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Found 8 results

  1. So... devs, Im asking you. whats up with the crazy monsoon season rain? its been slightly better lately, but a week ago there was constant freakin' tropical thunderstorm rain going on every single time i played for well over a week. now firstly, its extremely loud and damned annoying. some rain is nice and all, but you have seriously topped it off here both in intensity and duration. even when playing with friends the rain is so loud we can barely commuinicate with eachother on Discord. which i admidt is not totally unrealistic, but come on... Secondly, not that i have a monster computer, but I am noticing FPS drops by almost half when it rains (not even extensively, and this was today), and we've seen the videos explaining how important FPS "really" is in this game. Now ofcourse, this would then apply to everyone on the map, but wouldnt this also be an argument to tone down the rain some? Also, as its not a totally unimportant argument. I do believe that people in general (including EfT playerbase) prefer to play more than 30% of their ingame raids in, lets say... not crappy weather conditions. even 60-70% of sunny sunny raids wouldnt be bad, and also encourages people to go for longer range and use marksman rifles. in advance, thank you for your responce and adjustment on this matter
  2. Yo I was wondering how do you people play in rain? Since the last 2 times it has rained in EFT I personally just dont touch the game anymore. Feels like im playing as a deaf person. Got the sound high and tested around with settings, but its either i lose my IRL hearing due to rain or I just dont hear anything at all ingame. I feel like the only way to play during rain is camp every game to kill players who are trying to actually play the game. Dont get me wrong I like tactical play, but bush camping for long periods of time makes me feel like, why am I even bothering to log in if this is all I do. So yeah curious how you guys deal with rain in this game.
  3. Dlopez3

    rain rain go away

    nerf this loud ass rain.
  4. play_4_skill

    48 hour rain??? really? it sucks

    It can not be that it is raining permanently for 48 hours! That makes all the fun gone! In addition, even this fog, that annoys! Times rain for 15 mins no problem, but now I'm in my vacation for 2 days and play and have 48h only rain? So developers, there must be some adjustments, otherwise the players will be lost! The game is not beginner friendly, has no totorials and then you also wanted to provide the reload with individual balls? This is not good. Players will stop playing!
  5. I know it doesn't rain all the time. But I only had time to play for a couple of hours today on Customs and it literally hasn't stopped raining once within all that time. I mean yeah sure the weather effects look cool and sound cool and bla bla. But dude! If I want fooking rain all day - I go out of the house! This is a video game and I want to have a good mood and not be depressed by constant rain that I get in real life more than enough. How about 30% rain and 70% nice friendly warm sunny weather? I actually stopped playing now because it just wasn't as much fun for me this way. But maybe it's just me...
  6. exovelcome


    Moin spiele seit heute & ich finde, dass der Regen viel zu oft & viel zu laut ist. Mein Partner in Skype und sogar im TeamSpeak kann ich überhaupt nicht mehr verstehen, weil der Regen einfach alles überdeckt höre manchmal nicht die Scav's als auch Spieler.... Man sollte den manuell Leiser machen dürfen oder einfach die Chance auf Regen minimieren... 18 v. 20 Spielen sind einfach im Regen und man versteht nichts.... -.-
  7. AODqw97

    The weather in Tarkov

    This is some fanboy type love, so if you don't like the look of it, don't look at it.. I would like to commend and congratulate the devs for the weather effects in game and what I believe may be more recent improvements to it as well. Our group were in a few raids last night and this was a big subject of discussion. The weather effects never cease to amaze us, from beautiful red sunrises with the mist burning off over the horizon through the woods. To the wind effects and the swaying of the fauna and trees (albeit slightly too much sway at distance at this time we feel). the raindrops on the guns and your screen are so immersive and well animated they look so beliveable. Last night iced the cake for us, torrential rain, thunder and lightning with water running down the screen, a real droning noise to accompany which works both for and against you. We were just blown away with this, absolutely the best weather effects of any game, ever! Weather systems and effects are something that so many other titles have never managed to recreate but BSG has really nailed it. Well done devs, I look forward to much more of the same going forward.
  8. as the title says i think it will be highly inmersive and a great adition
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