what options do I have besides buying the game again? Thanks in advance
  6. Dear EFT Team, unluckly i missed that sale date for tomorrow 28.12.2017 and baught the game today 27.12.2017. Is there a way to upgrate my standard purchase for free? I really would like to support you, but now i´m a bit frustrated. Keep the good work up!
  7. MadMcardle

    Pre-order/Purchase Options

    I was wondering if it was planned, or possible to add, the ability to get the multi buy discount option across two different types? For example if I wanted to buy a Left Behind Edition and Prepare For Escape Edition? Also what about an option to gift an upgrade to someone? Thanks in advance, Mad
  8. Hi! I pre-purchased the game ( August 5.), and i wonder when i will gain access to download, and play in closed beta?
  9. How long can you buy the Edge of Darkness Editon? Because it is an limited Edition
  10. First off I apologise if this has been answered before but I just have a question about the open beta coming up and If I were to purchase the standard edition now, Would I gain entrance to it within a week or two?
  11. federt

    SCONTO COMITIVA! ! ! ! ! !

    Ciao ragazzi! quest'oggi gli sviluppatori hanno annunciato uno sconto comitiva per chi ancora non ha acquistato pacchetti... gli sconti vanno in quest'ordine: -2 pacchetti : 10% di sconto -3 pacchetti: 15% di sconto -4 pacchetti: 20% di sconto Se acquistate con il vostro clan è un vero affare vi lascio il link in inglese qui sotto dove spiega più approfondito...se avete domande commentate e cercherò di chiarire il più possibile!
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