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Found 108 results

  1. TheMightyD4C

    12.9 Late Loading "fix"

    How can it be considered a fix if you just stop people from playing? This game always has server and dsync issues but why is my computer which I can't afford to update the issue?
  2. I have been able to launch the game for the past month now until today. I attempted to launch the game as an administrator and keep getting this error: 'Unhandled Exception" Error reading JObject from JsonReader. Path ", line 1, position 2699. I have searched everywhere for a fix for this and have been unsuccessful. Can anyone help me?
  3. My friends and I found a Green Key Card in raid together, he was going to give it to me since he already has one, but he died before doing so. Are we going to get banned if he give it to me in the next raid?
  4. Ozy4k

    New player here! pc specs?

    New player here! pc specs? I have a 8 gb AMD 580 gpu A 4.6 ghz i3 processer 3200 16 gb RAM 144 hz monitor What do you guys and gals think? ok? sub par? Or gpu meltage thanks
  5. Tavva

    Lost Stuff

    Today, while organizing my inventory, I collected some money from Ragman from something selling on the flea market. After doing so, about 8~mil in roubles vanished from my money case. Is there any sort of way to return the money that I randomly lost to a bug? Or give some sort of compensation?
  6. Chunkee-Monkee

    Middle east servers

    is it possible to get an approximation on when when and if the middle eastern servers come out? i hate playing 130 ping because its almost impossible to have a good fight with that and things like desync.
  7. Does anyone know if the email address [email protected] is associated with BSG ?
  8. TehDonFubar555

    Immediate server disconnects.

    I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right area, if I'm not please let me know. To make a long story short, recently purchased the game, everytime I try to play the game online it immediately disconnects me saying "server connection lost" even in reconnects and no matter what server I pick, u haven't been able to play the game once since buying it Monday, because every single match starts with immediate disconnects. If anyone knows how to fix this would be a huge help
  9. Hello fellow Escapers, For the past year I've been experiencing a bug with my Battlestategames launcher and I'm pretty sure this is causing me to DC more than average players. The error started popping up when I downloaded a new patch, I can't remember which patch but it was in .11 (I think). The error says (pictures in attachment): "Unable to load the file "ConsistencyInfo" The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive. Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host". The error basically pops up whenever I start the launcher and click the "Play" button. When I click "Retry" the message pops up again, when I click "Cancel" or the "X" button, the game starts. Whenever there is a new update that needs to be downloaded through the launcher this error pops up too but now it makes the update unavailable. In this case I have to restart the launcher a couple times and after a while the update begins. I'm still getting a lot of DC's in-game, a lot more than average users, sometimes two or three times / raid. I'm starting to think that these bugs have a connection. I already created a couple of tickets about this issue but unfortunately the dev's are not able to help me since they don't know what could cause the issue. I've tried everything up to the point of formatting my computer completely. I also ran some tests to see if my internet connection might cut out from time to time but there was never one package lost in my report. Escape from Tarkov is also the only app that is experiencing an issue. I know some people are experiencing the same problem as me and it can't seem to get fixed. If you have any idea of things I might try to get rid of the error, please leave them below. Thanks in advance!
  10. ToonieUwU

    how to take credit card off?

    Im just wondering how to take my card off the account so i dont buy anything else or incase the account is compromised.
  11. GraveyardDoctor

    Extracting when time runs out

    I recently had a very good run on factory, time was running out so I headed to my extract and took two seconds too long to clear it. I was only two seconds away from full extracting when the gametime ran out. My question and suggestion is, if the game time runs out when someone is in the extraction zone, count it as an extraction. It was frustrating to have played all my cards right only to lose everything because of a two second difference. This is a fantastic game and I think that this change will only make it better.
  12. briocheman21

    Is RAM causing my stuttering

    I have played the game for a few hours and the game can sometimes run really well when loading in but sometimes crashing on interchange or lagging when I load up. I have a Ryzen 3 3200G and a GTX1050 and they run the game at 60fps+ and I run it on an SSD, but I only have 8GB of RAM. Would I need more than 8GB for this game?
  13. Hey Tarkov Forum! Wanted to upgrade from the Standard Edition to the Prepare for Escape Edition. Will my standing with the traders also be upped through the upgrade? If yes, how much will it be? 0.2?
  14. Gwynbleeidd

    Middle East Servers

    I have a question/suggestion/request to the devs. Is there a plan to add another server for the Middle East? a proper one. A server in UAE (Dubai) will be good for the region. Currently there are two servers, Turkey and Tel-Aviv which are both for me 150+ ping. EU servers are 120+ ping. Adding a server there will be good for the entire region for all players. and I believe there is a minimum of 300 players so I am not the only one. This will reduce lag, disconnects and it will most likely increase the player base too. To my understanding server support already exists in UAE (Dubai) and also Bahrain. Ping is critical to FPS games like this one especially when it comes to PvP so please add a server in the region as soon as possible. If you reached this point thank you for reading this and please let me know what YOU think.
  15. My account was stolen over a month ago and I made a ticket almost instantly. I answered all the questions sent back by support and its been almost a month since then. Does anybody know how long support usually takes to get back to you? It's getting a bit frustrating, I have a friend who just bought the game again because it took too long. The person who stole my account didn't even reset my forum account so I can see their email address in settings. It's just if I try to reset my email account here the confirmation will go to their email.
  16. Cx_

    Uninstall question.

    I've been experiencing some technical issues on Tarkov lately and I want to reinstall the game to see if it will help at all, will uninstalling reset my stash/character?
  17. Sosa7

    Cosa sto sbagliando?

    https://vimeo.com/425925992 Salve a tutti, sono nuovo del gioco, vorrei chiarimenti su questo genere di eventi, non è la prima volta che mi capita, avevo sentito dei passi sul ferro, se conoscete la mappa sapete cosa intendo, a quel punto mi sono messo in un angolo per capire se fosse un player o uno scav, era un player ma a parte quello, mi spiegate perché con vari colpi di fucile a pompa mirando alla testa lui non sia morto? -Grazie!
  18. empolian000

    How to avoid being stream sniped?

    Hello, I was just creating this because I had a question concerning how to avoid being stream sniped if I stream tarkov. I've seen in videos that there are blatant giveaways that can lead to people stream sniping but i'm not too sure exactly like what I'd have to hide when going into a raid.
  19. Hello fellow escapers, I used to have only the Tel Aviv server selected (12ms ping is a bliss) but after not being stuck on matching for a total of over an hour I checked the server list and saw that the Tel Aviv server is gone and that I have nothing selected (therefore not finding a session). Is this a common thing? I didn't see any news on it in the launcher and it was there yesterday. Will the server be back soon? Cheers
  20. AquaZack

    anyone can help me with ram?

    my current specs gtx 970 4gb i5-4590 and 8gb ram and a gigabyte z97p-d3 motherboard. will getting 8 more ram decrease my stuttering,lag,loading in times?eft installed in a sdd
  21. TurboCannonMast

    Custom Config

    Are we going to see a option for a custom configuration file? Currently the config files gets overwritten even if it is put as read only on windows. I assume it is because the game checks for the integrity of game files, and when it sees a change on the config file it deletes the old and adds a "fixed" version. If this is in the foreseeable future i would love to see more options such as pushing the fps cap for higher hertz monitors.
  22. After a raid there is 2 loading screens, one that loads your raid stats and you see how many players/scavs you killed, dmg dealt, etc and a loading screen after that. This second one takes me on average 2 entire minutes to load the menu. I know it does not seem like much but when you`re sitting on the computer waiting for it to load it really is a long time, plus imagine losing 2min after every raid when you have about 2k raids in total. It sucks.. Is there any fix for it? Maybe it`s my pc? I'm willing to to whatever it takes to solve this problem, including an upgrade on pc but I already play on ssd so idk what It could be. The server is also close to my region
  23. xRAxThanatos

    Any news on double barrel?

    Any news on how long the double barrel is going to be? Saw stuff about it like 2 years ago saying was going to be put in and heard nothing of it since. Thanks.
  24. xdjrailx

    Main Menu Blank

    I just purchased game about 3 hours ago now and now matter what i do i always just end up on a blank Main Menu page. The launcher works fine, game loads ups, at main menu it just sits. I can shake around screen and stuff but theres no buttons to select anything. I have checked firewalls settings, video drivers, everything i could think of. I dont get any kind of error i just sit on main menu with no buttons.
  25. First off .. TL;DR. Can we have comms or a signal to signify "No threat?" Is there some kind of armband or signal/ call out that people doing quests can do, to let people know they are trying to do a quest??? Because obviously the "Wiggle" means nothing on here . (Alas, poor DayZ players... We thought it was international. 🙂 ) It would benefit ALL players if we could shout USEFUL things to each other, OR have coms to other solo's using proximity?? (Again, DayZ did this during the MOD years!) I've lost over 1M roubles in the last couple of days getting slaughtered, and it's simply through resupplying meds/bandages/ bullets etc through trying to do the quests, you know, like your meant to.... And when I say I'm being slaughtered I mean it. purposefully, and not just "reflex " K.O.S. stuff, I can accept that along with one tap scav McFucking 500m shotgun sniper 🙂 I'm just trying to do 2 quests. and can't really progress questwise without finishing them to unlock the others. I CANT AND HERES WHY..... I'm not shooting, looting, hiding, ratting or charging at Chad... just sneaking, running away with my docs 002 in my...... "quest file" ... ????? I'm holding a poo gun and wearing obviously poo tier gear just to avoid "Tagged and Cursed".... And I'm getting LITERALLY hunted down by thirsty assholes... Skiers document quest in customs office is IMPOSSIBLE now because people know theres a quest IN A ducking ONE WAY IN/ OUT OFFICE. The office is a BOTTLENECK BUILDING!!! Great idea devs!!! If on the off chance you get out of the stairwell without the 2-3 campers hitting you. (1 in each door direction, and usually a 3rd sniping through the windows, cos HE got the good spawn.) You then get persued out of there and hunted down and killed for nothing more than your tags. (cos all the safe cash is in your SECURE CASE (Remember that case... it'll be important in a bit!) For all the RPG and lore and everything I see on here... There's nothing of it out THERE.... It's just the thirstiest of assholes camping chokepoints like it's Call of F'n Duty. What's the point of "USEC" or "Bear" or having "Squad" callouts or anything like that when it's just a kill fest for gear we're utimately gonna lose wipe after wipe.? Quests seem to be the only serious progression, and they have been made impossible. Add to that exit campers, and you CAN'T FINISH a Quest, even if you get to start one. You die, you restart from the OFFICE OF DOOM!!!! unless you get in, get the docs, get out of the office, and then extract in one go. Is there ANY way of communicating to others that I'm missing, or do I just pack this game in till after the next wipe?? Cos at this rate, I'm losing it all by thursday anyhow..... By trying to play the game as it's meant to be played 😞 ***DEVS!*** Can we have a Callout, ??? To let people know you're not a threat (Rather than letting EVERYONE on the map know your reloading! or hurt!, or that theres BEARS!!!! about ?????) Or failing another voice actor... Just let us have the ability to PUT IMPORTANT QUEST ITEMS IN YOUR CASE Rather than some untouchable "Quest file" Ya know,Your Alpha/ Beta case... The one you are trying to make bigger??? Or another way of puttingit, THE WHOLE ducking REASON FOR MUTIPLE ducking QUESTS!!!!!! Thanks for reading this far 😉
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