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  1. azsamurai

    FPS Drop near another player

    So i’ve noticed that anytime i’ve near another player (not npc) or gun fire starts. my frame rate drops to an unplayable level while in Raid mode. It seems that in Scav, i dont have as many issues, still some but no where near the massive frame drop that i get in Raid. Is this my system isnt up “beefey” enough or simply the game is still in beta and not optimized? my system: MSI 350 board MSI 580 w/ 8GB VRAM 8GB of normal ram Ryzen 5 1600
  2. Группировка AntiRatCompany Дискорд: https://discord.gg/6uauP7H4 Средний возраст 18+ Играем в основном на серверах EU - RU. Наше комьюнити очень дружелюбное и рада новым игрокам. Коротко о нашем геймплее - мы не любители играть "как камни" и сидеть в кустах до 10 минуты. Научим играть агрессивно и не бояться замесов и любого шороха. В данной группировке приветствуются шутки, подколы, пост-ирония и ненормативная лексика. В приоритете набираем не больше 20 человек для комфортной игры. Если тебе интересно залетай к нам в Дискорд поболтаем.
  3. Kris_

    M.I.L.K is recruiting

    Rule One - Never talk about M.I.L.K Rule Two - Never drink the M.I.L.K Rule Three - M.I.L.K is everything and nothing https://discord.gg/kPxbfWb
  4. boxman80

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    BELLUM SEMPER BARBARUS - "War Is Always Savage" Website: www.bsbnetwork.com Steam: http://www.steamcommunity.com/groups/bsbnetwork Who are we? We are [BSB] Network, a well established multi-gaming community that focuses on teamwork, cooperation and also having a laugh whilst we play online with our mates! It's that simple. We take pride in our history (established way back in 2002) and put our emphasis on supporting our community playing online together, whatever their favourite games may be. Our community have over 3000 members that come and go playing different games, but
  5. apurbina

    Just Tarkov Factory Things

    Trying to finish my 3 PMC kills for pistol quest a few days after wipe. Ran into 2 fellow noobs on Factory. https://youtu.be/WOe3uALyl1c
  6. mstrex

    PvP ''practice'' mode?

    I think it would be fun if there was the option to have some sort of PvP mode that functions a lot like Free For All in other games, where you launch into a smaller map, something like Factory or Labs etc. and then just fight other players with your loadout. In this mode you wouldn't loot, gain XP or lose anything. It is purely to load in and get into firefights, to learn audio queues and weapon handling etc. Preferrably, you would be able to respawn as well so you don't have to keep re-loading into a new lobby everytime. What do you think about a mode like this? Do you think there wou
  7. ciutarobert

    [EU] Looking for duo

    European, playing on/off since .11, currently on a daily basis. I'm a couple of quests away from kappa this wipe, only need the guide and some night PMC kills. I have decent enough ping to play on east coast occasionally (beauharnois, seattle around 100-110) I obviously play this game for PvP, and I do not enjoy playing in big groups or hardcore ratting. RobertC#1089
  8. Клан Fire Angels, клан тег FA. Fire Angels был основан 18 августа 2018 года. Представляем собой закрытое игровое сообщество, в котором царит дружеская атмосфера и, не смотря на иерархию, все на равных. В клане нет РП. Присутствует клановый схрон, регулярные розыгрыши и интересные ивенты, внутриклановый пвп и приятная женская компания. Так - же в клане есть инструкторы, которые помогают новичкам освоиться в игре. Отбор в клан происходит следующим образом : Вступаете в группу в Вконтакте https://vk.com/fireangelsofficial и оставляете заявку и/или подключаетесь к Discord https:/
  9. TheRealGod

    Looking for friends

    Been playing the game quite a bit, Im not the best player but i want to have more people to play with. Add me on discord and lets play! Wickzey#8046
  10. mrsquigls

    Improving the Game

    Improvements to tarkov This isn’t the opinion shattering review of EFT, I intend on spending 30 mins to type this up so don’t expect a masters thesis with correct grammar or the lack of personal views. This post features a few highlighted features of EFT that I believe need to be reworked. Make PvP valuable Make starting out in EFT more Friendly Make end game more engaging Side note Make PvP valuable: To incentivize PvP, I believe the dogtag mechanic implemented by BSG was the perfect idea, but fell short in their usage or price. Dogtags have very litt
  11. Hallo zusammen! Um der Problematik zwischen Cheatern, Hatchlings, pistolings, PMCs Herr zu werden müsste man die Wurzel der Probleme kennen, dies hängt meiner Meinung nach mit dem Geld und der extrem hohen Lernkurve zusammen. Ein Versuch das Problem zu lösen, ohne das Spielerlebnis zu verwässern: Sicherheitsnetz für neue und verarmte Spieler, so dass der Wunsch nach Cheats und Hatchling runs geringer wird, das Spielerlebnis für alle besser wird, nicht als Beleidigung gedacht, da die Anreize in diesem Spiel für diese Taktik im Moment ziemlich stark sind, also ich Verstehe vollkom
  12. Im looking to get a discord together for EFT, nothing huge maybe around 10-12 people that can create groups with whoever is on at the moment. Im still a newer player and only know customs and factory. If you're looking to knock out some tasks and help each other to learn the game then feel free to add me on discord @ MrVanpedy#6252 . Im accepting all players (beginners-vets) for now until we get a decent group put together. Mature players only, im 22 but would prefer if nobody was under the age of 18. Here is the discord I will be using for the group, feel free to join and dm me for an inv
  13. LVL 21. I know shoreline, customs, interchange fairly well and somewhat factory. Really trying to get disgusting at the gunfights in this game. Need someone up for the challenge and that learns from when they die. Also not looking for people that think sitting in a bush for 20 minutes is a viable strategy lmao let's game dudes InvertedGamer#0645 Also...not trying to join your "tarkov gaming community"...thanks
  14. Just curious as to what people's thoughts are on this.
  15. xXDaKoTaGrAyXx

    Scav Killing Scav

    They need to punish scavs for killing other scav players. It doesnt have to be anything severe just make it like an hour ban for each scav player killed. It makes the game beyond unenjoyable when you literally get camped and you see the name of the person that killed you is none other than a "so called" fellow scav....
  16. Controlics

    Merciless Discord (Community)

    Everything below shows who we are and what we do. All players are welcome. - Full Kit Raids -Scav Runs -Rags To Riches -Hatchet Runs -New Player Support -Hardcore players as well as new players This is an open invitation to all players. If you are new or experienced, all our welcome. In this discord we teach, play, and destroy. Looking for players who enjoy playing EFT. Almost all members are experienced tarkov players who are always up to raid. If you're looking to learn, or just have a good group of guys to play with don't hesitate join our discord. Some p
  17. As the title says, I am an Advocate for ending Scav on Scav violence. I surely know there are others out there that would agree on me with this, but would it not be better to trust someone and forge a temporary team to work together for loot rather than kill them and eventually get killed later on down the road? As we saw in the original trailer for Tarkov, a BEAR and USEC had worked together against a common enemy, the scavs. I think us as players should also decide to put a bit of trust into each other and start to work together against a common enemy to therefore earn more loot and ex
  18. pheonixcarnage

    JAG's Pug event is live.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, JAG Is hosting our second PUG (Player Unranked Games). This will pit two teams of four in a vicious fight to the death. We opened our registration on July 1st, or Canada day for all you non-Canadians. You will be pitted against another team in a sectioned off area of a map, guarded by enforcers. If you are successful in destroying the enemy, you will progress to the next round. So, go round up your three best comrades and equip them for glorious battle. You and your team will need to join the JAG discord (discord.gg/jagster) and register in #pug-event. Think of a te
  19. FPSTristen

    Player scavs

    So...The idea of allowing a player to go in as a non-pmc and gain gear without losing anything is awesome, but...if a player SCAV attacks another player SCAV, why do all the other scavs come and shoot you when you kill him? I don't know how many times I have died because I defended myself from other players. I personally find it annoying, am I stupid/really salty? or do others feel the same?
  20. https://youtu.be/zA0IPCTLnhM
  21. Good morning ya’ll. This is just a general reminder that the registration for the 4v4 tournament will be ending tomorrow at midnight. If you are interested in participating/representing your community this is your final chance (until the next time we run this). In order to participate, y'all need to join our discord, and tag yourself and your teammates, and your team will be added to the roster. Once the registration ends, the schedule will be posted, and teams in order of registration will be choose their slots. The first bracket will be played on the 20th-21st. If we get 16 teams
  22. Nate2247

    New PvP Mode

    Obviously this shouldn’t be implemented until much much later, but I have an idea for a new game mode. 20 people join matchmaking, and are split into 2 teams of 10. A short 5 minute “prep” phase occoures, where each team plans a strategy and up their PMCs’ gear. Then, both teams spawn on opposite sides of a map (around the size of Customs). There is no loot, and there are no scavs. It’s just the two teams fighting against each other until all the enemy PMC’s are dead. There is no extracting unless a certain amount of time has passed or the opposing team is all dead. The surviving winners
  23. Hey du! Schön, dass du auf unseren Thread gestoßen bist. Du suchst eine Organisation oder Mitspieler? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig! Revise Gaming bietet dir eine große Vielfalt an Gaming, ob Multigaming, Professionelles Gaming (eSport) oder auch mal das ein oder andere Feierabend Spielchen! Du bist E-Sport begeistert oder spielst selber? Zusätzlich haben wir hierfür eine optimale Plattform, um auch semi-professionelle Teams und andere E-Sport ambitionierte Gamer zu finden! Besonders gute Spieler werden von der Organisation akt
  24. fankk

    EFT and PVP

    Howdy. I've got some stuff I want to say, so I'm going to vent it here in hopes of opening either meaningful discussion or peoples eyes. Currently, we're all participating in a closed beta for a game which is not even remotely close to being released. I played in the alpha and the beta and I've noticed a huge change from then to now: The PVP. The PVP isn't non-existent, but every player is currently clinging to their AKs and M4s like they're going out of stock (which, with how peacekeeper is currently going, I can understand the M4 bit!) The point I'm getting at is
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