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  1. Hi, i've started the quest Introduction and the next day, the quest was missing from active or available. I can't unlock the jaeger so I'm kind of stuck at the moment. Any fixes or operations I could try? Any help would really be appreciated, I've included a screenshot of the mechanic's task if it can help in any way.
  2. I have the broken 6b43 armor for sew it good pt. 3 but the quest isn't detecting it all. I bought a new piece of armor to see if that piece was bugged but still no luck. the armor is currently at 4.1 out of 85
  3. Finnevius

    Chemical - Part 1

    Hello! I've had problems with the chemical - part 1 quest: I have found the file between the crate and the side of the cart I have delivered this doc file to skier I have found the key, and given this key to skier I finished Polikim Hobo quest (Kill X scavs) Skier still wants me to obtain "items" that can help with the investigation to finish the quest I tought it would be the key right? I've visited the train 20 times and it hasn't spawned there again, not even once. What do fellow escapees?
  4. lllPug

    STUPID clown quest

    Remove or rework the useless and unrealistic clown quest It already been donne for "decontamination service", now you don't need to wear a stupid lvl 2 armor, just a cosmetic, but even with that, it stupid, the quest ask you to kill scav up close with a spec. gears so "they should understand who is decimating their people" ... how dead people understand thing after they died ? (cuz you can literally massacre every one) It was more realistic before the change cuz like "punisher part 4", where you need to wear a paca and a 6b47, you get f up by every one during the quest, so yes, if there is a bunch of dude wearing stupid gear coming again and again to try to kill you and your guys, you will get a message but who in their right mind will exposed them-self to danger with lvl 2 armor when you have access to lvl 4 and more at this point. The dev simplify mission and make them easier and easier, but doesn't bother do take a look and think of better scenario or logic quest requirement, they just change the gameplay problem on some mission but not on other similar mission. (or maybe there a busy making 2 weapon, a handful of mods and copy/past already existing assets to extend a map in one patch, I don't want to call them lazy but the scop issue on the shotgun was there for over a year, and it s only when you nerfed all shotgun accuracy that we can use magnifying scope, you guys are useless sometime...) if they did and I partially wrong pls show me. PS: I know I'm not 100% objective but I don't care, I don't know you, I don't want to be kind.
  5. Hi Devs of EFT I have a suggestion i hope you would listen to. My suggestion is it would be nice if we could do quest in offline mode - but with the "punishment"/downside is that the reward of XP, money etc. is lowered, like lets say it's lowered with 30% or what ever the amount is. In that way we could still do them, but if we want a bigger reward, we have to do them online. The reason why i ask or suggest this, is that many people on different forums and on reddit have problems with a lot of quests, and some have abandon several quests, mainly because of other players are making it impossible to finish some quests. And i know that doing them in offline mode would somehow look like cheat or be wrong in general, but that's why i suggest the downside if lowering the reward with X amount of %, to make it a bit more fair. - Morten
  6. IceScript

    interaktive Karten

    ALLE KARTEN UND ALLE GESAMMELTEN INFORMATIONEN! https://minioncube.de/karten -> Dort werden alle Karten im Google-Stil angezeigt. Auf der linken Seite könnt ihr zwischen den Karten wechseln oder über Regionen auf bestimmte Positionen wechseln. Alternativ klickt ihr auf Markierungen innerhalb der Karte. SUCHFUNKTION! WIE GEIL IST DAS DENN?! Du brauchst Hilfe bei einer Quest? Dir fehlt ein Schlüssel? Du möchtest wissen wo sich die Tresore befinden? Alles kein Problem! Mithilfe der Suchfunktion kannst du nun nach bestimmten Markierungen suchen, auswählen und auf die Position in der Karte springen. UP-TO-DATE JE NACH HILFESTELLUNG.. Da ein aufwendiges System hinter dem ganzen steckt, kann nun spielend leicht Markierungen hinzugefügt oder verändert werden. Hast du ein Fehler entdeckt oder möchtest etwas hinzufügen? Logge dich auf der Website ein und melde dich per Support-Anfrage.
  7. The Tarkov Shooter Part 8 Quests should definitely be Changed.
  8. Uppon hitting Lvl 40 you automatically enter the league Flea market gets restricted: you can only sell freely but need to earn tickets to buy something. ( don't rage yet, pls keep reading) Tickets can be earned by completing weekly / daily quests. Two types of quests: Quests you need to complete in open matches, mainly delivery / extraction quests. Quests you need to complete in league matches, mainly PMC and Boss kill quests. Game modes: Open: "matching" like it is now, ! but if you kill an lower lvl ( below lvl 30 or so) that has an quest active on the map you play and you kill him, he naturally fails to complete the task. The traders don't like that and therefore your trader rep with that trader gets reduced. So if you are a noob slaughtering pussy trader levels will get locked. League / Ranked: bosses are always enabled, some scavs get replaced by raiders. --- You only get matched with player that are lvl 40+ ( or lvl 30+ if bosses are not always on) Your trader rep gets increased if you kill boss or his guards or complete quests in this mode. League ranking: At the end of the week the scores of the completed quests gets added to the monthly score. At the end of the month the top scoring players get prices. Yes I no life this game, yes I chad, meta and so on. Just putting some ideas out there to make the end game more interesting. Yes I know that at the current time theres enough to do for the devs.
  9. Zhunter4750

    Sew it good part 1

    So I turned in a pilgrim backpack for this quest, but it was full of items (an M4 with a REAP-IR on it for the gunsmith part 16 quest, 2 docs cases with keys in them for customs and reserve, and a bunch of random keys, some being expensive and some not). Is there anyway to get any of that stuff back? I lost over 2 mil worth of stuff.
  10. Twiitchter

    Big game hunting

    Hi all, Long time player. First time suggestion. I know I love the poo out of this game, and its only early days still. But I would love to see some critters on woods. Like a few deer and rabbits etc. These would tie into audio queue that spook if pmcs or scavs get too close to run in the opposite direction of the audio que. But also enable rare items for Jager with antlers or furs to sell or even become quest items. I just think it would become a great dynamic to put some real hunting into certain maps like woods or shoreline. I know its probably a long ways off, but I would love to see it someday.
  11. So i've been having difficulty with a pretty easy task. Jaeger's first quest, where you find food to resupply him. The problem is i have plenty for him in my storage because when i find it in raid and stash it in my secure container, and die in raid, i can't give it to him because of the "in raid" condition was removed though it was technically found in raid (This also happens if you do a run through accidently). Originally was told it was a bug, now being told its a gameplay change. Due to the new changes for the container, you can see how that could make the game extremely difficult for simple found item quests? I can understand items that you can't buy such as computer parts and also keeping players from milking the market. I remember doing it for gas analyzers, since they were so hard to find early on. For food it seems unreasonable, especially if the quest is to resupply food. I have plenty of food for jaeger's first quest, just not found in raid ones because of it not being counted in my secure container. Could there be a way were you can find certain items, have traders accept them for quests, but not be able to sell them on the market? To keep players from cheesing the quests, and rewarding them for using valuable space in the container for progression?
  12. AKurmazov

    New Prapor's quest

    Hello everyone! I was trying to complete the new Prapor's quest, and I've faced an issue that, in spite of getting the "subtask completed" for both the USEC camp and Prapor's convoy, the convoy part did not appear to be completed when I got out of the raid. Has someone also got such a problem? What could be a solution? Thank you in advance!
  13. I did some research but could not find something related to this specific topic. Mostly found some lists of quests, but they are either incomplete or does not fit into what i want as the result. Iam sorry if i missed something. Anyway: Hey Guys :-) After a few weeks with quests and realising my "spring-cleaning" right before the quest-patch was a mistake (sold some of the items i need now), i decided to make a list of items you really need. But i did only a few quests so far and got some information from streams and with research so i need your help. Maybe we can make a list of all collectable quest items (the ones who spawn random) together, so you have a handy little list with things you should keep (especially usefull after a wipe). I will update this list with the information you provide. Just one thing: Be sure about the related items. I dont want people to guess, because we all need a clean stash EDIT: Due to not being able to edit posts after a few minutes, i've created a google document for it which i will update instead. It can be found here
  14. lllPug

    more stupid quest

    Would love to have more stupid and grindy quest like "hunter" to unlock the mk-18. Definitely put more weapon behind super long quest to make sure player have a long and frustrating expérience on tarkov. Wth this kind of quest the dev can make sure the player will not only puke blood to unlock weapon, but they ll for sure get a good screen punching desire once they see that all usefull round are ether out of stock or so limited in number per restock that you have to wait 3 restock before going in raid or you ll just run out of ammo after the first raid.
  15. I am on the Skier quest that needs you to turn in 2 flash drives, I turned one it that I had since before the quest and knew it was coming up. After that I still needed one so I went into a scav run and got out with one, found in raid and everything, Even when i hovered over it, it said this is found in raid for the quest "whatever the quest name is". it wouldnt let me turn it in so i sold it after restarting my game and some other things and then i found one with my pmc and got out found in raid and everything. Still could not turn it in. not sure if there is a way i can fix this bug or not.
  16. Hey everyone, I'm stuck on Delivery from the past. I succesfully extracted the documents case from customs, but after that I died and didn't know you would lose the case if its still in your ''raid inventory''. No problem you think? Well the problem is that the documents case doesn't respawn in customs. I tried now around 10 times and all the times I was the first in Big Red and unlocked the door. So to summaries I found the documents case, lost it and can't get it again? Anyone know how to help me? Thanks
  17. I don't get why there are time limits on collecting money or items from quests and stuff you sold on the market. I've lost out on so much stuff because of this. It doesn't help when the server wont refresh either. I was on a couple days ago to collect my insurance and no notifications came up about my items sold on the Market place, I even checked Ragman's messages. Nothing... I sold 4 filters for about 70,000 Roubles each, and lost out on all that cash. I don't play every day because I have a life and am not able to tend to Tarkov. It's ridiculous and makes no sense. Same with quest items. I've done so many quests and then timed out because, as I've stated before, I'm not able to be on every day. Plus I forget or the server doesn't refresh while I'm playing, even after a round. It's BS I guess my suggestion is to just take the time limit off. I get the games hardcore and I like it for that but this particular thing is driving me mad. The insurance is fine, no complaints there.
  18. deltagamin9

    Great game design

    I just handed in a Pilligrim backpack as a quest item and lost my collection of keys, because for some reason it was too hard to design this properly, so that the item cannot be turned in, if it's not empty. Great ducking game design!
  19. OwnedYouI3iatch

    Erste Prapor Quest

    Hallo, ich soll ja 2 Mp-133 Schrotflinten abgeben ich habe jetzt eine gefunden nur finde ich keine Möglichkeit diese ab zu geben ich hoffe jemand kann mir weiter helfen. Mfg
  20. Xavioune

    Whats on the flash drive bugged

    Hi, So iv'e been playing since the start of the wipe and I didn't even finished what's on the flash drive ( First quest of skier ) because it's bugged. Iv'e already turn in one flash drive so I need to turn in just another one and I have one ( found in raid ) and he won't let me turn it in, and I really need this quest to be done and I cannot figure out why so may someone help me pleaseee.
  21. Hey guys, a little help here. I'm on Chemical, p.1 - I've found the key and the document and handed them over, but I cannot complete the quest because I'm still missing the "Find some information about the Deputy Chief's past life" part. I've watched several videos and read some posts, but I can't seem to get the check by that part. Is that a bug, or something simple I can do. Screenshot below. Many thanks.
  22. CuriousTheNoob

    Random task generator?

    When people complete all their tasks I think a random task generator would help with the replayibility of "endgame." Even if its just simple kill x amount of scavs with a certain weapon or just find in raid type items, it gives a reason to go to every map and use different weapons.
  23. Hello BSG and players, I would like to suggest a rework/rebalance of the Delivery from the Past quest from prapor. I am starting to empty my stash and wallet, yet it doesn't seem I am even close to finishing the mission... It is one of the hardest quest I had to do in my two decades of gaming. This kind of quest is a horror to accomplish pre-wipe. Maybe I've just had a lot some unlucky runs, but I just wanted to share my frustration here on the forum...
  24. Kelesite

    Therapist gone wrong lol

    Hey guys! So a friend of mine got a problem with Therapist. He doesn’t speak English so I’m posting here for him. Have you guys seen this before? He can’t turn in gas analyzers to Therapist, and I’m guessing maybe it’s due to the code shown below? Thanks in advance.
  25. ChAWPo

    LFG Quest Runs Customs - NA

    Hello! Im looking for some people to help me on a hard stuck quest called golden swag. Im having trouble getting in to dorms and getting out safely with the lighter. Any and all help is much appreciated. Also we can talk on discord
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