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Found 6 results

  1. PicoMarzio

    Migliori proiettili.

    Salve a tutti, sono abbastanza nuovo qui su EFT e volevo chiedere una cosa ai giocatori più esperti e navigati. Esiste una lista bene definita dei proiettili più efficaci per calibro? Ad esempio, per i 5.45 tra i PP, BP, PS e PRS, quali sono quelli più adatti da poter essere utilizzato efficacemente in mappa giocando online? Grazie mille a tutti.
  2. spacemarine2142

    Streaming question about heavy pixelation

    Hey guys, my Tarkov stream has been stupid pixelated and I can't figure out how to help kill some of it. This is my current rig, obs settings, and graphics. Rig: Cpu: ryzen 9 3900xt Gpu: gtx 1080 ti Ram: 16gb 3200mhz cl14 Ssd: samsung 960 evo Obs: Encoder: x264 Cbr: 6000 kbps Cpu preset: medium Profile: high Tarkov graphics: Texture: high Shadows: high Object lod: 2 Visibility: 2000 Shadow visibility: 40 Antialiasing: TAA High Resampling: 1x off Hbao: off Ssr: off Anisotropic filtering: per texture Sharpness: 0 Also tested w/ postfx and it looked even worse thanks for anyone who can provide insight.
  3. gilfman

    Scrollbar and Ready Button

    Scroll bar- -Character bank/inventory bar should be larger or able to access when cursor is furthest right to fast menu. -just too small of bar, for faster loot access Ready Button- -Place Ready Button to right of list of players of map instead of directly behind the last button. - Place Back Button to left of players list That's all.
  4. greeklolz

    Quality of Life Suggestions

    I did a quick search and I just have a couple quality of life suggestions that I don't think anyone has touched on yet. First suggestion: In your stash and inventory menus, when something is in your pockets or tactical vest, hold click to pick it up and press the corresponding hotbar button (1-0) to assign to that item to that button on your hotbar. Second suggestion: Combine the buy/sell windows into one trade window. Instead of buying one item at a time and having a separate "to sell" container which you fill up with items to sell (showing you the total profit) then clicking deal; you show trader inventory on the left, player stash on the right and the middle container is the "to trade" container and it will show you the total amount to pay or receive.
  5. gNecrOz

    Quality of Life Hot Key.

    Okay my suggestion is a small one. It probably has been suggested already, but I could not find it using some key words in the Topic Search Bar. So as with most all my Topics, if this has been mentioned or said or is a known and planned. Please Lock the thread if that is the case and let me know <3 Okay, here it is... it is pretty simple. As simple as simple gets. So, When you Hot Key something, like a grenade or a Med Supply or a Drink or Food... you have to Drag it to the key you want to I.E 1,2,3... Why not have it so, if you Mouse Over Something, you Press the Hot Key and it will Assign it to that Button. Example: I want an AI-2 on '4' and a Painkiller on '5'. I just Mouse over the AI-2 and press '4' and it will be assigned to Num 4. Same with the Painkiller, Mouse Over, Press, Assigned, Done. No need to Drag the Consumable down to the Hot Bar. Just a thought, hope you like it. Cheers, Necro
  6. ThommyGunz93

    Guarenteed Alpha testing

    Simple question really, if you're guaranteed an Alpha testing spot... How would you obtain the code? via email? Also, when will Alpha testing begin? I know it says 1st quarter of 2016 in the FAQs so does that mean Alpha is taking place right now? As really, "1st quarter of 2016" isn't exactly an accurate estimation in my opinion. Can anyone shed any light on this? Would appreciate it, Thanks.
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