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Found 1 result

  1. I have been playing Tarkov for a while, and just started playing seriously this wipe. I decided I wanted to finish all of the quests, and see how long it would take me. Being 2/3rds of the way done, I am very happy with my progress, and enjoying the quests thoroughly. My problem comes when I am fighting other PMC's. I know this topic has been debated over and over, and people always say suck it up, whatever, but the solo vs groups is slowly making me hate this game. Let me give you the bare points: I feel as though I am an alright player. I know how to take fights, and how to run, and the general tactics surrounding an FPS game. I know when fighting groups, you need to force fights into 1v1's, and can't peek all the enemies at the same time. The problem is, I am not a god tier player. I don't have ridiculous aim and spray transfers. I love Tarkov because it's tactical, its difficult, and it is all about strategy. But every time I take a fight with a group, I shoot the first one, and immediately try to run, because I assume there will be a second one. By killing one person, I have given up my position, told them what gear I have, told them what weapon I am using, and shown them how fast I can kill them. I give literally every tactical advantage up to the next person in the group, who now knows my position, knows what I can do, while I have no Intel whatsoever. If I don't hit ridiculous shots, or completely stomp them in one spray, I cannot live. I know I am not bad at the game, but I also know I am not great at the game either. I can pull off 1v2's occasionally, but only when I hit some nasty shots or do a very cheesy peek through something. I know people are going to say, "Get better, play better, blah blah blah, but I play this game a ton, and know I'm not bad at it. If the only way to be able to play solo is to be an order of magnitude of skill better than the person you are facing, then I don't know if I want to play this game. Being tactically better just doesn't cut it when it's a solo vs. a group. You just need to be mechanically better than them by a significant margin. I am not a god at this game, and most likely never will be. Today, I took 24 fights against PMC's. 6 Were against solo players, 16 against duos. I won 5 of the 6 1v1's, and 2 of the 16 1v2's. I really am just losing hope about playing this game. Don't even get me started on the fights vs 3 or more players. If the only way I can play this game is to get a friend to play all the time, and only play with them, I might just not play the game at all. Now, I am not saying I have a solution. I don't really know what you can do, and I understand that the game is being designed around squad play. I also think that losing a lot of people because playing solo sucks so much, and people don't have friends to play with is an awful way to create a game, because you are alienating what I believe to be a significant part of the player base. P.S. I humbly request that nobody starts spamming get good in this thread, I am looking for some wisdom from a solo who went through the stage I am going through right now, to help get me over the hump. I love this game so much, but it's become so toxic to me that I might just go back to rainbow six and cs:go, despite them feeling like watered down baby games after playing Tarkov. P.P.S. Is the second time on labs supposed to be for solos? I thought it was, but I keep running into groups in labs.
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