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Found 20 results

  1. When there is 10 minutes or less left in a raid the timer pops up in the top-right corner and displays the time in red. I think it would be a nice QoL improvement to have a toggle option, perhaps under Game in the Options, that allows a user to have their extractions drop into view as well when the timer appears, but then disappear as normal leaving behind just the timer. Often after 30+ minutes in raid, or if you're a Scav, it might be hard for some to remember all their extractions. It seems like often the timer popping up in red triggers the idea "what are my extractions again?" and saving the users from having to trigger the extraction drop-down might be a nice QoL improvement. There is a section that's not yet available in beta labeled 'Interface Edit' under Game in Options. Perhaps this would be a feature of that. Depending on other's desire for this enhancement it could potentially come before that more robust configuration menu since seemingly all the components would be in place today and could maybe just be pieced together. I realize I'm making a lot of assumptions here though. It may not be, and often isn't, just "as easy as that". Thanks for your time.
  2. This useless prompt is forcing me to zigzag between the PURCHASE and OK buttons when trying to purchase anything popular. I'm going to get a carpal tunnel before I get all my hoses built. Is it too much to ask for this prompt to be dismissible by keyboard? While you're at it, Y/N are pretty terrible hotkeys considering the context. Everyone is clawing the poo out of their mouse trying to hit the the PURCHASE button and Y at the same time. Enter for yes and backspace for no would be more ergonomical and would also work better for lefties. Enter could dismiss the prompt, since there's nothing to do but click OK.
  3. Scarlett_Jack

    150 Ping limit too low

    First post to the forum so be gentle. For context I live in South Africa and the closest servers would be European if I'm not mistaken. As far as I understand it the ping limit for manually selecting a server region is 150ms. Would it be possible to raise this limit to 200? Or even 180? My lowest ping seems to be around 160 odd but this defaults me to American servers (according to the launcher). So my suggestion would be to just raise this limit a tiny bit so players in unfortunately distant areas can at least select the lowest possible ping servers. Thanks for the time Jack
  4. This may be one of the nitpickiest suggestions here on this sub, but i digress, i really would like to see some QoL on this subject, because the game is literally unplayable at this state. Here is a SA-58 Australian. This is the weapon variant version, it changes name after you mod it with certain parts. This here is apparently another SA-58 Australian. Except the fact that it is not. This changed name after making a weapon preset with this specific name. What's my nitpick about this? Weapon variants felt special in my opinion, as in after modifying your weapon in a very specific way, your weapon would change its name as a cool little detail. The namechange detail is lost with the new weapon presets, as whatever name you choose is put as the new weapon name. Predefined weapon variants dont stand out anymore. How would i fix this? By having the variant text stay the same, but changing where the preset names would occur. Perhaps something like this, although not ideal. It does sound a little dumb making a thread about such a small issue, but this teensy tiny thing was on my mind for some time.
  5. Legolander

    Alternative/Advanced Insurance System

    Suggestion for OPTIONAL insurance system to help with "gear fear" and other related issues; Replacement gear delivered in return for a hefty "tax" for all item sales plus a "service fee". For example: - Flat 50% tax on ALL items SOLD, cutting potential profits in half. - 30%-40% service fee (from items price) for item replaced. (- loose access to playing as scav while items are insured / time delay)? + Get replacement gear identical to ones you lost when you died, once the "service fee" has been paid. Why? To help with those of us with tendency towards what many refer to as "gear fear" aka fear of loosing valuable gear or gear that one has gotten attached into AND help lessen the frustrations related to replacing gear, at a price. Also it helps with a little personal problem of mine. You see, I like to have a certain look for my character, a look that is lost every time I die. Yes, I could buy yet another pair of sunglasses, but that starts to get tedious after a while. That, and feel that I'm obligated to bring the absolute cheapest gear possible with me every single time I play online. The current insurance system is not that great, and knowing that you will get your stuff back is at least for me worth a really hefty price. Yes, I know that there will be point in a game where one has enough money to not worry about price of replacing their gear, but that's not a point most players reach (having a job, hobbies ect...) and even then that's only part of the problem. Look, I'm not asking for you to add a glowing aura on mags we accidentally drop or anything like that. Risk of making that kind of mistakes and loosing your half full mag in the grass is part of the reason many of us got into this game. But I feel that the game currently kicks you while you are down a little too much. Some players do not care about losing all their gear and that's why these kinds of things should be optional (and come at a price) but for one or more reason for some of us that aspect of the game kicks way harder than for others. And before someone offers the advise of "gid gud", I would like to ask how do you "gid gud" against a dude that sprints at soundspeed above the treeline instagibbing everything? poo happens, and as the game says when you first launch it "you will die a lot" but I feel that for scaredy cats like me the game punishes dying a little too hard considering how easy it is to get yourself killed. I'm not asking for a freebie either, the "tax" is there to counter the lessened risk for those that want to use this service. Less potential risk = Less potential rewards. Also the "service fee" is there that there is still some feeling of imminent loss for bringing the most expensive gear possible with you. (wouldn't want that lvl3 noob that looted your fancy stuff having too much fun now would we Not sure if devs read this sort of things but I thought to just put it in here just in case. "Gear fear" is very real and a main reason I hesitated for so long before finally getting into this game, and it's rather deterring for many others it seems.
  6. I would like to apologize if this post is a little bit all over the place. I have some criticism (of course, I wouldn't be making this post otherwise) and some QoL features I would like to see with the current progress of the ping limits. The current ping limit (as of today, 155ms) is too low for 100% use and the discrepancy between the launcher reported pings and actual pings you get ingame make it worse. I live in Finland and I can select probably 6 US servers but I can actually only play on maybe 2 of them. If a strict limit like this is made in a game like Tarkov, there should be some protections for the players too. If I try to load in to a server where already at the map loading screen I'm over the limit, then tell me that I cannot join that server so I don't spawn in just to lose all my gear because I get disconnected every 10 seconds after connection/reconnection. If possible I think a solution regarding the servers is to give both sides what they want. I don't see why it has to be just one or the other. Have a set of servers that will only allow <100 ping and another set of servers that allow <200 as I think that 200ms is a good cutoff point. Give the players the option to choose if they want to play on <100 or <200 servers either by having specific server locations allowing only specific ping or making this an option in the game or launcher settings that allows you to connect to the types of servers you want. Depending on the utilization of this you could adjust it so that 30% of server instances at a given locations are 200ms servers and 70% are sub 100ms servers or any other ratio you find more reflective of the amounts needed. Another issue that might arise with this is that now we will be back on the problem of "infinite matching times". If I can maybe play on 1 or 2 servers with my friends, then we will be waiting in queue for 20-40 minutes again on peak traffic times. I play 95% of my time with my friends because I suck at playing alone and all those friends are US based and I'm from the EU. The current limit has just made the game unplayable for me and my friends too because of the 155ms limit. I am 100% fine with a solution that gives advantage to people with lower pings as long as I can play with my friends. If I cannot play with my friends that means I cannot play and that both saddens and angers me. Tarkov is a very special game and you are making ripples throughout the whole FPS genre with it. I can already see many features that I've first seen only in Tarkov being implemented in other games because those features are just so much better than what we had before. Hell, even Star Citizen copied the changing movement speed with mouse scroll feature and multiple other FPS games in development are clearly copying features from Tarkov that I haven't seen in other games before. The ping counter colors should be changed I think from the current green (good) - yellow (medium) - red (bad, but still maybe okay?) where you don't actually get a visual indication on when you're over the limit to something like green (ok - <80ms) - yellow (medium 81ms - 120ms) - orange (danger 121ms - 155ms or the limit) - red (over the limit). I know you guys are under a lot of pressure from the huge amounts of popularity you have gained in the last year but sometimes you also need to take a moment to breathe and think if the changes you are making are necessary to implement that fast and without more considerations of how it will affect the players and what you can do to make those changes easier to the players. And if you know you are making a change that will have a big effect on players, like the current ping limit, have solutions already available like those intermediate servers that were mentioned in your tweets. I currently feel totally disheartened by the fact that I simply have no reason to play anymore. But I've been with you guys since 2017 and I know you can find a solution that allows me to play with my friends again and the sooner the better. I'm just sad that we are a couple of weeks deep in a new wipe and now it all comes to an abrupt stop for me.
  7. If someone's ping is on average going to be too high to stay on the server and will be auto-kicked, then that person should not be allowed to join the server in the first place. If the person is playing solo it should keep matching looking for a server that is within the acceptable latency. If they are in a group across other areas it should also do this. If no acceptable server can be found, then the player should be prompted and returned to the Menu screen after a certain amount of time as well as with a notification saying it was due to being unable to find a server with an adequate connection. As a personal example, I'm an American living in Japan. Because of that fact, I'm generally restricted to the Asia servers. Originally when I played with my friends or family in America and joined American-side server I could play with a 120-140 ping presumably on West Coast servers. As of late, it's really hit and miss to find any server that I can play with them on currently. However, sometimes I get brought in with a ping that is constantly changing. Something to this effect: 120, 160, 120, 140, 220, 170, 120, 210, ... Now why there is so much variation in the ping I'm not sure, but that's a recent change with the last 2 updates. In any case, there are times where I am connected to a game with one of them and the ping is already over 200. First, I don't wish to play in a game with that high of a ping. And secondly, the game almost always immediately kicks me as I load in and I am unable to load back in without being immediately kicked again. I know I cannot be the only person that wants to play with friends in different locations and not have to worry about just donating all our gear to the server because we were placed in a high latency server above the threshold and automatically kicked.
  8. I might not have many hours, but it doesn't take many to see that the inventory (specifically the stash) just feels awful to interact with. #1 Selling items out of a container at a Trader's. This has honestly been bugging me from the very beginning. Interacting and bartering with the traders is an integral core part of the game it seems, but for some reason doing so is made incredibly tedious. Why are items unable to be sold out of a container? Even if you take the item you wish to sell out of the container it was in, it still registers as unsellable. You have to back out of the trading screen and back in again for the item to become sellable. It's absurd and gets especially annoying when it's large amount of small junk items and kind of goes against the purpose of specific item containers. Changing this would be a huge improvement for future trader interactions. 2# Items exchanging their positions I can understand why an autosorting feature might not be a priority, some people, including me, enjoy the manual sorting aspect of the inventory to optimize item storage. But that's why at the very least moving and sorting items by hand should be made more convenient. For example, dragging a 1x1 item over to another 1x1 item (assuming they can't combine like bullets into a mag) would make them swap places, would speed up manual sorting and avoid the hassle over constantly dragging items from cell to cell for simple actions like swapping an item for another. It could even apply for variable item sizes (1x1 swapping with 3x1) if the sufficient space is available. #3 Selecting and interacting with multiple items Dragging items one by one is tedious. It should be possible to select and drag a group of items. Something like a 1x4 row of 1x1 being selected, and dragged while remaining a 1x4 row whereever it is desired. Furthermore, if two items that aren't in any way adjacent (like a bunch of items sitting in separate corners of the stash) are selected and dragged, they would snap into a formation that would be the most compact (4 separate 1x1 items would snap into a 2x2 formation and so on). If a context action is shared by all the selected items then that action is performed on all the selected items ('Fold' is performed on multiple weapons that are foldable, multiple mags can be unloaded at the same time etc.). It would also be helpful when comparing weapons, as selecting the 'Inspect' action while having two guns selected would open both inspect windows side by side for comparsion. #4 Easier and more convenient ammo, mod and magazine management A huge pain is usually loading up magazines with ammo and then loading said mags into the respective weapons. Lets start with ammo. A huge positive change would be the ability to more easily see what caliber of ammunition one is working with. For weapons, their compatible caliber is displayed on the item itself, but the same is not true for ammunition. Displaying instead a variety of names and classifications that don't help at all. Right now the only way to view a bullet's caliber is by hovering over it and waiting until the tooltip displays the full item name or by inspecting it. With an ammo case full with a variety of bullets this is timeconsuming and awfully tedious. The caliber should be visible just like it is on the weapons. Possibly via a holding/toggling a hotkey. Next up is a change that would not only benefit the above issue but items that have combinable interactions in general (mostly mods and mags with weapons) While dragging a mod, bullet or magazine, holding a specific hotkey will grey out all items the selected one is incompatible with. For Ammo this would highlight the magazines it can be loaded into or seperate stacks of the same ammo that it can be combined with. For Mags and mods this would highlight the compatible weapons they can be used on. There's probably plenty more QoL that can be listed but for now this four are issues that annoy me the most while playing. Of course this would only apply to the stash, not the in-raid inventory.
  9. So, I was getting super confused by the insurance a couple of days ago. Since insurance always runs a random amount of time, it's often really hard to understand which insurance returns are coming from which raid. Not all of the Insurance Return messages from the NPCs have both, time AND date of the raid it came from. And older messages only show the date, not the time you received them. So matching the "Here's your stuff back" messages to the correct "I'm looking for your stuff" messages is baseline impossible, and I never know which raid I got my stuff back from and which one is still searching. So I thought I would really love to see a list of all of my ongoing (and maybe past?) insurances. It does not need to show how much time is remaining. That is irrelevant. Just who I insured it with, which raid it was, and if it's still ongoing or already delivered my stuff back to me. I have made a mock-up interface showing what I mean. What do you guys think?
  10. WindXTastesFine

    Hotkeys for containers in Stash

    I think adding a hotkey function for stashes would be awesome, and maybe add it for the current window that's open. For example, you can press T for a items case or something, then press A to open a money case or ammo case (whatever you set the "A" hotkey to) Just a quicker way to access common/important containers without having to scroll down in your stash (and have your stash still tidy)!
  11. xgent3

    Player Scav Names

    When getting killed by a player scav it was very confusing for me when the player's name was not listed. The Scav name was displayed instead and I was incredibly confused for a long time. If we could use player names when playing as a scav, there would be less confusion. This is just a small quality of life suggestion. Perhaps even keep the scav name and have the player name in parentheses. E.g. Anatoly Zaitsev (BoldFacedJoke)
  12. nanoPhobe

    EFT UX & Optimizations

    Hi It is possible you have planned for this to be included later. I’m also not familiar with exact details / reasons UX feels stupid slow yet. These are my attempt to help, obviously would be cool if I knew more technical details. Little about myself: Been a gamer all my life. Been working as developer many years back for 5 years. Been in tech support for 15 years. I’m the guy that finds anomalies, deep dives what others gave up on. I have no limits or filters, if you have hidden / forgotten something I’ll find it. Strap in, visor down: Launchers, only able to log a call via launcher is bad, not closing my game relaunching another launcher while game runs already allow me to report a bug. All honesty, not a fan of the launchers, as much as I despise web interface “applications”. We know games run better full screen, because most games lack content we use back end wiki lookup or walk through guides. This can be part of a discovery process at least for some of us that would rather not alt + tab (windowed just makes that easier). I like the handbook, but it would be much better if the handbook could have some interaction: Game wiki with in game style / skin. Think how many would actually read useful info and learn on an item and possibly find a few links to other uses related to the same item. Your wiki work already forms the links and updates, integrate those would score some good reviews in my opinion, really how much work is that seeing as everyone must be connected anyway. Option to bypass Launcher if you save your credentials. Unless you are trying to generate hype on a splash. Don’t, do the basics right and functional and hype is inevitable. Game UX, wtf is taking so long to load from SSD? So, I know rust also uses Unity, and is crap slow to get to the interface / menu. Killing players relentlessly is 100%, that menu load speed will have most play anything else faster responsive, even rage quit took me 2 min… LOL! If it’s about loading the data from file to a more accessible interface, it can run in the back end, while allowing menu interaction giving users the feel that it’s faster. Circular “progress” bars an invention from web interfaces (see point 1) is like promising “draggable progress” bars. No, it’s not cute to see it make another circle, ask anyone. Rather show us the hard truth taking long to load files and it’s because your disks are old, fragmented or full. It’s ok to have us murdered by everyone but we shouldn’t let them see this detail? Think of actual progress bar, just one showing object count to load and where it is in that count. Show off a little, display object detail per object as it loads like FPS on screen display, it it’s too fast to read, users feel WOW, if it’s slow they will upgrade until they feel WOW, thus your game will have hype from there as it does what no game company focus on anymore. Menu interface... Save yourself a lot of rework: simplify. I mentioned wiki type handbook with links to other items in the handbook? Keep it hidden until your user reads something then clicks on a link adding low key discovery feels. That alone will wow the user base with a wiki in the game, less alt + tab meaning less chance they click on the pornhub advert and disappear for an hour or more. Path of exile comes to mind where I can click on an item and see a short info clip for what this skill gem does when combined with another. Not saying store that local, I click to see it, stream it in game from your choice of used ECM solution. Normalize data structure. Optimize segmented structures. My assumption is that it loads a lot of data every time I need the menu about every 5-10min (I die a lot in game, this menu slows me down), and it doesn’t need everything, identify subset required for menu and load that only. This will maybe take 2 or 3 seconds longer per menu interaction, but your user base will mostly notice they didn’t wait 5 minutes just to click on character but only 10 seconds for example. i. VOTE on this: from death to respawn clicked should be around 10 seconds if I choose to bypass details of my demise. Now go record data on how many users actually ready the data, meaning spend around 5 seconds looking at how many shots fired, we care a great deal only when we suspect foul play, so good for recording once but not saving? ii. Big data, use it, save it, make it available in analytics as I see you have some of those links already. iii. Segment data, I don’t care for anything but what I click on, is honest truth. My CDO (corrected sequence) has mini hissy fits every time I enter market. a. Ammo subset should have at least sortable column for Calibre, use this for group by to look like: -ammo +[7.62x54R] -[7.62x51] -[armor pen.] -[SNB] -[7N1] -[range] -[LRG] +[5.56x45] b. Allow mags to be tagged like containers for colored coded ammo pre-set will aid in ammo being used more efficiently or diabolically. Example I want to stack my heavy killer 10 round mag with (the sequence ammo leaves the mag) [2x Armor Piercing], [1x green tracer], [2x Armor Piercing], [1x blue tracer], [2x Armor Piercing], [1x red tracer], [1x Hollow point]. c. My other pre-set is like (the sequence ammo leaves the mag) 2x [Training rounds], 1x [green tracer], 1x [Training rounds], 1x [green tracer], 3x [US], [1x red tracer], [1x Hollow point] d. I’d could use the tracers as indicators in fire fight where to aim: try hit same Armor up to red tracer then HP should do maximum damage as the Armor should be broken. Could spark trends to use correct ammo for the job, currently it’s rush loot, stack AP and auto spray it seems to me. Imagine one guy able to drop heavies like that and costing him less than a fraction of spraying down, how would that affect planning? happy to answer questions, or even provide mockup Yes this was intended to be a mail at first, companies block forum and all non work related sites.
  13. drisk328

    Ambient Wind

    Hi BSG, I also made a reddit post on this very topic, but figured I should also drop my suggestion here as well. All my mates (and myself included) are reallllly hoping this can be taken into consideration. Seems like it could be an easy fix as well! Either way, thanks for your time and consideration. Just going to copy and paste my reddit post to save some time (hope that's okay): Want to start by saying I think BSG has been doing an AMAZING job with the game. Every patch that comes out not only drops a poo load of new content, and tons of QOL improvements. Having said that... this has been something that's been bugging me since day one. The ambient wind!! Every raid on every map (besides factory) it sounds like we're in a wind tunnel. It would be nice to have some raids where all you hear is the birds chirping and then GUN SHOTS. Otherwise mostly silence. When I go outside IRL I don't hear wind every day that sounds like a storm is on the horizon. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to do away with it completely. Maybe treat the loud wind the same as you do with the rain effects in the game. Some raids it's drizzling, other raids its a down pour. Maybe if you plan on having it storm in the game, have the wind pick up first... or something to that effect. Either way. Loving the game, would just be really cool to not be ear raped by wind every so often. Thanks!
  14. TTomcio

    Modding screen buy mods QoL

    What if we could buy mods directly from modding screen? It would greatly decrease time needed to find that one rail or adapter you are looking for. I posted it on reddit and most people liked the idea too. Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/9v24bk/modding_screen_qol/
  15. Tarkov_Ghost

    QoL Adjustment - Scroll Bar Change

    I was wondering if it was possible to make the scroll bar in the inventory thicker, and flush with the right side of the screen. I find if I try to use the scroll bar that It is easy to overshoot it. Here is a comparison of what I mean :
  16. Brodney

    Quality of life improvements

    Hello developers, I have a set of few, what I believe to be important, quality of life improvements to the game. 1. A posibility to unload magazine from weapon with the R+mousewheel shortcut. 2. A posibility to reserve a slot inside a container that will remain empty, so that when we loot a random item doesn't obstruct the slot and when we reload we don't lose magazines. 3. An automatic use of "shoot-from-behind-the-cover" feature, when player is behind cover close enough to not be able to point their gun straight, aims at the edge of cover, and then the aiming stance will transition to the specific shooting stance, depending on if the edge is horizontal/vertical, left/right. The first one is quick and easy solution to a situation, when person has only one mag (they lost the other one, or decided to not take any) so that instead of having to go to inventory, have to click unload on mag, wait for the animation to play and then reload the ammo and reload the mag, we would be able to do this with the shortcut, so we won't waste more time than necessary and die, because we're locked in inventory menu instead of moving around. The second one is a long term solution for the problem of losing magazines, since we wouldn't randomly lose them because we decided to loot a mag from crate and didn't notice that it went inside our chestrig instead of bag. The third one is a little more complicated, but it would improve the usability of shoot-from-behind-the-cover feature immensely. Right now it's too long and complicated to find the right spot a click the specific key combination to use this feature and this change would make it much more seamless and usable in actual gameplay. Thanks for reading this and good luck in future improvements to this awesome game. Brodney
  17. JWiley

    Weapon Purchasing Profiles

    One quality of life improvement I'd like to see: fast weapon purchasing and modding. Background: My friends and I spend 7-15 minutes purchasing mods and weapons. We replace almost every part to make the weapon the perfect killing tool. We spawn in a map and through a series of unfortunate events, we perish. We must now repeat the same process (assuming we have not built multiple guns). Suggestion. I would like to be able to create a load-out profile. My naked PMS self. I click "Profile 1" in my character screen. It prompts me with a price confirmation (This will cost you 200,000 Roubles, do you accept?) The load-out profile will allow me to buy armor, helmet, backpack, tact rig, and weapon. All pre-selected from vendors I have access to. What makes this more inviting is that I'll be able to customize the gun. Example: Profile 1 Kiver Helm Paca Armor Tri-zip BP AVS Rig Normal AK 74 but with mod selection - RK3 Grip, Recoil Pad, silencer, handguard, grip, sight mount, and sight. ... In one click gives me back 10 minutes of time. Time to enjoy this game. It also prevents the frustration of dying in 2 minutes on factory. I can just 1-click and be ready to go again. This benefits everyone. As a company you can limit the amount of profiles depending on the package purchased and give more incentive for someone to upgrade. I hope these suggestions don't fall on deaf ears! Loving this game, -w
  18. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE ALLOW US TO SWAP OUR WEAPONS FIRING MODE BEFORE LOADING IN. I struggle to remember this, I finally got into the routine of it. Then didn't play for 6 days, come back forgot, lose a full set of top end gear, because of a stupid weapon swap. PLEASE CHANGE THIS, THIS DOESN'T NEGATIVLY IMPACT ANYONE. When you load into a game, you need to change your scope from long to short, and your weapon from single to auto before you play, Why isn't this baseline?
  19. So I feel I'm reaching the end of the current EFT beta experience. I am high level, all traders maxed (or they would be if Prapor didn't trick me with his Fort. Lessons learnt...) and can farm all the money I'd ever need. I've leveled my soft skills and while they aren't all maxed, they are high level and I play completely legit (no intentional dehydration then spamming meds...). I just hunt now and farm money/lvl skills. As it should be imo. So eventually I die, because yolo,and find that it takes me a long time to re-gear and get back into a raid. Like, a really long, tedious time. It's fun at the start and while equipment is valuable, but at my stage, nothing is valuable and everything is readily available. Which got me thinking, it would be really useful if after achieving max level traders, each trader gave us 1 'auto buy' where we can pre-determine a load out OURSELVES, pay for it, and it gets sent to us either directly into our stash if we have space, or works like an insurance screen where we can just drag it into our stash. Effectively this would be, in game terms, a buy script or macro where we click 1 button and have a certain predetermined by us loadout sent somehow. So for me this would be ideal: 1. MF/farm gear 1 - Paca/MBSS/Silenced TT parts (or 3 of each, see below) 2. Recon AK - Kiver/Vest/Bag/Paca/Comtacs/AK74N + potentially mods too 3. Combat Supplies - 600rnd 5.45 BS/PRS ammo, 3 RGD's, 4 60rnd AK mags 4. Meds - 3 Salewa, 6 Painkillers, 6 Splints You get the point. It could be perhaps limited at first and then allow us to buy more weapon mods so we'd still have to interact with the traders that way and add a further grind for those who want it, but be totally optional and offer no advantage over those who do not want it. Could also help stimulate the (currently nonexistant) ingame economy if these quests require items. Waiting with baited breath to see what the ig economy turns out like. Furthermore, it might need to be bulk like I've done in the examples because the traders, despite being loyal to you, will still not go the extra mile for you unless it's worth their while. They are already making an exception for you by supplying you rather than you coming to them like we do currently, so if you want the special treatment you need to make it worth it for them and buy in bulk OR pay them every 24hours 10/20/30k roubles depending on the additional level of supply quests you have done after maxing them. So there could also be this extra level of 'supply' quests or errands for each trader, totally optional, and after max level is achieved, where the reward is an extra 'load out' or ability to purchase the mods for a weapon not just the weapon itself. I have tons of ideas but there's no point typing them all up, I just felt this one is something that is really lacking in game right now and people tend to focus on other things right now.
  20. KryoHawk

    Combining Partly Used Medical Bags

    Personally, I don't like going into raids with partly used medical equipment so I tend to use a fresh kit every run, But this often leads to a stack up of used medical kits that just get sold to a trader for almost nothing... However, I feel that we should be able to combine contents of two bags into one (maybe with a slightly lower outcome) EX: I have two car medical kits, one with 100 points one with 54 points, I should be able to combine them into a medkit that has 154 points and now takes up one slot EX2: I have two car medical kits, one with 100 points one with 54 points, I should be able to combine them into a medkit with 95% efficiency, meaning I should get back one medkit that has (154 * 0.95 = 146.3) 146 points (always rounded down) Not necessarily a required feature but would definitely provide a quality of life upgrade and a little realism, because I would rather carry one completely full bag than two half-full bags.
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