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Found 40 results

  1. The Punisher Part 3 / Timed tasks

    I want to put some focus on the timed tasks because I can't be the only one who is unpleased with how they work. In this post I am refering to the task "The Punisher Part 3" because so far it has annoyed me a lot. Kill 25 scavs in customs in 1 hour is a little bit daunting but fair enough. Tasks have to have some challenge or else they wouldnt make much sense. I understand that. What annoyes me greatly with this timed task (even more so because its time limit is 1 hour) is that the task timer runs even while you are on menu and loading screens. This seems unfair towards the player and puts players with worse hardware at an immediate disadvantage because they will have longer load times. For me it can take up to 2:30-3:00 minutes to load into customs and that is without kitting my PMC. So say it will take me 4 raids to kill 25 scavs... That's 1/6 the task timer just loading into the raids. It frankly makes me quite angry and I loathe having to do the task. In the future I would like timed tasks like "The Punisher Part 3" to only decrease its task timer when the player is actually in a raid. Just a suggestion, but I believe it would improve those kind of tasks and make them a lot more enjoyable to do.
  2. Bad Rep Evidence GLITCHED?

    Hey Guys So I've Just Got the Quest From Prapor 'Bad Rep Evidence' He asks you to get some documents from a hut in Customs. I got Said Documents before even accepting the quest as i was playing with a friend and they're a higher level than me and they let me know i needed them later so it made sense to grab them while i could. i just unlocked the quest and i was like sweet i can finish this quest without even going into the map. so i handed the documents over as soon as i accepted. but the 'Complete' Button at the top centre isn't there. Has anyone else had this issue? if so could anyone help? (I've tried the obvious like going into a raid extracting more than once restarting the game) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hey Escapers, ich habe ein ziemliches Problem mit der Quest Delivery from the past. Und zwar habe ich das Questitem aus Costum geholt, in der Factory Platziert und bin auch entkommen (standartexit). Nun kann ich aber die Quest nicht abgeben und bei Prapor steht immer noch, dass ich aus der Factory escapen muss. Hatte jemand schon mal so ein Problem und habt ihr vllt. ein paar Lösungsvorschläge für mich ? Bin auch schon nochmal in die Factory gegangen, um nochmal zu escapen hat aber leider nichts gebracht. MfG, Owiganowi
  4. peacekeeper

    hey blöde frage... wie starte ich die quests beim peacekeeper?? blick nimmer durch.. :-P
  5. Therapist second quest

    A simple question about the second quest of Therapist, the one that doesn't lower skier's rep. Where do gas analyzers spawn ?
  6. Usb flash

    Okay. I've been trying to get usb flash drives for 8 hours straight and couldn't find them either on woods and customs tents. Is there new spawn or I'm missing something?
  7. Room 206 Key

    Difficulty finding this key been looting scavs and checking filing cabinets still no go, anyone have a spare I could borrow or give me some tips if some areas are higher yielding
  8. Die Quest "Delivery from the past" ist unmöglich alleine zu bewältigen(Vor dem Patch kein Problem gewesen), bzw es währe ja möglich wenn man nicht die Doc´s jedesmal verlieren würde auf Factory bevor man sie geplantet hat..... bei allen anderen Quests die ich bisher spielen konnte hat man das Item nicht verloren. Es währe ja halb so schlimm wenn der Customsspawn nicht mehr so eine Hack and slay Deathmatch Quake Arena währe wie vor dem Patch....aber es ist ja ein Reines Würfelspiel geworden es überhaupt alleine rauszuschaffen. Ich finde da bedarf es einer Änderung!
  9. I NEED THE 206 KEY!!!

    Ok, so I'm level 23, I have run the entire map of Customs what feels like hundreds of times, and I can't find this friggin key. I need some help here! I'm willing to pay for an escort for someone to open that door for me, or pay for the key. I'll pay a stupid amount of money for it. NAME YOUR PRICE!!
  10. As the title says: invent a quest for other players by posting it here. The rules are: - give your quest a name and consecutive number ( so it is easier to talk about later) - target can be anything that can be proven with a screenshot. (For example collect 3 batteries--> players post a screenshot of 3 batteries in their stash) - give a short and creative (or funny) explanation why you need this quest to be completed - the player who posts the prove first, wins. (You will win an upvote by the quest inventer lol) Optional: tell the story how you managed to achieve the target. Have fun!
  11. Will i loose rep with the traders? If i loose for a certain times, i won't be able to reach the 4th/king level with that trader ever, only if i reset my profile?
  12. I have been looking on scavs and file cabinets as it was suggested. All I find is an abundance of 308, 204 and 203 keys. If anyone knows where it spawns or is it completely random? Thanks in advance.
  13. Peacekeeper Quests

    Hallo, bin gerade bei Peacekeeper Quest, wo ich 2 UN-Trucks suchen muss, die angegriffen wurden und die markieren. Bin jede map durchgelaufen... keine ahnung welche das sind !! Hat irgendjemand eine Idee ??
  14. Skiers Final Task

    Afternoon all, In the current build what happens when you hand in skiers final quest (chemical pt4) to one of the other traders? Do you get a big hit on your standing with Skier? As it doesn't state that on any of the quest screens. Thanks guys. Shauneok.
  15. Hello, ive been searching for ages where i can find folder 0052 for skier. does anybody know were i can find it ? thanks
  16. I started the quest "golden swag" and discarded the cabin key given to me by skier, because i thought i already had it but apperently its a different key. I dont know how to get this key back, if thats not possible i would love it if someone could help me with opening up the trailer park cabin for me
  17. Quest Penalties

    Considering how hard some of these quests are to do alone/solo farming the traders up is a pain in the bum as it is, why is it you have some hard tasks to do for a +1 rep for the trader yet other quests have -25 for 1 or more....... fix this i just lost 2 levels with 2 traders for handing in one quest for a crap reward? almost not worth doing them.

    I am having a blast playing the quests; however, everyone of them can be completed solo. In fact, IMO, all rewards promote solo completion of every quest. Just wondering whether there is a move afoot to create quests that promote squad play where every member of said squad is rewarded for successful completion of a task? For example, a quest/task might be, all members must extract. Very simple, but not necessarily easy. Comments and thoughts are welcome!
  19. Gas analyzers

    Umm guys where am i supposed to find those gas analyzers? Would you tell me?
  20. Golden Swag (Quest) Bug, Please Help!

    As you can see from the attached photo, I have found the glided lighter, as well as placed in the bunkhouse. Upon picking up the lighter the music placed and the game notifies me that I have completed the quest. However, even with escaping, "Find the gilded Zibbo Lighter" is still unchecked. After placing the lighter in the bunkhouse and leaving, I tried picking up the zibbo and leaving without dropping it off and I escaped. However it still does not check that i have found it. Please help!
  21. So when I was doing the Bad rep evidence quest for Prapor i went throught Customs fast and carefull not to bump into others. And when I extracted at the Gas Station Exit it counted as "Run Through" and the last part of the quest was not completed which says: "Survive and exit Customs location" So when I reported it as a bug with the Report Tool i got the reply that this was no error: I don't get it why you have to spend 20 min and or kill someone to complete a quest. The quest says "survive and exit" not "survive for 20 minutes and kill everything you see". And I think the whole "Run Through" penalty is retarted you get more xp if you get killed than when you would "run through" how stupid is this? What do you think?
  22. Skier 10th Quest

    Hey guys, I already have managed to solve every quest, you can complete again but my reputation at therapist is very low. I wanted to complete the quest "Chemicals Pt 5" with therapist to gain more reputation. But if I do so, skier will lose much of his reputation. My problem now is, that I cant find any information about the compensation quest for skier, if i decide to complete the quest at therapist. Need heeeeelp.
  23. Elviras supply plan quest?

    i got some questions about the ``supply plan`` quest from elvira kabibulina ! Skier interfiers with the mission ``kind of sabotage`` how are the concequences working out in that quest? i kinda want to boost elvira, but i got skier on crown lvl or lvl 4 how ever you want to call it thx for any replies! and have a good one
  24. Das folgende ist eine Übersetzung meines Beitrags aus dem englischen Forum. Da das Spiel (noch) nicht auf deutsch verfügbar ist, wollte ich keinen deutschen Beitrag mit englischen Gegenstandsnamen machen, daher werde ich nur die Einleitung übersetzen, damit ihr wisst worum es geht und dann gegebenenfalls im englischen Thread beitragen könnt. Diesen könnt ihr hier finden: Hallo Leute :-) Nach ein paar Wochen mit den Quests - und nachdem ich festgestellt habe das mein Frühjahrsputz ein Fehler war (habe einige der Gegenstände verkauft die ich jetzt brauche) - habe ich mich entschlossen eine Liste von Gegenständen, die ihr wirklich benötigt, zu erstellen. Ich habe allerdings bisher nur einige Quests erledigt und ein paar Informationen aus Streams sowie mit der Suche erhalten, daher brauche ich eure Hilfe. Eventuell können wir zusammen eine Liste aller sammelbaren Gegenstände anfertigen (solche die zufällig spawnen), so das jeder eine nützliche kleine Liste mit Dingen zur Verfügung hat, die ihr behalten solltet (besonders nützlich nach einem wipe). Ich werde den englischen Beitrag entsprechend updaten, ihr könnt gern hier oder dort eure Ergänzungen machen. Nur eine Sache noch: Seid euch sicher mit den Gegenständen, ich möchte keine Liste von vermuteten Items erstellen, wir alle wollen einen sauberen Stash
  25. I did some research but could not find something related to this specific topic. Mostly found some lists of quests, but they are either incomplete or does not fit into what i want as the result. Iam sorry if i missed something. Anyway: Hey Guys :-) After a few weeks with quests and realising my "spring-cleaning" right before the quest-patch was a mistake (sold some of the items i need now), i decided to make a list of items you really need. But i did only a few quests so far and got some information from streams and with research so i need your help. Maybe we can make a list of all collectable quest items (the ones who spawn random) together, so you have a handy little list with things you should keep (especially usefull after a wipe). I will update this list with the information you provide. Just one thing: Be sure about the related items. I dont want people to guess, because we all need a clean stash EDIT: Due to not being able to edit posts after a few minutes, i've created a google document for it which i will update instead. It can be found here