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  1. I have been able to launch the game for the past month now until today. I attempted to launch the game as an administrator and keep getting this error: 'Unhandled Exception" Error reading JObject from JsonReader. Path ", line 1, position 2699. I have searched everywhere for a fix for this and have been unsuccessful. Can anyone help me?
  2. Why are RMT websites selling EFT items and currency? I thought this was not allowed yet its in full production?
  3. Since the patch dropped, I am getting server disconnect before the start of every raid. I cannot, for the life of me get into a game. Nothing but server disconnects. Is anyone else having the same problem. I'm starting to think I've been shadow banned or something since I have not got a notification on being banned. Someone care to shed some light on the situation ? Mods? Nikkita?
  4. so we started a shorline raid at 3 am , this is a progression of about 23 min, it got so bright we had to toss our nvg. i just wanna know what was going on and if i should file a bug report?
  5. xdjrailx

    Main Menu Blank

    I just purchased game about 3 hours ago now and now matter what i do i always just end up on a blank Main Menu page. The launcher works fine, game loads ups, at main menu it just sits. I can shake around screen and stuff but theres no buttons to select anything. I have checked firewalls settings, video drivers, everything i could think of. I dont get any kind of error i just sit on main menu with no buttons.
  6. Verangian

    Not getting emails

    I bought the game when it was on sale(the 1st) and still haven't gotten any emails for my security code or anything, I bought the game and my email confirmation just fine but after that nothing. Opened a support ticket and still nothing so figured i'd ask the forums what to do. Any help? Am I the only one experiencing this issue?
  7. I am having a similar problem with the traders... I have all requirements met for Skier Level 4 but nothing happens. The other traders like peacekeeper and prapor are also not updating. The ammo and other items have been at the same quantity in stock for the last 2 days. PS: I have reinstalled the game, checked game files, cleared cache, and simply waited for the last 3 days with nothing changing... (all these problems have been happening for the past 2-3 days) I posted this in a reply to a another post, but then realized the post was pretty old so here is a more

    Should i restar my acc?

    I do recently start to play tarkov . And i like it a lot. But im really bad. I have like 1.2 mil rubles also i have cool things like a tetriz , some keys, some good weapons(No moded im level 4). But my K/D is .25 and my exit ratio is 1/10. Shoud i restar my acc for have better stats?. I have EOD Edition . What do u think ? . Thank u so much Grettings from Mexico
  9. Hey guys, This shouldn't be just a simple question I asked in the title. Like... Of course the ergo itself isn't something near in realism (I suppose). The stuff I rather wanted to ask because I found nothing in the internet about it is, how exactly realstic is the duration of you holding a gun in game at low ergo compared to a soldier aiming with a gun while standing. Take a gun that is 5-6kg as example. Any ideas how long a normal soldier would be able to hold that god damn thing in their arms while standing and aiming?
  10. MyNameIsInvalid

    Question about future stashes.

    Will stashes be the same for everyone upon full release. I am having massive issues with my stash organization and what not, but I know there will be those who say get a better version and that's reasonable. But I would still like to know whether or not everyone will be equal upon release.
  11. so i reached lvl 20, and i am supposed to unlock LLV 2 on mechanic and LLV 3 on therapist. the problem is that when i sell/ buy from the trader i unlock the LLV but it wont show me the content, do you guys know how to fix this? i tried restarting and refreshing but its not working.
  12. Hi guys, I want your opinion on which headphones is better to hear footsteps and directional audio. I’ve heard about Audio-Technical or Beyerdynamics, but don’t know which model to buy and if there are other options other than this.
  13. 1patomisterioso

    ¿que es mejor mas ram o una SSD?

    resulta que compre este juego hace poco y he tenido bastantes problemas con los tiempos de carga y con que se me salgan las partidas, tengo 8 gb de ram y no se si me es mejor comprarme una SSD o 8 gb mas de ram. Por si algun viejo lobo de mar lee este post me gustaria que me aconsejara unu
  14. BeenZ_420

    Edition upgrade

    I currently have the standard edition of the game. I want to upgrade to the Left Behind Edition. for the items to get added do i have to reset account orrrr, if yes do i have to reset my acc to get the stash upgrade?
  15. just wondering if anyone else has this issue , i only have this happen in tarkov but if i click drag it very very often unclicks and re-clicks and i have tried multiple mice, even had one returned and a brand new one sent in its place still happening, its not all the time some days it never happens, other days i cant do anything without it happening every 2 seconds
  16. TheMightyD4C

    12.9 Late Loading "fix"

    How can it be considered a fix if you just stop people from playing? This game always has server and dsync issues but why is my computer which I can't afford to update the issue?
  17. My friends and I found a Green Key Card in raid together, he was going to give it to me since he already has one, but he died before doing so. Are we going to get banned if he give it to me in the next raid?
  18. Ozy4k

    New player here! pc specs?

    New player here! pc specs? I have a 8 gb AMD 580 gpu A 4.6 ghz i3 processer 3200 16 gb RAM 144 hz monitor What do you guys and gals think? ok? sub par? Or gpu meltage thanks
  19. Chunkee-Monkee

    Middle east servers

    is it possible to get an approximation on when when and if the middle eastern servers come out? i hate playing 130 ping because its almost impossible to have a good fight with that and things like desync.
  20. TehDonFubar555

    Immediate server disconnects.

    I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right area, if I'm not please let me know. To make a long story short, recently purchased the game, everytime I try to play the game online it immediately disconnects me saying "server connection lost" even in reconnects and no matter what server I pick, u haven't been able to play the game once since buying it Monday, because every single match starts with immediate disconnects. If anyone knows how to fix this would be a huge help
  21. Hello fellow Escapers, For the past year I've been experiencing a bug with my Battlestategames launcher and I'm pretty sure this is causing me to DC more than average players. The error started popping up when I downloaded a new patch, I can't remember which patch but it was in .11 (I think). The error says (pictures in attachment): "Unable to load the file "ConsistencyInfo" The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive. Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. An existing
  22. ToonieUwU

    how to take credit card off?

    Im just wondering how to take my card off the account so i dont buy anything else or incase the account is compromised.
  23. GraveyardDoctor

    Extracting when time runs out

    I recently had a very good run on factory, time was running out so I headed to my extract and took two seconds too long to clear it. I was only two seconds away from full extracting when the gametime ran out. My question and suggestion is, if the game time runs out when someone is in the extraction zone, count it as an extraction. It was frustrating to have played all my cards right only to lose everything because of a two second difference. This is a fantastic game and I think that this change will only make it better.
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