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Found 24 results

  1. please just enable to play PVE mode with friends. i guess this won't break game balance. because you can't bring back anything and it won't affect any skill.
  2. Bug1372

    New mode/PvE Content

    I had a thought as I was raiding the other day about reserve and the train mechanic extract, That was about some PvE content that you can play with your friends or with randoms. It is based around the train and your hideout. Let's go through a scenario with how this would work. You que up as your pmc and you choose your starting location, let's say you start in customs, you inv friends if you want or que in with randoms or by yourself if you want. You arrive via train on the tracks next to big red. You have a set load out you must use with objectives you must complete within a set amount of time. Just an interesting idea that could be really fun and diverse everytime you play. Playing tarkov normally is already unique raid to raid, this just adds another way for people to play together. Let me know what you guys think!
  3. boxman80

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    BELLUM SEMPER BARBARUS - "War Is Always Savage" Website: www.bsbnetwork.com Steam: http://www.steamcommunity.com/groups/bsbnetwork Who are we? We are [BSB] Network, a well established multi-gaming community that focuses on teamwork, cooperation and also having a laugh whilst we play online with our mates! It's that simple. We take pride in our history (established way back in 2002) and put our emphasis on supporting our community playing online together, whatever their favourite games may be. Our community have over 3000 members that come and go playing different games, but to be fair, actively we regularly see 50+ members regularly. Objectives Our Tarkov campaign is relatively new but already has a good number (currently 6-8) active players regularly playing and working together. Our aim is to increase that number slightly so that we're in a position to provide good numbers actively during peak times of gaming though the week. From there we aim to establish ourselves as an efficient, fearsome and effective force to be reckoned with in game, building on the reputation we've established in other gaming campaigns. We are anticipating Tarkov (and Scum when released!) to form the foundation for a new era in our community, offering platforms for new members to consistently play with their friends and develop their skills, and our group's skills, for years to come! What are we looking for and expect? We're only looking for friendly, 16+ gamers who are looking to play longer-term and be actively involved in our community. As we're in the early stages of establishing this game campaign we'd also be interested in experienced Tarkov players who are looking to help establish and build our Tarkov campaign, so we're particularly interested in players who enjoy streaming, producing tutorials and guides and interested in STAFF roles (helping to organisation and administrating members). All we ask is as members of our community, you follow a few common sense conduct rules. Nothing too outrageous, just the usual stuff really - No cheating, use Discord as much as possible and don't be a toxic dick - that kind of stuff! We offer; Stability - We've been around for more than 16 years now so we're not a fly-by-night, gone tomorrow clan! Activity - Our community is very active with members from all over the world at all times of day! Grades, awards and achievements - We offer all members the chance to unlock awards whilst gaming with us, progress their grade and standing within the community and display all their achievements on their membership profiles. Experience - We may have some new faces on Tarkov, but we've supported many different games within our time! Voice Comms - At the heart of our community is our Discord server, where all our members can mix and have a laugh when online. We insist all members use it as much as possible. True multi-game support - We offer a unique game support "campaigns" system to allow for players to game together across multiple platforms and easily spot other members who have the same games as you, for when you fancy playing something new or different game with your mates without having to hop to a new clan! Regular events and tournaments - We encourage members to take part in mini-events and tournaments as well as providing regular clan-wide events. Competitive gaming - We support competitive gaming on multiple games by having "Gold Teams" represent us in competitive matches. Regular meet up events - We regularly hold meet up events with airsoft, paintball, BBQ's and pi$$ups for those who are interested in that sort of thing! & Much much more! How to join Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to join us (younger members must have an adult/guardian to vouch for them and accompany them!). To get verified and join us as an 'Affiliated Member', visit our website, register and "Apply to Join" from the menu. OR CLICK HERE! Hop on our Discord server of forum if you need any help or have any questions! Website [email protected] www.bsbnetwork.com [email protected] http://www.steamcommunity.com/groups/bsbnetwork
  4. DanExert

    Scav Dropshots and Physics

    Due to Scavs having less reaction time implemented this patch (11.7), they now have the ability to fire accurate shots during the animation process. What this has resulted in is Scavs being able to hit you whilst they are going through the prone, crouch and even slide animations. Additionally, they are able to headshot you from impossible angles, for example Reshala's crew are currently able to hit you in the head whilst prone, from distances less than 2m (no exaggeration) - no human IRL, or even human players in game are able to pull off this impressive feat of body flexibility especially considering they have a weapon, body armour, helmet and backpack. Killa will also regularly one tap you whilst sliding into position, an impressive manoeuvre even by John Wick's standards! Considering he has heavy armour and unlimited magazines of Igolnik, this just makes the death feel cheap as opposed to difficult. What I propose is to code into the AI logic, the inability to fire their weapon during the animation process. Secondly, to reduce AI accuracy whilst moving, especially Sniper Scavs who are able to land accurate shots from 50-100m whilst strafing. These suggestions are not meant to make the AI easier to deal with, but to make the PvE experience more natural, more believable and less cheap. The Scavs are a meme right now, and in many situations are far better at killing you than other human players
  5. butterbutt

    could a co-op Scav Hunt mode exist?

    **I'm not an active community member beyond playing the game, sorry if this is similar to posts that have already been brought up** I like to do offline mode every now and then as a sort of "Scav Hunt" warm-up, and after playing a bunch of co-op on the new Insurgency game I couldn't help but think it would be really cool if Tarkov had a similar mode. It wouldn't have to be objective based like other games with "Terrorist Hunt" modes because Tarkov's gameplay and AI would fit perfectly in a separate co-op PVE system. As for loot and rewards in this mode, rather than letting people build up powerful weapons and keys, their focus would be on getting as many Scav kills as possible. This way players could be rewarded with a decent amount of roubles per-kill instead (after successful extract of course). If a player dies, they wouldn't lose anything they entered with, but they'd lose most if not all of the cash they would've received had they extracted. Or it could be entirely offline with no rewards! lol. Whatever works. I do think the idea has merit to it. Plus, if it ends up being successful, it could be built upon later over time. Maybe something like Scav bosses or optional tasks similar to quest objectives? Lots of possibilities!
  6. RufusValentino

    PVE Only Mode

    I'm sure this question will upset a lot of people and release the trolls. However, I was wondering if there will be a PVE only mode. I know you can play PVE on Offline mode and they are testing it. However, you don't gain or lose anything in Offline Mode. Offline mode is great for practicing and learning the maps. It would be nice if you could play online mode against just the AI. Maybe even be able to go in with your friends but not going up against other players. Like have a story mode that is PVE and then have also a PVP mode. I admit I'm new to the game and still learning and practicing. One of the challenges that are in PVP mode is that if you're a new player with basic gear and you run into another player with advanced gear you're pretty much dead and then you lose your basic gear. It can be hard for a new player to get anywhere in this game. Game is awesome though. I love the detail in it.
  7. montehawks

    Separate PVE Mode

    I bought the game a few days ago and I'm just here to chime in my 2 cents. I would love for there to be a PVE mode separate from the online mode where I can keep my loot and party with friends, or even go solo. I come from FPS games like Overwatch, Rust, a little of of CS:GO, and a little BF1, and I've found this game to have an astoundingly huge learning curve (for people like me anyways). I'm having a hard time facing just SCAVS by themselves, often times they one shot me from far enough away I can't see or the smallest bit of their head is popped over something and they get me that way. It's discouraging running the game online to get demolished 9/10 times (seriously my survival rate is 10%). In PVE my success is at least 50%, so it makes me want to continue playing but all of the loot is forfeited. I want a mode I can progress in to get better at the game before I face other people online.
  8. UltimateDad

    PVE Future Updates

    Hi! Firstly, thank you for your work on this great game. I wanted to ask about the picture that was released a while ago showing offline PVE changes, allowing us to change the AI amount, difficulty, etc. When is this change expected to be released? I haven't seen anything mentioned about it when reading about the 10.5 and 0.11 changes. Also, I wanted to know if we can expect more content in terms of pure PVE changes? Are we going to see any offline stashes or offline questing? (Also I love your new Scav boss, keep up the killer work gents,).
  9. I love how intense EFT gets in certain situations, but sometimes I just want to equip basically everything I want, walk around tarkov and gun some Scavs down just for fun. I think PvE mode should stay as it is forever, since it's not only a great way to "test" how weapons and attachments behave, but also a "casual" mode where you can take a break from EFT's usually stressful atmosphere without having to switch to another game. Keeping loot you get in PvE/Offline mode should not be a thing imo, since it'd ruin the game's economy and make PvP stupidly pointless. Why would you get into a PvP lobby to get loot when you can farm it offline? It'd turn PvP into a pointless battle of fully-geared players who would not even loot their enemies after they kill them. I AM NOT ASKING FOR THIS. However, since people would not be able to exploit this aspect of the game in any way, I think it would be nice if we could bring our squad into PvE mode with us. No loot, no item trading (quitting or making it to extraction just resets your inventory). It'd be a nice way to show your buddy how stuff works, give him a tour around the map... Or, again, just mess around and kill some scavs on your way to extraction, for funzies.
  10. Seth01Plays

    PVE Online??

    Hello All I have spent hours into this game with no success of extracting due to players taking me out, as well as not being able to survive at all. I think and as many other forums have been posed is a PVE Coop online Experience, Many players would agree that this would suit this game very well. This is due to People, wanting to just play with friends, People hate being destroyed by high level players and never given a chance, ,nor even the fact of having to play by them selves isn't much fun. I spent a chunk of my cash and I want it to be worth it. P.S PVE Coop could be added with separate inventories for each mode (PVE Coop, PVP), As players have spoken
  11. pdxbigman

    PvE version

    New user here and this might have already been asked, I'm not sure how to search the forums. Is there any future plan/existing plan to play PvE with friends and keep your character progress? I know that you can go into an offline raid and enable the AI, but I'm hoping for something a little different, perhaps an entirely separate character that can only do PvE. It would be tremendously unfair to be able to take gear you obtained from a PvE raid into normal PvP raids, but I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to take it into another PvE raid.
  12. Curlyguy

    PVE Scav hunt

    I love the idea of a "Terrorist Hunt" like mode. We currently have offline mode PVE, though the Scav count is usually incredibly low, and I'm not sure if the devs even plan on keeping offline mode. They definitely should though and then also implement a custom scav count and difficulty for that. There's multiple reasons for this. 1. New players have a hell of a time adjusting to the controls and mechanics. Being able to adjust the volume and difficulty of A.I. makes the steep learning experience easier, but also more enjoyable. It'll help players learn at their own pace. Even experienced players would be able to get better practice and an enjoyable experience out of this. 2. Sometimes I'm a little off my game and I know I'm not going to play as well if I had a long day at work or something like that. I don't want to risk losing my precious stash when I'm in one of these moods, but I still want to play. This will allow the player to still have an enjoyable experience if they're ever feeling like that. It may not be the "Tarkov" experience if you're not risking losing things, but the gun play in this game is phenomenal and I have just as much fun icing some scavs casually after work sometimes. 3. Testing weapons and tactics. This could be tied in with #1 for the experienced players to really push themselves and their team to the limit in a practice mode. This game is awesome and I love what the devs are doing, but I would really like to see them expand the offline mode. If the matchmaking is properly balanced then it will only help make everyone better and more comfortable with the game and to play with those of a similar skill level. Instead, what is often the case when I read through the forum or speak to some of my friends that have played, they become intimidated after a couple of matches of getting murdered because of the learning curve. It begins to discourage them. I'm all about the hardcore unforgivable nature of the game. It IS still a game though, and some people need to be able to practice the skills it takes to survive in Tarkov without being discouraged. If the devs can do that, then I think that fanbase would grow much easier.
  13. Before i start, sorry for making the same post in the General section, i only noticed this section after i already made that one. I haven't posted here since my big post where i threw my bucket and shovel and left the sandbox. I kept true to my word and uninstalled the client and game and haven't played since. But i have been watching videos (mostly ShoSho) and kept having the wish that i will one day play a fully functioning, no nonsense version of this game. And then it hit me. We could, right now. So here's my idea how to make everyone happy. Please keep the PvE and actually expand on it. Ok, hear me out. I think i can speak for a pretty big portion of the game population, when i say that i'm not here for the brutality of the competitive PvP part of the game. I play other PvP games and i hoped this game could be the game i unwind to and just loot, explore and shoot some scavs and have fun with my friends. No amount of arguing is going to change PvP and i think it's pointless for me to even try. But there is PvE and i think it would be a shame to discontinue it, as was rumoured for the near future. Why not make a separate character slot, inventory, just a whole separate thing for PvE? You could make it co-op, so we could play PvE with friends in groups and not have to worry some antisocial stranger will gank us at the nearest bush. You could keep the loot, just as you do in PvP, but it would be separate. You couldn't carry over anything between the inventories, to prevent unfair farming. You could keep the whole economy the same for PvE as is in PvP, you could put in all the quests and everything that is in PvP, just without the problematic P, which is killing this game in my opinion. But that's okay, because we'd be getting rid of that P. Nobody would be at any disadvantage, nobody would be sold short. The people who want to live out bully revenge fantasies in PvP could still go and do their thing. And the rest of us could enjoy the game by ourselves. Maybe even eventually get better and carefully try dipping our toes back into PvP. How about that? I honestly can't think of a single problem with this suggestion. You could even test out ideas in this PvE mode before putting it into the PvP.
  14. ruizsean43

    why would they get rid of PvE ??!?!!

    I don't understand why they would want to get rid of this feature,........its an Amazing tool for players that want to hone their skills without loosing everything!?!?
  15. t3ng

    Scav Mode

    I have a well thought out plan for the scav mode. I'll try to summarize as fast as possible. Players can play as a scav and choose a trader to work for. (maybe lower the Cooldown to 45 minutes) and the player can loot and escape same as usual, however, the traders take some of the items the scav looted, and certain rarities are 100% always taken. For example, if someone drops a top tier m4 rifle or something, the trader will always take the stock rifle and give back the attachments. This is great, because people will be able to build some sort of stock to defend themselves instead of hatchet running. But it won't reward them as gracefully as PMC mode because they're not taking as large of a risk.
  16. MickxalYoutube

    Offline Mode Looting

    I actually don't like the mechanic of looting only on Online mode. I think it would be better to loot in Offline mode too if PvE is enabled of course. It's just too hard in my opinion for closed beta players to play against veterans with shotguns and armor. I also see a lot of new players with hatchets and the only way to farm (grind) is too kill scavs and put their pistols in our Alpha Containers which gets repetitive and boring. Getting armor is so hard that it's only obtainable if you kill a high level player with it and get to the extraction point (if you're lucky enough). It took me 2 hours to make 20K rupples which can only be used to buy certain items. Game has a lot of improvements to do to make the community stay hooked to the game otherwise they'll play for a couple hours and get bored.
  17. Hi guys, I suggest to dev, to think about create a system of custom game that can give the possibility of gamer to create session with friend & play only together in PVE or PVP versus another team. That can offer the possibility of team to play together, train together, & play all in the same game just for fun or create competitive mod in TEAM V TEAM. Give me ur feedback. I think that can be possible, and very fun for all. Sorry for my English. See u soon. Yuri.
  18. anttaresnova

    Pve mode

    I higly sugest a pve only mode with enhanced ia so the players who enjoy the aspect of the game of engagin the ia looting crafting them weapons and having fun with them mates without runing into snipers or other gorups of players can have theyr own litl playgrown to have fun , also this could help the ingame economy being a resource of guns amo sights and other equipment that later on in the game could be sold to other players.
  19. Moin. Ich bin mir Zwar Fast Schon sicher das mich die Antwort Enteuchen Wird aber ich gehe einmal mit Optimismus an die sache heran doch bevor ich zum eigentlichen thema komme muss ich ein bis 2 dinge anmerken. (btw entschuldigt die rechtschreibung. ich bin seit 19 stunden wach und versuch das hier über ein miniatur hendy zu tippen.) Wie dem auch sei. Ich selber liebe es ein scharfschütze zu sein,und damit meine ich nicht die "MLG Bla Bla bla " Variante die wir aus cod ect kennen. ich liwbe es stunden lang in einer ecke zu sitzen und auf mein ziel zu warten nur um dan den perfeckten schus zu setzen. dieses gefühl hat mir bis jetzt noch kein spiel wirklich vermitteln können. bis auf EFT. ich muss leider auch zuceben das ich bis jetzt nur PVE gespielt habe...und das habe ich geliebt. doch leider wurde ja jetzt die option geld zu farmen wen man offline spielt entfernt. was mich nun interesirt ist volgendes. Weis jemand ob es einen PvE modus im Volendeten spiel geben wird (hust wo ich meine preorder bonuse nicht verlire hust) wo ich nach beliben campen darf und meine "Beute" mit nemen darf. ich persönlich mus sagen das ich offline bis her 20× mehr spaß hatte alls online. ich meine ich verstehe das spieler so enorm geld machen können aber wie wird das dan im final build des ganes aussehen? ich hoffe irgent wer von euch kann mir da weiterhelfen. in diesem sinne Lg D.
  20. KiryuLP


    Hallo zusammen Also ich treffe in denn Woods und Customs auf keine NPCs. Gibt es da keine oder ist es ein bug ?
  21. Hallo Leute, Wiso bekomme ich keinen Loot wenn ich einen Raid im offline beendet habe? Das ist echt scheisse!
  22. Sandower

    PVE with friend

    Will there be possibility to play PVE session with friend/friends? (without other players on the raid - only SCAVs)
  23. maganon63

    Dynamic events

    Hello, I think it would be nice to make players from different factions to cooperate some times and what is the best way to do it ? Dynamic events. Dynamic events is a quite vague term because you can imagine pretty much anything even things that perfectly fit in the game's RP background. For instance, some biohazard squads sent by other countries' governments to clean up some mystery mess around the city and who will shot any player on sight. As those nice guys aren't from Russia, they could have weapons, vehicles, clothes, etc from any country. They could build some dynamic camps or fortify a building to investigate it and in which players can lurk to gather some "exotic" (no Russian) loots by robbing/killing the biohazard squads. They could have some armored vehicles that the players have to take down to gather high tier/rare/unique loots (kind of world boss). I think dynamic events is something that really need to be developed in a MMO Survival game because it makes every game session singular by its content and situations in PvP and PvE. What do you guys think about that ?
  24. I know this game is focusing on PvP, but what about zombie gamemode and few small maps for them? It'd be really cool. If this was mentioned before, then simply delete the post.
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