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Found 7 results

  1. TTomcio

    Modding screen buy mods QoL

    What if we could buy mods directly from modding screen? It would greatly decrease time needed to find that one rail or adapter you are looking for. I posted it on reddit and most people liked the idea too. Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/9v24bk/modding_screen_qol/
  2. Tarkov_Ghost

    QoL Adjustment - Scroll Bar Change

    I was wondering if it was possible to make the scroll bar in the inventory thicker, and flush with the right side of the screen. I find if I try to use the scroll bar that It is easy to overshoot it. Here is a comparison of what I mean :
  3. Brodney

    Quality of life improvements

    Hello developers, I have a set of few, what I believe to be important, quality of life improvements to the game. 1. A posibility to unload magazine from weapon with the R+mousewheel shortcut. 2. A posibility to reserve a slot inside a container that will remain empty, so that when we loot a random item doesn't obstruct the slot and when we reload we don't lose magazines. 3. An automatic use of "shoot-from-behind-the-cover" feature, when player is behind cover close enough to not be able to point their gun straight, aims at the edge of cover, and then the aiming stance will transition to the specific shooting stance, depending on if the edge is horizontal/vertical, left/right. The first one is quick and easy solution to a situation, when person has only one mag (they lost the other one, or decided to not take any) so that instead of having to go to inventory, have to click unload on mag, wait for the animation to play and then reload the ammo and reload the mag, we would be able to do this with the shortcut, so we won't waste more time than necessary and die, because we're locked in inventory menu instead of moving around. The second one is a long term solution for the problem of losing magazines, since we wouldn't randomly lose them because we decided to loot a mag from crate and didn't notice that it went inside our chestrig instead of bag. The third one is a little more complicated, but it would improve the usability of shoot-from-behind-the-cover feature immensely. Right now it's too long and complicated to find the right spot a click the specific key combination to use this feature and this change would make it much more seamless and usable in actual gameplay. Thanks for reading this and good luck in future improvements to this awesome game. Brodney
  4. JWiley

    Weapon Purchasing Profiles

    One quality of life improvement I'd like to see: fast weapon purchasing and modding. Background: My friends and I spend 7-15 minutes purchasing mods and weapons. We replace almost every part to make the weapon the perfect killing tool. We spawn in a map and through a series of unfortunate events, we perish. We must now repeat the same process (assuming we have not built multiple guns). Suggestion. I would like to be able to create a load-out profile. My naked PMS self. I click "Profile 1" in my character screen. It prompts me with a price confirmation (This will cost you 200,000 Roubles, do you accept?) The load-out profile will allow me to buy armor, helmet, backpack, tact rig, and weapon. All pre-selected from vendors I have access to. What makes this more inviting is that I'll be able to customize the gun. Example: Profile 1 Kiver Helm Paca Armor Tri-zip BP AVS Rig Normal AK 74 but with mod selection - RK3 Grip, Recoil Pad, silencer, handguard, grip, sight mount, and sight. ... In one click gives me back 10 minutes of time. Time to enjoy this game. It also prevents the frustration of dying in 2 minutes on factory. I can just 1-click and be ready to go again. This benefits everyone. As a company you can limit the amount of profiles depending on the package purchased and give more incentive for someone to upgrade. I hope these suggestions don't fall on deaf ears! Loving this game, -w
  5. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE ALLOW US TO SWAP OUR WEAPONS FIRING MODE BEFORE LOADING IN. I struggle to remember this, I finally got into the routine of it. Then didn't play for 6 days, come back forgot, lose a full set of top end gear, because of a stupid weapon swap. PLEASE CHANGE THIS, THIS DOESN'T NEGATIVLY IMPACT ANYONE. When you load into a game, you need to change your scope from long to short, and your weapon from single to auto before you play, Why isn't this baseline?
  6. So I feel I'm reaching the end of the current EFT beta experience. I am high level, all traders maxed (or they would be if Prapor didn't trick me with his Fort. Lessons learnt...) and can farm all the money I'd ever need. I've leveled my soft skills and while they aren't all maxed, they are high level and I play completely legit (no intentional dehydration then spamming meds...). I just hunt now and farm money/lvl skills. As it should be imo. So eventually I die, because yolo,and find that it takes me a long time to re-gear and get back into a raid. Like, a really long, tedious time. It's fun at the start and while equipment is valuable, but at my stage, nothing is valuable and everything is readily available. Which got me thinking, it would be really useful if after achieving max level traders, each trader gave us 1 'auto buy' where we can pre-determine a load out OURSELVES, pay for it, and it gets sent to us either directly into our stash if we have space, or works like an insurance screen where we can just drag it into our stash. Effectively this would be, in game terms, a buy script or macro where we click 1 button and have a certain predetermined by us loadout sent somehow. So for me this would be ideal: 1. MF/farm gear 1 - Paca/MBSS/Silenced TT parts (or 3 of each, see below) 2. Recon AK - Kiver/Vest/Bag/Paca/Comtacs/AK74N + potentially mods too 3. Combat Supplies - 600rnd 5.45 BS/PRS ammo, 3 RGD's, 4 60rnd AK mags 4. Meds - 3 Salewa, 6 Painkillers, 6 Splints You get the point. It could be perhaps limited at first and then allow us to buy more weapon mods so we'd still have to interact with the traders that way and add a further grind for those who want it, but be totally optional and offer no advantage over those who do not want it. Could also help stimulate the (currently nonexistant) ingame economy if these quests require items. Waiting with baited breath to see what the ig economy turns out like. Furthermore, it might need to be bulk like I've done in the examples because the traders, despite being loyal to you, will still not go the extra mile for you unless it's worth their while. They are already making an exception for you by supplying you rather than you coming to them like we do currently, so if you want the special treatment you need to make it worth it for them and buy in bulk OR pay them every 24hours 10/20/30k roubles depending on the additional level of supply quests you have done after maxing them. So there could also be this extra level of 'supply' quests or errands for each trader, totally optional, and after max level is achieved, where the reward is an extra 'load out' or ability to purchase the mods for a weapon not just the weapon itself. I have tons of ideas but there's no point typing them all up, I just felt this one is something that is really lacking in game right now and people tend to focus on other things right now.
  7. KryoHawk

    Combining Partly Used Medical Bags

    Personally, I don't like going into raids with partly used medical equipment so I tend to use a fresh kit every run, But this often leads to a stack up of used medical kits that just get sold to a trader for almost nothing... However, I feel that we should be able to combine contents of two bags into one (maybe with a slightly lower outcome) EX: I have two car medical kits, one with 100 points one with 54 points, I should be able to combine them into a medkit that has 154 points and now takes up one slot EX2: I have two car medical kits, one with 100 points one with 54 points, I should be able to combine them into a medkit with 95% efficiency, meaning I should get back one medkit that has (154 * 0.95 = 146.3) 146 points (always rounded down) Not necessarily a required feature but would definitely provide a quality of life upgrade and a little realism, because I would rather carry one completely full bag than two half-full bags.
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