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Found 12 results

  1. Hey Leute zurzeit besitze ich in meinem System 16gb Ram ddr4 3200mhz . Ich bin schon seit längerem am Überlegen meinen ram auf 32gb aufzurüsten . Bloß kann ich nicht einschätzen in wie sich das Spiel Fps mäßig verbessert. Deswegen würde ich mich freuen wenn Leute die damit schon Erfahrung gemacht haben den ram von 16 gb auf 32 GB aufzurüsten , und mir dann vielleicht sagen können ob es sich überhaupt lohnt und ob man es merkt . Würde mich sehr freuen über Antworten ! Dankeschön Mfg
  2. sansa413

    Custom Map Loading Problem

    It's been a few days since I bought the game and I started playing it directly. My first problem with the game was that the game files were not verified after downloading the client and therefore I manually changed the location of the game files. After solving this problem, I started playing directly. I started playing the Factory map and everything was going well, the game was loading in a not very long time (about 2-3 minutes). However, when I entered the Custom map as PMC for the mission, the game started to freeze on the loading screen and then to overload when loaded. Then I was kicked ou
  3. Ok. I've been searching far and wide. I just wiped my laptop to make a clean install just for the game. And i tried. Every fix out there. In my regedit, in the services to lower window's ram consumption. Tried lowest graph. Highest graph. Physical core. Empty cache. Auto ram. All drivers. Windowed mode. Cpu max in power options Im lost. I have an Alienware 17R4 with a gtx1070 and an i7 @2.8-3.4 ghz and 16gb of Ram. When i played offline. It was going okay. But when i go online or in a squad with my friend. It goes super fluid 60fps. Then stutters for 3 seconds. No sound no move
  4. I know that this has probably been posted on both Reddit and Here, but I couldn't find any more recent updates on the topic. My system is an i5 8400, msi z370 a pro mobo, 16gb ddr4 ballistix sport (2x8), and a pny gtx 1060 6gb. As the title suggests, I experiences crashes(not blue screens) whenever I try loading into a tarkov raid (usually a larger map like reserve or shoreline). It usually crashes other programs too, my web browser, discord, logitech ghub, etc. I know that this is a ram specific issue, but why does this problem suddenly arrive now? I have been playing tarkov last wipe and it
  5. AquaZack

    anyone can help me with ram?

    my current specs gtx 970 4gb i5-4590 and 8gb ram and a gigabyte z97p-d3 motherboard. will getting 8 more ram decrease my stuttering,lag,loading in times?eft installed in a sdd
  6. SushiX

    RAM Usage

    Hi all, I'm just wondering does anyone else have a RAM "flood" problem? It just started for me today, before that I had no problems since 3-4 patch ago? And yes, I have 32gb of RAM, so it's enough I was playing as a scav just and the game crashed since my ram usage exceeded and I was not able to join back game as a scav, weird..
  7. SpottySpancakes

    Extreme RAM usage

    Hello. I would like to know why my game uses so much RAM in order to work. I was Surprised that this game used so much RAM while I was playing. When I died and got back to the menu it dropped down to 61% usage. So if anybody could tell me why this is happening I would be happy Kind Regards SpottySpancakes
  8. ctgs113

    Zużycie RAM po patchu 9.0

    Czy tylko ja po patchu 9.0 odczuwam problemy ze zużyciem RAM m.in. na: Customs? wcześniej było na poziomie 70/80% (60fps na low) a teraz po chwili jest 100% i gra zdycha (dosłownie). Jakieś pomysły? cpu: ryzen 1600x gpu: RX460 (tak wiem do wymiany) ram: 8gb 2400mHz
  9. Cardboard231

    Option to keep Most Recent Map Loaded

    A simple option in settings to keep the most recent map loaded.
  10. Taco_Demolisher

    8GB RAM seems a bit far fetched

  11. SuCu

    8gb problem again

    After the RAM fix the game was perfect for 2 days, but today its worse then before the only map I can play is factory and still the load time is 30sec not 10sec like before. (basically it takes all of my Ram) was there like a small hotfix that broke the thing again?
  12. SpeedyD34D

    Whats with the RAM usage?

    Hi Devs.. please.. why this game use 8gb+ RAM ?? Why? Is it so bad balanced in this stage of development?
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