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  1. raphasor

    Novo grupo Discord BR

    Boa tarde, Após alguns dias procurando um grupo no Discord com jogadores brasileiros, cheguei a conclusão que só existem convites expirados pois todos os tópicos são antigos. Sendo assim, resolvido criar esse tópico para convidar os novos jogadores para criar um Grupo onde podemos jogar juntos e evoluir dentro do game trocando informações, etc. Link para o Discord BR: https://discord.gg/Y3BZW4e Quem estiver com alguma dificuldade de acessar o grupo, podem me adicionar no Discord (Raphasor#3240). Toda ajuda nesse novo grupo será bem vinda. Espero vocês lá!
  2. After much consideration I beleive I have figured out the perfect fix to balance the player economy and flea market for all players of all levels. My solution is a simple one. Only Found In Raid items can be bartered on the flea market, including currency. This means only FIR cash can be used to purchase stuff off of the flea market. FIR cash would be any Roubles, Dollars or Euros that a player finds in raid or recieves from a trader as a quest reward. Any cash a player receives for selling an item to a trader does not count as FIR. Any Cash that is exchanged on the Flea Ma
  3. bloo1147

    Scav Raid Times

    Over the past several days, I have been getting periodic scav runs with only 10 minutes left in the raid. The maps where I have experienced this are Customs and Reserve. I was unable to extract on customs due to the extract being on the complete opposite side of the map. I was trying to make my way to the extract while avoiding fights to at least make it out with the gear that I spawned with. Is this intended?
  4. Agoelia

    In-Raid utility of Wishlist

    In short: my idea is to add a little icon, similar in size to the "found in raid" icon, to every item that is on your wishlist. This icon would always be visibile on all items of that kind, both in raid and in your stash. I was thinking a small heart (the current symbol for the wishlist), but it could be whatever. Why: I often cannot remember what items I need for my quests, crafts, trades or hideout upgrades while looting or selling. I need to manually write such list on a piece of paper and consult it frequently. The current wishlist could be very useful for this, except it's only vis
  5. Ever since the 12.8 update, whenever I try to load into a raid solo or with friends I get the "loading map" text and it goes to 100 % and then it jumps to "Matching" and it stays there. The timer goes up and I have waited for over 20 minutes but have no luck getting into raid. When I am with friends they load in just fine within 2 minutes but I stay on the loading screen. I have restarted my computer, changed servers to auto Europe and also selected ones individually but since the update I havent played a raid at all I just grab my bitcoins in the hideout and log off. If anyone else
  6. BerryHops

    Fix shoreline spawns hmm?

    I don't know, I mean, 21 seconds? shoreline? Squad of 3 spawn right ontop of me within 30 meters? Ok, I'll just move on I suppose.
  7. Keraaja

    Suggestions for Raid recording

    Hi all Tarkov fan! I have suggestion for Raid recording -You have optional enable or disable -That record our ingame sound (not count the third party sound) -You can watch when you can and save it -That regord saves in your tarkov Live folder (own folder for Regords ) -Optional (you can whats that record in ingame for "free look mode") Thank you, and good luck to raids for everyone! *sry my eng
  8. NoisyCosmos

    RAID: Episodio IV

  9. TheSzeckler

    Time is crucial

    Instead of having only two times to choose from before starting a match why not give a morning, afternoon, evening, night time ? This way we will always have a preferred time to choose from [most of the time i want to play night time i have to wait alot] if that would be difficult instead of 4 times can we at least have a 3 times, pretty sure the servers would still be populated. 24hr format: 4 times: 6:00 / 12:00 / 18:00 / 00:00 OR 3 times: 8:00 / 16:00 / 00:00
  10. American_Gamer

    Suggestion For a Raid Boss

    So my friend and I have been playing and we absolutely love the Scav bosses. However we find their AI and difficulty lacking on their own. Don't Get me wrong their fun however I think they could be more fun. So hear me out we add a Raid Boss with the following: Armor - Altyn w/ Visor - Gen4 Full Weapons - AK-74N -- Completely Decked Out -- BS ammo - Saiga 12ga -- 20 round magazine -- Tormix Monster Claw -- AP-20 Slug AI Movement Spawns randomly in a room. The boss will not move from that room until it has been triggered with nearby gunfire noi
  11. Очень запотел над видосом.От активности будет зависеть буду ли делать контент дальше.Очень прошу всех оценить,буду рад любой критике.Надеюсь он всем зайдет)))
  12. ketom

    Couldn't extract from a raid

    I just lost all items from a raid beacuse i couldn't extract from it. It happened on customs on the RUAF Roadblock extraction point. How do I prevent this from happening and is getting back the items i lost a possibility since I have just started playing and dont have much.
  13. Idk how many of you have had this issue but I am getting tired of being spawned in to raids with either my PMC or Scav and only have 10-5 mins or less (2 mins was my last raid timer) to just get to the other side of the map to extract, it doesn't give us time to loot, PvPvE or even get to our extract. If you do get out and had little of time to loot on your way out of the raid, the time between spawn and extract are so close that you can't get enough XP for it to count as a success so you lose everything you gained in that raid. This is getting very frustrating. My last raid timer I had 2
  14. neur0tix

    Thermal Is NASTY!

    It is getting dark and you cannot see s*it anymore. Map time limit is closing in fast! Train is honking in distance and will definitely leave soon with or without you! Could it possibly even get worse than that?! ... Here comes the Raiders Ambush! Without Thermal scope, we would possibly be all dead long time ago! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MDlkoEhnjU
  15. Hello, Solid patch so far. Keep up the good work. I wanna share a few Ideas in the hopes to crank up the realism aspects of the game. 1. I've been playing more night-time raids this patch and the main thing i've noticed is that it's not dark enough. Sometimes I see better through dense woods without NVGs on. Even with a clear full moon sky, there should only be a subtle directional light, so turn off any ambient lighting you may have. Plus, night-time seems to last only about 5 hours with no sunlight creeping in. 2. Stamina drains way to fast while running. I can understand if im car
  16. hapce


    Hallo, ich hab in Videos gesehen das Leute während sie Raiden sachen in ihren Gamma-Behälter ziehen ich hab nur den Alpha behälter und hab es selbst während ich Raide ausprobiert aber dann kam die Nachricht das ich nichts in meine Behälter ziehen kann während ich im Raid bin. Ging das früher mal und wurde gepatched oder was muss man da machen das man die sachen reinziehen kann? MfG
  17. SilentSpinach

    Is there any kind of matchmaking system?

    Is there any matchmaking system in place? I’m new to the game and struggling to survive against other players. I understand this is down to multiple influences such as not knowing the maps as good as the other raiders, and not being in tune with all the controls, mechanics and physics of the game. But I also seem to find that the other players have better armour and weapons than me. I’d like to be comforted by knowing that I’m only playing against other level 5’s or similar, rather than level 60’s butchering me because they have every advantage over me.
  18. I would love the ability if we could play 'offline mode' with friends in Tarkov. This would be very beneficial to players like myself who could play against real players and work on reflexes, strategy, teach new players I introduce to the game, as well as just simply play against my friends. Most people playing would have a PC good enough to host a private offline game. There's also a lot of experimentation done by players these days to help improve the game and offline mode with friends would make it so much easier. This also would allow players to have fun playing their own scenarios lik
  19. Nabend zusammen, hab seit dem letzten Update das Problem das ich jede Runde wo ich starte einen Desync bekomme. Nicht so wie früher immer mal wieder vereinzelt, was ja noch okay wäre. Jede! Runde früher oder später, ich geh zb auf Factory und habe direkt einen Desync (Spiele eigefrohren und nichts geht mehr) In ner anderen Runde passiert dies erst nach geringer Zeit.. kann nur in einzelfällen mal wirklich einen Raid spielen PC: AMD RYZEN 7 1700 - MSI 1080 - 200mbit -Spiel ist auf meiner SSD -schon komplett neu installiert -Server Pingtest dgft - immer de
  20. Natalino

    RAID Episode 2 is Here!

    We are pleased to announce the premiere of episode 2 of "RAID" movie series, based on the multiplayer online FPS Escape from Tarkov. In the film directed by Anton Rosenberg, the audience discovers the world of the game and the armed conflict that occurred in the Norvinsk region—a special economic area on the border of Russia and Europe. The main operating forces are two opposing private military companies—USEC and BEAR, fighting each other along with the remaining gangs in the city—SCAVs. The protagonist finds himself in the sieged city of Tarkov, the exits of which are blocked by UN peacekeep
  21. ¡Supervivientes! Battlestate Games anuncia el estreno del primer episodio de la serie “Raid”, basada en el FPS multijugador de Escape from Tarkov. En esta adaptación dirigida por el director Anton Rosenberg, el espectador podrá adentrarse en el mundo del juego y del conflicto armado ocurrido en la región de Norvinsk, una zona económica especial en la frontera entre Rusia y Europa. Los dos bandos enfrentados principales que operan en el terreno, son las compañías militares privadas USEC y BEAR, que combaten ferozmente en el interior de la ciudad de Tarkov, sin olvidar el peligro de las ban
  22. zynide

    Quick Game Suggestions

    1. Offline raid stash. This would not be able to transfer to online play against real people 2. Blood Pooling
  23. NoisyCosmos

    RAID - Episodio 2

    Nos complace anunciar el segundo episodio de RAID, la serie basada en el videojuego de Escape from Tarkov. En esta serie cinematográfica dirigida por Anton Rosenberg, se puede descubrir el mundo del juego y del conflicto armado ocurrido en la región de Norvinsk, un área económica especial entre la frontera de Rusia y Europa. Las principales fuerzas operativas son dos compañías militares privadas, USEC y BEAR, que luchan entre sí, junto con las pandillas de Scavs que saquean el territorio. El protagonista se encuentra en la ciudad sitiada de Tarkov, cuyas salidas se encuentran bloqueadas por la
  24. During the famous 'Find In Raid' experience I noticed one frustrating aspect which players who do not rush/farm item spawns may benefit from being revised; If you kill an enemy PMC, and take their possessions, the items are not tagged as 'found in raid' (unless they found it/them in that particular raid) I believe this is intended to stop players teaming up and dropping items between each other, which is fair enough - cast your minds back to pre-0.6 where PMCs would load in with friendly USECs and kill their friends, rinse-and-repeat, in order to complete tasks. However! Could
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