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Found 17 results

  1. Health Care Privacy - Part 5

    Hello, I am trying to do the last quest of Therapist for the new patch, and it's kind of vague. It wants you to find the drop location on nightime factory. But I cannot find it. Anyone know where it is yet?
  2. For some quests you have to hand over container items like rigs or backpacks. For Skier I need 2 MBSS to hand over (And 6 AVS rigs). I had 10 MBSS in my inventory (all stashed insinde each other and the last one full with items) so I made 2 backpacks empty but at handover screen there is no distinction between all the 10 items. Which are the empty ones, which are stacked in each other, which are filled with items? As long as you can not label containers it would be great to have a little indication which items are empty and which are not to make this a little bit easier. I needed a work around - insuring the 2 empty backpacks (which are marked with the orange insure icon) to find out which are the empty ones. But this costs money and is not the intention of insurance obviously.
  3. For the handover type quests you first have to have all items in inventory before beeing able to hand them over. In some cases and with a small stash this can be really annoying. For example for Skier there is a quest you need 6 AVS rigs, which take 9 slots each, so 54 slots just for (empty) rigs. For a small standard edition stash this is really much space. So the hard thing about this quest is not getting the items but having enough free space in stash to be able to hold 6 AVS rigs at once. It would be great if you could just hand them over one by one until you reach the requested amount. So you could hand over all at once or just one and later the rest as you like.
  4. Fix Punisher Part 6!!!!

    So after about 2 weeks of preparations (gathering weapons, gear, waiting for a 3 hour slot to complete the task) I decided to take on punisher part 6 (kills 25 bears in 3 hours). I looked up various videos and forums for tips. I also did a couple of test runs practicing my technique for the most efficient way to complete the task. And finally I was ready..I accepted the task and quickly set about killing the bears 3 hours later I had failed with 24 bears killed Now this wasn't what made me annoyed what really is infuriating about this is that in the 3 hours I killed over 70 PMCs. 48 USECs in 3 hours and only 24 BEARS is a joke and now I will have to wait for another couple of weeks until I can find the time again to complete this( that is if I ever want to). So after having this absolutely infuriating experience I would like to ask the devs to adjust this task. Here are a few ideas that I have: -Change the task to PMCs but lower the time limit -Change it to USECs as they are easier to find -Exclude time spent outside of the raid -Lower the amount of kills as a whole I hope you will realise how stupid this task is and I hope you will adjust it. But until then I'll have to keep trying. Thanks in advance for your time.
  5. Shoreline Quests

    i'm almost ending all quests in game, but the last ones is in shoreline, its kill scav or PMC the problem is that is impossible to play on shoreline, low fps, my ping from brazil is 150 ~ 200, which makes the desync even worst i tryed some times but the scavs literally TELEPORT, they dont move they teleport and i die because every time they do the game registers all the bullets at once its extremely buggy and frustrating, they dont die with my shots because when they are on my screen isen't is where they are on the server i can't do any quests of shoreline because of this devs pls remove the quests related to shoreline until the map is working, put in ANY other map, just not on shoreline
  6. Trader Quests

    I love this game, it is like no other and it is extremely addictive. But, i have one issue with this game; the trader leveling system is incredibly tedious and aggravating. This game is based on nothing but loot and survival and over all, having a good time. But my issue, is the quests that you must complete in order to level the traders to buy better loot. This is not a fun way to level traders and makes the game a chore to play. I bought this to have fun, not to complete tedious tasks that take multiple tries to complete. Thank you for reading my suggestion and i hope that you will take it to mind in order to make this an even better game.
  7. Quests should not be obligatory

    Let´s just not talk about how some of the quest are stupid that could be a whole new thread about this. My point is why have to be quests obligatory if you want level up traders ? I think it´s really stupid idea to force players to go through these fetch quests. It would be much better if player could simply level up trader with only money like it used to be before and there was a voluntary option to just level traders faster by these quests or just reputation in general would work like in other games that they would gave you only a discount on they gear with bigger rep. Last I checked hardcore doesn´t mean that game have to give you frustration and hatred towards it which some of the quest surely give me.
  8. Punisher Pt. 3 mechanics

    So i have completed the 25 scav kills for "The Punisher Pt. 3" twice now and have been unable to extract fast enough to turn the quest in; which results in a fail. This is one of the most challenging tasks in the game at present and getting the task completed sound after the 25th kill then extracting to see the task available for acceptance again and a message from Prapor saying "better luck next time, f@ggot!" is pretty demoralizing. I would like to see the timer pause when the 25th scav is killed or something along those lines to allow a late turn in. I'm sure some of you will say "just die after killing the 25th scav" I am aware of this and when i decide to attempt the task again in this release i will probably do just that; but my point is this seems like an unintended mechanic. @mods Is this how the quest is intended to work?
  9. Peacekeeper quests

    When do you get access to the Peacekeeper quest lines? I'm currently level 21 and still can't accept any quests from him.
  10. Quest Penalties

    Considering how hard some of these quests are to do alone/solo farming the traders up is a pain in the bum as it is, why is it you have some hard tasks to do for a +1 rep for the trader yet other quests have -25 for 1 or more....... fix this i just lost 2 levels with 2 traders for handing in one quest for a crap reward? almost not worth doing them.
  11. 2 Suggestions

    #1 : There should be a little incentive to help push more gear out. A geared players should earn a bonus for x amount of currency they have in gear. Example: Player running a hatchet gets a x 0 multiplier for coming in with a hatchet while a player with a gangster M4 and full body armor should receive x 2 - 3 on escape. That way you can earn more xp and the risk vs reward will increase #2 : No more quests that require the killing of scavs on a time limit. 25 scavs in one hour is fine, whatever but it promotes a non tactical sprint to get all the kills you can. IMO. If it's a limit, 1 hour on customs to kill 10 scavs would be fine. You can slow move through and play it tactically how it is designed but when you start putting a number of scav kills past what the amount that spawn pretty much eliminates any tactics.
  12. Timed quests

    For timed quests can you stop the time when we complete the mission. I was on the punisher part 3 and completed it, but i didn't have enough time to exit the match and i failed it. Customs is a big map and it sucks for timed missions.
  13. QUESTS

    Hello Everyone, I am wondering if there is a full complete LIST (not a walkthrough or how to guide) of all the tasks that are currently in the game. Thanks!
  14. Need advice

    So I finally got my hands on my first Fort armour (after almost 500 raids) and I can't decide wether to keep hold of it or use it to get started on skiers quests so I can get back to buying paca
  15. Has anybody else had a problem where you can't place one of the markers on a truck? I did the first 3 and went to do the last one at the gas station extraction but the prompt doesn't show up. I bought another marker to see if that would fix it, but that didn't work either.
  16. Quest Mega Thread

    Hello Escapers! With the introduction of the new quest system, it seems a lot of people have questions! To help put all of these questions and their answers into one singular area, I have created this topic! Please post your Quest related questions/helps/hints here! Please remember to follow all the rules of the forums, and at the same time please attempt to avoid releasing any spoilers about the story-line.