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  1. Have the ability to use the pageup/down key to navigate in the stash, this would avoid some painful scrolling. Also, to be able to select items by drag mouse, and thus moving multiple item at a time. Those two little thingys would save a lot of time offraid, which means more time in...
  2. Sargash

    More Navigation Buttons

    Allow things like the page up and page down buttons to be used in places like the stash, or in trader menus, really any menu with a scroll bar. Also allow the use of the mouse thumb buttons Back and Forward to be recognized in the menus, to more quickly navigate between hideout, stash, traders, flea market, also to close out of inventories, or close popup messages. It's just a small QoL change, but it could make a huge difference for navigation, and cut down time between raids, or rummaging around.
  3. skullavengr

    Quest item inventory

    Please add a window that shows your quest item inventory in the insurance or lobby screen so you can see if you're still holding on to a quest item from the previous raid. I'm sure many people have accidentally went on to another raid with quest items that they forgot to turn in and then proceed to die and lose it.
  4. BooseOG

    QoL suggestions

    1) Be able to set items in stash to not be affected by the sort feature- for example you could set it to a money case so it will remain at the location you want it. 2) Be able to put items into hideout that are need to upgrade (like the gpu / bitcoin Once they are in they are commited to that upgrade and cannot be removed. 3) Auto sort stacks cash & ammo ( keeping FIR separate)
  5. I've never faced this problem before but I did today and I found it very frustrating. I realized after playing this game for 3 wipes that you can't load a gun with a mag you find off the ground without putting it in your inventory first. I had a scav run today where my scav had a scav vest, no backpack and an ak74m with a drum mag. I dropped the mag to see if there was any way to put the BT ammo I found but I realized the mistake I made, there was no feasible way for me to put it back in the gun as you have to go through the inventory system and I had no space for it (no 2x2 slot). So for the
  6. Tarkov, I've been kicked from the game, a lot today. at least 3-4 times. It's getting pretty old. Only half of those raids I can get back into them in time before I'm dead, the only time today that I did get back in was when it was pissing rain, thunder and lightening, because No one could hear me running on the spot during that I guess. So, an idea: When you kick someone for High Packet Loss. DON'T UNLOAD the MAP. Because Holy Cow, that always takes 2 minutes for me on average, doesn't matter what Map, I have Tarkov on an SSD (Samsung 860 EVO 2.5in SATA SSD 1TB), I have a Very fast CPU
  7. I've been playing Escape from Tarkov for some time now and some minor things have really being frustrating me when it comes to the quality of life of the game. Also there are some other general things I would like to suggest and discuss to see if they would be suitable to be seen ingame. Being able to see the PMC Inventory/loadout included in the scav loot transfer screen for direct loot transferal onto your PMC. Allowing barter/hideout items be "Put in" into the selected hideout upgrades instead of them just sitting in your stash and taking up space, same with barter trades perhap
  8. JohnDevelopsUK

    My Game Suggestions

    I love the game and have every faith in BSG's direction. While playing I occasionally think of things that might be cool to add, thought it was time to write them down and offer my feedback; QOL Improvements: Pre Set Equipment -> Id love to be able to save and equipe/purchase a pre set loadout for my PMC as well as the existing gun pre set menu. Magazine Pre Set Ammo Types -> Allow us to set pre sets for ammo in magazines making it quick and easy to load mags with an array of ammo types. Hideout Overview -> allowing you to config each of the hideout areas without moving to e
  9. Wouldn't it be fair to get a notification in the bottom right, when unlocking a door, of which key you unlock it with? The character sure knows what key he is using, so I don't think it would ruin the immersion at all. Also, when someone is making a youtube guide, he/she wouldn't have to tell which key is used on what door, as it would appear in the video. What I do not suggest here, is information on what key is required, if the player do not have the key. That information is to be hidden, of course.
  10. SubaruFan

    Quest weapon visual indicator

    Guys, Could you add a visual indicator to a weapon if it is ready for a quest? Let's think about some quests which require a modded weapon. For example: Wet Job Part. 1. You must add a silencer, but not all are suitable. There is no in-game information that the weapon will pass the quest requirement or not. I ended up shooting a few Scavs and then realized that the ADAR I have built has an incorrect suppressor. A checkmark like the one used for quest items would be a good addition to the game. Then, mouse hover could trigger a pop-up with the quest name. Cheers, SubaruFan
  11. I would like to start this off simply by introducing myself. I want to give people who read this some context to me as a person.. as well as a gamer. Let me start this off with the following facts about myself. I have been gaming since pong, through arcade, into consoles, and landing in PC master race. I have gone to numerous schools of varying degrees, for various different degrees, that would categorically fall within game development and planning. A lot of this falling under the conceptual development and think tanking if you will. As I always wanted to see how far game development could be
  12. Accidentally bumped the escape key and left my low level friend stranded & killed on customs. Escape key shouldn't even activate the leave game button in my opinion... especially when you are teaming with someone an "are you sure you want to leave" prompt is very essential
  13. I wanted to make a mega QoL/UI thread of things that could be improved usability Market 1) “Add offer” covers prices of items https://i.imgur.com/knwDgDE.png 2) When you “Filter by item” search for an item on the market, and then “add offer” you should attempt to sell the similar item in your inventory https://i.imgur.com/0gDOyiC.png 3) When sending a captcha to block bots, send it AFTER the purchase not before. Often an item will be purchased if you get the captcha. 4) I am not sure what the MIN. is when you “add offer” on an item but it never makes se
  14. Itz_MAGp13__

    freelook is trash.

    make the fov more like arma/dayz where you can actually look behind yourself using freelook, and make it so you actually lower your gun when your not aiming. i hate the disgusting cod style 1pp. anyone who has ever held a gun knows that you don't walk around with your gun in your face everywhere you go.
  15. When there is 10 minutes or less left in a raid the timer pops up in the top-right corner and displays the time in red. I think it would be a nice QoL improvement to have a toggle option, perhaps under Game in the Options, that allows a user to have their extractions drop into view as well when the timer appears, but then disappear as normal leaving behind just the timer. Often after 30+ minutes in raid, or if you're a Scav, it might be hard for some to remember all their extractions. It seems like often the timer popping up in red triggers the idea "what are my extractions again?" and saving
  16. This useless prompt is forcing me to zigzag between the PURCHASE and OK buttons when trying to purchase anything popular. I'm going to get a carpal tunnel before I get all my hoses built. Is it too much to ask for this prompt to be dismissible by keyboard? While you're at it, Y/N are pretty terrible hotkeys considering the context. Everyone is clawing the poo out of their mouse trying to hit the the PURCHASE button and Y at the same time. Enter for yes and backspace for no would be more ergonomical and would also work better for lefties. Enter could dismiss the prompt, since there's
  17. Scarlett_Jack

    150 Ping limit too low

    First post to the forum so be gentle. For context I live in South Africa and the closest servers would be European if I'm not mistaken. As far as I understand it the ping limit for manually selecting a server region is 150ms. Would it be possible to raise this limit to 200? Or even 180? My lowest ping seems to be around 160 odd but this defaults me to American servers (according to the launcher). So my suggestion would be to just raise this limit a tiny bit so players in unfortunately distant areas can at least select the lowest possible ping servers. Thanks for the time Jack
  18. This may be one of the nitpickiest suggestions here on this sub, but i digress, i really would like to see some QoL on this subject, because the game is literally unplayable at this state. Here is a SA-58 Australian. This is the weapon variant version, it changes name after you mod it with certain parts. This here is apparently another SA-58 Australian. Except the fact that it is not. This changed name after making a weapon preset with this specific name. What's my nitpick about this? Weapon variants felt special in my opinion, as in after modifying your weapon in
  19. Suggestion for OPTIONAL insurance system to help with "gear fear" and other related issues; Replacement gear delivered in return for a hefty "tax" for all item sales plus a "service fee". For example: - Flat 50% tax on ALL items SOLD, cutting potential profits in half. - 30%-40% service fee (from items price) for item replaced. (- loose access to playing as scav while items are insured / time delay)? + Get replacement gear identical to ones you lost when you died, once the "service fee" has been paid. Why? To help with those of us with tendency towards what many refer to as "ge
  20. I would like to apologize if this post is a little bit all over the place. I have some criticism (of course, I wouldn't be making this post otherwise) and some QoL features I would like to see with the current progress of the ping limits. The current ping limit (as of today, 155ms) is too low for 100% use and the discrepancy between the launcher reported pings and actual pings you get ingame make it worse. I live in Finland and I can select probably 6 US servers but I can actually only play on maybe 2 of them. If a strict limit like this is made in a game like Tarkov, there should be some
  21. If someone's ping is on average going to be too high to stay on the server and will be auto-kicked, then that person should not be allowed to join the server in the first place. If the person is playing solo it should keep matching looking for a server that is within the acceptable latency. If they are in a group across other areas it should also do this. If no acceptable server can be found, then the player should be prompted and returned to the Menu screen after a certain amount of time as well as with a notification saying it was due to being unable to find a server with an adequate connect
  22. I might not have many hours, but it doesn't take many to see that the inventory (specifically the stash) just feels awful to interact with. #1 Selling items out of a container at a Trader's. This has honestly been bugging me from the very beginning. Interacting and bartering with the traders is an integral core part of the game it seems, but for some reason doing so is made incredibly tedious. Why are items unable to be sold out of a container? Even if you take the item you wish to sell out of the container it was in, it still registers as unsellable. You have to back out of the trading
  23. So, I was getting super confused by the insurance a couple of days ago. Since insurance always runs a random amount of time, it's often really hard to understand which insurance returns are coming from which raid. Not all of the Insurance Return messages from the NPCs have both, time AND date of the raid it came from. And older messages only show the date, not the time you received them. So matching the "Here's your stuff back" messages to the correct "I'm looking for your stuff" messages is baseline impossible, and I never know which raid I got my stuff back from and which one is still s
  24. WindXTastesFine

    Hotkeys for containers in Stash

    I think adding a hotkey function for stashes would be awesome, and maybe add it for the current window that's open. For example, you can press T for a items case or something, then press A to open a money case or ammo case (whatever you set the "A" hotkey to) Just a quicker way to access common/important containers without having to scroll down in your stash (and have your stash still tidy)!
  25. xgent3

    Player Scav Names

    When getting killed by a player scav it was very confusing for me when the player's name was not listed. The Scav name was displayed instead and I was incredibly confused for a long time. If we could use player names when playing as a scav, there would be less confusion. This is just a small quality of life suggestion. Perhaps even keep the scav name and have the player name in parentheses. E.g. Anatoly Zaitsev (BoldFacedJoke)
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