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Found 9 results

  1. Weapon Kit System

    So in essence, I find re modding a weapon to be extremely tiresome, especially since my memory is rather poo. Attempting to remember which weapons take which mods, although is simple for some, is extremely annoying for others. In essence an Armory would be an added function ( maybe unlocked after getting a certain rank with Peacekeeper or Skier ) that would allow you to save kits, so for instance, if I saved a kit where I was running Fort, Kiver, an MP133 with long boi barrel attachment, scav backpack, AVS Rig, I could save that set into the Armory under the title "Long Boi" After I go out into the world and inevitably die from falling off something I could go back to the armory and see my kit there. And this is where the Armory could differ. Variation A - Full Re-buying In essence for each kit you would see the full price for re buying the entire kit, so like idk 80k Roubles, 200$, an HDD, etc. In essence, I could click the repurchase button, and the entire kit would be re-bought and I could go cliff diving in customs again. In essence this would help with Squads who are far richer than I am at the moment to be able to fully re-gear much faster without having to wait for that one friend to make sure he has all of his nails polished before leaving for a raid. This form however does seem to draw a bit from the game, but in essence would be something late game, maybe from Tier 4 Peacekeeper or Tier 4 Skier, a basic quality of life addition to higher geared players to allow them to go back into the raid much faster. Variation B - Blueprints Gives a reason for paper to exist other than adding spice to the game, long story short you would basically go into the Armory, give them Paper, they would copy down your load-out, including Mods, for a short amount of money, ( Maybe like 5-10k roubles or something idk, however much public printers are nowadays ) and your entire readout would be saved like a shopping list. At this point, you could give the armory a smaller amount of money, and some tradable, so in essence going off last price 40k Roubles + Lion Statue, and the armory would take some time, but generate the kit you gave them. The higher the tier the longer it takes, and the less money you give them the longer it takes. Some variation of scaling would be required, and maybe this form would have its own form of Faction that would require you needing to level it up before printing out M4's for you. Regardless once its done, you can go back to the armory and pick up your kit. At the same time, with these blueprints you would be able to keep it on your player, and once you go to trading, the parts required would be highlighted in the traders, the trader highlightd, the mod outlined, the ammo type you used as well if you saved it . Reasons for addition? I see this as a quality of life addition for the players that are exorbitantly rich and would like to get back to raiding almost instantly after getting wiped in a raid. I am aware that the Blueprints function would be rather powerful late game, but with some tweaking could be brought down to a balanced level, and make it much easier for players to load back into the game as well. This is of course, all a quality of life add-on, and some players might not even use it, especially once the leveling system for modding comes out.. However a simple workaround is that the attachments come off the weapon, giving players the choice to put them on, or switch them etc. This add-on would basically allow players to get back to the fighting a little faster.
  2. How to unlock new raids?

    Hi all, I managed to escape in the raids Woods, Customs, Factory and Shoreline. Still all other raids are locked. I am currently level 7. How to tell what is needed to unlock the other raids please?
  3. Tweaks on the Offline Features.

    Hey ! I' ve been playing escape from tarkov a lot and i' ld like to start up by giving you all my support on it. As a player who enjoy playing your game, i really want it to improve by reporting bugs. But today i played a lot of raids offline and i started to see a big difference with the 'main' game. Since when you play offline, you are not running on any servers, the latency is WAY better than it has ever been on online servers. I realy think i' m not the only one to understand that the game it self is so good to play, but problems coming from either your internet or the game server's can ruin the experience. This is why i wanted to suggest you to add a feature for friends to play 'offline' ( i mean not on their own server, but using their internet like in the old call of duty game you know :)) and to actualy save the progress made in there. By doing this you will be able to run the game with almost no latency, do private raid and to actualy have your progress saved that way. I realy think people could enjoy this feature a lot and it would give quite a good new way to play, especialy when the servers aren' t running to well. Let me know what you think about it Thanks a lot !
  4. Hello. So, I play this kind of games only with my friend/friends, right? And I really love when things are designed to support teams of people. So I was wondering if the hideout could be done in a "team friendly way"? You with your friend both purchase one hideout together and manage it. You could trade with your friend there (for example you have a scope that he want, you simply both go to hideout and trade it). Or it this is not a plane, could we get some trading system between friends? Cant imagine 2 guys in a real life scenario not being able to exchange equpiment hehe. As for the hideout raids - my vision is: You store stuff in your hideout, right? The hideout could be located in an instanced zone. You could challenge the hideout with your team and you would get teleported into a seperate area. The defending team would be able to secure their hideout with hirable scavs or mercenaries together with themselves being able to defend it. As for the time to get prepared - not sure if anybody is familiar with lineage 2 and castle sieges, there you had castle siege every weekend at 8:pm. Enemy clans could register and you would be warned in advance so you and your friends could get ready to defend your castle. So something similar. Not everybody has time at weekend nights so it would be up to the players to allow their hideouts being at disposal for registration, depends on the teams collective decision. Would be also nice if that area - for example city map - where you get teleported had 2-3-4 options of hideout being located and every time the location would be random, same for the attacking team spawn. So we could prevent people from using the same tactic again and again and would provide players with tons of options and different scenarios. As for the rewards in case of succesful/unsuccesful raid: the winning team would be able to loot the enemy crates and collect certain percentage of items stored in there. For example looting a safe with 10 000 000 rubles would get you 1000 000 rubles, weapon locker with 20 guns would provide you with 2-3 random (or choosable) guns etc etc. Attacking team in case of failure on the other hand would lose all of their equipment. In case of only one person of the defending team surviving, the game would store or the remaining person would be able to store his friends/enemies equipment in the hideouts storage space, thus getting reward even for the fallen comrades and getting their shizzle back. By the way there could be something like a leaderboard where you challenge hideouts. You could see the posible loot, cash and of course their success ratio or how many raids they lost/survived. It would be a fun competition I think :). PS: My english has gotten quite rusty so, yeah, b.e.a.r with me
  5. Mapas e Guias das Raids

    Olá operadores! Nesta postagem irei publicar mapas das raids e guias de cada uma no futuro. Grande destaque para o mapa editado da Shoreline! O mapa da Factory é um trabalho derivado do modelo estabelecido pelo @predador. O mapa da Woods é derivado dum modelo da comunidade alemã do jogo. O mapa da Customs é criação da comunidade brasileira EFTCBR. O mapa da Shoreline foi editado pela comunidade brasileira EFTCBR sobre o mapa criado por maksen. Agradecimentos ao Vitor Eduardo (AKA Godzilla Bolado), por colaborar no mapa da Shoreline! Críticas e sugestões são sempre bem vindas! Espero que curtam! Factory: Woods: Customs: Shoreline:
  6. Mapas das Raids

    Nesta postagem estarei compartilhando mapa das raids liberadas no jogo. Pretendo atualizar esta postagem com o surgimento das futuras raids, como Shoreline. Se notarem algum erro, me informem e estarei atualizando o material. Mapa da Factory é baseado no modelo estabelecido pelo emissário @predador. Já o mapa da Wood, a imagem foi obtida duma comunidade alemã, sendo traduzido os principais pontos. Espero que curtam! Mapa da Factory Mapa da Woods Mapa da Customs
  7. How do Raids work?

    I've been looking around the forums and videos to see the game play since the NDA has lifted and am a bit confused on how these raids work. First question is based off the keys, i see some people talking about how you can purchase a raid key in order to participate in the raid, than others who say you need to find a key somewhere spawned in the map in order to escape. Which is it? And is it that easy to survive a raid if all you need to do is get from A to B with a key? Doesn't seem that difficult in theory. As well about the scavs, i know they aren't a part of the alpha yet. But i read somewhere that has me worried. That as a scav you go in with nothing, but a randomly selected gear set. Then you need to survive and escape like everyone else and leave with the equipment you collected. This seems stupid to me, because whats the point in risking your equipment as a PMC for some gain. If you can just not risk anything for a big gain.
  8. Schaut doch mal vorbei

    Hallöchen alle miteinander, auch ich bin jetzt stolzer Besitzer von EFT doch ich muss ehrlich gestehen das sich das ganze solo doch ehr schwer gestaltet. Bei mir sind doch auch noch einige Fragen offen. Inwiefern besteht die Möglichkeit eine Gruppe zu gründen bzw. zusammen zu zocken ? Geht das dann nur ingame und random oder kann man irgenwie zusammen joinen ? Dann noch die Frage wie ich es schaffen kann zu entkommen ^^ Muss halt einfach erst einmal durch das ganze Spielprinzip durchblicken. Falls wer mal bock hat nen bissle zu quatschen kommt doch einfach mal bei uns aufs TS oder ich komme zu euch. Ein bisschen Hilfe wäre echt nicht schlecht. ( Zu guter letzt wünsch ich allen im Vorraus schon einmal eine schöne Weihnachtszeit. Man sieht oder hört sich ^^
  9. So it is pretty clear that we will not be able to free-roam until we finished the 10 raid scenario. And we will complete these raid scenarios directly from the game menu, and after we finish the raid (if we were able to survive) we will immdediately returned to the game lobby in which we can start the next raid. At this point my question is this: how would you expect a standart edition player with his mere pistol to compete againist an edge of darknes player with his rifles, additional ammos, tomahawks and such. You repeteadly claim that all premium bonuses can be acquired through the game but with the abovementioned gameplay mechanic there is really not much of an opportunity for standart edition players to get even with eod players. Couldn't it be better to make free roam accesible from the start and give standart edition players a breathing room and give them a chance to improve their gears via free roam quests and loots? Another solution is to categorize players by their edition of the game and put them same servers. However this will clearly create matchmaking problems since there is great inbalances in the number of people owning the particular editions of the game. At this point, it seems the only way out for standart edition players to play as a scav and kill eod players.I dont know, maybe this is a good thing, this is a survival game after all...So ı guess ı will see you in the raids dear eod players, dont forget to put your valuables in your secure containers..:)