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  1. Every time I open the launcher I get the error code 0xe0434352 at the location 0x00007FFEA37F4F69. I attempted to fix .net framework. Downloaded the runtime version. Repaired all my Microsoft Visuals C++. Ran the .net repair multiple times. Ran as administrator. Gave the folder full control. I'm just lost on what could possibly work at this point.
  2. So, long story short. My friend group recently added a new member to our group, and we use discord screen share when we play so we can kinda see whats happening on the other persons screen. And our friend was being realllly sketch about sharing his screen, and when we finally convinced him too. He had ESP.... so we kicked him from group, and i think one of us killed him in raid aswell... anyway i can report him in tarkov, without having to be killed by him? I dont want this guy ruining other peoples experiences. like he ruined our groups experience that raid
  3. Hello! I've been a long time player but took most of last wipe off.. Just wondering if I missed a change to the exp multipliers that we receive end of raid? I'm level 5 at the moment, only 5 raids completed on my PMC, but every raid I no longer receive the "survived 1.5* exp multiplier"... 1*1*1 = (In raid total exp) has always been the result so far. Did they remove the survival bonus / change how it works? I did some searching but was unable to find any answers. Thanks! Tristan
  4. JusManatee

    EFT single player mod bannable?

    Hello, I've had EFT for about a year now and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. I can't get enough of it. I just discovered this tarkov single player mod called SPT-AKI that supposedly gives you an offline function to the game, but with game saves and AI PMCs too. I know how strict BSG can be with their game files so I want to make sure that I won't get banned for using this mod. I am in no way pirating the game. I have fully purchased the game, and even bought the most expensive package, so does anyone have experience using the mod and know if it is okay to use? I will still be playing the regular game daily, but my family travels a lot and playing sweaty tarkov on a laptop is difficult, so my main reason for getting the mod is so I can enjoy the game away from home safely, and avoid hotel internet disconnections. Thanks for any information anyone can provide.
  5. i just want to ask if you could use the numbers on the side of the 1p69 and 59 scope as a rangefinder similar to the PSO-1 scope. it would help me zero my SV-98 shots. (recomend SNB rounds since it actually zeros to the distance to assign it to). Thx
  6. I was doing a normal scav run without shooting at anyone, then out of nowhere these 2 scavs non boss followers started shooting towards me, I wanted to make sure if they are just shooting randomly as some scavs do. Well they were not, 1 of them hit me I killed him, then this other scav started shooting at me hit me, killed him and so on.. Then I started heading towards exit all the other scavs saw me as a rogue scav so started taking shots at me eventually I died... My Fence standing is -0.07(neutral) So could someone tell me why's this exactly happening.
  7. Heyo, just recently jumping into the game, something I thought was a little odd has happened. I was running through factory as my main PMC guy, shooting at people, gettin' the loot, standard stuff. When outa nowhere this big shirtless fella in a ski mask and what looked like just a tactical rig runs at me with a crowbar and starts wailing on me. I swear I dumped 2 full magazines into this fella but he managed to beat me to death and walk away fine. I was firing from the hip, but I can't imagine it's that dramatic a difference is it?
  8. jspencer43

    Scav Spawns

    Yesterday I got blasted by a pair of player scavs that spawned feet away from me in stronghold on Customs while I was healing after killing someone there. Is it intentional that scavs can and will spawn on top of you? If so, are there consistent times when the spawn waves hit. It's rather frustrating the raid I kill a guy twice my level carrying a REAP-IR is also the raid I get served up on a platter for no good reason.
  9. Is it still possible to get Kappa having sold epsilon? I had no indication that there would ever be a quest that requires the epsilon container so I sold it. I saw that "the Choice" is required for kappa so am I just screwed or is there an alternate quest you can complete?
  10. currently i have: GPU: GTX 1650super CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 4300G RAM: 8gb with this pretty OKish rig, i still only get 50fps on custom with low graphics settings, and alot of screen tear and overall not so smooth meanwhile on factory i get 100fps but still screen tearing etc. so i wonder what is the main reason that eft runs so poorly on this pc. if anyone have any suggestions please share it here thanks. and sorry for bad english ❤️
  11. I'm a new developer and would love to do some work with an EFT API, it would be awesome! I searched all over but could not find the answer as to when/if this is expected. I see there are some apps/websites that already use an EFT API but I don't know if they hacked their access into an official one or if they are using a 3rd party API. Anyway, love the game and would love to see an official API too. Cheers!
  12. Only in PMC mode (not in scav) there almost no walking sound and shooting sound, only sound is when you open ur backpack. Scav game mode is normal no problem at all w sounds.
  13. Greetings all, I've been trying to find a fix for this for a very long time since I've been playing but to no avail. I've tried everything I could find online from setting up extra virtual ram for the system to use to uninstalling and reinstalling. I've tried running more ram but even that didn't work. If anyone has any ideas I am open to try them, what I've noticed is that Tarkov is using a lot of my HDD instead of my SSD but I have no files located on that drive that should allow any reading or writing to that drive. This is all just extremely confusing and I just wanna be able to play the game with decent loading times and decent frames. It's to the point I'm spawning in 5 minutes after the raid has started and fps dipping into 15 and sometimes just full freezing in gun fights. Thank you for any helpful feedback y'all can send my way! My specs are CPU - I5-9300h GPU - GTX 1650 16gb of 2400mhz ram
  14. King_Scrub

    7.62x39mm Ammo Balance

    Hello! Are there any plans to balance/change the 7.62x39mm amuntion? Currently i don't really see a reason to use BP ammo if I expect to go against players with level 6 armor. Compared to the smaller AR rounds(namely 5.56) BP is just worse at the very high end. It does have greater damage, but at a cost of much lower penetration(at least for combating level 6 armor). And to make things worse the 5.56 guns fire much faster than the 7.62 AKs. With those two things together m995 would on average actually take less bullets to kill a player to get chest wearing level 6 armor. And because 5.56 also fires much quicker the time to kill disparity is great. The 5.56 guns also can achieve a much lower recoil. To that end why would anyone use a 7.62 AK when the M4 or HK has better ammo recoil and fire rate?(again only speaking level 6 armor) so for players who are running the best gear that entire ammo type is almost useless to us because it will put us at a massive disadvantage against other top gear players. So more specifically are there plans to add a 7.62x39 round better than BP? Or the buff BP? Or nerf M995? Because at least from a game design perspective a slower firing gun with a larger bullet should have higher damage, which it does, but it also needs to kill in less bullets than smaller calibers that are fired faster. Maybe I'm wrong and BP is good where it is, but personally I like AKs slot and it seems like there's a lot of reasons not to use them and only a few in favor.
  15. bbot3000

    Upcoming Sales?

    Do any of you know of possible upcoming sales for eft? I'm currently playing standard edition and finding it just very infuriating to play when all my friends have EOD and casually progress significantly faster than me in the hideout. I'm finally looking to upgrade to EOD from standard. I know that around christmas & new years is when they most commonly have sales, but are there any coming soon? I'd rather not pay $95 to upgrade to EOD.
  16. I have been able to launch the game for the past month now until today. I attempted to launch the game as an administrator and keep getting this error: 'Unhandled Exception" Error reading JObject from JsonReader. Path ", line 1, position 2699. I have searched everywhere for a fix for this and have been unsuccessful. Can anyone help me?
  17. Why are RMT websites selling EFT items and currency? I thought this was not allowed yet its in full production?
  18. Since the patch dropped, I am getting server disconnect before the start of every raid. I cannot, for the life of me get into a game. Nothing but server disconnects. Is anyone else having the same problem. I'm starting to think I've been shadow banned or something since I have not got a notification on being banned. Someone care to shed some light on the situation ? Mods? Nikkita?
  19. so we started a shorline raid at 3 am , this is a progression of about 23 min, it got so bright we had to toss our nvg. i just wanna know what was going on and if i should file a bug report?
  20. xdjrailx

    Main Menu Blank

    I just purchased game about 3 hours ago now and now matter what i do i always just end up on a blank Main Menu page. The launcher works fine, game loads ups, at main menu it just sits. I can shake around screen and stuff but theres no buttons to select anything. I have checked firewalls settings, video drivers, everything i could think of. I dont get any kind of error i just sit on main menu with no buttons.
  21. Verangian

    Not getting emails

    I bought the game when it was on sale(the 1st) and still haven't gotten any emails for my security code or anything, I bought the game and my email confirmation just fine but after that nothing. Opened a support ticket and still nothing so figured i'd ask the forums what to do. Any help? Am I the only one experiencing this issue?
  22. I am having a similar problem with the traders... I have all requirements met for Skier Level 4 but nothing happens. The other traders like peacekeeper and prapor are also not updating. The ammo and other items have been at the same quantity in stock for the last 2 days. PS: I have reinstalled the game, checked game files, cleared cache, and simply waited for the last 3 days with nothing changing... (all these problems have been happening for the past 2-3 days) I posted this in a reply to a another post, but then realized the post was pretty old so here is a more up to date post.

    Should i restar my acc?

    I do recently start to play tarkov . And i like it a lot. But im really bad. I have like 1.2 mil rubles also i have cool things like a tetriz , some keys, some good weapons(No moded im level 4). But my K/D is .25 and my exit ratio is 1/10. Shoud i restar my acc for have better stats?. I have EOD Edition . What do u think ? . Thank u so much Grettings from Mexico
  24. Hey guys, This shouldn't be just a simple question I asked in the title. Like... Of course the ergo itself isn't something near in realism (I suppose). The stuff I rather wanted to ask because I found nothing in the internet about it is, how exactly realstic is the duration of you holding a gun in game at low ergo compared to a soldier aiming with a gun while standing. Take a gun that is 5-6kg as example. Any ideas how long a normal soldier would be able to hold that god damn thing in their arms while standing and aiming?
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