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  1. abzurdiness

    SCAV raid spawn-in time

    Hey, Tried looking through the forums and searching, but didn't find what I was looking for so here goes: Me and my buddy have noticed that when we go on solo scav raids, the -raidtimer can vary between 35 and 10minutes. But while going in as a scav group, the raid-timer is never above 20 minutes. Most of the time, it's at the 10-minute mark. The question is if this is intentional? Or are we just unlucky? There's no complaint here, just curiousity. If there's any form of complaint, it's that it can be really hard to get something out of a raid as scav's when you spawn in so late that you basically have to just go for exfil, and also know that the map is more or less picked clean...
  2. raphasor

    Novo grupo Discord BR

    Boa tarde, Após alguns dias procurando um grupo no Discord com jogadores brasileiros, cheguei a conclusão que só existem convites expirados pois todos os tópicos são antigos. Sendo assim, resolvido criar esse tópico para convidar os novos jogadores para criar um Grupo onde podemos jogar juntos e evoluir dentro do game trocando informações, etc. Link para o Discord BR: https://discord.gg/Y3BZW4e Quem estiver com alguma dificuldade de acessar o grupo, podem me adicionar no Discord (Raphasor#3240). Toda ajuda nesse novo grupo será bem vinda. Espero vocês lá!
  3. Agoelia

    In-Raid utility of Wishlist

    In short: my idea is to add a little icon, similar in size to the "found in raid" icon, to every item that is on your wishlist. This icon would always be visibile on all items of that kind, both in raid and in your stash. I was thinking a small heart (the current symbol for the wishlist), but it could be whatever. Why: I often cannot remember what items I need for my quests, crafts, trades or hideout upgrades while looting or selling. I need to manually write such list on a piece of paper and consult it frequently. The current wishlist could be very useful for this, except it's only visible while browsing the flea market. Main Advantage: While looting things (and there are a lot of items to loot in Tarkov) I can instantly tell what to prioritize. Secondary Advantage: when selling stuff in your stash, you will not accidentally sell that precious thing you forgot sells for a fortune on the flea market, or that other item that you needed for the hideout upgrade.
  4. The idea of shadow loot/players to help identify cheaters got me thinking about how to help allow for early scav spawns without the current problems they cause and potentially help allow for additional PMC spawn waves. Could we have different "layers" of loot in a raid - each layer is visible to certain types of player (scav, PMC, both, etc) with potential layers including Scav Loot, PMC Loot, Dropped Loot (either scav or PMC drop something they found or brought in - allows PMC/Scav to share loot regardless of faction, share with co-operators). The core benfits to this system would be: Allowing scavs to spawn before/with PMC's without them spawning on the best loot. Early scav's are a great way to provide unpredicatbility in raids but the current implimentation see's them rushing high tier loot. Give scav's more reason to work with or fight against PMC's. Ability to increase or reduce profitability of scav runs via ballancing the specific loot layer/table. This could provide a route to opening raids to subsiquent PMC spawn waves or even dynamic spawns completely as loot could essentially be refreshed without impacting players already existing in a raid (additional loot layer for each wave of PMC's at 15 min intervals for example). Servers could exist for much longer while players can still be limited to a timer - this could help players get on servers quicker. MIA could become lootable and you no-longer have the ability to predict the raid as empty. Spawning and how predictable each map's early game can be is one of the more frustraighting elements for me and I feel there are ways to help improve it, be it dynamic spawns, loot or otherwise. With the game headed towards some form of open world/cross map travel I imagine this is already on the table in some form. Have I missed an existing video/discussion on these topics?
  5. I've ran into this problem a few times and feels so annoying. I got disconnected from server for high ping/high packet lost. I did choose the servers with ~40 ping before starting the game from the launcher. But when the raid starts, I got disconnected (due to high package lost) in like 30s after the raid screen showed up. Then I tried to reconnect the game, after loading, I got the message saying that the raid is ended (the raid time was around 40mins, so it's not the time which is up, and I don't I think I was killed as I'm not wounded after that). Then, I've lost everything I brought into the field. I still barely even move the character. In conclusion, It feels like I've just discard all the valuable guns and gears and not able to play. So here are my suggestions: - How about keeping all my stuffs at the time of the disconnection? If I've played for a few minutes and consumed a bottle of water that I brought with me, than if I disconnected, that bottle isn't in my inventory, fair enough. Because I got disconnected from the server for high package lost, not on my intention. And I don't event have a chance to choose a stable server with 0 lost or something, it's out of my control. - I don't know how disconnected players is handle by now, I've just started playing this game for like more than a month. But once I was disconnected (right at the moment when I heard a group of 2 men just outside the house I was looting), when I get back, the raid is end, I'm also wounded. Maybe they killed me. But can you guys make my character invisible or something to prevent it from being killed when I'm no longer in control? - Maybe added more time, or not counting the time to the raid/scav run when I was disconnected? I was running a scav run and keeps being disconnected, then reconnected, then disconnected again. And you know, the loading time is kind of long, so I just spent like 70% time of the raid to reconnect, I did put the game in SSD. And as a result, I cannot reach the extraction point and got missing in action, (picked up a nice new gun from the buried stash at the river in Customs, what a pity) 3 scenarios above really pissed me off every time it happened. Yes, people may exploit my suggestion by manually causing the lost and disconnect. But just let's just please think about it. I've lost a lot of stuffs because of this. It's unfair.
  6. Παρουσιάζουμε την πλήρη έκδοση των Raid miniseries με βάση το διαδικτυακό FPS Παιχνίδι Escape From Tarkov. Στην ταινία του σκηνοθέτη Anton Rosenberg, οι θεατές ανακαλύπτουν τον κόσμο του παιχνιδιού και την ένοπλη σύγκρουση που συμβαίνει στην περιοχή Norvinsk, μια ειδική οικονομική ζώνη στα σύνορα μεταξύ Ρωσίας και Ευρώπης. Τα κύρια λειτουργικά κόμματα είναι δύο αντιτιθέμενες ιδιωτικές στρατιωτικές εταιρείες - USEC και BEAR, που διεξάγουν έντονες μάχες μεταξύ τους και των συμμοριών που παραμένουν στην πόλη - Τους Scavs. Ο πρωταγωνιστής βρίσκεται στην κατεχόμενη πόλη του Tarkov, τις εξόδους από τις οποίες εμποδίζονται οι ειρηνευτές του ΟΗΕ και τα ρωσικά στρατεύματα. Απολαύστε...!!!
  7. Rex_Hilverstone

    Skif's Revenge - RAID inspired Pixelart

    Hi there, it's me, long time no see , I thought I should post more on here as well. Here is my homage to RAID and Skif, I took me a bit and was kinda hard to make but I like it in the end, also can't wait for season 2. I hope you like it as well, also I added a making process video and a background/hollow image of Skif alone. I made them for you all the community and so they are free to use ( you can use any of them in streams, post etc. ) HOWEVER, the only thing I ask of you if you do use it, is to credit me in it, preferably as ivan_the_stronk as for my instagram art page : https://www.instagram.com/ivan_the_stronk/?hl=en , talking about which you can check it out sometime, I have way more pixelarts and drawings - many Tarkov inspired, trust me it's cool! I love y'all, cheers! ❤️
  8. After much consideration I beleive I have figured out the perfect fix to balance the player economy and flea market for all players of all levels. My solution is a simple one. Only Found In Raid items can be bartered on the flea market, including currency. This means only FIR cash can be used to purchase stuff off of the flea market. FIR cash would be any Roubles, Dollars or Euros that a player finds in raid or recieves from a trader as a quest reward. Any cash a player receives for selling an item to a trader does not count as FIR. Any Cash that is exchanged on the Flea Market loses its FIR status once exchanged. Any market tax or fees can be paid with Non FIR cash. This one simple fix would completely change the player economy overnight. No longer would players be able to use the vast hoardes of cash they have saved up to buy vast amounts of gear over the flea market. Players would instead be forced to use that cash and exclusively make purchases from Traders. This would make Traders the main source of gear for all players, with the flea market being for limited and specific purchases. With the vast amount of loot on the flea market currently being purchased for cash atm, players would instead have to rely on the barter system instead, exchanging goods of a similiar value amongst eachother to get the items they want. This would place a greater emphasis on players collecting any and all loot that they find in raid, as any FIR item could now be bartered for something of a similair or greater value. Trader caps would also mean players have to use a wider variety of gear that they now purchase from the various traders instead of purchasing the same gear from various players on the flea market. FIR cash would have a greater value now too, with safes, raiders, scavs and even cash registers now being a players main source of finding cash to purchase with on the flea market, instead of cash they receive from selling stuff to a trader or on the flea market and then using that cash to purchase items off the flea market again. FIR cash only for the Flea Market is the answer we have been looking for when it comes to the player economy, the great equalizer. It limits a players ability to amass wealth quickly, places a greater reliance on traders for purchases, makes looting safes and cash registers a more important means of accuiring cash, and places a greater need for players to use bartering on the flea market instead of listing items for cash. It doesnt neccessarily impact a players progression, it simply requires them to adapt their current playstyle and take advantage of the many sources of FIR cash that are currently available ingame such as the safes, cash registers, quests, and killing scavs/raiders. I understand that to some this may seem like a radical change but it is one i feel in necessary for the health of Tarkov and is one that the playerbase can adapt to most easily. I'd love to hear your feadback.
  9. bloo1147

    Scav Raid Times

    Over the past several days, I have been getting periodic scav runs with only 10 minutes left in the raid. The maps where I have experienced this are Customs and Reserve. I was unable to extract on customs due to the extract being on the complete opposite side of the map. I was trying to make my way to the extract while avoiding fights to at least make it out with the gear that I spawned with. Is this intended?
  10. Ever since the 12.8 update, whenever I try to load into a raid solo or with friends I get the "loading map" text and it goes to 100 % and then it jumps to "Matching" and it stays there. The timer goes up and I have waited for over 20 minutes but have no luck getting into raid. When I am with friends they load in just fine within 2 minutes but I stay on the loading screen. I have restarted my computer, changed servers to auto Europe and also selected ones individually but since the update I havent played a raid at all I just grab my bitcoins in the hideout and log off. If anyone else is having this problem please let me know if you have found a fix for it or if its a known bug.
  11. BerryHops

    Fix shoreline spawns hmm?

    I don't know, I mean, 21 seconds? shoreline? Squad of 3 spawn right ontop of me within 30 meters? Ok, I'll just move on I suppose.
  12. Keraaja

    Suggestions for Raid recording

    Hi all Tarkov fan! I have suggestion for Raid recording -You have optional enable or disable -That record our ingame sound (not count the third party sound) -You can watch when you can and save it -That regord saves in your tarkov Live folder (own folder for Regords ) -Optional (you can whats that record in ingame for "free look mode") Thank you, and good luck to raids for everyone! *sry my eng
  13. NoisyCosmos

    RAID: Episodio IV

  14. TheSzeckler

    Time is crucial

    Instead of having only two times to choose from before starting a match why not give a morning, afternoon, evening, night time ? This way we will always have a preferred time to choose from [most of the time i want to play night time i have to wait alot] if that would be difficult instead of 4 times can we at least have a 3 times, pretty sure the servers would still be populated. 24hr format: 4 times: 6:00 / 12:00 / 18:00 / 00:00 OR 3 times: 8:00 / 16:00 / 00:00
  15. American_Gamer

    Suggestion For a Raid Boss

    So my friend and I have been playing and we absolutely love the Scav bosses. However we find their AI and difficulty lacking on their own. Don't Get me wrong their fun however I think they could be more fun. So hear me out we add a Raid Boss with the following: Armor - Altyn w/ Visor - Gen4 Full Weapons - AK-74N -- Completely Decked Out -- BS ammo - Saiga 12ga -- 20 round magazine -- Tormix Monster Claw -- AP-20 Slug AI Movement Spawns randomly in a room. The boss will not move from that room until it has been triggered with nearby gunfire noise. Upon hearing gunfire the boss breaches the door of the room it is in and proceeds to head in the direction of the gunfire. Upon locating a player the visor on the Altyn lowers and the AI will proceed to rush the player. Usually initiating combat with a stun grenade followed shortly by a lead for a normal grenade. While at mid to long range the AI uses the AK-74N however if a player gets too close it will duck behind cover and swap to the Saiga. Its overall ability to target players borders on AIMBOT. This is intentional as players are not after the boss itself. Instead they are trying to get away. If a player manages to get out of site of the AI it will proceed to call the player a "pussy" and will proceed to go from door to door breaching them looking for the player. The catch being that there are doors that players cannot breach down nor is there any key for however the AI can. The AI also contains the ability to use stims and other medical equipment varying their use dependent on the situation. The AI will be intentionally designed to hunt and absolutely destroy players and provide a difficulty that requires multiple players in order to kill. It would also help to have friendly units in the area with little to no armor however very powerful guns that have great amounts of penetration or damage to tear apart player armor. Again this is just an idea we'd like to see and I hope the community also finds the idea appealing.
  16. Очень запотел над видосом.От активности будет зависеть буду ли делать контент дальше.Очень прошу всех оценить,буду рад любой критике.Надеюсь он всем зайдет)))
  17. ketom

    Couldn't extract from a raid

    I just lost all items from a raid beacuse i couldn't extract from it. It happened on customs on the RUAF Roadblock extraction point. How do I prevent this from happening and is getting back the items i lost a possibility since I have just started playing and dont have much.
  18. Idk how many of you have had this issue but I am getting tired of being spawned in to raids with either my PMC or Scav and only have 10-5 mins or less (2 mins was my last raid timer) to just get to the other side of the map to extract, it doesn't give us time to loot, PvPvE or even get to our extract. If you do get out and had little of time to loot on your way out of the raid, the time between spawn and extract are so close that you can't get enough XP for it to count as a success so you lose everything you gained in that raid. This is getting very frustrating. My last raid timer I had 2 mins to get from my spawn to loot enough xp and get to my extract for it to be a success, but as you guessed it I was counted as MIA along with my friend who played with me and we lost all the items we looted on the way. Waste of my time. Please set a time limit on when a server stops accepting new raiders. It is not enjoyable to get in to a raid with no time especially after waiting for so long looking for a server to join.
  19. neur0tix

    Thermal Is NASTY!

    It is getting dark and you cannot see s*it anymore. Map time limit is closing in fast! Train is honking in distance and will definitely leave soon with or without you! Could it possibly even get worse than that?! ... Here comes the Raiders Ambush! Without Thermal scope, we would possibly be all dead long time ago! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MDlkoEhnjU
  20. Hello, Solid patch so far. Keep up the good work. I wanna share a few Ideas in the hopes to crank up the realism aspects of the game. 1. I've been playing more night-time raids this patch and the main thing i've noticed is that it's not dark enough. Sometimes I see better through dense woods without NVGs on. Even with a clear full moon sky, there should only be a subtle directional light, so turn off any ambient lighting you may have. Plus, night-time seems to last only about 5 hours with no sunlight creeping in. 2. Stamina drains way to fast while running. I can understand if im carrying alot of weight, but even pistols runs, I can barely cross the street before my guy starts gasping for air. Maybe a secondary stamina bar that serves as a cap for the main stamina which decreases throughout the raid slowly depending on other attributes. In other words, you will be more fatigued by the end of the raid than at the beginning even if you ate and drank. And this could carry through to the hideout requiring proper rest to regenerate. 3. "Stamina" is actually a big topic in my mind.. Both nutrition and hydration percentages fall too fast and strangely at the same pace. There are virtually no indications until you suddenly bleed out. It would be nice to see negative effects of hunger and thirst (such as decrease in stamina and increase of weapon sway, etc) kicking in long before the percentage reaches zero while prolonging its depletion, thus maintaining the need for consumption but reducing the risk of dying because you didn't drink for 30 minutes. I love that food and water items have long term value. I've even had to gamma it a couple of times. That's all I can remember for now Thanks
  21. hapce


    Hallo, ich hab in Videos gesehen das Leute während sie Raiden sachen in ihren Gamma-Behälter ziehen ich hab nur den Alpha behälter und hab es selbst während ich Raide ausprobiert aber dann kam die Nachricht das ich nichts in meine Behälter ziehen kann während ich im Raid bin. Ging das früher mal und wurde gepatched oder was muss man da machen das man die sachen reinziehen kann? MfG
  22. SilentSpinach

    Is there any kind of matchmaking system?

    Is there any matchmaking system in place? I’m new to the game and struggling to survive against other players. I understand this is down to multiple influences such as not knowing the maps as good as the other raiders, and not being in tune with all the controls, mechanics and physics of the game. But I also seem to find that the other players have better armour and weapons than me. I’d like to be comforted by knowing that I’m only playing against other level 5’s or similar, rather than level 60’s butchering me because they have every advantage over me.
  23. I would love the ability if we could play 'offline mode' with friends in Tarkov. This would be very beneficial to players like myself who could play against real players and work on reflexes, strategy, teach new players I introduce to the game, as well as just simply play against my friends. Most people playing would have a PC good enough to host a private offline game. There's also a lot of experimentation done by players these days to help improve the game and offline mode with friends would make it so much easier. This also would allow players to have fun playing their own scenarios like VIP escorts for example. The community would love this!
  24. Nabend zusammen, hab seit dem letzten Update das Problem das ich jede Runde wo ich starte einen Desync bekomme. Nicht so wie früher immer mal wieder vereinzelt, was ja noch okay wäre. Jede! Runde früher oder später, ich geh zb auf Factory und habe direkt einen Desync (Spiele eigefrohren und nichts geht mehr) In ner anderen Runde passiert dies erst nach geringer Zeit.. kann nur in einzelfällen mal wirklich einen Raid spielen PC: AMD RYZEN 7 1700 - MSI 1080 - 200mbit -Spiel ist auf meiner SSD -schon komplett neu installiert -Server Pingtest dgft - immer der selbe Wert Ping wird ausgeführt für dev-prod-01.escapefromtarkov.com [] mit 32 Bytes Daten: Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=53ms TTL=51 Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=55ms TTL=51 Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=52ms TTL=51 Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=53ms TTL=51 Ping-Statistik für Pakete: Gesendet = 4, Empfangen = 4, Verloren = 0 (0% Verlust), Ca. Zeitangaben in Millisek.: Minimum = 52ms, Maximum = 55ms, Mittelwert = 53ms Die Server sollten ja eigentlich momentan nicht mehr das Problem sein? Woran kann das denn noch liegen? Kann es sein das meine Fritzbox zu den Problemen führt? Diese ist noch nicht so lang dran, aber schon bevor das Problem so schlimm war. Bin für jede Hilfe dankbar! Gruß Andy
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