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Found 6 results

  1. RAGE REPUBLIC - We are a group of Filipino Tarkov Players that currently houses 300+ Filipino Players from all over the world - SEA, NA and EU Region. What we basically offer is 100% good and massive Fun Tarkov Games. We take the game 1000% Seriously Fun and lots of TK's We welcome any new players that needs help especially in SEA Region, We believe that Tarkov is a HARDCORE game and the best way to learn it is to enjoy the pain, to toast every successful RAIDS and a drop of tear to every Team Kill. We can provide you the most hot in game updates, information and a very strong basic knowledge of the game and together we can learn how to be the BEST CHAD, BEST RAT even to be the BEST EXTRACT campers!? RAGE REPUBLIC is not just a discord it's a place where you can find good natured friends and, just maybe we can bring you the best Tarkov Experience that you always want to have. ANG BUMANGGA MAGIGIBA - PINOY PRIDE BE OUTRAGED OR BE OUTPLAYED https://discord.gg/DDuzUgC
  2. PuddleMurda

    Very inconvenient lag

    A bit pissed off now. Almost rage quit and was about to let this ruin my evening, but I thought; -Let's go flaming in the forum instead! Just started a raid at customs... yadda yadda yadda... about 10 minutes of raiding, scav headshots and general ****ing about, and I had not experienced a single stutter or lag. Then... another player and me run into each other. I am in a slightly elevated position on a warehouse loading dock. He is down on the grass below me, about 5-6 meters away. I see him first, so I aim down my reflex sight and start unloading... at least that's what I think. After the first shot from my PS loaded SKS goes off, a giant cluster **** of a lag. The player rubberbands backwards a little bit, while I try to follow him with my laggy as **** aim, and simultaneously spamming the RMB. Maybe one more shot goes off, some 5-6 clicks later, not on target as my PMC is suffering severe lag-spasms. The dude hoses me down, while rubberbanding, and I am dead. A little too many of these broken moments in this game. As survival is the main goal here, not being able to survive every other raid due to this kind of poo is not favorable. In a game where every encounter with another player means a lot more than a point on a sheet, or a quick re-spawn, these performance issues has got to go. Note; I don't care that I lost whatever gear I had. I am not salty I got killed. However, it pisses me the **** off when I invest time and effort in to a raid, only to have it end due to a technical malfunction. Rant over.
  3. UnDeadDemon

    Quest - Ice Cream Cones

    It says goto bunker ZB-014 to find the mags for the quest. I've been to this bunker probably 50 times in 10 real life hours and not one 60 round mag. I've even unlocked the door and searched the chest for ZERO ITEMS ZERO!!!! You'd think if the mission tells you to go somewhere and get something the somewhere might actually have that something but nah get by rng search it again we don't give a because we got ur money.
  4. LeavingtheWolf

    And... this is why i hate factory

    So I felt like doing a scav factory run, which in it self is rare for me since it just a call of duty spot. Any who i hear a lot of gun fire near gate 3 and i was like sure why not. As I make my way there it I'm hearing a lot of gun fire and I'm like "yes, I'm gonna get some nice gear,.. maybe". I don't normal records, so i get behind these guys fighting it out killed the one and i start side step like a boss and i shoot this thot-sniper dude like 10 times in the head, while he reload. "oh, he's glitching... GREAT!!", so I ran away and started to record it. sadly i ran out of ammo but I ended up side stepping and stab him in a face, enjoy watching this loser. https://youtu.be/NZzoI95tTgU Edit: was trying the video in the form, idk how though.
  5. I just killed two geared players on customs trying to cross the land bridge under the towering normal brigde. I flanked them from behind with my 74n and shot through the guys fort and the other guys paca. They never knew what hit them. I was super excited as these were the first geared players I had killed. I looted them and then moved on into the central part of custom with all the scavs. I killed one and was just about to kill another when my computer restarted. For a stupid. Small. UPDATE. Now I am reconnecting back after five minutes to the place where I was getting shot at by the scav. I'm probably dead. So that's that.-OnePunchMan
  6. AssassinsDecree

    Time-Warping Scavs

    Is it technically possible to ensure this never happens? I'm on an extremely high, Ethernet internet connection. This is game-breaking on a game with where you only have one life and such a high penalty for death. Never seen this happen before in Tarkov with AI. Skip to 9:18 to see the problem (spoilers, it's me loosing multiple shotguns and pistol to a time-bending scav).... just look at how fast the door "opens." It's instant. Watch in slow motion (.25 speed), if you can, please. Enjoying the game otherwise. Thanks:
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