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Found 69 results

  1. Hi, I have a problem with the sew it good questline from ragman. I finished part 1 & 2 but part 3 is not visible, is this normal?
  2. ISweepy

    Hatchling butchering

    Is it really necessary for everyone level 30+ to murder every hatchling you see? Like cmon guys you don't need to go hunting down the bambis like that, let them go quest. If they aren't running straight at you just let em bug off, not like they are gonna kill you in your Fort/FastMT
  3. Hier hatte ich folgendes Problem: Nachdem ich beim ersten Versuch, Spawn Road to Customs, gleich den Ambulance am Resort und den ersten Ambulance beim Tunnel markiert hatte, fiel mir auf, dass ich mit diesem Spawn wirklich ein Problem heraufbeschworen habe. Denn: Man kann dadurch den letzten Ambulance nicht markieren! Das rührt daher, dass er im Extraction-Bereich liegt. Die 7 Sekunden reichen eben nicht aus, um den Sender anzubringen und schnell aus der Zone herauszulaufen, um nicht zu extracten. Tja, dachte ich mir: Gehst eben noch mal rein. Und wo spawn' ich? Road to Customs! Und das 5 mal nacheinander. Das war schon ziemliches Pech. Einzige Lösung die mir hier einfällt: Man muss eine Taste drücken, um den Extract zu aktivieren. Oder die Ambulance woanders platzieren.
  4. Hey guys, a little help here. I'm on Chemical, p.1 - I've found the key and the document and handed them over, but I cannot complete the quest because I'm still missing the "Find some information about the Deputy Chief's past life" part. I've watched several videos and read some posts, but I can't seem to get the check by that part. Is that a bug, or something simple I can do. Screenshot below. Many thanks.
  5. FallenCrackers

    Spa Tour Part .6

    Spa Tour Part .6 is bugged do not try to complete the task. if you try it was take $7500 usd every time you press handover. heres a link to what happened,
  6. I did some research but could not find something related to this specific topic. Mostly found some lists of quests, but they are either incomplete or does not fit into what i want as the result. Iam sorry if i missed something. Anyway: Hey Guys :-) After a few weeks with quests and realising my "spring-cleaning" right before the quest-patch was a mistake (sold some of the items i need now), i decided to make a list of items you really need. But i did only a few quests so far and got some information from streams and with research so i need your help. Maybe we can make a list of all collectable quest items (the ones who spawn random) together, so you have a handy little list with things you should keep (especially usefull after a wipe). I will update this list with the information you provide. Just one thing: Be sure about the related items. I dont want people to guess, because we all need a clean stash EDIT: Due to not being able to edit posts after a few minutes, i've created a google document for it which i will update instead. It can be found here
  7. So im doing the first skier quest - hand in a fort armor and kiver-M helmet with no less than 80% durability. I've handed in the fort and i have a Kiver-M helmet but cant hand it in. The message 'Find a kiver-M helmet with no less than 80% durability is blue and has a tick next to it. But, when I try and hand it in i get an error '228 items moving - bad durability for item'. I think this is a bug as it should either let me hand it in, or the message for 'Find a helmet with no less than 80% durability' should not be blue and have a tick next to it. Edit: I also tried logging out and trying again but it still happens. Thanks,
  8. THEantiSANTA

    Ragman stole my backpacks!

    Just handed in the Ragman quest for the two pilgrim bags and didnt have enough room in my stash to seperate them all and there is no way to know what ones youre choosing when you hand them in so i took my trizips out thankfully as they had a fort armor and some fast mts in there anyways when i handed them in i go back to my inventory to find all 5 of my pilgrim bags missing. Not too big a deal as hardly ever use them but i do hate loosing my loot because of bugs or something i had no control over.
  9. MojitoHappiness

    Usb flash

    Okay. I've been trying to get usb flash drives for 8 hours straight and couldn't find them either on woods and customs tents. Is there new spawn or I'm missing something?
  10. So if anybody struggles with finding the 5 Stores for said quest, i poorly edited the map from th EFT Wiki. https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Interchange Note: You need to extract in order to finish this quest. Just walk into each of the stores and listen to the ''subtask completed'' sound.
  11. AidsInbound

    Cabin Key Door Wont Open?

    Just got the golden lighter and had the "Cabin Key" on me. As I head to the house with the buses near it, it wont let me open the door. Am I using the wrong key or am I retarded?
  12. Das folgende ist eine Übersetzung meines Beitrags aus dem englischen Forum. Da das Spiel (noch) nicht auf deutsch verfügbar ist, wollte ich keinen deutschen Beitrag mit englischen Gegenstandsnamen machen, daher werde ich nur die Einleitung übersetzen, damit ihr wisst worum es geht und dann gegebenenfalls im englischen Thread beitragen könnt. Diesen könnt ihr hier finden: Hallo Leute :-) Nach ein paar Wochen mit den Quests - und nachdem ich festgestellt habe das mein Frühjahrsputz ein Fehler war (habe einige der Gegenstände verkauft die ich jetzt brauche) - habe ich mich entschlossen eine Liste von Gegenständen, die ihr wirklich benötigt, zu erstellen. Ich habe allerdings bisher nur einige Quests erledigt und ein paar Informationen aus Streams sowie mit der Suche erhalten, daher brauche ich eure Hilfe. Eventuell können wir zusammen eine Liste aller sammelbaren Gegenstände anfertigen (solche die zufällig spawnen), so das jeder eine nützliche kleine Liste mit Dingen zur Verfügung hat, die ihr behalten solltet (besonders nützlich nach einem wipe). Ich werde den englischen Beitrag entsprechend updaten, ihr könnt gern hier oder dort eure Ergänzungen machen. Nur eine Sache noch: Seid euch sicher mit den Gegenständen, ich möchte keine Liste von vermuteten Items erstellen, wir alle wollen einen sauberen Stash
  13. I have been struggling with the second quest for prapor. In the task you need to kill 14 woods scavs. The problem i have with it is 1. There are rarely any scavs at all in the map. This makes the quest really really hard. 2. The players. If you are going out to woods you will meet players that are fully geared. In all of my woods raids i have never seen a single person that hasn't been geared. Whenever i take gear with me i'll just get killed by a player before even noticing a scav. In one raid i took my best gear and tried to finish the quest. In the 20 minute run i never saw a single living scav. I found 2 scavs in total at the most popular places to be. Both were dead. It really pisses me off that it's so hard to complete. The quest prevents me from leveling prapor to level 2. And that really sucks.
  14. IceScript

    interaktive Karten

    ALLE KARTEN UND ALLE GESAMMELTEN INFORMATIONEN! https://minioncube.de/karten -> Dort werden alle Karten im Google-Stil angezeigt. Auf der linken Seite könnt ihr zwischen den Karten wechseln oder über Regionen auf bestimmte Positionen wechseln. Alternativ klickt ihr auf Markierungen innerhalb der Karte. SUCHFUNKTION! WIE GEIL IST DAS DENN?! Du brauchst Hilfe bei einer Quest? Dir fehlt ein Schlüssel? Du möchtest wissen wo sich die Tresore befinden? Alles kein Problem! Mithilfe der Suchfunktion kannst du nun nach bestimmten Markierungen suchen, auswählen und auf die Position in der Karte springen. UP-TO-DATE JE NACH HILFESTELLUNG.. Da ein aufwendiges System hinter dem ganzen steckt, kann nun spielend leicht Markierungen hinzugefügt oder verändert werden. Hast du ein Fehler entdeckt oder möchtest etwas hinzufügen? Logge dich auf der Website ein und melde dich per Support-Anfrage.
  15. Hallith

    Delivery from the past bug?

    I am trying to do Delivery from the Past with Prapor and was wanting to check if anyone else ran into the problem of dying on the factory part of it and losing the quest item? This wasn't like this before. It is infuriating to have to go back to customs every time to redo the quest and make it out alive, and then factory and make it out alive. Should be able to put in your safe case.
  16. trigger585

    Gunsmith - Part 4

    so einmal die m4a1 die er an nimmt https://ibb.co/nJV83c
  17. trigger585

    Gunsmith - Part 3

    So ein mal die wie sie auf jeden für die Quest geht MP5SD https://ibb.co/kogQEH
  18. trigger585

    Gunsmith - Part 2

    so die AKSu bitte zusammen klappen bei mir ging es nicht anders https://ibb.co/iD4tEH
  19. trigger585

    Gunsmith - Part 1

    so muss die shotty aussehen https://ibb.co/kRpcpH
  20. Hello, I'm currently doing the second quest for prapor which is the 'Prapor Pocket Watch Quest' and I'm currently having some trouble. I went into the dorms, checked both the jackets and there is no bronze key; I went as scav the first run, nothing and then went as PMC the second run and still nothing there. - I've accepted the quest 100%, It's not in my pouch, backpack or stash - I've also checked all the rigs and backpacks I own. Am I bugged or just mentally handicap?

    Trader Quest

    This might have already been covered, however I could not find it. Can Trader Quest, Task, be completed with a friend, will both of us get credit upon extraction or just one of us. Say you have to kill 25 SCAVs, and your partner kills one does it count towards your completion or his and or groups.
  22. NeOxALI3N

    Help Completing Quest

    Upon attempting to complete the quest where you have to mark the three Ambulance on Shoreline, the game wants to extract me when I go to place a marker on the ambulance that is located in the extraction zone 'tunnel.' Is there a way around the extraction zone so I can place the marker and complete the quest? Any suggestions are welcome!
  23. Has anybody else had a problem where you can't place one of the markers on a truck? I did the first 3 and went to do the last one at the gas station extraction but the prompt doesn't show up. I bought another marker to see if that would fix it, but that didn't work either.
  24. This quest is just bloody awful. I've never gotten past it because I'm forced to play on that Factory map which just means an average playtime of a few seconds before death. Should at least have a couple of ways to finish quests like that and not put it behind a wall of certain death. First it took me many weeks just to find that bloody key to the customs office. Then I have to play that terrible Factory map afterwards. It's just awful.
  25. najica2910

    Quests auf Deutsch

    Hier kann jeder, am besten mit einer kleinen Screenshot Anleitung, die jeweiligen Quests auflösen.