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Found 31 results


    Quest Mega Thread

  2. Hi, Would like to bring up thing that is in my opinion, extremely important for the future of the game. Endgame Or in other words, game replayability. Around level 40 - 45 I am usually hitting the spot when my interest in the game slowly decreases. I guess this happens with everything in life, you are fired up and than loose interest over time and search for something else. I know there are people who are able to stay with the game even longer till they hit 60+ level, but not a lot. Problem is the endgame. For me its when I hit level 40, max my traders, max my Hideout, and complete most of the quests that arent pain in the ass, and are doable with considerable amount of time and effort. After that, I am slowly losing the interest, since rest of the quests are slow, expensive and require you to adjust your playstyle for longer periods of time. I would like to discuss here, and ask for your input and opinions as well. How to extend the endagame, how to make it interesting longer, how to implement some other activity, or change something so we are incentivized to stay with game longer and have some "other" objective to to other than kappa or killing 100 times Killa. Here are few of my ideas: 1. Adjust current quests - 100m headshot 3x instead of 3x go for 1x and add reserve, 100x killa quest wat, like 5x, less grenade kills, Point is not to make game easier, rather make quests come and go faster so you are not stuck on one quest. (one side thing, I would remove the kappa, I dont consider it beneficial for the game at all, its OP item and not supporting the endgame at all) 2. Rework the current leveling system so the requirement for the level is always the same, example 50K, to add consistency, I know this is more of a psychological effect, but it would help on higher levels. You level up same speed, and you can see what is the XP difference when you see someones dogtag. 3. Hideout, Make the hideout - same like skills, deteriorate over time. So you constantly have to bring something to your hideout to maintain it, repair it, keep it going. 4. Daily, Weekly, Monthly missions. For example monthly mission where you get something you can get doing that mission only. Like new cool set of clothes, unique character look, face etc. 5. Ranks - this can be huge if done correctly, for example combination of survival rate, starting equipment price, K/D ratio and whatever else. You would get rank on every map and final rank would be calculated on importance or difficulty of the map. 6. Economics - this one will be probably the hardest, you have steady income of money from the game, hence you have to have something were you spend the money so everything is in check and inflation is not running away like crazy. Something like algorithm that takes into consideration overall amount of items and their overall price and adjust insurance, prices on traders and repair prices. As you can see I didnt think everything through, so I am open to critics, ideas and improvements. My Point is to make EFT more competetive against other games in the long run, to give you something to work towards after you max traders, max hideout and finish most of "doable" quests. I dont want to come back to tarkov just to see the new map and content, I would like to come to tarkov to work towards something that motivates me to play tarkov actively till next wipe. I know some people dont feel like that and are motivated even after lvl 45, but If you feel the same, please add your two cents to the discussion. Sorry for mistakes and this long story, but I wanted to share this for a long time.
  3. bbcokeley

    Physical Quest Objects

    Hi all, Any chance we can have "Physical" quest objects put into the game? IE. That bloody pocket watch, cant i just grab it and stick it in my gamma... Oh and the woods folder quest, can that be physical? It wouldnt take a ton of effort to make these objects static for the player, as a casual player its getting harder each patch getting these objects out. So please.... Could you make the quest items physical so we can loot them and stick em into container so they are safe? Thanks, all your opinions count especially those among us who are casual players.
  4. SCTyler

    Friend from the West Part 1

    Copied from my Reddit post Friend from the West part 1 is a level 9 quest to introduce Peacekeeper an absolutely ESSENTIAL trader for early game progress. With the changes to the AVS Vests into plate carriers and bumping their price up to 117,000 roubles and LL3 Ragman (Level 30 requirement) it's EXTREMELY difficult to let alone find an AVS in raid but to extract it and then turn around and turn it in. The cost is crazy especially if you consider it costs more to do a level 9 requirement quest than most level 20-30+ req quests. I suggest changing the requirement from AVS Vests to either Blackrock rigs, WT Rigs, or other similar cost / rarity rigs. Price of AVS Rig: https://i.gyazo.com/59384772207b6b5ceb919f2981eb848e Friend From the West Part 1 quest requirements: https://i.gyazo.com/a0774aa0fdc8a974929b2f33235147d0
  5. Please look into Tarkov Shooter Part 8 as it is near impossible to complete when you finally reach it. I know that the streamers seem to breeze through this quest but keep in mind that they have an entire community behind them who are more than willing to help them to cheat the quest. For the rest of us, we never get past it since by the time we get the quest almost no one is running woods anymore. When you do get a server with players its at the low end of players needed that being 6 out of 12. that means if 2 squads run into each other and 2 people die I cannot complete this quest in that run. I know you want there to be skill involved but there is no way to get to 4 players on woods when there are only 6 to begin with. I would ask that it be brought down to 3 kills required or make it so you need 4 kills without getting killed but you can do it over multiple raids. I would love to test and experience the rest of the quests but I cant. Since this quest has been added I have been unable to get past it with hundreds of hours on Woods. That means I can never get to the rest of the quests or the CAPPA container. I have lost all my friends on Tarkov as they all refuse to ever play again. None of us are able to get past this quest thus the game stops being fun and just becomes frustrating. The quests should be hard and it should take time to complete them but honestly this is ruining the game for a lot of people. Thank you for an otherwise AMAZING game. Love you all.
  6. I've just spent the last hour running factory and have encountered 3 other PMCs. 1 of which was fully geared in killa, the other killed me on the same quest and the third was when I went in and forgot to bring a gun because it was the 15th time I'd done this. I have killed dozens of scavs with a pm and made a decent amount, but there's no point in bringing in something better if your only looking for hatchlings and mid gear players to head shot. Gating game content behind a quest that is so dependent on luck to even come across another PMC and then require you kill them, regardless of how well they are geared. It is not fun, it servers no purpose at all in terms of story or importance and it locks other game content behind it. Its frustrating and pointless and in no way fun and it needs to change. At least with other quests you can use any weapon or are only expected to kill scavs. The only point I see to this quest is to drive away players that "aren't hardcore" enough for the BS
  7. hallo Zusammen, ich das Spiel heute mal wieder gestartet und musste feststellen dass nicht nur mein charakter resettet wurde (wie es ja häufiger vorkommt) sonder auch meine Reputaion bei den Händlern weg ist und ich wieder bei den ersten Quests feststecke .... Bitte um Erklärung ! vielen Dank vorab!
  8. Hello everyone. I like how most things developed since I play this game. How ever there is one big thing which needs to be changed in my opinion. It's the quest system in genral, not talking about inbalanced quests here. Instead of a long text I like to provide you with a short concept and the issues it could solve. The issues: - No late game content. - Getting stuck on quests you don't like. - Not attracktive for players with little freetime. - Booring quests are not optional. - Maps are only played when players have a quest on them. The Solution: Make quests dynamic! Concept: Daily, weekly and/or monthly quests: - Optional quests players can choose between. - Different quests depending on your current loyalty lever per trader (Tier 1 to 4). - When those quests get accepted they have to be done during a moderate time limit or you loose loyalty points. - Those dynamic quests can be used to balance player activity on all maps. Bonus rewards for optional quest conditions: - Compelted within time limit. - Completed by waering specific gear. - Found quest items ingame. - Completed on first try. Quests requirements: - Min. player level, min layalty level/points - Pay money to accept the quest - Risk loyalty points Quest item locations: - Quest items could spawn randomly across a set of locations around the map making them harder to find. Thanks for taking your time to read about my idea, feedback is welcome! Best regards regelschirm
  9. MAP868

    Quest Keys as Static Spawns

    Hi BSG, New player that started on 0.9. I've played for a bit and have been grinding quests with one hiccup, keys. I think that any key that is halting player progress should be made a static spawn. Example, I was stuck on Health Care Privacy, the one where you need Resort key 316 West I think and also the quest for Prapor where you need a Customs Key. These keys are solely needed to complete these quests. If the issue is that these areas have decent loot and you don't wish to upset the game economy then remove/lessen the loot spawns in these areas. The end result is players can complete their quests, level and move on and not being arbitrarily kept back due to a random drop. Please consider. Thanks.
  10. This might look dumb but i gave an AVS chest rig for a ragman quest, and didn't realise it was my rig full of wallets and my wallets full of money, so please could you do something that would prevent those things from happening to others, that made me loose about 2.5 million roubles so if it could be fixed i would be pleased. My best regards.
  11. Hello, can't help notice all the items from the toolkit can be found seperatly. Could they be assembled into toolkits as in the only way to be usuable as fully functional quest objects (such as repairing the routers in Factory mechanic quest Farming part 1)? This would add difficulty and trading to the game. Sorry if this has been posted before or is already known as future content. Otherwise tell me what yall think and if you see similar ideas?
  12. Has anybody else had a problem where you can't place one of the markers on a truck? I did the first 3 and went to do the last one at the gas station extraction but the prompt doesn't show up. I bought another marker to see if that would fix it, but that didn't work either.
  13. So I have a question about the changes to the vendors in the recent hot fixes, mainly towards the sale of the customs key and docs case and the removal of the mr-133 from mechanic. 1. docs case and customs key. Whhhhhy, i am all for adding new things to vendors but I didnt see the need for a docs case and a customs office key. The key is fairly easy to find off a scav, and you just have to run a couple of marked rooms or woods marked circle to get a docs case. A solution to this would be to remove them from therapist and maybe make the key as part of a Prapor quest as an initial equipment and just leave the docs case as a loot only iteam 2. Mr-133. Has anyone else noticed that they removed the modded mr-133 from mechanic? To me this impeads his quest line a bit as the plastic pump grip has a 3% chance to drop, or you have to wait until skier LL3 which is level 29. Now this won't really affect anyone if the keep doing soft wipes like this last one. But if they do a full wipe that quest is gonna be a real pain in the arse. A quick solution to that would maybe have the plastic pump available through skier LL1 for say six of those red ski hats I have been seeing or what ever else is not really used for much. Let me know what you think!
  14. tcrosby26

    Prapor Quest Jumps

    So just finished Prapor 4 (delivery from the past, finally) and the next available quest from him was BP Depot, which, according to the gamepedia site, is #9. So do I just miss out on the 5 quests (and rewards) in between, or do I have to do other quests for other traders before I "unlock" those quests from Prapor? If that's the case, does anyone know the order of traders I have to quest for in order to unlock those Prapor quests? Thanks in advance
  15. I made the mistake to accept Skier task 1. You have to find 3 modular 3M armor vests. But I am doing raids like crazy on different maps, but I do not see (and find) any scav with a vest on (let alone a Modular 3M armor vest). Does anybody have some tips on where to find these vests? Which maps? On scavs?
  16. Wulfyk


    So,does anyone know how to buy a rsass from a peacekeeper,i completed almost half of his quests and i still can't buy it.Does it unlock from quests,and what quest,or you cant buy it now?
  17. Etho_7

    Quest Items in raid vs off raid

    Is there a reason in raid Quest items don't move to off raid once you've successfully extracted out of a map? I had picked up the Docs case for Skier's Chemical Part 1, but didn't want to hand it in so I could complete Prapor's Polikhim Hobo task. But because I died while in raid I now have to find the docs again. This is silly, I should be able to at least move it myself into off raid if not have it automatically move over. It means some tasks are going to be repeated if someone forgets to hand items in and dies in that map again.
  18. Corndog090

    Health Care Privacy - Part 5

    Hello, I am trying to do the last quest of Therapist for the new patch, and it's kind of vague. It wants you to find the drop location on nightime factory. But I cannot find it. Anyone know where it is yet?
  19. For the handover type quests you first have to have all items in inventory before beeing able to hand them over. In some cases and with a small stash this can be really annoying. For example for Skier there is a quest you need 6 AVS rigs, which take 9 slots each, so 54 slots just for (empty) rigs. For a small standard edition stash this is really much space. So the hard thing about this quest is not getting the items but having enough free space in stash to be able to hold 6 AVS rigs at once. It would be great if you could just hand them over one by one until you reach the requested amount. So you could hand over all at once or just one and later the rest as you like.
  20. For some quests you have to hand over container items like rigs or backpacks. For Skier I need 2 MBSS to hand over (And 6 AVS rigs). I had 10 MBSS in my inventory (all stashed insinde each other and the last one full with items) so I made 2 backpacks empty but at handover screen there is no distinction between all the 10 items. Which are the empty ones, which are stacked in each other, which are filled with items? As long as you can not label containers it would be great to have a little indication which items are empty and which are not to make this a little bit easier. I needed a work around - insuring the 2 empty backpacks (which are marked with the orange insure icon) to find out which are the empty ones. But this costs money and is not the intention of insurance obviously.
  21. Da_Ru55ian

    Fix Punisher Part 6!!!!

    So after about 2 weeks of preparations (gathering weapons, gear, waiting for a 3 hour slot to complete the task) I decided to take on punisher part 6 (kills 25 bears in 3 hours). I looked up various videos and forums for tips. I also did a couple of test runs practicing my technique for the most efficient way to complete the task. And finally I was ready..I accepted the task and quickly set about killing the bears 3 hours later I had failed with 24 bears killed Now this wasn't what made me annoyed what really is infuriating about this is that in the 3 hours I killed over 70 PMCs. 48 USECs in 3 hours and only 24 BEARS is a joke and now I will have to wait for another couple of weeks until I can find the time again to complete this( that is if I ever want to). So after having this absolutely infuriating experience I would like to ask the devs to adjust this task. Here are a few ideas that I have: -Change the task to PMCs but lower the time limit -Change it to USECs as they are easier to find -Exclude time spent outside of the raid -Lower the amount of kills as a whole I hope you will realise how stupid this task is and I hope you will adjust it. But until then I'll have to keep trying. Thanks in advance for your time.
  22. nickhm

    Shoreline Quests

    i'm almost ending all quests in game, but the last ones is in shoreline, its kill scav or PMC the problem is that is impossible to play on shoreline, low fps, my ping from brazil is 150 ~ 200, which makes the desync even worst i tryed some times but the scavs literally TELEPORT, they dont move they teleport and i die because every time they do the game registers all the bullets at once its extremely buggy and frustrating, they dont die with my shots because when they are on my screen isen't is where they are on the server i can't do any quests of shoreline because of this devs pls remove the quests related to shoreline until the map is working, put in ANY other map, just not on shoreline
  23. GrantMoles

    Trader Quests

    I love this game, it is like no other and it is extremely addictive. But, i have one issue with this game; the trader leveling system is incredibly tedious and aggravating. This game is based on nothing but loot and survival and over all, having a good time. But my issue, is the quests that you must complete in order to level the traders to buy better loot. This is not a fun way to level traders and makes the game a chore to play. I bought this to have fun, not to complete tedious tasks that take multiple tries to complete. Thank you for reading my suggestion and i hope that you will take it to mind in order to make this an even better game.

    Quests should not be obligatory

    Let´s just not talk about how some of the quest are stupid that could be a whole new thread about this. My point is why have to be quests obligatory if you want level up traders ? I think it´s really stupid idea to force players to go through these fetch quests. It would be much better if player could simply level up trader with only money like it used to be before and there was a voluntary option to just level traders faster by these quests or just reputation in general would work like in other games that they would gave you only a discount on they gear with bigger rep. Last I checked hardcore doesn´t mean that game have to give you frustration and hatred towards it which some of the quest surely give me.
  25. Zergburger

    Punisher Pt. 3 mechanics

    So i have completed the 25 scav kills for "The Punisher Pt. 3" twice now and have been unable to extract fast enough to turn the quest in; which results in a fail. This is one of the most challenging tasks in the game at present and getting the task completed sound after the 25th kill then extracting to see the task available for acceptance again and a message from Prapor saying "better luck next time, [email protected]!" is pretty demoralizing. I would like to see the timer pause when the 25th scav is killed or something along those lines to allow a late turn in. I'm sure some of you will say "just die after killing the 25th scav" I am aware of this and when i decide to attempt the task again in this release i will probably do just that; but my point is this seems like an unintended mechanic. @mods Is this how the quest is intended to work?
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