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Found 20 results

  1. Dimittri

    Mapas das Raids

    Nesta postagem estarei compartilhando mapa das raids liberadas no jogo. Pretendo atualizar esta postagem com o surgimento das futuras raids, como Shoreline. Se notarem algum erro, me informem e estarei atualizando o material. Mapa da Factory é baseado no modelo estabelecido pelo emissário @predador. Já o mapa da Wood, a imagem foi obtida duma comunidade alemã, sendo traduzido os principais pontos. Espero que curtam! #Edit @FLP aqui, vou estar adicionando alguns mapas aqui também."o credito está no próprio mapa" Mapa da Factory Mapa da Woods
  2. RickyMac

    New to Tarkov looking for players

    Looking for group to play with. My discord is RickyMac#4848. I'm new to tarkov looking to play with new and experienced players.
  3. Hey guys you guys have a fantastic game but I wanted to make a suggestion was going to see if you guys would like to put in the Walther P99 handgun it is a fantastic weapon and I think it would do wonderfully in tarkov please let me know what you think if you guys put that weapon in this game I would probably use nothing but that I love that weapon we already have a Walther Red Dot sight why not incorporate some Walther Weaponry as well thanks guys hope you'll look into the suggestion! Goose_X109
  4. As someone whose played Escape From Tarkov for a couple years, it feels like the maps are devoid of action , there are no scavs and the main action is people hard holding corners cause they sprinted to the loot areas and hold it. There is no scavs to make people stop and open fire on them , the matches feel silent. its as if i PIVIT on my feet everyone in 30 metre radius hears me and sprints to me because theres only rain sounds and ambient noices going on . ( Alot of people are using silencers ) I no we've all complained about the scav's but now that there gone. WE DONT KNOW WHAT WE HAD
  5. Lorenz_The_Holy

    Server de Discord!

    Hola! Somos un grupo de colegas y acabamos de abrir un server de Discord. Lo importante aquí es pasar un buen rato y si es posible, sacar tajada. Estamos bromeando continuamente pero cuando hace falta ponerse serios, nos ponemos. Sois bienvenidos independientemente del nivel y la experiencia! Aquí ayudamos al prójimo jajaja. https://discord.gg/EtWm5u
  6. X_on

    The flow of raids

    There are a few things that i wish to see from EFT which I believe would greatly improve the feel and flow of raids. 1. Combine all maps to one; I don't know if this one was already confirmed or discussed and I'm a bit confused about the arena mode when stated that raids will be shorter, but maps need to be merged together as one tarkov map I think. 2. At the start of a wipe, have the player pick where they want their hideout to be and that's where they spawn and extract from; I haven't given this one much thought but wanted to throw it out there anyway. The point so far is
  7. Good afternoon to you all, It would be nice to see a friend's activity of Tarkov through Discord, similar to how League of Legends does it. What I mean is, to show if a friend's in a raid, if so, what map and what time the raid is at. Or if they are just in the main menu or an offline raid. The lack of this feature results in getting unwanted calls during a raid, distracting the player and even getting them killed. The picture attached illustrates what I mean. A friend on League and a friend on Tarkov, and the differences of status.
  8. This is a suggestion I made elsewhere, thought I'd repost it here as well so others in the community can provide feedback and ideas too. For those may not have heard, the Labs map will eventually be accessible only from within the Streets of Tarkov map. This means players will need to make a “two part” raid. This raid within a raid idea, got me thinking: How could EFT set up a situation where a team of players would want one or two teammates to stay in the Streets of Tarkov map and provide cover to a Labs entrance/exit, while another set of teammates goes into Labs? One of
  9. For those may not have heard, the Labs maps will eventually be accessible only from within the Streets of Tarkov map. This means players will need to make a “two part” raid. This raid within a raid idea, got me thinking: How could EFT set up a situation where a team of players would want one or two teammates to stay in the Streets of Tarkov map and provide cover to a Labs entrance/exit, while another set of teammates goes into Labs? One of those situations where the teammates, before loading into Labs, tells the others, “Okay, we’re going in. We’ll try to exit from one of the ele
  10. TigerLiker

    Raid Probleme ?!?

    Hallo erstmal, ich habe folgendes Problem: ich war in einem Raid drinne konnte normal verlassen usw. allerdings wen ich jetzt in ein Raid möchte, passiert einfach nichts. Ich muss immer das Spiel neustarten und frage mich ob das Bekannt ist ? Oder es schon hilfe dagegen gibt. Grüße Justin
  11. Dimittri

    Mapas e Guias das Raids

    Olá operadores! Nesta postagem irei publicar mapas das raids e guias de cada uma no futuro. Grande destaque para o mapa editado da Shoreline! O mapa da Factory é um trabalho derivado do modelo estabelecido pelo @predador. O mapa da Woods é derivado dum modelo da comunidade alemã do jogo. O mapa da Customs é criação da comunidade brasileira EFTCBR. O mapa da Shoreline foi editado pela comunidade brasileira EFTCBR sobre o mapa criado por maksen. Agradecimentos ao Vitor Eduardo (AKA Godzilla Bolado), por colaborar no mapa da Shoreline! Críticas e sugestões sã
  12. Message here, or comment https://steamcommunity.com/id/SwinginAlien/
  13. Comment here if you're interested or send a steam request. https://steamcommunity.com/id/SwinginAlien/
  14. IC4TACOS

    Weapon Kit System

    So in essence, I find re modding a weapon to be extremely tiresome, especially since my memory is rather poo. Attempting to remember which weapons take which mods, although is simple for some, is extremely annoying for others. In essence an Armory would be an added function ( maybe unlocked after getting a certain rank with Peacekeeper or Skier ) that would allow you to save kits, so for instance, if I saved a kit where I was running Fort, Kiver, an MP133 with long boi barrel attachment, scav backpack, AVS Rig, I could save that set into the Armory under the title "Long Boi" After I go out int
  15. Smoerble

    How to unlock new raids?

    Hi all, I managed to escape in the raids Woods, Customs, Factory and Shoreline. Still all other raids are locked. I am currently level 7. How to tell what is needed to unlock the other raids please?
  16. PIG-Mathieu

    Tweaks on the Offline Features.

    Hey ! I' ve been playing escape from tarkov a lot and i' ld like to start up by giving you all my support on it. As a player who enjoy playing your game, i really want it to improve by reporting bugs. But today i played a lot of raids offline and i started to see a big difference with the 'main' game. Since when you play offline, you are not running on any servers, the latency is WAY better than it has ever been on online servers. I realy think i' m not the only one to understand that the game it self is so good to play, but problems coming from either your internet or the
  17. Hello. So, I play this kind of games only with my friend/friends, right? And I really love when things are designed to support teams of people. So I was wondering if the hideout could be done in a "team friendly way"? You with your friend both purchase one hideout together and manage it. You could trade with your friend there (for example you have a scope that he want, you simply both go to hideout and trade it). Or it this is not a plane, could we get some trading system between friends? Cant imagine 2 guys in a real life scenario not being able to exchange equpiment hehe. As for
  18. InfiniteRival

    How do Raids work?

    I've been looking around the forums and videos to see the game play since the NDA has lifted and am a bit confused on how these raids work. First question is based off the keys, i see some people talking about how you can purchase a raid key in order to participate in the raid, than others who say you need to find a key somewhere spawned in the map in order to escape. Which is it? And is it that easy to survive a raid if all you need to do is get from A to B with a key? Doesn't seem that difficult in theory. As well about the scavs, i know they aren't a part of the alpha yet. But i read som
  19. Cozy_Bear

    Schaut doch mal vorbei

    Hallöchen alle miteinander, auch ich bin jetzt stolzer Besitzer von EFT doch ich muss ehrlich gestehen das sich das ganze solo doch ehr schwer gestaltet. Bei mir sind doch auch noch einige Fragen offen. Inwiefern besteht die Möglichkeit eine Gruppe zu gründen bzw. zusammen zu zocken ? Geht das dann nur ingame und random oder kann man irgenwie zusammen joinen ? Dann noch die Frage wie ich es schaffen kann zu entkommen ^^ Muss halt einfach erst einmal durch das ganze Spielprinzip durchblicken. Falls wer mal bock hat nen bissle zu quatschen kommt doch einfach mal bei uns
  20. So it is pretty clear that we will not be able to free-roam until we finished the 10 raid scenario. And we will complete these raid scenarios directly from the game menu, and after we finish the raid (if we were able to survive) we will immdediately returned to the game lobby in which we can start the next raid. At this point my question is this: how would you expect a standart edition player with his mere pistol to compete againist an edge of darknes player with his rifles, additional ammos, tomahawks and such. You repeteadly claim that all premium bonuses can be acquired through t
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