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Found 9 results

  1. I have a suggestion for Tarkov: Was thinking that it would be awesome if a new boss would have militarized animals like a bear or K9 as a follower. Or make it like it's own boss roaming the map? Terra Labs maybe did some experiments on russians bears and other animals with combat stimulants? or another idea is to make a new raider K9 unit type with dogs 😈
  2. Hi everyone, I did a lot a runs on reserve recently and i feel they change or remove raiders on this map. I found this guide (see below) and i think i didnt see lever and train raiders for a very long time. Anyone know something about this?
  3. I have a suggestion that i assume would be a interesting addition to the game in the future: Random Raider "Escort" Events (Here forth shortened RREES) Breaking down the concept in to parts i will explain why this would be a valuable addition to the game, how it would work and how it would impact the game. Starting with the reason why this would be a good addition we can just take a look at Shoreline and Woods. Two pretty barren maps with just a couple places for intense action. Every run you go in to either map you tend to have to move towards either Resort or Lumberyard. And i am not saying that it is a bad thing. I just imagine that it gets repetitive quite quick and you come to expect the same from each run. (would like some true chad input on the matter) Now if this was implemented i imagine the maps would become more dynamic at times causing people to change priorities mid way. Now lets get in to the meat of it, what i am suggesting. RREES would be a group of Raiders spawning in at a random edge of the map and their objective would be to transport high value cargo to the opposite side of the map. This could for example mean that the RREES could spawn at the "Road to Customs" extract and make their way along the coastline road to the "Tunnel" extract on Shoreline. There should be a decent size to this group, capable of challenging even fully geared 5 man crew's. They should not spawn every raid. I feel like having a 0.5% chance per raid would be pretty good in general. When spawning there could be some form of a warning siren giving off a alarm so that players could be aware of the event. Perhaps one loud siren on the spawn point and one at the RREES extract. Or flares. Either or, just some form of indication. They would carry pretty standard Raider gear except for the main RREES Raider that should carry a large backpack containing some neat stuff. Just have a random loot pool with a random percent chance of finding stuff like cases, high tier armor, weapons or even absolutely crap tier stuff just so we can have people's dreams crushed. Now to how this would impact the game. To be honest i doubt it will have a massive impact but it would make maps like Woods and Shoreline have something more alluring to them. It isn't really like the maps are bad. I just feel like it would be a great addition that would make people consider if they want to keep looting the main spots or if they should run out to see if they can take out some raiders for a chance at some really good stuff. It would also increase the value of gear brought in to these raids as perhaps people would prepare for the chance of dealing with a RREES. This would also draw in rats and Scav's all looking for either dead PMC's or dead RREES for that sweet sweet loot. All and all i would really like to see this implemented at a later stage of the game. Random events just adds more flavor if done correctly. Any and all opinions that touch this topic are welcome. (On a side note: Searching for "Random raider event" netted me 7.867 results so if this is a re-post, i don't care. I really don't.... i have no intention of going trough 315 pages of suggestions....)
  4. DavidMReyes

    SPAWN de los Raiders. (Sugerencia)

    Estaría genial que los Raiders hicieran SPAWN mediante eventos especiales como el aterrizaje de un AH-6 Little-Bird (obviamente no aplica para Labs) en lugar de simplemente aparecer de la nada. Adjunto imagen de ejemplo.
  5. Dear BSG & EFT Community, After patch 0.12, I kinda feel like the AI (Scavs & Raiders) become weaker and nerfed (especially their shooting skills). They kinda miss a lot and rarely hit me. Their respond time is also longer, when they see a threat they only scream a lot instead of shooting accurately. The only thing that are good right now is they can actually flank and move tactically. They go prone or take cover when getting shot at. Sometimes they also throw some grenades very accurately. But still they're so predictable and very easy to kill. I've tested those Scavs & Raiders at Impossible Difficulty level (mostly in offline raids though, so it could be a bug in offline raid). They really suck balls! I'd really like to have AI difficulty increased for more challenging gameplay and for preventing hatchlings in online raid. And put those scavs at loot spawns ffs! >_< Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  6. vekongmaster

    Free The Scav Raiders from the Labs!

    Dear BSG, I'm a newbie, this is my first Pre-Wipe event and I really love it! It's so fun especially with Raiders operating all over the maps. So I'm kinda thinking that BSG Devs should probably let the Raiders out of the labs once in a while (not just during Pre-Wipe event but maybe once/twice every month) to spice things up. Let those Raiders work with the AI Scavs (but they can still detect Player Scavs). Put 3 or 4 Raiders across the map and make them roam the map freely so they ain't too stiff like the AI Scavs. Make those Raiders smarter and more aggressive, right now they're kinda a little bit dumb and I can even kill them easily with a pistol (whenever I'm hiding in bushes and all they can do just scream like b*tch), they can only kill me when I'm right in front of them. You're all probably thinking I just want some easy money making from those Raiders. No man, this idea is just to make all maps more fun and more challenging The AI Scavs are getting pretty boring and they're acting completely like stupid robots. Raiders are lot more entertaining and they obviously can turn all maps alive. Just my 2 cent though.... Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  7. Ok so after a good few raids last night i laid down and tried to head off to sleep but had a vary interesting idea. The Scav Raiders seem quite intent on Tera group labs, There is something in there they want but what is it? Well then thats when the idea hit me how do they know about it? Raider faction. It is quite clear these raiders are not part of any of the basic scav gangs, I have been thinking about how they would react to the other scavs. The reason i say this is i think it would be a stellar idea if there was a chance that the Raiders could spawn in locations were Teragroup lab information could be found. Places such as Customs Dorms, the power pylon for customs over looking new gas, Shoreline resort, and even the bunkers on woods. I am sure there are more locations i am missing but im sure you guys could fill me in on that. As far as the raiders as far as we know they do not have any connection for deal maker's gang or killa's gang, so it is reasonable to think that if confronted by other scavs or even the cultists when they are added the raiders would engage them like they would player scav's or pmc's Why are they spawning at these locations? so well to put it plainly, they are trying to get in to labs just like we are, so why would they not spawn at these locations looking for key cards, access codes, and other information about teragroup labs. So why wouldn't we see them spawning in these locations? Scav on Scav violance How would they interact with other scavs? It has been said by the devs they do plan to add faction play to the npc's in the game when they get closer to the end of the game and i think the idea of raiders, and scavs having a fire fight and players getting suck in the middle could be an interesting twist. I have played stalker for a long time and i loved that you could be looting in a building and a fight between stalkers and bandits could just erupt around you and you could chose to help ether side. The same could be said about the raider scavs and say Deal maker's scavs im more then sure deal maker would not take too kindly to these raiders coming on to his turf and would give them or at least try to give them a right ass kicking. with could lead to players finding dead raiders or even deal maker scavs, or just scavs in general with were too unlucky to spawn near dorms and wander in. Equipment Since These raiders are not located with in the labs location, i think it would be safe to say that the devs could give them some less modified weapons, and perhaps some lower teir armor, after all these are the scouts looking for information rather then the assault force with is assaulting teragroups lab. Lets say lvl4 at best armor, with some weapons with are modded out much like say deal maker's guards. This would give another way for players to find lab access keys as well by killing these scout raiders. Ai behavior. This is the tricky one the question is how tough should these guys be out side of labs, as they are not the main assault force but more so a recon scout should they be as weak as normal scavs or should they be just above that of deal makers boys? With this question in mind, would we also see them posted up diffrently then normal scavs say we have one at the sand bags on dorms looking over the court yard another two on the ground floor with two on the second floor when they spawn looking between the two dorms. The same question could be asked about Resort, sould we see some of thes Raiders perched up on the roofs with six or seven of their raider buddies looking through the resort trying to find clues about Teragroup labs? I think yes to both questions, they sould be alittle more advanced then normal scavs but nowhere near that of the lab raiders, but also i think it would be intresting to have the chance of them spawning at these locations much like you would deal maker or killa on those same maps. Why have them spawn at all? well the thing is I don't feel that players should be able to buy or trade for the Tera group labs access key from the traders, It dose not feel organic and when players can afford to buy these things again and again and again it dose not matter how many times you go in to labs you are most likely going to be going in to a full lobby any one becouse anyone and their grandmother can buy one. I have found 4 lab keys since i have played since this wipe, and i have only bought 1 from the marketplace. The reason to have them spawn is to seed the world with lab keys allowing players to fight more then just deal maker, or killa to find these key cards. as well as add more danger to some of these maps with can at times feel like a cake walk, But with the restriction of the key cards no longer being able to be bought or traded for from traders This would make finding one of them more meaning full and lower the number of people with are crowding the labs for loot and xp.
  8. nicco_scaf

    Vetri ascensori the lab

    Mi trovo spesso nella situazione di morire sulle scale che passano accanto agli ascensori perché i raiders mi sparano attraverso i vetri mentre io non riesco a vederli per l'intelaiatura in metallo. Non è possibile mettere dei vetri antiproiettile? Così almeno da bilanciare un pò la situazione!
  9. Raiders International is a community of players who play a variety of mil-sim games in a team-work driven mindset. We find that playing with a group who communicates and works together, a more exciting experience for everyone. We play Squad, Escape from Tarkov, Arma 3, DCS, and others. From a family-fun adventure of Genital Jousting to a tactical loot run in Escape from Tarkov we do it all. We provide a resource-rich environment with our own public and private servers for the unit to play on, even if you can only participate for an hour in the week there is always something to play. We have a few requirements for our players. Some games may require mods, and we require you to have a mic for our Teamspeak Server. Players from all over the globe are joining up to play in kick-ass communities. Our clan is a relaxed mil-sim unit. Based on America's elite operating forces. We meet every weekend for gaming and other various operations in one of many games. Most of our members are veterans or active duty, while some are dedicated gamers. TL;DR Realism Unit Requires Mods Multiple Games Private and Public Servers Meets every week 18+ (younger requires unanimous vote) Check our website out. You know you want to.. raiders.damnserver.com You can also join our teamspeak at our.damnserver.com Or our discord server at https://discord.gg/6Rsdxeg
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