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Found 84 results

  1. yurfajah

    Need some help?

    Hello, Im toward the end game of Tarkov and am looking to help out our new players to the game. If anyone would like help with quest or info or game play im more than happy. Message me and ill get back to you ASAP.
  2. FreedomFries

    Mentor Quest Still Broken

    The Mentor quest from Peacekeeper is still bugged out. I got the quest about a month ago I believe, and accepted it immediately. It gave me an error and disappeared, and has yet to return. I've seen a few forum posts about the issue, but none of them have an actual resolution for fixing the problem. At this point in the wipe I have enough money for the 50k euros, and I need to complete Mentor to get my sniper skill to the required level for Wet Job Part 6, especially with the skill progress exhaustion now. Is there any solution to this issue, or has anything about it been officially addressed?
  3. Hartox

    Bug Postman Pat - Part 1

    Yo les gens ! Je reprends le jeu avec la 0.12 qui est juste ultra lourde ! Enfin bref, je me lance dans un ptit run facto pour la quete "Postman Pat - Part 1". Je rencontre personne, donc je sors par derriere ( j'ai la clef facto). Je donne la lettre à Therapist et la je me rends compte que je ne peux pas terminer la quete avec Prapor. Sans trop lire, je pense que c'est parceque j'ai fait un "Run Through". Je retourne donc sur facto pour faire un VRAI run. Tout se passe bien je tue 4 ou 5 scav histoire de, puis je me casse. Et la je ne peux toujours pas terminer la quête... pck je n'ai pas donné la lettre à Therapist....... Comme vous pouvez le voir, j'ai reloot la lettre mais impossible de la donner à Therapist puisque je lui en ai déjà donné une... J'ai déjà essayer de me suicider pour perdre la lettre et cette fois ci re-loot la lettre avec un "vrai" run mais ce fut aussi efficace que l'attaque trempette de magicarpe.... PLZ si vous avez déjà eu ca ou une idée de comment faire ? Ca me bloque carrement sur les quetes de Prapor cette connerie :( (Oui j'ai le jeu en francais et j'aime pas, mais c'est plus facile pour guider deux nouveaux potes sur le jeu).
  4. Murkuri

    Chemical, p.1 help / bug?

    Hey guys, a little help here. I'm on Chemical, p.1 - I've found the key and the document and handed them over, but I cannot complete the quest because I'm still missing the "Find some information about the Deputy Chief's past life" part. I've watched several videos and read some posts, but I can't seem to get the check by that part. Is that a bug, or something simple I can do. Screenshot below. Many thanks.
  5. Hello everyone ! (I'm French so i'll try my best to speak in english) I have some ideas that could enrich Escape from tarkov and that could possibly fit into the lore. ****QUEST**** QUEST* : PNJs that could give you random scenarized additional Quest like in the division : You hear someone screaming, it is actually a PNJ tortured/traped by SCAVS or some weird hostile AIs : you can let him die and pass your way, or you can save him and escort him to somewhere safer and maybe HEAL him, give him water/food. Then later you 'll receive a reward like at the end of a quest (like prapor's) or in the hideout a "mystery gift box" with some things valuable or not. QUEST ** : Collect body part for a "weirdos faction" : "you know the new AI that would come with knifes and melee weapon." : One member of the SECT give you a quest : you have to kill 20 persons and then collect 20 body parts : 20 finger, 20 scalp, etc.... AND YOU HAVE AN ANIMATION OF YOUR PMC cutting the body parts like in read dead redemption when you gather Hides or meat on animals. QUEST*** : you can find Temporar traders in Raid : the trader 'll tell you to find something during this raid and to bring him, in exchange he will tell you where he Hid the valuable/precious Roller / USB key / God Tier Weapon -> This could lead to an animation with a shovel to Dig out the goods. "treasures Maps" QUEST****: You have to bring Vehicules Parts / Fuel to a PNJ in a Gaz Station : This will Open an dynamic extract : The Pnj will take 10min to restore the vehicule, you will protect him from scav attacks, then you will enter the vehicule with him as driver, and he will drive to the extract, during this you have to survive (30sec-60sec of driving at high velocity) -> This will give you extra XP and Extra Stuff as Rewards and Reputation because this dude was a friend of Fence, then Fence will give you Quests and better Prices. Plus some extra High Techs items. ETC........... ****GAMEPLAY FEATURES**** -->Dynamic Quest in Raid Given by PNJ -->Cutting Little Body Parts to collect them for Proof of kill like dogtags -->Additionnal Visual Dommage effect on DEAD body : example : When u walk on a land mine / Grenade and u die : legs torn off. More Blood / more Blood on cloths in case of high blood loss -->Dommage on weapons when you fire a big caliber : example : 7.62x31 bullet hit an Ak : Ak dommaged -->Unconsciousness : you have to drag/carry your friend's body in safe place -->This feature could lead to something more : you can capture uncouscious scavs for a quest ? Or you can capture a unconscious PMC from an other factions during a RAID and reanimate him, then execute him, maybe "film it" with special in game item for a special Quest. (could lead to bad Karma with some traders, and Extra karma with others) (Inspired by a Feature i loved in Reign Of King : capture guys with ropes) -->In raid Scripted light Vehicules Controlled By PNJ for quest/extraction purposes. -->Big Events Like Airdrops, Raider attack, scav vs Raider vs Sect Members vs PMC WAR -->Safe Zone With Ultra High End GEARED UN-PNJs : You can trade in those "safe Zones", or you can try to attacks Them for Quest purpose or For High End Loots -->Could take place near the docks in SHoreline, (the yet unaccessible zone) the UN-PNJs would have .50BMG Stationnary Weapons (you could have to kill them From very Far away with a sniper rifle and then prepare to Raid their base. (stuff would be artificially limited in a balancing purpose) -->I'll add more ideas if it comes to my mind (i'd be happy if BSG's members or The Big BOSS Nikita Himself, could read this and tell me if there are interesting things (maybe for DLC) in those suggestions. I think one or two things i mentioned are planned or at least in discussion) Thank you all for your reading.
  6. KimiFelipe

    Reason or Intention

    At 0.11.7 this game became increasingly hard. It goes without saying that it is a change of the quest. I have seen opinions on quests in various places since 0.11.7 was released. The words "terrible", "annoying" and "too difficult" were highlighted. I think it's good for players to do feedbacks. But I still shut my mouth. That's because I don’t know why the quest has changed significantly in 0.11.7. Can I hear the intention of task change from people who are planning this game? This game is hardcore. Hard games are welcome. So I may accept the difficulty of the quest now. However, I may say "sad" depending on the content of the reason.😚 I don’t think that I can hear the answer on here. I hope it will be heard in the next podcast. Thank you.
  7. tomrm2003

    The quest system

    Its really a pain to do all the later quests, especially with killing the scavs on custom with a AKu, its like lol what? I think they should add to every quest a bonus, if you do it the harder way, you get a better reward Example: "Kill 30 scavs on interchange" reward: 30k rub. Bonus: "Wear a AVS Rig and and whatever else all the time while doing it" Bonusreward: 30k rub and some armor or gun whatever. Like, they should be optional, not required to do this extra stupid things, it just makes it painfully obnoxious
  8. Ich mach mal ein Thema dazu. Sobald hier wieder der monatliche "Feedback & Ideen"-Thema von @Hummz21 kommt, wird dieser überschwemmt werden von Beschwerden zur Performance und Quest, da will ich mal für etwas Abhilfe schaffen. Das was jetzt kommt habe ich hauptsächlich vom Wiki, da ich selbst diese Quest noch nicht selbst freigeschaltet habe, weil es wichtig ist, aus dem earlygame rauszukommen: Prapor: Quest Debut: Erhöhung der EXP auf 1,4k Shotguns sollten wieder im Raid gefunden werden Quest Grenadier: Senken der EXP auf 20-22K Therapist Quest Shortage: Erhöhung der EXP auf 1,2 - 1,5 K (Gut das ein Cap. auf Salewas gesetzt ist) Skier Quest Supplier: Entweder EXP auf 3,5k senken oder Items in Raid finden Mechanic Quest Reihe Mosin: Sollte unabhängig von Gun Smith sein und auch ab Lvl.10 bis 15 freigeschaltet sein
  9. Hey Escapers, ich habe ein ziemliches Problem mit der Quest Delivery from the past. Und zwar habe ich das Questitem aus Costum geholt, in der Factory Platziert und bin auch entkommen (standartexit). Nun kann ich aber die Quest nicht abgeben und bei Prapor steht immer noch, dass ich aus der Factory escapen muss. Hatte jemand schon mal so ein Problem und habt ihr vllt. ein paar Lösungsvorschläge für mich ? Bin auch schon nochmal in die Factory gegangen, um nochmal zu escapen hat aber leider nichts gebracht. MfG, Owiganowi
  10. Boehkomat1336

    Now I need rep to get LL3 Peacekeeper?

    Last patches, even from last year I didn't need to do any quests to get to peacekeeper LL3 and LL4, only Spend the money and level my PMC, but now it requires 0.3 rep for peacekeeper to be LL3. Is it a bug or an unannounced change? If it is a change, then why it says I need to be level 18, when in fact you finish the skier quest line you will be already level 40 or smth.
  11. THEantiSANTA

    Ragman stole my backpacks!

    Just handed in the Ragman quest for the two pilgrim bags and didnt have enough room in my stash to seperate them all and there is no way to know what ones youre choosing when you hand them in so i took my trizips out thankfully as they had a fort armor and some fast mts in there anyways when i handed them in i go back to my inventory to find all 5 of my pilgrim bags missing. Not too big a deal as hardly ever use them but i do hate loosing my loot because of bugs or something i had no control over.
  12. So i was doing the Skier quest friend from the west part 1 where you need to hand over 2 mbss and 6 avs vests. When i was doing this i had al my money stored in a wallets inside an mbss (to save space and organize it). I got 2 mbss for the quest (so 3 in total) and when i wanted to hand them in i clicked auto thinking it would not hand in the backpack with the money in it.... But it did. I lost over 1.5M Roubles, 5k EU and 15k USD. I would of course like it back but i know this is impossible since everyone can claim to have this happend to them. I would have like it if you made it so you can't hand in items with items or money inside for quest thus making them disapear. I added a picture of 0 0 0 for "proof" even if it isn't that special.
  13. trigger585

    Gunsmith - Part 4

    so einmal die m4a1 die er an nimmt https://ibb.co/nJV83c
  14. I did some research but could not find something related to this specific topic. Mostly found some lists of quests, but they are either incomplete or does not fit into what i want as the result. Iam sorry if i missed something. Anyway: Hey Guys :-) After a few weeks with quests and realising my "spring-cleaning" right before the quest-patch was a mistake (sold some of the items i need now), i decided to make a list of items you really need. But i did only a few quests so far and got some information from streams and with research so i need your help. Maybe we can make a list of all collectable quest items (the ones who spawn random) together, so you have a handy little list with things you should keep (especially usefull after a wipe). I will update this list with the information you provide. Just one thing: Be sure about the related items. I dont want people to guess, because we all need a clean stash EDIT: Due to not being able to edit posts after a few minutes, i've created a google document for it which i will update instead. It can be found here
  15. Das folgende ist eine Übersetzung meines Beitrags aus dem englischen Forum. Da das Spiel (noch) nicht auf deutsch verfügbar ist, wollte ich keinen deutschen Beitrag mit englischen Gegenstandsnamen machen, daher werde ich nur die Einleitung übersetzen, damit ihr wisst worum es geht und dann gegebenenfalls im englischen Thread beitragen könnt. Diesen könnt ihr hier finden: Hallo Leute :-) Nach ein paar Wochen mit den Quests - und nachdem ich festgestellt habe das mein Frühjahrsputz ein Fehler war (habe einige der Gegenstände verkauft die ich jetzt brauche) - habe ich mich entschlossen eine Liste von Gegenständen, die ihr wirklich benötigt, zu erstellen. Ich habe allerdings bisher nur einige Quests erledigt und ein paar Informationen aus Streams sowie mit der Suche erhalten, daher brauche ich eure Hilfe. Eventuell können wir zusammen eine Liste aller sammelbaren Gegenstände anfertigen (solche die zufällig spawnen), so das jeder eine nützliche kleine Liste mit Dingen zur Verfügung hat, die ihr behalten solltet (besonders nützlich nach einem wipe). Ich werde den englischen Beitrag entsprechend updaten, ihr könnt gern hier oder dort eure Ergänzungen machen. Nur eine Sache noch: Seid euch sicher mit den Gegenständen, ich möchte keine Liste von vermuteten Items erstellen, wir alle wollen einen sauberen Stash
  16. Brom0id

    Horde mode Quest Type

    Hey, i was playing Labs yesterday (awesome map btw, although needs some serious fixing), and thought of a new quest type... I always think how to refresh the quests, as they are pretty much all boring Kill X number of... or Fetch quests at the moment. So as i was playing around the server room, clearing raiders (the cages need some fixing guys, seriously, if a raider gets in a server cage, it is pretty much over, they can shoot through it like noones business, while nothing can touch them inside.. it is quite the nightmare to be flushing out AI from the server room.), and i thought, wouldn't it be fun, to have a quest, where one of the traders gives you a flash-drive (quest item perhaps), and tells you to plug it in and siphon them sweet sweet Terragroup secrets from their servers? So maybe you do get such a quest, and you do go down to said servers, and you plug it in, just to realize in horror that an alarm starts going off, red flashing lights everywhere and female voice on the intercom saying "Narusenie bezopacnosti" over, and over again. What's worse, you realize that Terragroup has these big-ass servers down here for a reason, and that their secrets are not small in data size ("There are Terrabites of data on here Yuri... Terra-bites.... get it?" *Pistol shot, and a loud thump of the body hitting the ground*), which means, that the data does not load quick on this cheap-ass chines 2.0 USB drive they gave you. So you find the folder named "Shady poo" and start to copy it onto the the drive. A window pops up with the progress bar and an estimated time of 15 minutes. Suddenly you hear metric poo-ton of footsteps and see a bright flashlight lighting up the opposite wall. Faint clinging can be heard, as the ice-cubes you just sweated-off hit the ground, and your eyes fall on to the hole in the ground, that leads to the service room below, few steps from you... what do you do? Much thanks to everyone who reads this, and even more to anyone who supports this idea. I really do think Tarkov Quests need a lot more variate, because kill X number of... quests and fetch quests (and all their variants) get boring quickly. Also this type of quest would pretty much exclude hatchet runs, that IMO are not in the spirit of the game. Hope that this idea takes root, or at least aids in evolution of the Tarkov quest tree. Love you all, and happy new year everyone !
  17. najica2910

    Quests auf Deutsch

    Hier kann jeder, am besten mit einer kleinen Screenshot Anleitung, die jeweiligen Quests auflösen.
  18. BiscuitBoy

    Spa Tour Part 4 Glitch?

    I am sitting on the gens in room 219 west wing, but it doesn't complete the quest. Anyone know about this issue?
  19. BobTheCowSlayer

    Reguire some help

    I need help with "Delivery From the Past". I've been looking for the key to the office for couple hours now and i cant find it. Anyone have spare one ?
  20. Mrtuna90

    Goshan key

    it's a joke that you need this key for a quest when the spawn rate is so low and I've done more then 50 raids on custom and not once have I seen this key!
  21. I'm not offering a giveaway or player carry, but help and guidance so you can learn and make XP progress. Message me here with your Discord and I'll add you. Country: US Playing Time: 11:00 PM - 3:00 AM EST / 03:00 - 08:00 UTC
  22. Hallith

    Delivery from the past bug?

    I am trying to do Delivery from the Past with Prapor and was wanting to check if anyone else ran into the problem of dying on the factory part of it and losing the quest item? This wasn't like this before. It is infuriating to have to go back to customs every time to redo the quest and make it out alive, and then factory and make it out alive. Should be able to put in your safe case.
  23. Aloha zu Zeit besteht das Spiel aus : Suchen,Markieren,Töten,Sammeln,Ablegen. Für mich fehlt da definitiv noch Zerstören aber ich gehe davon aus das bei der Umsetzung es auf das gleiche rauskommt wie beim markieren, aber es würde zumindest suggeriert das etwas anderes gemacht wird.Ja ok das wurde schon selber gesehen und wird gerade etwas schöner gemacht zb Wifi Kamera anbringen etc. Ein Grafisches Feuerwerk brauche ich persönlich nicht was diese Dinge angeht da diese immer Einbußen in anderen bereichen erfordern und die Sache an sich ist ja nicht verkehrt ist, es geht ja um das Spiel im Ganzen mit der Einbindung des Verstecks,Blaupausen,Bauen,Kombinieren etc. Ein rumlaufendes Rind auf einer Karte zu finden und eine Kugel mit dem Rind zu kombinieren es danach in eine Leere Dose zu stopfen und es zu würzen etc. fände ich witziger aber ok so sammel ich halt 30 Thuchonka Dosen um nicht wieder Scavs auf der Karte zu verlieren. Kuh,Ziege etc fangen und lebend aus der Karte bringen ,alles dinge die vielleicht gehen würden im Anbetracht des Verstecks und der Versorgungs Möglichkeiten.Holz fällen etc. eine Menge Potenzial und Spaß wäre da. Der eine muss was aus de Drohne Hollen der andere ist gerade zufällig auf der Karte um diese zu zerstören. Zumindest was die Kuh angeht würde das mal etwas anderes darstellen als nur eine Namensänderung. Gehen wir mal davon aus das der Heilige D bald Geschichte ist und die Leute nicht mehr Nervt hat es potenzial der Shooter überhaupt zu werden .In meinen Augen ist das Grundprinzip des Raids Genial wie es gerade ist ,aber was die Missionen und die Langzeitmotivation angeht kann es nur das Versteck retten und ein umfangreiches Bau,Kombi,Beschaffen Prinzip .Das ist zumindest meine Meinung über den Momentanen Stand der Dinge. Was mich angeht prügel ich mich am Anfang selber durch das Spiel ,30 Scavs hier und da etc. Lustig ist was anderes gerade die Scavs auf Interchange nerven mich und zwingen mich zu Pistolen Läufen damit auch mal einer noch Lebend anzutreffen ist.Ja das Wort Task passt wohl doch wie die Faust aufs Auge .Erst ab der Möglichkeit eine Untar Rüstung zu erwerben und hier und da zu Modden kommt dann bei mir feuer auf, dann kommt der schon wieder Modus Krampf bis ich endlich Peacekepper Missionen machen kann ,es wird eine Gewissen Zeit mal wieder Lustig und spätestens bei Spar Tour Part 3 ist dann die Luft ganz Raus.Und ja es ist im Aufbau und nur eine XY Version und ja dafür schreiben wir hier um frühzeitig etwas dazu zu sagen wo unserer Meinung nach der Weg hingehen soll . Vielleicht habt ihr ja einige gute Ideen wie man gute Quest erledigen kann die umzusetzen sind und nicht einfach eine Namensänderung darstellen.
  24. Hi, i wanted to report a bug but i can't find a way to report it from the support section of the site/launcher. Is there a proper way to do this? I will describe the bug here and eventually report it through proper channels. If there's one. The bug is with "Sew it good pt. 1" quest, i had two Pilgrim backpacks in my inventory, went to the quest section, selected to hand-over the items, choose one item, handed it over and BOTH backpack disappeared but only one was actually considered for the quest. Considering that in 40 hours in game this was the first Pilgrim i saw on a scav it wasn't pleasant M
  25. Has anybody else had a problem where you can't place one of the markers on a truck? I did the first 3 and went to do the last one at the gas station extraction but the prompt doesn't show up. I bought another marker to see if that would fix it, but that didn't work either.
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