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Found 3 results

  1. Before I start my actual post: karma system for scavs? Please! Also sorry if bad english anywhere, I did my best, but it's a long text. I was reading some rumors about the addition of a karma system that would punish players for killing other members of their faction, but that doesn't make a lot of sense. They were my team when we were under the contract of the same employer, but now we are just strangers abandoned trying to survive, we just share a similar background. But I am not against the karma system, I just disagree that it should be based on factions. My suggestion related to this is karma based on groups of players. Let me explain: I know that proximity voice chat will come to the game eventually and that it will allow communication with nearby players. But it would also be nice to add a radio, which in addition to serving as long-distance communication (as Discord currently does) would allow other mechanics to be added. It would be an item that could not be lost, such as knives and safe containers, and is only available for PMCs. At the beginning of each Raid, the leader of each player group would receive a frequency (and of course each lone player would be the leader of their own group). During the raid if we make friends with one of more random PMCs, regardless of the faction, we can synchronize the radios (call them to the group). Karma would be a way of punishing players who try to take advantage of this system and betray groups. This also solves the existing random problem by creating random groups to betray them at the beginning of a raid. And it would be nice to be able to add as friends these random PMCs that you extract with in the same group at the end of a raid. To encourage this mechanic, there could be a karma bonus to form groups and extract together with random PMCs. This could also allow clans to exist, but this is other topic. Also extraction camping must be punished hardly, since not only this is toxic gameplay to extreme but it's the time where most of the betrayals would happen. Some questions and problems that may arise from my suggestion: 1-How will the game decide if a player betrayed the group or not? The punishment system could work like in most games with TK, did your friend accidentally kill you? Then after the raid forgive him. Was it on purpose? Choose the option for him to be punished and he will receive the negative karma. 2-So can you put in your group everyone you encounter? No, only PMCs and the radios must have a maximum number of frequencies synchronized at the same time (to avoid groups of 20 players). Perhaps the same limit for entering the raid? Or maybe a little bigger (5 before raid but 8 in game? Depending on map of course). 3-How will synchronization happen? Each player must be close to the leader to enter his frequency, and the latter decides whether or not to accept synchronization. One option would be for the frequency to be a number that the leader have to say and the other players must insert into their radio. Another option would be for the leader to send an invitation to nearby players (this part cannot be completely realistic, or else we will have players putting random frequencies in their radios and forcing themselves into groups). 4-This guy from our group is begin a ass* what can we do? Players can leave the group or be kicked out of it at any time, but killing one of the players who was recently part of the group (10% of raid time?) would give an expressively high karma penalty, even bigger than normal tk(so you will be desincoraged to kick someone them kill him). So you guys must follow different paths before the timer runs out. The now alone player's radio will be filled with static until he finds a new empty frequency. 4.1-What will happen if a member of my group migrates to another? If a member of your group with a modifier goes to another group, all players in both groups will become subject to that modifier. You will also get the modifier on any player that recently leaved their group. If all the players are in the same group angain the modifier disapears. All players can have ilimited modifiers by joining and leaving ilimited groups. This is to prevent most elaborated schemes to kill trustworthy players. 4.2-How do we know if we still have the modifier? It will be the same thing as medical modifiers, put them very small in some corner of the screen so that they don't break the immersion, and by pressing tab you can have sure of how much time is left. 4.3-If I kill some former member of my group with less than 10 seconds left to the modifier will I get the full karma penalty? As time goes by the amount of karma lost will decrease, maybe 1% of time will be equal to 1% less karma to lose, I think this would be just since you could just shot any stalkers that did not accept to be kicked by you and have been following you with immunity by 5 minutes straigth. 5-Can everyone hear what we talk in the radio? Of course! They can hear both you talking to the radio and what is begin told from it, so you have to choose carefully the time to communicate with your teammates. 6-Can we join groups if the leader have different extractions? I think that extractions should be synced with the leader, but even if they're not I don't see any problem in it. I will not go into much detail about the radio(range, batteries, different models etc...there other posts about it) or the punishments/benefits of the karma system(better trade values, better scav gear etc...this is up to Battlestate). My point is: your faction is your friends, regardless of them begin USEC or BEARS. The PMC you used to work for will just affect your skills and initial gear but not who are your enemies. And you also should be able to make new friends in game. This is exactly what is show in the game trailer: a BEAR and a USEC putting differences aside to survive.
  2. Tweakster_

    Two-Way Radio for VoIP

    The devs should add a two-way radio system that you could buy from ragman after completing a mission or something. There could maybe be a system of linking the radios in the match by using it next to a squad member simultaneously and have a frequency tuning animation. If there was a two way radio it would open up some possibilities with like the altyn helmet, dont they have a radio plugin in the back?
  3. SamPeters

    Electronic Warefare?

    Hi, Loving the game so far awsome idea! I was reading about how you plan to implement radios? I'm a HAM or amature radio operator in real life! below is some jargon I use becuase i lazy and can't be bothered to type it out all the time! TX = Transmit/Transmitter RX = Receive/Recievier One thing all military games all lack is a good radio system / good radios I think a wide range of TX/RX items from PMR to Baofeng and even a would be cool to use this to plan ambushes (or something similar) which leads me to have a bararge of questions, I hope you dont mind . BTW I'm a Software/AI Engineer who loves radios so some of these questions are geeky and maybe a bit over kill but thisis what happens when you get geeks excited! What type of radios are you planning to implement? Will you be able to scan freqencies to find enemy comm chat? Will we be able to have scanners that don't TX but only RX? Will we be able to get TX and have different distance and also use batteries that can go flat? Can we get a form of GPS? Could we also jamm these freqencies from a certain frequencie range and a certain distance? so not block the whole map only 20M*20M radius or 50M*50M or 100M*100M etc.. Can we have GPS tagging(So mark a gps coordonate on the map and then TX over the radio to your teams frequency)? Can we get APRS (Automatic Positioning Reporting System) This TX a GPS position so people could see you location this would be great way to see where people in your group are while making it realistic. Will you implement different modulation types? ie AM/NFM/WFM/LSB/USB? (or have cards that we can use that implement them on certain radios?) Will we have mobile phones? Newer smart phones which you could take photos and send them over the 3G/4G network? send GPS coords via IM/SMS would we also get he old Nokias becuase they are ducking indestructable & batterys last for several decades. Could this be a skill that you aquaire? so you use less battery, scan freqencies quicker? Could we get a form of S/N ratio? simply becuase if you find a signal and you have 2 friends one side of the map and 2 on the other and you both split you could use some form of triangulation to find where the TX is comming from if you smart enough to understand it (TBH anyone who plays the game could learn how it works in like 2 mins!) Could we have a form of frequency hopping to avoid triangulation and listening to comms? Will we have drones? little ones with upgradable cameras/propellas/batteries and rx/tx range? we can jam these aswell! Will we have CW/Morse code? I know what your thinking! "seems old school and useless!" but it's still used a LOT today and really easyway to TX/RX messages and you can hear it through a lot of noise. Could we have some digital modes? like radio which do voice, can automatically TX the APRS info every 5s/10s/30s/1m and can also support forms of direct radio calling. So you could have 1 big team of 6 and split that into 2 teams of 3. you can then give each person a unique phone number like a mobile to ring just incase you need to talk outside the smaller team. This would be good for team leader to team leader coms. Can we have range of antennas to use for multiple devices where as some are fixed? Can e use the duct tape to tape tone the Push To Talk button (PTT) and then just leave it somewhere like at a checkpoint or in a building to inform us if people are there? So yeah quite a few questions most of them are probably going to be no, if you confused on what im on about have a play on a wideband radio for free on the web here it has multiple countries and bands (Frequencies). Last question of is there going to be any type of user scripting system? where if we have like a base case for radio and then the comunity can build on top of that? Sorry if these questions been asked before I had alook but couldn't see them. Anyway, thanks for the awsome game Merry xmas and have a good new year!
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