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Found 48 results

  1. boxman80

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    BELLUM SEMPER BARBARUS - "War Is Always Savage" Website: www.bsbnetwork.com Steam: http://www.steamcommunity.com/groups/bsbnetwork Who are we? We are [BSB] Network, a well established multi-gaming community that focuses on teamwork, cooperation and also having a laugh whilst we play online with our mates! It's that simple. We take pride in our history (established way back in 2002) and put our emphasis on supporting our community playing online together, whatever their favourite games may be. Our community have over 3000 members that come and go playing different games, but to be fair, actively we regularly see 50+ members regularly. Objectives Our Tarkov campaign is relatively new but already has a good number (currently 6-8) active players regularly playing and working together. Our aim is to increase that number slightly so that we're in a position to provide good numbers actively during peak times of gaming though the week. From there we aim to establish ourselves as an efficient, fearsome and effective force to be reckoned with in game, building on the reputation we've established in other gaming campaigns. We are anticipating Tarkov (and Scum when released!) to form the foundation for a new era in our community, offering platforms for new members to consistently play with their friends and develop their skills, and our group's skills, for years to come! What are we looking for and expect? We're only looking for friendly, 16+ gamers who are looking to play longer-term and be actively involved in our community. As we're in the early stages of establishing this game campaign we'd also be interested in experienced Tarkov players who are looking to help establish and build our Tarkov campaign, so we're particularly interested in players who enjoy streaming, producing tutorials and guides and interested in STAFF roles (helping to organisation and administrating members). All we ask is as members of our community, you follow a few common sense conduct rules. Nothing too outrageous, just the usual stuff really - No cheating, use Discord as much as possible and don't be a toxic dick - that kind of stuff! We offer; Stability - We've been around for more than 16 years now so we're not a fly-by-night, gone tomorrow clan! Activity - Our community is very active with members from all over the world at all times of day! Grades, awards and achievements - We offer all members the chance to unlock awards whilst gaming with us, progress their grade and standing within the community and display all their achievements on their membership profiles. Experience - We may have some new faces on Tarkov, but we've supported many different games within our time! Voice Comms - At the heart of our community is our Discord server, where all our members can mix and have a laugh when online. We insist all members use it as much as possible. True multi-game support - We offer a unique game support "campaigns" system to allow for players to game together across multiple platforms and easily spot other members who have the same games as you, for when you fancy playing something new or different game with your mates without having to hop to a new clan! Regular events and tournaments - We encourage members to take part in mini-events and tournaments as well as providing regular clan-wide events. Competitive gaming - We support competitive gaming on multiple games by having "Gold Teams" represent us in competitive matches. Regular meet up events - We regularly hold meet up events with airsoft, paintball, BBQ's and pi$$ups for those who are interested in that sort of thing! & Much much more! How to join Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to join us (younger members must have an adult/guardian to vouch for them and accompany them!). To get verified and join us as an 'Affiliated Member', visit our website, register and "Apply to Join" from the menu. OR CLICK HERE! Hop on our Discord server of forum if you need any help or have any questions! Website [email protected] www.bsbnetwork.com [email protected] http://www.steamcommunity.com/groups/bsbnetwork
  2. apurbina

    Just Tarkov Factory Things

    Trying to finish my 3 PMC kills for pistol quest a few days after wipe. Ran into 2 fellow noobs on Factory. https://youtu.be/WOe3uALyl1c
  3. mstrex

    PvP ''practice'' mode?

    I think it would be fun if there was the option to have some sort of PvP mode that functions a lot like Free For All in other games, where you launch into a smaller map, something like Factory or Labs etc. and then just fight other players with your loadout. In this mode you wouldn't loot, gain XP or lose anything. It is purely to load in and get into firefights, to learn audio queues and weapon handling etc. Preferrably, you would be able to respawn as well so you don't have to keep re-loading into a new lobby everytime. What do you think about a mode like this? Do you think there would be any benefit to having it or do you think it would actually hurt the game? I'm genuinely curious what other members of the community think about it!
  4. ciutarobert

    [EU] Looking for duo

    European, playing on/off since .11, currently on a daily basis. I'm a couple of quests away from kappa this wipe, only need the guide and some night PMC kills. I have decent enough ping to play on east coast occasionally (beauharnois, seattle around 100-110) I obviously play this game for PvP, and I do not enjoy playing in big groups or hardcore ratting. RobertC#1089
  5. Kris_

    M.I.L.K is recruiting

    Rule One - Never talk about M.I.L.K Rule Two - Never drink the M.I.L.K Rule Three - M.I.L.K is everything and nothing https://discord.gg/kPxbfWb
  6. Клан Fire Angels, клан тег FA. Fire Angels был основан 18 августа 2018 года. Представляем собой закрытое игровое сообщество, в котором царит дружеская атмосфера и, не смотря на иерархию, все на равных. В клане нет РП. Присутствует клановый схрон, регулярные розыгрыши и интересные ивенты, внутриклановый пвп и приятная женская компания. Так - же в клане есть инструкторы, которые помогают новичкам освоиться в игре. Отбор в клан происходит следующим образом : Вступаете в группу в Вконтакте https://vk.com/fireangelsofficial и оставляете заявку и/или подключаетесь к Discord https://discord.gg/dRfEdB9 пишете Офицеру о желании вступить. Требования к новобранцам : адекватность, соблюдение правил клана, 18 +. Правила клана.  Раздел 1. Вступление в клан. 1.1. Вступление в клан осуществляется следующим образом : При подключении на сервер Вам нужно ознакомиться с правилами, отзывами об инструкторах , поощрениями и отчётами по рейдам , затем, в случае Вашей заинтересованности в становлении полноправным бойцом клана, Вы ставите приписку FA перед игровым ником и ником в Discord, так-же нужно подписаться на официальную группу нашего клана 1.2. После выполнения пункта 1.1. правил, Вы должны написать любому инструктору клана о своём желании вступить в наши ряды. Инструктор проведёт инструктаж и сходит с Вами в проверочный рейд, далее по результатам рейда принимается решение главой клана о Вашем зачислении в клан. 1.3. Во время проверочных и тренировочных рейдов строго выполняем команды инструктора, после снятия с Вас роли "проверка", этот пункт теряет силу. 1.4. После каждого проверочного и тренировочного рейда Вы должны написать отчёт по рейдам, от этих отчётов зависит Ваше поощрение и рекомендации в спецподразделения клана. Раздел 2 "Гость". 2.0. Гость имеет право торговли на нашем сервере любыми предметами, за исключением квестовых, так - же может ходить в совместные рейды с бойцами клана в гостевых комнатах, доступ в каналы клана для них закрыт. 2.2. После совместных рейдов с доверенными лицами клана, если они поручились за гостя, гостю выдаётся роль "ДРУЗЬЯ FA", которая даёт расширенный доступ к каналам клана. В следствии, по рекомендации гостя с ролью "ДРУЗЬЯ FA", новичок проходит упрощённый процесс получения роли "боец". Гость с ролью "ДРУЗЬЯ FA" может получить роль бойца, написав главе клана о желании вступить в клан, зачисление в ряды бойцов осуществляется в течении 12 часов с момента получения заявки. 2.3. Гость обязан соблюдать субординацию и быть компетентным в спорных ситуациях с бойцами клана или гостями, в случае открытого конфликта с любым участником сервера, будет выдано предупреждение, в случае рецидивов, обе конфликтующие стороны будут наказаны.
  7. TheRealGod

    Looking for friends

    Been playing the game quite a bit, Im not the best player but i want to have more people to play with. Add me on discord and lets play! Wickzey#8046
  8. mrsquigls

    Improving the Game

    Improvements to tarkov This isn’t the opinion shattering review of EFT, I intend on spending 30 mins to type this up so don’t expect a masters thesis with correct grammar or the lack of personal views. This post features a few highlighted features of EFT that I believe need to be reworked. Make PvP valuable Make starting out in EFT more Friendly Make end game more engaging Side note Make PvP valuable: To incentivize PvP, I believe the dogtag mechanic implemented by BSG was the perfect idea, but fell short in their usage or price. Dogtags have very little value monetarily and have few uses outside of trading them to the therapist for money. I understand more dogtag trades were implemented recently and is a step in the right direction, but at the moment dogtags need to have their value increased. If only for the time being and for the purpose of increasing the value of PvP in the current state of the game, I suggest BSG double the value of dogtags for the player who killed them. This would incentivize PvP, while avoiding the possible exploit of people ninja looting tags or teammates taking teammate tags to deny loot to other team. PvP would become incentivized and kills become player property in a sense (currently they are but would reinforce the keep what you kill loot dividing seen in group play). Make starting out in EFT more Friendly Low level players have it the worst in this game not only because they must learn everything that comes with a new game, but because they stand the most to lose out of everyone. To a veteran, an AKM or TT pistol is worthless, but to a low-level player it may be all they have. Not to mention that they have the smallest secure container in the game, IF they didn’t pay to win for the Edge of Darkness edition that is. Secure containers should be changed, here is why: The point of the secure container is to soften the impact of death, either by allowing you to pull more valuable loot out of a raid or by making it so that you don’t lose everything you went in with. The current system has you start at the smallest container and work to the largest container. However any experienced tarkov player, id say above lvl 40, has no need for a kappa, or a gamma for that matter. The Epsilon has more than enough space to fit valuables. Currently I am very close to getting the kappa container (doing it for the achievement, not for the benefit), but honestly taking even more out of raid in an unlootable container feels wrong. I have plenty of money, I don’t need 4 more spaces to fit high value loot. I am very aware of the risk and reward of tarkov by this point, so rewarding a veteran player with the opportunity to gain more money or risk less doesn’t exactly make sense. If anything, the system should increase the risk for high level players because they are skilled, know the game mechanics, know the value of items, and usually have more than enough money to support themselves. Currently, killing a well-geared player is not profitable by the loot they are carrying. Most of the time, they aren’t carrying any at all. Most of the time, the value of a high-level player is the price that their gear will fetch on the flea market. The change I am proposing attempts to put risk and reward back on the mind of a high-level player. This change might make those chads think twice before running out in the open and dumping mags unsuppressed at some poor player scav wielding only a kedder and some pom juice. This change also means that if a well-equipped player does begin looting areas around the map and finds lots of good loot, they must reengage with the core game mechanic; extract and survive to claim your loot. Currently a high-level player with either the kappa or gamma containers will throw their loot in there and leave with very little besides the dog tags they’ve looted off of PMCs. Heres a proposed solution to how secure container progression should work: At level 1 Big Daddy Prapor(BDP) sends you a message saying “Welcome to Tarkov! To help you get on your feet, here is this container. Ill be loaning it to you for now and taking it back once I know you can handle yourself”. The container is large (Gamma container or something similar), but has more strict rules for what can be put inside (meds and ammo, weight limit, something that will encourage healthy habbits for later) so that everyone doesn’t immediately do ledx or loot runs. Once you hit level 10, daddy prapor takes back his big secure container, but as thanks for your progress gives you a smaller container (epsilon) with less restrictive rules for what you can place inside it and gives you access to the flea market. The container is taken from you, your items within it given back, and your new container sent in the mail. The reason the smaller container has less restrictions on it is because it can inherently hold less and that now you are becoming familiar with the value of items, you can decide yourself what you want inside it. Once you hit 40, you now are stuck with the alpha or something similar in size. Make End-game more engaging: The end game grind in EFT could be seen as a rank achievement or obtaining the kappa container, but as I’ve stated previously the kappa and secure container progression needs a revision. The current state of the game months post-wipe demonstrates a need to change the end-game or rather provide one. Currently, well-geared players seem to only play for kills and use the best armor and ammo. This combination makes it so that only another well equipped, kill mongering player can oppose them with the greatest chance of survival. The low-level players that are just beginning their raids in Tarkov, questing, looting, and attempting to extract with gear are forced to be in the same arena as these high-level players and stand very little chance of winning an engagement with them. Most of the time these low-level players become cannon fodder for the high-level players seeking PvP. The result is a PvP focused player leaving with a few low-level player kills culminating in little PvP enjoyment on their part and a halt to progress for the low level players; a loss for both parties. This duality is part of what makes tarkov exciting and engaging because you never know what kind of players you are put up against, however it should be curated in a way that makes the gap of gear or player capability less two sided and more well-rounded. I understand that the topic of skill based match making has already been covered and will not be implemented in the game, however it’s often not skill of the player that rewards a kill, its usually a gear vs gear situation. It would be a more rewarding experience to have a firefight akin to those depicted in your very own “raid” live action series than those that make up the majority of this game; single bullet encounters. It is here that I propose BSG implement an end-game mechanic that allows those who have completed all their quests to continue challenging themselves. They could add a second mode available past a level barrier that changes all extracts into dogtag extracts or item recovery extracts. For example all exits in every map are changed to either depositing x number or dogtags into a box or find x item in raid and deposit here to extract. The item would be similar to a quest item and cannot be brought in or out. Altering the extract mechanic would favor both the PvP centric and the Looters alike. Side note: Insurance scam of Big Daddy Prapor(BDP) In an attempt to thwart insurance scams with BDP, consider allowing the player to choose between insurance or the secure container, both should not be allowed together. If your gear is more valuable than the loot you anticipate coming out with, then pay for insurance and extract with any loot. If you anticipate focusing on loot, then extract with your gear if you want to keep it.
  9. Hallo zusammen! Um der Problematik zwischen Cheatern, Hatchlings, pistolings, PMCs Herr zu werden müsste man die Wurzel der Probleme kennen, dies hängt meiner Meinung nach mit dem Geld und der extrem hohen Lernkurve zusammen. Ein Versuch das Problem zu lösen, ohne das Spielerlebnis zu verwässern: Sicherheitsnetz für neue und verarmte Spieler, so dass der Wunsch nach Cheats und Hatchling runs geringer wird, das Spielerlebnis für alle besser wird, nicht als Beleidigung gedacht, da die Anreize in diesem Spiel für diese Taktik im Moment ziemlich stark sind, also ich Verstehe vollkommen, woher diese Spieler kommen: Für Spieler unter Stufe 15 und pleite / arme Spieler (weniger als 1 Mio. Rubel im Vorrat, nur Bargeld): Stellen Sie die maximale Wartezeit für den nächsten Scav-Lauf für diese Personen auf 3 Minuten ein, bis sie wieder finanziell stabil sind oder genug Erfahrung haben. Selbst wenn Sie über Stufe 15 sind, erhalten Sie immer noch die Wartezeit von 3 Minuten, wenn Sie weniger als 1 Millionen Rubel im Lager haben. Scav eignet sich gut für (BSG sollte sie so bewerben): 1. Um Geld zu verdienen und Spaß zu haben, wenn Sie arm sind 2. Um dich aus dem Armutsloch herauszuholen 3. Um die Karten zu lernen 4. Für "Quick Match" 5. Verdiene Geld ohne Risiko, aber trotzdem Spaß, anstatt langweilige Hatchling runs (langweilt auch non-hatchlings) 6. Notwendige Spielzeit, um den Spielfluss und die Spielmechanik zu lernen Um die Anreize zu kanalisieren, die Leute dazu fast schon dazu nötigen als Hatchlings, mit Cheats, RMT zu nutzen stattdessen lieber wesentlich öfter als Scav spielen können und wollen, bis sie sich wieder selbst finanziell über Wasser halten können. PMCs, Anpassung an die oben vorgenommenen Änderungen: PMCs und Scavs sollten den sicheren Container nicht als sichere Beutebox haben, sondern nur für sehr wichtige Ausrüstung, meine Meinung dazu etwas erklärt: 1. Alle Spieler sollten eine faire Chance haben, die selbe Beute zu erreichen, unabhängig vom Spielstil 2. Es ist kein Einzelspieler-Spiel, PMCs mögen einige PvP-Situationen. Wenn Sie es sich finanziell nicht leisten können, ist es vielleicht besser zuerst ma als Scav zu spielen. Hatchlings sind langweilige Gegner für andere PMCs, bitte berücksichtigen Sie auch die Interessen anderer Spieler. 3. Kein Geschwindigkeitswettbewerb um die Beute der roten Schlüsselkarte, leicht ausgerüstet ----> sei zuerst, sei stark ausgerüstet und langsam ---> kann es vom Leichnam der Hasenhüpfer nehmen, so können beide Extreme die gleiche Beute auf ihre eigene Weise verdienen. Mit Geschwindigkeit und Verschleierung und auf der anderen Seite durch Kampf. Minimale Raidzeit für PMCs und SCAVs: PMCs beginnen mit der Zeit 0 im Spiel und haben eine minimale Raidzeit von 20 Minuten. Spieler-SCAVs beginnen 10 Minuten nach Spielbeginn und haben eine minimale Raidzeit von 10 Minuten. Beide dürfen also extrahieren, sobald der Match-Timer 20 Minuten erreicht. Um es für Anfänger zugänglicher zu machen, zählen Änderungen an sicheren Containern und Schlachtzugszeiten nur für Spieler über Stufe 15. Die Regeln machen ein Spiel zu dem, was es ist, da wir uns mit Fremden in einem Spiel in keiner Weise realistisch einigen können, muss das Spieldesign für sich genommen ein gutes Spielerlebnis bewirken. Ein Tabletop-Spiel zum Beispiel ohne Regeln kann nicht funktionieren, nur wenn wir einem intelligent erstellten Regelsatz zustimmen, kann das Spiel funktionieren. Sonst ist es Anarchie oder Krieg. Spieldesign ---> Spielregelsatz ---> Spielerfahrung Dinge, die ich im aktuellen Spieldesign als Fehler betrachte: 1. Sterben bedeutet für Anfänger und arme Leute, die extrem bestraft werden, alle Ausrüstung zu verlieren. Dies führt dazu, dass ein hoher Anreiz besteht, Hatchling runs zu machen und Cheats zu nutzen (ich werfe sie hier nicht in einen Topf, sondern sage nur, dass der Grund dafür ungefähr der gleiche ist) 2. Kein Sicherheitsnetz für Spieler, einmal im Abwärtszyklus, im Teufelszyklus, ist es schwierig, daraus wieder herauszukommen, ---> hoher Anreiz für Hatchlings oder Cheaten, um aus der Armut herauszukommen. 3. Extraktionspunkte sind auf einigen Karten künstliche Engpässe, machen Plünderungen und PvP-Kämpfe weniger lohnend und erfreulich, wenn es wirtschaftlich sinnvoller ist, am Extraktionspunkt zu bleiben und sich wie bei DHL-Express beliefern zu lassen. Eine Menge Text und es gibt noch viel mehr über dieses komplexe Themennetz zu reden, aber den Rest für später.
  10. MrVanpedy

    LFG/Trying to get about 10 people together

    Im looking to get a discord together for EFT, nothing huge maybe around 10-12 people that can create groups with whoever is on at the moment. Im still a newer player and only know customs and factory. If you're looking to knock out some tasks and help each other to learn the game then feel free to add me on discord @ MrVanpedy#6252 . Im accepting all players (beginners-vets) for now until we get a decent group put together. Mature players only, im 22 but would prefer if nobody was under the age of 18. Here is the discord I will be using for the group, feel free to join and dm me for an invite. https://discord.gg/ZawDbw
  11. LVL 21. I know shoreline, customs, interchange fairly well and somewhat factory. Really trying to get disgusting at the gunfights in this game. Need someone up for the challenge and that learns from when they die. Also not looking for people that think sitting in a bush for 20 minutes is a viable strategy lmao let's game dudes InvertedGamer#0645 Also...not trying to join your "tarkov gaming community"...thanks
  12. Just curious as to what people's thoughts are on this.
  13. xXDaKoTaGrAyXx

    Scav Killing Scav

    They need to punish scavs for killing other scav players. It doesnt have to be anything severe just make it like an hour ban for each scav player killed. It makes the game beyond unenjoyable when you literally get camped and you see the name of the person that killed you is none other than a "so called" fellow scav....
  14. Controlics

    Merciless Discord (Community)

    Everything below shows who we are and what we do. All players are welcome. - Full Kit Raids -Scav Runs -Rags To Riches -Hatchet Runs -New Player Support -Hardcore players as well as new players This is an open invitation to all players. If you are new or experienced, all our welcome. In this discord we teach, play, and destroy. Looking for players who enjoy playing EFT. Almost all members are experienced tarkov players who are always up to raid. If you're looking to learn, or just have a good group of guys to play with don't hesitate join our discord. Some players are very hardcore and are very pvp oriented, if that's you then join. If you are more relaxed and are just learning, join. NO one is treated differently because of skill, race, or anything about your personal self. Below i will post the discord that you can join and utilize freely. If you decide to join, read the terms and rules and accept them to gain access to the discord. Losing sucks, how about you join people who win. Please use this link to gain access to the discord, https://discord.gg/8tRr89P
  15. As the title says, I am an Advocate for ending Scav on Scav violence. I surely know there are others out there that would agree on me with this, but would it not be better to trust someone and forge a temporary team to work together for loot rather than kill them and eventually get killed later on down the road? As we saw in the original trailer for Tarkov, a BEAR and USEC had worked together against a common enemy, the scavs. I think us as players should also decide to put a bit of trust into each other and start to work together against a common enemy to therefore earn more loot and experience. I have done experiments like this in the past on games such as The Division; in the dark zone, I have been spared and also decided to spare others myself to work against people who aren't as like minded, or AI enemies to earn more loot and extract it. My solution to this is simple. We as a playerbase could trust each other a little bit more, or a system is put in place for Scavs who shoot other Scavs on sight. Perhaps a tag that makes other scavs engage them first. I don't know, just an idea. Another reason we should work together, or something more encouraging are the new Scav and PMC extracts that reward the player for trusting someone they have never met before. Let me know what you think below!
  16. pheonixcarnage

    JAG's Pug event is live.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, JAG Is hosting our second PUG (Player Unranked Games). This will pit two teams of four in a vicious fight to the death. We opened our registration on July 1st, or Canada day for all you non-Canadians. You will be pitted against another team in a sectioned off area of a map, guarded by enforcers. If you are successful in destroying the enemy, you will progress to the next round. So, go round up your three best comrades and equip them for glorious battle. You and your team will need to join the JAG discord (discord.gg/jagster) and register in #pug-event. Think of a team name, whether that is 'Insert team name' or 'Second team name'. We opened for registration on the first of July on a first come, first serve basis. We can only run with 16 teams, so grab your gear quick! We are limiting a few items of gear, such as no thermal scopes and you may not wear the same as enforcers (Don't worry, they likely won't be wearing the gear you want to run). Grenades and perfectly fine and we expect to see someone chucking frags like no tomorrow! Now for what you've been waiting for: The Prizes. We are awarding plenty of in-game loot (Plus those off your dead enemies), some Steam keys and some serious bragging rights! Come fight for gear and glory! Thank you for your time https://discord.gg/fxthc6P Disclaimer - if this is wrong place to post this event, let me know! Cheers and good luck yall !
  17. FPSTristen

    Player scavs

    So...The idea of allowing a player to go in as a non-pmc and gain gear without losing anything is awesome, but...if a player SCAV attacks another player SCAV, why do all the other scavs come and shoot you when you kill him? I don't know how many times I have died because I defended myself from other players. I personally find it annoying, am I stupid/really salty? or do others feel the same?
  18. https://youtu.be/zA0IPCTLnhM
  19. Good morning ya’ll. This is just a general reminder that the registration for the 4v4 tournament will be ending tomorrow at midnight. If you are interested in participating/representing your community this is your final chance (until the next time we run this). In order to participate, y'all need to join our discord, and tag yourself and your teammates, and your team will be added to the roster. Once the registration ends, the schedule will be posted, and teams in order of registration will be choose their slots. The first bracket will be played on the 20th-21st. If we get 16 teams, they will a total of 8 matches played, 4 on each day. The winning teams will move on to the next weekend, where the quarter finals will be played on Saturday, and the semi-finals and finals will be played on the Sunday (so the 27th and 28th). This is our first time hosting this type of event, so we are still working on prizes, but right now, if your team wins, your team name/community will be posted in a channel to remind everyone who won the JAG team death-match. Ingame loot and steam keys are being considered, more info to follow. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me or post here. Good luck and happy hunting. https://discord.gg/mykRWaE
  20. Nate2247

    New PvP Mode

    Obviously this shouldn’t be implemented until much much later, but I have an idea for a new game mode. 20 people join matchmaking, and are split into 2 teams of 10. A short 5 minute “prep” phase occoures, where each team plans a strategy and up their PMCs’ gear. Then, both teams spawn on opposite sides of a map (around the size of Customs). There is no loot, and there are no scavs. It’s just the two teams fighting against each other until all the enemy PMC’s are dead. There is no extracting unless a certain amount of time has passed or the opposing team is all dead. The surviving winners get to loot the losers.
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  22. azsamurai

    FPS Drop near another player

    So i’ve noticed that anytime i’ve near another player (not npc) or gun fire starts. my frame rate drops to an unplayable level while in Raid mode. It seems that in Scav, i dont have as many issues, still some but no where near the massive frame drop that i get in Raid. Is this my system isnt up “beefey” enough or simply the game is still in beta and not optimized? my system: MSI 350 board MSI 580 w/ 8GB VRAM 8GB of normal ram Ryzen 5 1600
  23. fankk

    EFT and PVP

    Howdy. I've got some stuff I want to say, so I'm going to vent it here in hopes of opening either meaningful discussion or peoples eyes. Currently, we're all participating in a closed beta for a game which is not even remotely close to being released. I played in the alpha and the beta and I've noticed a huge change from then to now: The PVP. The PVP isn't non-existent, but every player is currently clinging to their AKs and M4s like they're going out of stock (which, with how peacekeeper is currently going, I can understand the M4 bit!) The point I'm getting at is there is no MEANINGFUL PVP. There is no satisfaction in killing a player with a pistol. It's a pistol. There is no satisfaction in killing a hatchet runner. No one rightly cares for it. No one brings Fort or Helmets because of how rare they are (even though their purpose is to be used, not trophies.) In my genuine opinion, I think people need to stop clinging to their gear. ESPECIALLY in the closed beta phase, as there are going to be plenty of wipes which take your gear from you anyways. The game is all about the shifting of your gear among a PvPvE environment. You loot, you kill, you (eventually) will do trader missions. Your whole purpose is to gain in your stash, by using items in your own stash. A lot of us who actually do use gear are getting fed up with going against people who simply drop with pistols and shotguns. And whilst I fully understand that that is all some people have to their, we all know the bulk of the population has a rifle they're holding onto and simply won't use. I'm tired of seeing level 30 hatchet runners, or level 40s rocking makarovs. Part of this is on us (the player base), and part of this is on the current balance of the game. TL;DR, Risk / Reward is next to non-existent I'd like to see some insightful opinions / chat. I do love this game dearly, as I'm sure the bulk of the community does. The development team have done a fantastic job with it. I understand its still a WIP fully, I'd just like to see some more involvement with the player base.
  24. Jolt

    So i have this idea....

    -So i noticed a lot of people complaining about scav on scav violence. Of course there are lots of members with great suggestions like Klean, Deadly, Kotton, etc, but what if a 3rd faction arose and it was like a mercenary or survivor/civilian. -Give SCAVs a reward system based on PMC kills and it's negatively effected by killing other scavs to promote team work. Basically the higher your PMC kills the better the random loot you start with. -Then if you want to play risk free off your PMC they also have the 3rd option of a character with no allegiance. I think they should be much like how the scavs are now with random loot spawn on them and no reason to serve anyone but the PMC who controls them. Basically you can look at it as someone the PMC highered to fetch them something, they could be considered couriers or runners. -My favorite part of this idea is to set up a system where you can order any item for a hefty price, after a time those items will be found by your couriers and then you have a limited time to try and manually control them out of a raid with those ordered items. So it's high risk high reward but if you die you lose all that great stuff and all that money you put into it. I think it's fair because you are at a massive disadvantage with SCAVs and PMCs wanting to hunt you down because they know you have good stuff. A distinct look should be made for these couriers, like having a red flag flying from their back packs or something of that sort. -Thanks for reading this out i really appreciate it! Plz give me your constructive ideas and who knows, maybe we could see some of this implemented in the game!
  25. Provoked

    YouTube test.

    1v4 shoreline Just thought I'd upload my first attempt at a YT video. Mainly for my own purpose of having it recorded but thought I'd share for opinions on what to improve in editing. PS. not claiming the clip is anything special. Just took the best clip I had laying around.
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