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  1. WombatHat42

    Gunsmith p2

    So i wasn't going to do gunsmith this wipe until i needed cash. That point is upon us. I have my aks-74u from prapor, bought the b11 handguard and 60rd mag and saw(tan) pistol grip, and folded it to be 6 slots. I took off the muzzle break as suggested by wiki, and even added a thumb grip like one video suggested. I still cannot submit it for the quest. Ergo is 62, sighting is 500, 579 total recoil, 100% durability, 2.8kg, and 6 slots. What am I missing? Does it have to be exactly 60 durability or something or is this quest bugged?
  2. Blaze11592

    Small Quality of Life changes

    I wanted to just possibly suggest that instead of having to click on a complete button after turning in a quest that it completes as you turn in the quest instead. I'm not sure if anyone else has touched on this topic as I'm a recently new player and new to PC shooters in general, So I ask forgiveness of any ignorance. P.S. If anyone else has other small changes that would just make doing certain things a little quicker they are more than welcome to post on this thread.
  3. I understand graphic cards are crushing our economy but would it be necessary to hurt the people who just want their quest done? I had paused my generator at 2hours left progress last night and now it need 11hrs to finish crafting MY FIRST QUEST ITEM. How about change it to maybe request 2 graphic cards to complete this quest or you know, just simply change it to not need to be found in raid, if you have to do something to control the bitcoin yield?
  4. Ill keep this short, feel like the stock akm should replace the aks 74u as the debute weapon unlock. Giving players an incentive to do early game quests, also switch ps 545 ammo with 545 pp round on ll1 prapor unlocks. This would give new players a cheaper alternative to sks, 136, adar and mosin right off the bat. Or at least give ll1 prapor fmj ammo as alternative to tracer ammo
  5. This might be the worst change and one with wich I not agree at all! I play Tarkov maybe once a week mostly on the weekends and I have the EOD Edition, so from now on I will know, ok quest done, get the items and sell them or whatever, space isn't an issue. But if you are low ranked, have standard edition and you are on a run and you do a lot of missions on the weekend for example and you cannot play during the week, well bad luck for you! Honestly, I get it, it is realistic to get your poo in time, but is this REALLY necessary? Insurance return fine, insurances are always with conditions etc but Quests? Come one, this just does not seem right.
  6. I was trying to do the quest from therapist where you have to find and turn in salewa kits. I collected one and put it in my alpha container, but died. As I tried to turn it in, it didnt let me. I found it as PMC so whats the issue there? Some where 100% unused...
  7. AcidInNeed

    No scavs spawning?

    is it just me but there a lot less scav/raider was on labs only found 4 raider and stayed till the last 5 min other maps there's next to none 3-5 over all is this a bug or new patch?
  8. Stay_Real_Ace

    Sorting Idea

    With the amount of quests the game currently has minus any new quests that might come along in the future, I think a sorting option for quests might help players quickly identify any quests they might have for a specific map instead of having to constantly scroll with the quest menu to review their objectives.
  9. King_Tubbs

    A few suggestions

    LBeen playing almost 2 years, I skipped most of this wipe and came back in a week or so ago, here are a few observations with fresh eyes. 1 why are clothes so expensive? And why is the requirements so high. It makes no sense for trousers and a top to cost 3 times more that class 4 body armour and require you to be so high rep to get. It should be cheap and common. Should be something a level 1 can get and afford 2 Low end quests. I got stuck in a position where every active quest was completed by level 7, so I only had ones completed by randomly finding the right items, left me nothing to do apart from try to level up and hope I find the right things. A couple of new very low level go here and do that quests would be helpful, 3 hideout needs tweaking. I'm now stuck waiting to hit level 20 to level up a traider and be able to work on anything, switching some of the requirements to different traiders would give more to do level 15-20 4 late start. Coming in late is brutal taking on class 5 and 6 armour with the most basic gear is very hard going. I know that's the point but, the thing I found I was really hurting for was a 30 round magazine for the AK47/AKM . Having a level 1 have acsess 30 round 7.62x39 mag would make people more competitive without giving them more power 5 rework jagers quests. There annoying frustrating and make very little to no sense. Spend 5 min dehydrated may as well say sit in a corner on a quiet map and do nothing for 5 minutes. It's a quest to not play for 5 minutes. Many others require to to handcap yourself I get they need to be different but I think you miss stepped on some of them
  10. About Us The Hideaways is a growing discord community founded as a hideout from an overbearing clan we were previously part of. Yet In 6 months, we've gained over 1100 members. What started out as a hideout has grown into so much more! We're here for a good time, not the politicking and power trips that comes with most clans and servers. You're free to be who you want, play what you want and pretty much do and say what you want. Just don't start a keyboard battle solely to offend someone. (Doesn't mean you can't wind your mate up wink) We have a number of gaming categories along side EFT such as Destiny 2, Rainbow 6 Siege, COD, LoL & War Thunder! No one plays just one game any more, and we want our members to be able to play other games together too! Tarkov Specifics The Tarkov veterans and new players that are part of our server are looking to expand our already huge community. We have over 500+ EFT members alone! Our main focus is to enjoy the game in whatever way that would be for you rather than be told how to play. As you would expect, anyone is welcome as long as they meet the requirements listed below no matter what their skills in the game might be. We do a number of events, from experienced player only events, new player/mentoring events, quest raids and more. We also do our own in-house, home-made quests with rewards from our staff team, often surpassing millions in roubles. Requirements 1. Be 16 years of age or older. 2. Have a working microphone. 3. Speak fluent English. (Accents don't matter. As long as we understand you it's all good) 4. Be able to take a joke. (Any disputes with other members are to be handled in private or through the staff team) Join our discord: https://discord.gg/g756mfQ
  11. SubaruFan

    Quest weapon visual indicator

    Guys, Could you add a visual indicator to a weapon if it is ready for a quest? Let's think about some quests which require a modded weapon. For example: Wet Job Part. 1. You must add a silencer, but not all are suitable. There is no in-game information that the weapon will pass the quest requirement or not. I ended up shooting a few Scavs and then realized that the ADAR I have built has an incorrect suppressor. A checkmark like the one used for quest items would be a good addition to the game. Then, mouse hover could trigger a pop-up with the quest name. Cheers, SubaruFan
  12. Is there a reason in raid Quest items don't move to off raid once you've successfully extracted out of a map? I had picked up the Docs case for Skier's Chemical Part 1, but didn't want to hand it in so I could complete Prapor's Polikhim Hobo task. But because I died while in raid I now have to find the docs again. This is silly, I should be able to at least move it myself into off raid if not have it automatically move over. It means some tasks are going to be repeated if someone forgets to hand items in and dies in that map again.
  13. Fr3isturz

    New end game quests or gamemods

    It would be awesome to have a new quests or bigger missions to end game, something different than just going to hunt PVP from all map's with meme guns what I've done few months almost to boredom. I would like corporation war based big battles about taking control of the all maps (except factory) during event, bigger amount of players 20vs20 or even more on map. High level players only allowed from (40+ lvl) corporation war event lasts one week and refresh at beginning of week. Winner is the corporation which controls most of maps with wins
  14. So I've been playing this game for a while now. When it patches again it will be my 8th or 9th patch. So with that said I have been seeing the quests in the game getting worse and worse. Well I would like to point out things that could Improve the quests by A LOT. Ok when it comes to quests that need items to complete, the items need to be easy to obtain. ( Meaning the quest should be doable with only in game systems and not out side help.) An example of this is in "Test drive - Part 1" quest you need reapers to complete this quest tho you can't out right buy them yes flea market is a way but they is out side help not in game system. You are hoping the reapers are 1: on the flea market and 2: that they are within the players price range to even do the quest. But you have a barter for the reaper that is more RNG hoping you get items in raid to get reapers to complete which adds to the need for more outside help because flea market can solve your problem. Then you have quests that say use X weapon to kill X things. Which doesn't make anything realistic sense the only thing the person that examines the body is going to know is what caliber the person with killed with. So a fix for those kinda quests would be go kill X things with X caliber problem solved. I personally like the go fetch quests. Like the bronze pocket watch quest. (Checking) I think its a really good quest and would really like to see more like it. hell I hated "Delivery from the past" But now want more of that kinda quest in the game. plz do more Quest that are based on trick shots are not quests they should be achievements. Like the Flash bang quests "The survivalist path - Zatoichi" and "Huntsman path - Controller". Other good quests we have are like the go here mark this thing protect said thing then leave 2 thumbs up. make more!! One thing I thing would help out all quest would be to get all the start quest for every start of a quest line. Like give us all the part 1's right at the beginning and the quests that dont have parts just drop them all in our hands from the start. Thank you for all your hard work and time. sorry if this comes off as bitching just love this game and would like to see it become more then it is. ❤️
  15. Decided to list out some gameplay ideas to the public that i have been keeping to myself. Its basically a text file on my desktop with various strings that i have found to be really cool ideas, ill elaborate on them as i go through them. Ill just get straight to it. Raiders randomly spawning to the maps via helicopter or URAL entrances. Not my idea, i found this in a subreddit, so don't praise me for that. But do praise the original author of the idea, since this is one of those things that i think everybody would love to see. It would make the gameplay and the maps tons more dynamic. You're playing customs and a helicopter starts dropping raiders via rope onto the roof of the building. It just sounds too excellent. Perhaps something has to be done to balance the possible gear gained from this, since raiders are more often than not easy money. It could also give RPG's and more weaponry that isn't yet implemented more use, you could shoot down that heli for example. Enemy hits on cardboard targets. The title is confusing without proper elaboration, ill try to be as concise as possible. What if there was a service from whatever dealer that allows you to see where exactly you hit your enemies on the end screen? What if they were represented to us via a cardboard target? Left click on a player on the deathscreen and it would pop out. Max Payne 3 had it, it was a cool idea. Hey, maybe show where you yourself were shot when you died, on another cardboard target? To the left is a picture on how Max Payne 3 implemented it. And do ignore the tag in the upper left, i couldnt crop it out. Scavs and raiders with completely custom animation sets and behavior On this one, i think this is already in production. There has been footage of scavs having completely custom animations that players don't have. But I'm thinking deeper onto it, what if all scavs were'nt as disciplined in weaponry and tactics? Maybe if they fired guns from their hips, perhaps while even running, having very inconsistent grouping but looking quite cool in the process? (And i don't mean point firing, i mean literal hip firing.) It would give them a lot more character and style that this game would need, and it could even make sense in some way. Maybe some scavs are touching a gun for the first time? Maybe some are just idiots? Now on the raiders, what if they performed some really cool tactical moves that players could'nt do? Like two of them clearing a hallway with their backs to each other, or doing a combat slide to cover? The slide could even be realistic if the floor would be slippery enough. Which i believe it could be in labs. Weapons needing less parts to be functional. Partially not my idea, someone had the opportunity of getting my head around the topic. But the thing is this, weapons like the as val, vss technically dont need a suppressor to function. It is absolutely not feasible to do so, but it would be functional in the very least, and if it is possible in real life, why not? Maybe a possiblity for a scav loadout? And why stop there, AK's definitely do not need handguards to function. You can just grip a gun by the magazine. I'm thinking there are possibly even more combinations, such as no gas block for an m4, but it would probably break after one shot. But it would still be a single functional shot. Don't quote me on the latter though, that part I'm just guessing. Quests that have specific scavs you need to kill/more quest freedom/quest cutscenes That last part alone is probably going to piss people off, but I'm not thinking of the kind of cutscene you think. Cutscenes, as in the sense of that one group of scavs you need to blast just having a specific animation set during some key moments, maybe even specific dialogue. Not the kind of cutscene to grab the control from the player and play you a cinematic. More quest freedom, as in that one quest where you have to place a camera to overlook KIBA, what if you could place it anywhere as long as the cam had a decent line of sight with a good overview of KIBA, and as long as the distance wasn't too large? It would be more freedom for pretty much the same task. Specific scavs you need to kill, as in some quests where you would need to kill a scav with a specific character. And by that i mean: exclusive clothing, different voice lines and behaviors and different locations. Maybe make the scav only spawn when you have the quest enabled, so it wouldn't interfere with normal gameplay. Maybe there is a possibility of making an escort mission within it? Holding down your healing hotkey to select a specific body part. I'm not gonna post a picture here, because the picture is not mine, but ill try to explain the best i can. You know how you can hold down R and then scroll with the mouse wheel to select a specific magazine? Now do that with healing, hold the button down to select a specific body part to heal. Simple idea really. That's all for this post, quite an essay. Hope that i have spread some good ideas. As always, criticism is very welcome and so is discussion. I might update this list more.
  16. Friend didn't want to make a forum post so I'm doing it for him. Apparently there's and issue when placing/planting items down for quest objectives where free-looking will reset the timer for placement. Hasn't happened to me but still might be worth looking into given that some of the placement times can be fairly long. Cheers!
  17. Hi, Would like to bring up thing that is in my opinion, extremely important for the future of the game. Endgame Or in other words, game replayability. Around level 40 - 45 I am usually hitting the spot when my interest in the game slowly decreases. I guess this happens with everything in life, you are fired up and than loose interest over time and search for something else. I know there are people who are able to stay with the game even longer till they hit 60+ level, but not a lot. Problem is the endgame. For me its when I hit level 40, max my traders, max my Hideout, and complete most of the quests that arent pain in the ass, and are doable with considerable amount of time and effort. After that, I am slowly losing the interest, since rest of the quests are slow, expensive and require you to adjust your playstyle for longer periods of time. I would like to discuss here, and ask for your input and opinions as well. How to extend the endagame, how to make it interesting longer, how to implement some other activity, or change something so we are incentivized to stay with game longer and have some "other" objective to to other than kappa or killing 100 times Killa. Here are few of my ideas: 1. Adjust current quests - 100m headshot 3x instead of 3x go for 1x and add reserve, 100x killa quest wat, like 5x, less grenade kills, Point is not to make game easier, rather make quests come and go faster so you are not stuck on one quest. (one side thing, I would remove the kappa, I dont consider it beneficial for the game at all, its OP item and not supporting the endgame at all) 2. Rework the current leveling system so the requirement for the level is always the same, example 50K, to add consistency, I know this is more of a psychological effect, but it would help on higher levels. You level up same speed, and you can see what is the XP difference when you see someones dogtag. 3. Hideout, Make the hideout - same like skills, deteriorate over time. So you constantly have to bring something to your hideout to maintain it, repair it, keep it going. 4. Daily, Weekly, Monthly missions. For example monthly mission where you get something you can get doing that mission only. Like new cool set of clothes, unique character look, face etc. 5. Ranks - this can be huge if done correctly, for example combination of survival rate, starting equipment price, K/D ratio and whatever else. You would get rank on every map and final rank would be calculated on importance or difficulty of the map. 6. Economics - this one will be probably the hardest, you have steady income of money from the game, hence you have to have something were you spend the money so everything is in check and inflation is not running away like crazy. Something like algorithm that takes into consideration overall amount of items and their overall price and adjust insurance, prices on traders and repair prices. As you can see I didnt think everything through, so I am open to critics, ideas and improvements. My Point is to make EFT more competetive against other games in the long run, to give you something to work towards after you max traders, max hideout and finish most of "doable" quests. I dont want to come back to tarkov just to see the new map and content, I would like to come to tarkov to work towards something that motivates me to play tarkov actively till next wipe. I know some people dont feel like that and are motivated even after lvl 45, but If you feel the same, please add your two cents to the discussion. Sorry for mistakes and this long story, but I wanted to share this for a long time.
  18. Hi all, Any chance we can have "Physical" quest objects put into the game? IE. That bloody pocket watch, cant i just grab it and stick it in my gamma... Oh and the woods folder quest, can that be physical? It wouldnt take a ton of effort to make these objects static for the player, as a casual player its getting harder each patch getting these objects out. So please.... Could you make the quest items physical so we can loot them and stick em into container so they are safe? Thanks, all your opinions count especially those among us who are casual players.
  19. SCTyler

    Friend from the West Part 1

    Copied from my Reddit post Friend from the West part 1 is a level 9 quest to introduce Peacekeeper an absolutely ESSENTIAL trader for early game progress. With the changes to the AVS Vests into plate carriers and bumping their price up to 117,000 roubles and LL3 Ragman (Level 30 requirement) it's EXTREMELY difficult to let alone find an AVS in raid but to extract it and then turn around and turn it in. The cost is crazy especially if you consider it costs more to do a level 9 requirement quest than most level 20-30+ req quests. I suggest changing the requirement from AVS Vests to either Blackrock rigs, WT Rigs, or other similar cost / rarity rigs. Price of AVS Rig: https://i.gyazo.com/59384772207b6b5ceb919f2981eb848e Friend From the West Part 1 quest requirements: https://i.gyazo.com/a0774aa0fdc8a974929b2f33235147d0
  20. Please look into Tarkov Shooter Part 8 as it is near impossible to complete when you finally reach it. I know that the streamers seem to breeze through this quest but keep in mind that they have an entire community behind them who are more than willing to help them to cheat the quest. For the rest of us, we never get past it since by the time we get the quest almost no one is running woods anymore. When you do get a server with players its at the low end of players needed that being 6 out of 12. that means if 2 squads run into each other and 2 people die I cannot complete this quest in that run. I know you want there to be skill involved but there is no way to get to 4 players on woods when there are only 6 to begin with. I would ask that it be brought down to 3 kills required or make it so you need 4 kills without getting killed but you can do it over multiple raids. I would love to test and experience the rest of the quests but I cant. Since this quest has been added I have been unable to get past it with hundreds of hours on Woods. That means I can never get to the rest of the quests or the CAPPA container. I have lost all my friends on Tarkov as they all refuse to ever play again. None of us are able to get past this quest thus the game stops being fun and just becomes frustrating. The quests should be hard and it should take time to complete them but honestly this is ruining the game for a lot of people. Thank you for an otherwise AMAZING game. Love you all.
  21. I've just spent the last hour running factory and have encountered 3 other PMCs. 1 of which was fully geared in killa, the other killed me on the same quest and the third was when I went in and forgot to bring a gun because it was the 15th time I'd done this. I have killed dozens of scavs with a pm and made a decent amount, but there's no point in bringing in something better if your only looking for hatchlings and mid gear players to head shot. Gating game content behind a quest that is so dependent on luck to even come across another PMC and then require you kill them, regardless of how well they are geared. It is not fun, it servers no purpose at all in terms of story or importance and it locks other game content behind it. Its frustrating and pointless and in no way fun and it needs to change. At least with other quests you can use any weapon or are only expected to kill scavs. The only point I see to this quest is to drive away players that "aren't hardcore" enough for the BS
  22. hallo Zusammen, ich das Spiel heute mal wieder gestartet und musste feststellen dass nicht nur mein charakter resettet wurde (wie es ja häufiger vorkommt) sonder auch meine Reputaion bei den Händlern weg ist und ich wieder bei den ersten Quests feststecke .... Bitte um Erklärung ! vielen Dank vorab!
  23. Hello everyone. I like how most things developed since I play this game. How ever there is one big thing which needs to be changed in my opinion. It's the quest system in genral, not talking about inbalanced quests here. Instead of a long text I like to provide you with a short concept and the issues it could solve. The issues: - No late game content. - Getting stuck on quests you don't like. - Not attracktive for players with little freetime. - Booring quests are not optional. - Maps are only played when players have a quest on them. The Solution: Make quests dynamic! Concept: Daily, weekly and/or monthly quests: - Optional quests players can choose between. - Different quests depending on your current loyalty lever per trader (Tier 1 to 4). - When those quests get accepted they have to be done during a moderate time limit or you loose loyalty points. - Those dynamic quests can be used to balance player activity on all maps. Bonus rewards for optional quest conditions: - Compelted within time limit. - Completed by waering specific gear. - Found quest items ingame. - Completed on first try. Quests requirements: - Min. player level, min layalty level/points - Pay money to accept the quest - Risk loyalty points Quest item locations: - Quest items could spawn randomly across a set of locations around the map making them harder to find. Thanks for taking your time to read about my idea, feedback is welcome! Best regards regelschirm
  24. MAP868

    Quest Keys as Static Spawns

    Hi BSG, New player that started on 0.9. I've played for a bit and have been grinding quests with one hiccup, keys. I think that any key that is halting player progress should be made a static spawn. Example, I was stuck on Health Care Privacy, the one where you need Resort key 316 West I think and also the quest for Prapor where you need a Customs Key. These keys are solely needed to complete these quests. If the issue is that these areas have decent loot and you don't wish to upset the game economy then remove/lessen the loot spawns in these areas. The end result is players can complete their quests, level and move on and not being arbitrarily kept back due to a random drop. Please consider. Thanks.
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