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  1. GowaSky

    "Locking" items in stash

    "Locking" feature for items in stash would be really nice and it would improve QOL. When you automatically sort items for an example containers move close to bottom of stash. If you could "lock" items like containers, it would make stash way more organised for personal preferences. You wouldn't always have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the stash to get to your containers which would make using stash way more faster and also easier. Thank you.
  2. Title says it all, maybe add a sort function to the table as well
  3. Add the ability to select the tactical mode on tac device and to select fire mode off raid, maybe in the inspection tab of the object for instance ? Would be useful on quick raids beginnings (factory..), where you need to be operational asap.
  4. Add a little search field for crafts in the hideout modules, to save time on scrolling.
  5. Add the ability to save post FX presets, and thus be able to easely switch between them in one click
  6. Hi! I was thinking about adding the option for quick-use the middle mouse button. The middle mouse button is currently used for: - examine - folding/unfolding I don't see a problem adding the "use" option. e.g.: Hover over Meds/Drinks/Food in inventory and click middle mouse button. You don't need to rightclick and then click "use". In my opinion this would be a small addition but a quality of life improvement... Tell me what you think about this idea... regards D3
  7. All in title, those simple keybinds would avoid us quite a bit of scrolling..!
  8. Hi! While playing with the weapon preset creator I found that it is difficult to know which parts are expensive and which aren't without having to exit the creator and check the price manually. What would be nice is if there was a price tag over each part in the opened combo box. I realize that it might have some performance related issues due to loading times but even if it was an avg. day price that would be nice. An option to tick box to turn it on or off would also work well. I know there is a find parts button that lists all the parts and their prices, but for a new player it makes it really difficult to make a good and cheap preset without spending too much time checking. I know that tarkov is a hardcore game with a steep learning curve but lack of that kind of feature is more annoying than anything else. It would be great to see something like that get implemented as a quality of life change. Another thing that i found annoying is the order of parts changing when picking a new one. I would like for them to stay in their place and maybe blackout the one that is currently on the gun. It would be also nice if there was an option to arrenge the parts by their price/name/type etc.
  9. Tannheuser

    QOL "Find parts" in presets

    Quality of life upgrade when going to "Find parts" when working in presets: Issue: In this example I have deselected one or more parts in the list, because I already have the gun for example. When I press "Purchase all" the game says I can't because one or more parts was already purchased by someone else. At this point the list resets and ALL PARTS in the list are selected again, and in order to attempt "Purchase all" I have to go through the list and deselect the items I don't want to buy. Repeat process until purchase is successful. Fix: In the "Find parts" list, remember which items were selected when pressing "Purchase all" in order to reduce risk of player insanity Also, on a slightly different note, it would be nice to be able to type/select how many sets of parts you want to buy, if you are building more than one gun. Cheers
  10. 3 suggestions to really streamline the game imo: 1) Allow for inventory management/menus/traders during loading screen 2) Whole character premade just like the weapon premade but for armor/helmet/headphones/etc... 3) Allow us to see the quantity of the items needed for a craft along with crafting time, while a craft is underway. Currently we are unable to see how many of an item needed to set up for another craft, we have to wait till the current craft is finished before checking. Again nothing too crazy just things imo that would make the game much more streamlined and help with the downtime. Currently the loading screen is just a time to tab out and watch a youtube video or something, when that time can be used to organize, create the next raid gear, selling/trading/buying items. As far as the character premade I think that would DRASTICALLY improve downtime no more 15 minutes to get into a raid to wait another 8 minutes in loading screen. I really think I speak for a vast majority of the community in this regard.
  11. As the title suggests, the ability to set the preset menu to only display mods you can currently buy from your traders.
  12. YruDumb

    Wishlist categorization

    I've been using the flea's wishlist for quite a while now and I would like to have it categorized just like the browse menu in the flea market. I think that it would be much more easy to find a certain item in my wishlist.
  13. KemVolt

    Stash management

    Once you get to higher capacity stashes, I've noticed its a bit of a hassle to move items. They always appear in the first slot they can fit in so after redeeming items from mail/quests/scav crates you tend to have a bunch of stuff where you don't want it. It would be really nice if there was something added to the stash like click and drag selection or shift click multiple items to select and move a large group of items without having to individually grab one, scroll down, scroll up, grab the next, and so on.
  14. coruscate

    Inventory Quality of Live updates

    This is a multi facetted issue for me. A lot of time I spend in the game is to organise my Inventory even though I am in the late game and have all the appropiate container for my stuff (Item case full of weapon attachments, multiple holodilnicks (one for Food and one for Moonshine / Sugar), weapon cases, money cases etc) it for one would be a really nice (and relatively easy) feature to enable a sort of checkbox system auto sorting items on "ctrl + left click" to go to their appointed container, such as all items of Type "Money" go in the money case that is marked for it, all ammunation into the ammo box etc. This would also get rid of the pesky issue with people selling stupid amounts of items as a pack that you cant buy regardless of how hard you try (larger than your inventory space) as now, it could be directly transferred into the ammocases or the appropiate container and therefore give a solution to the first 3 offers being advertisment for twitch channel. Another big issue I face each and every day is the conundrum of the auto sort feature, it in itself is a REALLY nice feature, it just lacks refinement. I believe most people are hesistent to auto sort their inventory as it leaves the bigcontainners such as the thicc case and weapon cases etc stranded at the bottom of the stash, without rhyme or reason. this isnt really what people use them for and removes any use from the feature. if you could however declare an area "locked for sort" it could be circumvented and would enable a really nice feature i'd use a plethora each day as the auto sort enables quick overview about the different types of items in the stash (as it puts together ammo and meds etc) and also would make rearranging parts of the inventory so much more pleasant. I hope these suggestions are somewhat in range of the possible and are being heard / taken to heart. I love the game, but the UX is sometimes a bit more on the bad side.
  15. Have the ability to use the pageup/down key to navigate in the stash, this would avoid some painful scrolling. Also, to be able to select items by drag mouse, and thus moving multiple item at a time. Those two little thingys would save a lot of time offraid, which means more time in...
  16. Sargash

    More Navigation Buttons

    Allow things like the page up and page down buttons to be used in places like the stash, or in trader menus, really any menu with a scroll bar. Also allow the use of the mouse thumb buttons Back and Forward to be recognized in the menus, to more quickly navigate between hideout, stash, traders, flea market, also to close out of inventories, or close popup messages. It's just a small QoL change, but it could make a huge difference for navigation, and cut down time between raids, or rummaging around.
  17. skullavengr

    Quest item inventory

    Please add a window that shows your quest item inventory in the insurance or lobby screen so you can see if you're still holding on to a quest item from the previous raid. I'm sure many people have accidentally went on to another raid with quest items that they forgot to turn in and then proceed to die and lose it.
  18. BooseOG

    QoL suggestions

    1) Be able to set items in stash to not be affected by the sort feature- for example you could set it to a money case so it will remain at the location you want it. 2) Be able to put items into hideout that are need to upgrade (like the gpu / bitcoin Once they are in they are commited to that upgrade and cannot be removed. 3) Auto sort stacks cash & ammo ( keeping FIR separate)
  19. I've never faced this problem before but I did today and I found it very frustrating. I realized after playing this game for 3 wipes that you can't load a gun with a mag you find off the ground without putting it in your inventory first. I had a scav run today where my scav had a scav vest, no backpack and an ak74m with a drum mag. I dropped the mag to see if there was any way to put the BT ammo I found but I realized the mistake I made, there was no feasible way for me to put it back in the gun as you have to go through the inventory system and I had no space for it (no 2x2 slot). So for the remainder of the raid I had to run around to find a backpack with my only weapon being a single shot ak-47m. Here are two pictures where my PMC guy doesn't understand how to put the mag that's in front of him which is compatible with the gun he's holding.
  20. Tarkov, I've been kicked from the game, a lot today. at least 3-4 times. It's getting pretty old. Only half of those raids I can get back into them in time before I'm dead, the only time today that I did get back in was when it was pissing rain, thunder and lightening, because No one could hear me running on the spot during that I guess. So, an idea: When you kick someone for High Packet Loss. DON'T UNLOAD the MAP. Because Holy Cow, that always takes 2 minutes for me on average, doesn't matter what Map, I have Tarkov on an SSD (Samsung 860 EVO 2.5in SATA SSD 1TB), I have a Very fast CPU (Intel Core i9 9900KF), an okay GPU (MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Super Gaming X Trio 8GB) and it always takes 2 Minutes. That is 2 minutes too long. If the game Crashed, that'd be Understandable. But if it's a KICK, Don't Unload That, if you're gonna give us the Option to rejoin. Like, it gets me killed, All the time. Because on average it's 2 minutes to load the map, another 1 or 2 minutes to load the rest of the crud that's required to rejoin, and unless I'm in the middle of Nowhere with No One around, No Scavs either, then I Live! A lot of the time! It's great! But if it's either of the two around, Players or Scavs, they always seem to find my lagged out stompy feet. So Tarkov, it'd be Nice if for Players that have been disconnected from the match from anyway, their Player Model to be made to Go Prone if possible, then their current animations paused/canceled before resuming idle animations, so no running on the spot stompy feet that can be heard 3 miles away, 6 if you're wearing comtacs. I dunno, but I feel like that'd be nice overall in general, and it'd be great for people that have shitty internet but good rigs that wanna play Tarkov, but get shat on all the time because they get kicked in a bush they were running through, their character is now addressing the Entire Server their location (even though Bush sounds have been reduced this patch) and they're gonna die. But imagine it now with my supposed changes, instead of a 4 minute wait, knowing that your character is trying to be a bullet attention door, instead it'd be about a 2 minute wait and your character is waiting stealthily in a bush, prone, with the least risk of harm. Just think on that. It's not gonna fix Every Situation, but I think it'd be a Marginal improvement.
  21. I've been playing Escape from Tarkov for some time now and some minor things have really being frustrating me when it comes to the quality of life of the game. Also there are some other general things I would like to suggest and discuss to see if they would be suitable to be seen ingame. Being able to see the PMC Inventory/loadout included in the scav loot transfer screen for direct loot transferal onto your PMC. Allowing barter/hideout items be "Put in" into the selected hideout upgrades instead of them just sitting in your stash and taking up space, same with barter trades perhaps? Consider while having existing equipment on your PMC while in the character/stash screen, allow chest rigs/backpacks/armor be able to be dragged onto the player's body and replaced/swapped with the slot space on the stash (this is only possible if the items can fit within the space, do this for weapons too). Quick sell items in the scav loot transfer screen? (perhaps link this to the hideout scav box) Have a skill or service that merges two or more of the same half used meds, or perhaps make pills individual items within their packaging which can be transferred only between other pill packagings? Please continue making more of the existing stocks foldable when they should be. A screen where you can both buy and sell items to vendors instead of having them as separate tabs, a quality of life upgrade. Currency conversion service? Implement the medical service screen for therapist when visiting the vendor for treatment when missed the opportunity to heal post raid. A request to have a mannequin "container" or something that can hold one primary weapon(on sling) and sidearm while displaying a loadout complete with head and body armor, rigs , vanity accessories, and backpacks etc.
  22. JohnDevelopsUK

    My Game Suggestions

    I love the game and have every faith in BSG's direction. While playing I occasionally think of things that might be cool to add, thought it was time to write them down and offer my feedback; QOL Improvements: Pre Set Equipment -> Id love to be able to save and equipe/purchase a pre set loadout for my PMC as well as the existing gun pre set menu. Magazine Pre Set Ammo Types -> Allow us to set pre sets for ammo in magazines making it quick and easy to load mags with an array of ammo types. Hideout Overview -> allowing you to config each of the hideout areas without moving to each one via the menu or in-person. Maybe with a favorite build item for each to quickly hit a button to repeatedly build items etc. New Features: Hideout Medical Bay Upgrade or DIY Lab Hideout addition -> Make your own street grade stims, less duration, more side effects but cheaper to make. I.E. Home made amphetamines. Taking several stims could have additional side effects (mixing drugs) -> I love in game stims but sometimes it feels like the side effects when taking multiple are not as sevear as they should be verses the benefit they give. It would be cool to take several stims and then start seeing things, like a flash of a pmc/raider for the user under the effect. Maybe even rarely making your team mate look like an enemy for a moment. Hear voices that are not there for example - could be similar to what the cultists do when they poison you? Allow player scavs with friendly scav status to trade with AI/player scavs during the round. Maybe approach said scav, trigger emote to initiate trade, select item on scav you would like and the scav highlights the item(s) on you that they would trade for it (if any). Random scav weapon/ammo caches protected by a group of scavs or raiders. Imagine 4/5 stashes and a couple of weapons boxes that have the potential to spawn in a random location together on appropriate maps that are like mini-bosses/events. Provides more randomisation, difficulty and unknown potential value of any given round. This could go as far as a chance of a broken down vehicle transporting some Scavs that they are now protecting etc. In addition, Im sure this has been said before and may even be on the road map however in the interest of how much I would love to see this in game, an after-round debreif of player movements etc. Interactive replay or map etc. It could also be used to help find and report cheaters/glitchers.
  23. Wouldn't it be fair to get a notification in the bottom right, when unlocking a door, of which key you unlock it with? The character sure knows what key he is using, so I don't think it would ruin the immersion at all. Also, when someone is making a youtube guide, he/she wouldn't have to tell which key is used on what door, as it would appear in the video. What I do not suggest here, is information on what key is required, if the player do not have the key. That information is to be hidden, of course.
  24. SubaruFan

    Quest weapon visual indicator

    Guys, Could you add a visual indicator to a weapon if it is ready for a quest? Let's think about some quests which require a modded weapon. For example: Wet Job Part. 1. You must add a silencer, but not all are suitable. There is no in-game information that the weapon will pass the quest requirement or not. I ended up shooting a few Scavs and then realized that the ADAR I have built has an incorrect suppressor. A checkmark like the one used for quest items would be a good addition to the game. Then, mouse hover could trigger a pop-up with the quest name. Cheers, SubaruFan
  25. I would like to start this off simply by introducing myself. I want to give people who read this some context to me as a person.. as well as a gamer. Let me start this off with the following facts about myself. I have been gaming since pong, through arcade, into consoles, and landing in PC master race. I have gone to numerous schools of varying degrees, for various different degrees, that would categorically fall within game development and planning. A lot of this falling under the conceptual development and think tanking if you will. As I always wanted to see how far game development could be pushed via game and simulation programming through current/future tech advancements. I have also played in my fair share of competitive games, and so on. With this being said. I absolutely LOVE the game. In my younger years, I had always wanted to setup a game that was as realistic as possible, down to even manufacturing your own bullets real time by hand, and having a chance to over pack a round with gunpowder and more. I have been hooked since I first started, and I don't know everything about the game. I won't attempt to even claim I even know a majority of it. I do however, see the exponential potential that lies within the realism and the base of what you have built. I have to congratulate the team on a job already so well done, and very well executed considering what is needed to make this work. The 20 Thoughts of a Bearded Q Ball 1. Something I would love to see possible, is the ability to do real world survival tactics in a bush warfare or even urban warfare situation. A good example of this would be say picking up a rock near your foot and tossing it to hit something away from you as a distraction. This could make for a getaway or a quick ambush. I could see this being VERY interesting if used by players, let alone say... scav players? POSSIBLE even scavs? With it possible to pick up a rock or an item to potentially throw, this could open the ability to say even throw your melee weapon. Which could open the door for potential expansions within the melee sector. Say throwing knives ect. Which again pure concept of course. 2. A base font change. I'd love to see a cleaner to read font used within the game. I find there are times where the names run a little together. This could be based on of course the output device you would be using. That, coupled with settings for the display as well as the game. This would also give a nicer look to the stashes and descriptions as well. Having something a little easier to read, can make sorting/trading a bit easier. Especially for new players still learning items. 3. I'd love to see the experience you get on your scav actually equate to something of value. Currently it has no real use that I can tell, which is a lost opportunity. Could say even 10% if you make it out towards PMC. That, or potentially say experience equates to rubles even. May not be much but, however gives the experience a use until a further system can be adapted for the use of the experience to expand on the scav play. 4. I'd like to see a little more from the scavs as far as unpredictability. Making it a little harder to tell scav AI from scav players. This would be interesting to see coupled with the karma system. Say... if you have bad karma, the "friendly scavs" when you play as a scav be more apt to shooting you. Out of "fear for life" scenario. Anybody who has a bad reputation for killing friends are bound to get shot sooner or later. Also, AI controlled scavs, I could see a "fight or flight" scenario being implemented for the scav AI when aiming at them or looking at them as a fellow scav. Even more so depending on what you current karma may be. Better karma could mean more trust and support from a scav in the vicinity? 5. As we are able to "Turn In" quest items to open up inventory space. The ability to take items that we already posses for current hideout upgrades, and put them in toward the current upgrade to open free space would be really nice. I find myself selling quite a few things needed for upgrades, simply due to the lack of stash space. This would also make it easier for keeping track of what you have left to obtain for said upgrade. Maybe with the possibility of tracking? 6. I know this one may be a long shot however. An update to the database for barter items to show in the description who they barter to. This could help out some newer players, as well as even those moments where you can't remember for the life of you. This could also make it a little easier trying to decide whether or not it's a barter item you may be grinding for a particular trader. 7. Ability to map the middle mouse button for searching and identifying to another key within the actual key binds. I'd rather use one of my side mouse buttons for these tasks, freeing up the middle mouse for other binds. A good example of this? I would change over my current bind for a side mouse button on checking ammo for example. This allows me a little more keyboard control, and not having to spread finger to check, or bind to other keys in general. Comes in VERY handy with a mouse that has multiple side buttons. 8. While I love being able to hold a mouse button and look left and right while running. Realistically a person can turn their head at least 90 degrees to either side WITHOUT moving a shoulder. Being able to see to my right and left a bit more can make those field runs a little more comfortable. I don't know about anyone else. I personally can look behind me fairly easily while running. Which is another thing I wouldn't mind seeing maybe implemented. Being able to (depending on helmet) look back real quick for any creepers or bush wookies. Would be great especially if you happen to look back and see a flash if they have no flash hider. 9. I personally wouldn't mind seeing scope reflectivity due to sun angle. As we do know that scopes due to lenses will reflect life giving away ones position. This would be a rather big game changer for those who use snipers. This would mean they would have to manage how they are carrying themselves within game. As a wrong peek down a scope could mean your position was compromised. 10. I am pretty sure I am not the only one on this. Being able to heal a friendly would be GREAT, and quicker as well. While also bringing a chance of danger due to close proximity. This would relieve having to throw down supplies for a friend, and lessen the amount of objects on the ground going back and forth as well. Decreasing overall usage of resources for the game itself. 11. Instead of letting people in groups who have insured their items grab friendly items and hide them in a bush or hiding spot. Have a specific set of spots to take the items to "deposit them" for maybe even an "early return" and maybe a cost cut or no cost return with insurance still intact. This could create more points of interest on a given map, fix these issues, give solo players a chance at high value targets, and tie into karma systems later as well. This could have a MAJOR expansion rate. (originally someone in the forum named "HermanJnr" brought up the containers. Absolutely great idea for more points of interest, and a little more PvP and risk versus reward. 12. Something else I was thinking about. I'm sure it has been brought up before. As far as when items are returned via insurance. It would be amazing if we had an overall "collection stash" for items that are waiting to be picked up from vendors. A place that holds from all vendors ect for up X amount of days. 13. I did see that some barter items look as though they have a green boarder when it comes to the person you can barter it to, as far as a barter that you may actively complete, or almost complete. I think it would be great to see a little more of that boarder for the different dealers as far as outlining, a little bit of quality of life improvement. Say outlining quest items that are needed at that time for a vendor in say light blue, or another color to signify that it is an ACTIVE quest item. I know there are the little check marks in the corner. However, a color boarder around current say MP-133 shotgun so you know that shotgun is the one you need. (As sometimes 133/153 can look very similar.) Also, this could help with locating the correct items. A good example of this is the white armor and TOZ turn in for skier. Having these two items outlined in blue or another color, would make it a little easier identifying questing items. 14. Something I wouldn't mind seeing in the game sooner rather than later?.. LOCK PICKS! I think it would be interesting to see with a low lock picking skill attempt to pick a lock, all while making noise trying to pick it. I could see this being rather interesting. However, I would also ensure that high value points of interests like marked room, remain pretty much untouchable without a key. The reason for this is to keep as much balance and value to the keys that are used for high value points of interest already. It would also be interesting to see the results of being able to lock a door you close behind yourself. Forcing an incoming player to have no choice BUT to breach the door to get in. This could also open up a few more areas. A good example of this would be say maps that have sheds that have locks on the handles. Being able to pick those locks for say a chance at some decent loot? This could allow for some inner building expansion, as well as interesting additions later. The skill base is already apparently there, and is planned for the future. 15. I wouldn't mind some leader boards! Would be a REALLY great addition. Say for different stats, survival rates, accuracy, kills, ect. This could also help in the fight against any cheaters as their statistics would end up reflecting any "not so natural" gameplay. Not to say that people can not maintain high records. However, it does provide another tool for the location of those who would destroy a beautiful work of art. (smh when you have to download skills) A good example of this would be the cross reference of say accuracy for example. If a player statistically has close to a 100% accuracy. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say they may be cheating. Especially if it is a newer account. 16. Now I am sure this has been mentioned before. When looting a scav or another pmc. It would be great if the alt or ctrl and clicking system would work in reverse as it does for the player. What I mean by this is as follows. You can alt + click say a bag or helmet and equip it to your open slot. However, you can not do this in reverse for player scavs. Same applies with picking up items off the bodies. If you were able to ctrl + click and move items quicker than dragging them back over. Just a quality of life improvement idea. 17. I will admit that I wouldn't mind seeing matchmaking choose groups based upon their level. Now, the reason I say this is for the following. A lot of new players are going to have an extreme learning curve to adapt to. Giving them a raid with say others 1-9 until you hit 10, then moving that bracket to say 10-30, and moving the next bracket to 30+. Something along these lines could help create a much more stable and more enjoyable matchmaking. This would also help new players try and accomplish tasks against others who are in the same boat. Creating a more dynamic and natural fight situation. A fight for a needed resource. The reason I say this is due to the limitations on what level 10 players can buy versus those who have yet to hit that level. Then higher levels with the traders allows for barters and more with a much higher survival rate in raid. 18. I would say as a new player. You should HAVE to go through at LEAST 1 OFFLINE RAID to get used to controls and gun play with the scavs. This could be an opportunity as well to use that first raid as a time to throw up a couple windows with information on controlling your character. This is more to help those who jump into raids then complain about being killed. This would also help get some good information for starters to their eyes as soon as they start. Again, this is more of one of those personal opinions. I personally enjoyed being tossed right into the fray. 19. I did hear something about vaulting, which would be a great thing to have. I can't count how many times I said "Damn outta stam!" or not had enough height to make it over a fence about stomach height. However, I don't recall hearing anything about a bracing system or "mounting" system if you will. What I mean by this is the following. Stabilizing the weapon on a crate, wall corner, window sill, ect. 20. Seeing as the community is extremely active in map creation. I wouldn't mind seeing the old maps traded out for perhaps some of the community made maps. Would definitely bring use to the map system in the game again. I wouldn't mind seeing a map in my inventory I can actively pull out to say mark where I have been ect. This could in turn, turn into intel on where players have been and what they have looted. In the stream, there were mentions of a GPS system possibility? Maybe this could help tie into it for say bigger map like streets later for voice communications and working with others. While I have many many other ideas, as well as things I could see really changing the game in ways the could be ground breaking and never heard of in games that have been put out thus far. While some of the ideas may be great, not all are great in every ones eyes. People still must understand too, this game is based on trying to maintain that sense of realism and immersion. On a side note pertaining to the market. I personally think if it were to be taken out. Fence could be turned essentially into the market. As items sold to him would be sold to others for what they sold it to him for. That, or turning Jaeger into the guy for the job. This could leave room for possible a specific vendor for that as well. Just an idea on it. Feel free to leave feedback, ideas, ect. Just remember, these are just thoughts and ideas from one person's perspective. It only reflects what I THINK not what everyone thinks or what should be law. So don't be that person if you know what I mean. Aside from that? Keep your socks dry and bags full! = This is a repost of the original. I wanted to put it all together as one, and make it easier to read. Rather than reading through comments a plenty. My apologies for any grammatical errors. Doing this on very little sleep, and while engaged in quite a bit at one time.
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