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Found 98 results

  1. kappaHPi5

    Stuck at delivery from the past

    Hey everyone, I'm stuck on Delivery from the past. I succesfully extracted the documents case from customs, but after that I died and didn't know you would lose the case if its still in your ''raid inventory''. No problem you think? Well the problem is that the documents case doesn't respawn in customs. I tried now around 10 times and all the times I was the first in Big Red and unlocked the door. So to summaries I found the documents case, lost it and can't get it again? Anyone know how to help me? Thanks
  2. I don't get why there are time limits on collecting money or items from quests and stuff you sold on the market. I've lost out on so much stuff because of this. It doesn't help when the server wont refresh either. I was on a couple days ago to collect my insurance and no notifications came up about my items sold on the Market place, I even checked Ragman's messages. Nothing... I sold 4 filters for about 70,000 Roubles each, and lost out on all that cash. I don't play every day because I have a life and am not able to tend to Tarkov. It's ridiculous and makes no sense. Same with quest items. I've done so many quests and then timed out because, as I've stated before, I'm not able to be on every day. Plus I forget or the server doesn't refresh while I'm playing, even after a round. It's BS I guess my suggestion is to just take the time limit off. I get the games hardcore and I like it for that but this particular thing is driving me mad. The insurance is fine, no complaints there.
  3. Delta_Seirra

    Great game design

    I just handed in a Pilligrim backpack as a quest item and lost my collection of keys, because for some reason it was too hard to design this properly, so that the item cannot be turned in, if it's not empty. Great ducking game design!
  4. OwnedYouI3iatch

    Erste Prapor Quest

    Hallo, ich soll ja 2 Mp-133 Schrotflinten abgeben ich habe jetzt eine gefunden nur finde ich keine Möglichkeit diese ab zu geben ich hoffe jemand kann mir weiter helfen. Mfg
  5. Xavioune

    Whats on the flash drive bugged

    Hi, So iv'e been playing since the start of the wipe and I didn't even finished what's on the flash drive ( First quest of skier ) because it's bugged. Iv'e already turn in one flash drive so I need to turn in just another one and I have one ( found in raid ) and he won't let me turn it in, and I really need this quest to be done and I cannot figure out why so may someone help me pleaseee.
  6. Murkuri

    Chemical, p.1 help / bug?

    Hey guys, a little help here. I'm on Chemical, p.1 - I've found the key and the document and handed them over, but I cannot complete the quest because I'm still missing the "Find some information about the Deputy Chief's past life" part. I've watched several videos and read some posts, but I can't seem to get the check by that part. Is that a bug, or something simple I can do. Screenshot below. Many thanks.
  7. CuriousTheNoob

    Random task generator?

    When people complete all their tasks I think a random task generator would help with the replayibility of "endgame." Even if its just simple kill x amount of scavs with a certain weapon or just find in raid type items, it gives a reason to go to every map and use different weapons.
  8. Hello BSG and players, I would like to suggest a rework/rebalance of the Delivery from the Past quest from prapor. I am starting to empty my stash and wallet, yet it doesn't seem I am even close to finishing the mission... It is one of the hardest quest I had to do in my two decades of gaming. This kind of quest is a horror to accomplish pre-wipe. Maybe I've just had a lot some unlucky runs, but I just wanted to share my frustration here on the forum...
  9. Kelesite

    Therapist gone wrong lol

    Hey guys! So a friend of mine got a problem with Therapist. He doesn’t speak English so I’m posting here for him. Have you guys seen this before? He can’t turn in gas analyzers to Therapist, and I’m guessing maybe it’s due to the code shown below? Thanks in advance.
  10. Sepraxx

    Do Quest offline - lower reward

    Hi Devs of EFT I have a suggestion i hope you would listen to. My suggestion is it would be nice if we could do quest in offline mode - but with the "punishment"/downside is that the reward of XP, money etc. is lowered, like lets say it's lowered with 30% or what ever the amount is. In that way we could still do them, but if we want a bigger reward, we have to do them online. The reason why i ask or suggest this, is that many people on different forums and on reddit have problems with a lot of quests, and some have abandon several quests, mainly because of other players are making it impossible to finish some quests. And i know that doing them in offline mode would somehow look like cheat or be wrong in general, but that's why i suggest the downside if lowering the reward with X amount of %, to make it a bit more fair. - Morten
  11. IceScript

    interaktive Karten

    ALLE KARTEN UND ALLE GESAMMELTEN INFORMATIONEN! https://minioncube.de/karten -> Dort werden alle Karten im Google-Stil angezeigt. Auf der linken Seite könnt ihr zwischen den Karten wechseln oder über Regionen auf bestimmte Positionen wechseln. Alternativ klickt ihr auf Markierungen innerhalb der Karte. SUCHFUNKTION! WIE GEIL IST DAS DENN?! Du brauchst Hilfe bei einer Quest? Dir fehlt ein Schlüssel? Du möchtest wissen wo sich die Tresore befinden? Alles kein Problem! Mithilfe der Suchfunktion kannst du nun nach bestimmten Markierungen suchen, auswählen und auf die Position in der Karte springen. UP-TO-DATE JE NACH HILFESTELLUNG.. Da ein aufwendiges System hinter dem ganzen steckt, kann nun spielend leicht Markierungen hinzugefügt oder verändert werden. Hast du ein Fehler entdeckt oder möchtest etwas hinzufügen? Logge dich auf der Website ein und melde dich per Support-Anfrage.
  12. ChAWPo

    LFG Quest Runs Customs - NA

    Hello! Im looking for some people to help me on a hard stuck quest called golden swag. Im having trouble getting in to dorms and getting out safely with the lighter. Any and all help is much appreciated. Also we can talk on discord
  13. 1Widerstandny

    Tarkov Live RPG-Quests

    Wenn ihr eigene Quests habt, könnt ihr diese hier gerne erstellen. Es ist eurer wilden Fantasie überlassen, was für eine Art Quest es sein soll. Bitte teilt diese der Community, sodass alle eine Möglichkeit bekommt, selbst erstelle Quests zu machen. Was für eine Quest ist es? Töte so und so viele Scavs/PMC/Bosse Eskortiere VIPs Sammel-Quests Auf welchen Maps soll es stattfinden Welche Bedingungen sind daran gebunden? Bestimmtes Gear (UNTAR/M4 only, No Armor) Zeit Hat es eine Story? Ich möchte hier keine ewig langen Diskussionen hier haben Verbesserungsvorschläge zu den Quests sind erwünscht.
  14. countryboytx100

    Found key

    So recently I was playing on factory trying to complete stirrup and as I was going through the map I found some dead bodies and since nobody was around I decided to see what was left behind well I searched a PMC and he had a key for a quest so I'm trying to find this person or someone who knows him to tell him to add me back his name is RavidWarrior and if you know him tell him to add me so I can return it BrutalD00dle is mine
  15. FreedomFries

    Mentor Quest Still Broken

    The Mentor quest from Peacekeeper is still bugged out. I got the quest about a month ago I believe, and accepted it immediately. It gave me an error and disappeared, and has yet to return. I've seen a few forum posts about the issue, but none of them have an actual resolution for fixing the problem. At this point in the wipe I have enough money for the 50k euros, and I need to complete Mentor to get my sniper skill to the required level for Wet Job Part 6, especially with the skill progress exhaustion now. Is there any solution to this issue, or has anything about it been officially addressed?
  16. Hello everyone! My name is Jonas C and today I want to share my thoughts about EFT's questing system and hopefully give any EFT developer reading this some inspiration for possible future improvements. This post contains my own opinions and I understand that not everybody feels the same way that I do. With that out of the way lets gets started! In my time in EFT I have spoken to both people who hate the current questing system and people who enjoy it and defend it. With this in mind my intent has been to focus on changes that would solve the system decisions being hated on for one playerbase while also trying to keep the elements the playerbase defending the system enjoy. Current Quest types: - Kill quests ( ex. Kill x of specified target ) - Pickup quests ( ex. Lore items, Barter items ) - Skill quests ( ex. Trader level reached, Character skill reached ) - Discover quests ( ex. Find a certain car ) - Mark quests ( ex. Mark a truck with a marker ) - Dropoff quests ( ex. Leave x items here ) - Modding quests ( ex. Build m4 according to specifications ) - Experience quests ( ex. Stay dehydrated for 5 minutes, Kill while being under certain effect) I am going to start from the top and move down thrue the different types starting with "Kill quests". Kill quests: This quest type is in a pretty bad spot at the moment. I enjoy kill quests in tarkov even if most of the time they aren't very inspiring or mind blowing. I would however like to see some additions. An example would be quests for killing the different bosses and their pack of guards, another one could be for raiders on "The labs" or "Reserve". I am also looking forward to cultist kill quests being added when that feature hits gameplay. The problem for me personally and many others I have spoken to is when the system forces certain gear to be used on my character or even worse a specific weapon. This is when a break in immersion occurs. Instantly upon wearing gear being forced upon me I feel detached from my character removing the RPG aspect of the game. And when being forced to run this setup for many raids in a row to try and complete one of the harder, more grindy quest it can drain your energy to play at all after only a few attempts. An example of this is "The tarkov shooter part 8" which required 3 PMC kills with the mosin bolt action in one raid on woods. In my case it does not help being a player that favors CQB combat using shotguns and smgs when trying to switch into a role like this quest requires. The quest "A shooter born in heaven" is also one of the harder quests which fits sniper players better then CQB players but atleast it allows you the freedom to solve the problem in your own way which makes the quest absolutely fine by me. But hold up Jonas, one of my friend says: "Have you even read the quest? They want you to use this weapon because of the lore, some of these stories are taken from real-life scenarios". I am not very involved in the lore but if it is the case that these weapons and gear sets are tightly tied to the quest lines I would like to see one of following changes: - Choice of quest paths with different lore allowing different types of playstyles being used to progress the quest line. - Make sure that the forced gear/weapons quests are not in both the grindy and hard category ( Example for "The tarkov shooter part 8" kill 7 scavs instead of pmc players in one round is more reasonable ) What players end up doing today is queing up with their friends but not being in a party trying to enter the same game on a specified server. So the argument I have heard that only the most skilled player that can manage all weapon/gear types should be able to progress the quest line does not fly in my mind. Pickup quests: This quest type is in a okay spot but I would like to see some improvements. It is good in the way that it is forcing the player into different areas of looting/lore to find what they need. I dont mind these quests being a little bit grindy either, aslong as there is certain areas you can grind to increase your chances of finding the items needed. Only downside I see with these quests currently is that some require "found in raid" and some dont. In my opinion all the items should be found in raid. The point of a quest is to send you on a mission. Not a short trip to the flea market. I would also like to see more advanced quests in this category like the quest "Delivery from the past" forcing you between multiple maps with the quest item with the risk of having to start over at the first map. Skill quests: This quest type is a okay spot. I dont see any problems with how they are currently implemented. Even if i see complaints that people cheese them in different ways to get their skill level up faster it works absolutely fine leveling them passively if you have a little bit of patience which is the approach I have gone with. Discover quests: This quest type is a good spot. I think this quest type serves a cause forcing the players to different areas making them learn the map better. It is fun to find out locations based on cryptic instructions . But if the location/location of an item is supposed to be cryptic the clues should be in the game and not only on the official wiki. I should be able to figure out where exactly to go using ingame clues. Marker quests: This quest type leaves some to desire. I would want to see some sort of event being triggered while defending the objective. (Scav spawns? , PMC alerted somehow? ) to make it more interesting. The odds of someone taking your marker of a target is slim to zero so at the moment this quest type is pretty much a discovery quest but you also have to bring an item. Dropoff quests: This quest type is in a good spot, forcing the player to bring in items into the raid risking them on the way to a dropoff point is a good way to keep the round interesting. Modding quests: This quest type is in a good spot, it teaches people how the weapon building system works. Experience quests: This quest type is in a pretty bad spot, There are few quests of this type and when you have them they mostly just come across as being strange. Having to create scenarios where you recieve negative debuffs in order to try and progress a quest creates a break in immersion. Iam not sure on how to make this quest type interesting to be honest. My best suggestion would be to focus on the positive effects a player can apply to himself to educate the player on different ways to enhance combat scenarios. ( Different stims/consumables ) This quest type and the kill quest type using specific gear/weapons are the only times I have seen people grouping up trying to get into the same raid without party trying to finish the quest. Thats all for me. I hope some people found this post interesting
  17. Sheeno

    Chemical Pt1 weird bug

    Issue has fixed itself currently. There was a weird bug i just encountered where I went into a game to do this quest(Chemical Pt1 from Skier), as soon as I picked up the Documents from the Train, I got an Error which forced my game to close (can't remember what it said, but the option was to close game). (At this point i was asked to send a report which I did do, idk if it was the cause for my fix) Once that happened, I could not re open the game, as i'd got an error saying my Account ID was not Authentic. After restarting the launcher, i would get a Error 213 where I could not download latest file, thus preventing me from opening the game. Then I logged out and tried logging in but it said my Account could not be authenticated, so i tried logging into the website and it sent a verification link to my email, varified and everything but the same issue occured with logging in, after like 10 min i was able to log into launcher, and then into the game normally. So as of now the issue seems good. it's weird cause it seems as tho the quest item triggered a strange set of issues, but if anyone has this issue, where the game crashes upon picking up the item and it allows u too send a report, do it and then i guess do what i did with authenticating, then waiting alittle bit and it may fix itself.. still don't know if the report helped at all, but it worked. As of now I logged back in with 10 min left, picked up the item and escaped and turned in the quest with no issues.
  18. So im doing the first skier quest - hand in a fort armor and kiver-M helmet with no less than 80% durability. I've handed in the fort and i have a Kiver-M helmet but cant hand it in. The message 'Find a kiver-M helmet with no less than 80% durability is blue and has a tick next to it. But, when I try and hand it in i get an error '228 items moving - bad durability for item'. I think this is a bug as it should either let me hand it in, or the message for 'Find a helmet with no less than 80% durability' should not be blue and have a tick next to it. Edit: I also tried logging out and trying again but it still happens. Thanks,
  19. yurfajah

    Need some help?

    Hello, Im toward the end game of Tarkov and am looking to help out our new players to the game. If anyone would like help with quest or info or game play im more than happy. Message me and ill get back to you ASAP.
  20. Hartox

    Bug Postman Pat - Part 1

    Yo les gens ! Je reprends le jeu avec la 0.12 qui est juste ultra lourde ! Enfin bref, je me lance dans un ptit run facto pour la quete "Postman Pat - Part 1". Je rencontre personne, donc je sors par derriere ( j'ai la clef facto). Je donne la lettre à Therapist et la je me rends compte que je ne peux pas terminer la quete avec Prapor. Sans trop lire, je pense que c'est parceque j'ai fait un "Run Through". Je retourne donc sur facto pour faire un VRAI run. Tout se passe bien je tue 4 ou 5 scav histoire de, puis je me casse. Et la je ne peux toujours pas terminer la quête... pck je n'ai pas donné la lettre à Therapist....... Comme vous pouvez le voir, j'ai reloot la lettre mais impossible de la donner à Therapist puisque je lui en ai déjà donné une... J'ai déjà essayer de me suicider pour perdre la lettre et cette fois ci re-loot la lettre avec un "vrai" run mais ce fut aussi efficace que l'attaque trempette de magicarpe.... PLZ si vous avez déjà eu ca ou une idée de comment faire ? Ca me bloque carrement sur les quetes de Prapor cette connerie :( (Oui j'ai le jeu en francais et j'aime pas, mais c'est plus facile pour guider deux nouveaux potes sur le jeu).
  21. Hello everyone ! (I'm French so i'll try my best to speak in english) I have some ideas that could enrich Escape from tarkov and that could possibly fit into the lore. ****QUEST**** QUEST* : PNJs that could give you random scenarized additional Quest like in the division : You hear someone screaming, it is actually a PNJ tortured/traped by SCAVS or some weird hostile AIs : you can let him die and pass your way, or you can save him and escort him to somewhere safer and maybe HEAL him, give him water/food. Then later you 'll receive a reward like at the end of a quest (like prapor's) or in the hideout a "mystery gift box" with some things valuable or not. QUEST ** : Collect body part for a "weirdos faction" : "you know the new AI that would come with knifes and melee weapon." : One member of the SECT give you a quest : you have to kill 20 persons and then collect 20 body parts : 20 finger, 20 scalp, etc.... AND YOU HAVE AN ANIMATION OF YOUR PMC cutting the body parts like in read dead redemption when you gather Hides or meat on animals. QUEST*** : you can find Temporar traders in Raid : the trader 'll tell you to find something during this raid and to bring him, in exchange he will tell you where he Hid the valuable/precious Roller / USB key / God Tier Weapon -> This could lead to an animation with a shovel to Dig out the goods. "treasures Maps" QUEST****: You have to bring Vehicules Parts / Fuel to a PNJ in a Gaz Station : This will Open an dynamic extract : The Pnj will take 10min to restore the vehicule, you will protect him from scav attacks, then you will enter the vehicule with him as driver, and he will drive to the extract, during this you have to survive (30sec-60sec of driving at high velocity) -> This will give you extra XP and Extra Stuff as Rewards and Reputation because this dude was a friend of Fence, then Fence will give you Quests and better Prices. Plus some extra High Techs items. ETC........... ****GAMEPLAY FEATURES**** -->Dynamic Quest in Raid Given by PNJ -->Cutting Little Body Parts to collect them for Proof of kill like dogtags -->Additionnal Visual Dommage effect on DEAD body : example : When u walk on a land mine / Grenade and u die : legs torn off. More Blood / more Blood on cloths in case of high blood loss -->Dommage on weapons when you fire a big caliber : example : 7.62x31 bullet hit an Ak : Ak dommaged -->Unconsciousness : you have to drag/carry your friend's body in safe place -->This feature could lead to something more : you can capture uncouscious scavs for a quest ? Or you can capture a unconscious PMC from an other factions during a RAID and reanimate him, then execute him, maybe "film it" with special in game item for a special Quest. (could lead to bad Karma with some traders, and Extra karma with others) (Inspired by a Feature i loved in Reign Of King : capture guys with ropes) -->In raid Scripted light Vehicules Controlled By PNJ for quest/extraction purposes. -->Big Events Like Airdrops, Raider attack, scav vs Raider vs Sect Members vs PMC WAR -->Safe Zone With Ultra High End GEARED UN-PNJs : You can trade in those "safe Zones", or you can try to attacks Them for Quest purpose or For High End Loots -->Could take place near the docks in SHoreline, (the yet unaccessible zone) the UN-PNJs would have .50BMG Stationnary Weapons (you could have to kill them From very Far away with a sniper rifle and then prepare to Raid their base. (stuff would be artificially limited in a balancing purpose) -->I'll add more ideas if it comes to my mind (i'd be happy if BSG's members or The Big BOSS Nikita Himself, could read this and tell me if there are interesting things (maybe for DLC) in those suggestions. I think one or two things i mentioned are planned or at least in discussion) Thank you all for your reading.
  22. KimiFelipe

    Reason or Intention

    At 0.11.7 this game became increasingly hard. It goes without saying that it is a change of the quest. I have seen opinions on quests in various places since 0.11.7 was released. The words "terrible", "annoying" and "too difficult" were highlighted. I think it's good for players to do feedbacks. But I still shut my mouth. That's because I don’t know why the quest has changed significantly in 0.11.7. Can I hear the intention of task change from people who are planning this game? This game is hardcore. Hard games are welcome. So I may accept the difficulty of the quest now. However, I may say "sad" depending on the content of the reason.😚 I don’t think that I can hear the answer on here. I hope it will be heard in the next podcast. Thank you.
  23. tomrm2003

    The quest system

    Its really a pain to do all the later quests, especially with killing the scavs on custom with a AKu, its like lol what? I think they should add to every quest a bonus, if you do it the harder way, you get a better reward Example: "Kill 30 scavs on interchange" reward: 30k rub. Bonus: "Wear a AVS Rig and and whatever else all the time while doing it" Bonusreward: 30k rub and some armor or gun whatever. Like, they should be optional, not required to do this extra stupid things, it just makes it painfully obnoxious
  24. Ich mach mal ein Thema dazu. Sobald hier wieder der monatliche "Feedback & Ideen"-Thema von @Hummz21 kommt, wird dieser überschwemmt werden von Beschwerden zur Performance und Quest, da will ich mal für etwas Abhilfe schaffen. Das was jetzt kommt habe ich hauptsächlich vom Wiki, da ich selbst diese Quest noch nicht selbst freigeschaltet habe, weil es wichtig ist, aus dem earlygame rauszukommen: Prapor: Quest Debut: Erhöhung der EXP auf 1,4k Shotguns sollten wieder im Raid gefunden werden Quest Grenadier: Senken der EXP auf 20-22K Therapist Quest Shortage: Erhöhung der EXP auf 1,2 - 1,5 K (Gut das ein Cap. auf Salewas gesetzt ist) Skier Quest Supplier: Entweder EXP auf 3,5k senken oder Items in Raid finden Mechanic Quest Reihe Mosin: Sollte unabhängig von Gun Smith sein und auch ab Lvl.10 bis 15 freigeschaltet sein
  25. Hey Escapers, ich habe ein ziemliches Problem mit der Quest Delivery from the past. Und zwar habe ich das Questitem aus Costum geholt, in der Factory Platziert und bin auch entkommen (standartexit). Nun kann ich aber die Quest nicht abgeben und bei Prapor steht immer noch, dass ich aus der Factory escapen muss. Hatte jemand schon mal so ein Problem und habt ihr vllt. ein paar Lösungsvorschläge für mich ? Bin auch schon nochmal in die Factory gegangen, um nochmal zu escapen hat aber leider nichts gebracht. MfG, Owiganowi
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