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Found 2 results

  1. itsConquistador

    Feed back for 12.7

    Hey BEARS and USECS , My name is Coquistador_live my friends call me Conq, I dont know if any if you guys know me , i been playing this game since 2017 , almost daily since day 1 I`ve been trying to support this game the game I love , I want you guys to hear me and tell me your thoughts here in this topic if you may guys say what do you think about the 12.7 patch . For me guys , I started to play this game cause of the idea of Realism plus Rewarding and PVP , Before the hideout and the fleamarket happen , You could play 2-3 days a week ( on your free time You know we have daily lives we work 6 days a week ) , those 2-3 days were enough to enjoy the game and the content the game provides us as Rewarding and PvP , but now I started to feel I have to play daily 5-6 hours just to have some gear and fight and have some money to spend , ( Now its PvE farming and not PvP , I could go back to runescape or WoW ) they have same ideas but PvE works there. My thoughts about patch 12.7 : 1• The stims are ridiculous if you wanna know why you can check this clip as example of the 20% reduce damage 2• Customs was the map for PvP cause LABS are full of cheaters plus shoreline u need 20 minutes to have 1 PVP , but now Customs is the New Reserve. 3• Shoreline boss is cool , AI changes are great too i dont deny that. 4• The game Can`t see this now but as PvP`ers we were making money from PVP now we spend more money on ammo you barely take 1 gun and 1 armor then ur overweight u start taking attachments only , in this way You killing our Economy too you want us to loot and run around Reserve/Shoreline/interchange and now customs too for sure after expansion lots of loot there right ? 5• You added lots of stuff you didnt fix any of the bugs in the inventory that we have to reset the game each 2-3 raids witch is a bit annoying too cause the game needs a year to load too . 6• You added New amazing lovely Boss to farm in shoreline , atleast make new Extraction points in shoreline we dont have to buy 100k stim just to make sure to leave with everything . 7• No stimulation The game added is based on realism plus at least add it to the traders to buy it to try it , give it a good price not just some random dude buying all of the stims cause he play 24/7 and he have no life while we have 2-3 days . This is my feedback guys , I love this game Yes its beta too I get it , We need Battlestates to know that this game is not going as they promised us , its not hardcore now , its play more gain more witch is not fair for 90% of the players in this game cause they have lives outside of this game too!!!!!!! Hope each one of you guys tell me your Feedback about the new 12.7 patch plus what do you think about the game now . Enjoy your week my dudes Peace out.
  2. RCPCL67B


    Hey devs. Excited about the new map "Shoreline" really good stuff. I havent explored anything yet but i stumble on the first village by the broken tunnel. You know where you spawn by the tunnel and take a left and you will find a small village with a tank on it? "Tank Village" SO..I came accros that village. So I was wondering if you can make a small "factory" out of that "Tank Village" Picture will be send. Just a small size pvp of that village would be great. Alot hiding spot. And the sliding stuff is annoying. When I knee on a ridgeline or on the mountain I auto glide down little by little. Is that intended? If not very annoying Cant even aim while sliding
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