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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! After playing this game now for sometime (account created 03.01.2018 ). I have come to conclusion that many is starting to have this same feeling as me. Don't get me wrong i like this game, but Tarkov is getting a bit repetitive and "boring". Most of the loot's are in same rooms on same table. Which leads most of the fire fight's happening in same areas. So my suggestion. Remove most keys, (leave outdoor and maybe exit keys) and add lock picking. There could be several items to use for faster, but louder solution like use drill and pliers. For more quiet solution a picklock and a screwdriver or something like that. Getting Better on lock picking makes it maybe more quiet and/or faster to open. This make's possible to put loot in any room/zone. Spawning in game would not be that critical, cos no precise knowledge of loot's location. Like in shoreline you would need to check nearly all rooms, some could still be 100% but... There could be some rooms/zones where is 100% chance to spawn "high" loot, but those would be behind a reinforced/electronic door that requires a crowbar or activate to get in (all so would take more time to open). This might sound a bit HC, but i think it would make loot more valuable and more risky and creates more action all over the map. And/Or have some random containers spawning random locations that are locked and needed to open via above PS. Bunny jumping is out of control at the moment. Carry +50kg pmc jumping 2 meter leaps, but that is time for another topic. (if not "fixed" before?) Played,Loved,Bored
  2. My suggestion about evac zones is to create small time extensions for people getting to the extraction zone with less then a min left on the clock. Here's why I'm suggesting this: There's a list of evac areas from the start of every match, which is okay. It is diffidently making me think about where all the evac zones are and having to make use my brain a little more which is good and it also creates a unique experience each log in cut I have no idea where my evac zone is going to be. #1; (and why I'm actually ssuggesting a change) I was in customs map spawned in normally no spawn camper or enemies near by. one of the evac areas was by the doors which was awesome because I have seen and heard from peoples YouTube channels that area had a bunch of loot! and I had never been there my self. After 15-20min of running around in circles trying to figure out which direction was north and how to get to a familiar land mark so I can make my way to the dorms, a scav encounter, where I geared up my self with scav gear. I finally made it to the dorms. I thoroughly searched the west door found some dead player bodies and and loot. I moved the find the evac area, I found a black suv which was in the middle of a gate way. I got close and the evac count down started. I checked the time and realized I had 15 min left to loot. so naturally I went to the west dorm to continue looting. luckily for me there was a few dead player bodies and some amazing loot. body armor, fully moded aks, a sniper rifle a large bag and very nice chest rigs. I checked my time I only had less then 2 min to get to down the stairs and to the evac zone. I made my way through the east dorm and out to the sunlight. I then proceeded to the evac. I got the the evac with around 30 seconds left on the clock. The evac sequence did not start. and I went awol because I was at the evac spot with only but unable to extract because I was not in the 49min time limit in a 50min match. I was in between the 49min mark and 50min mark. #2; (different difficulty I had encountered doesn't exactly have to do with time extension) I did have was in factory. Before the update of random evac there was one designated door I knew every time was a evac, I was close to dyeing had a tone of loot and made my way to the door, unfortunately for me it wasn't a evac door that match so I lost all that gear. thanks for reading this I hope this helps others other then my self.
  3. As the title says, I have experienced getting spawnkilled by (random) people, who invited me to their group. I know, its probably my own fault for joining a random persons squad. ( I just enjoy the random coop sessions so much, so much so, that it outweighs the risk for me, I dont care about my gear lol ) After a quick forum search, I could not find any topic related to this matter, please let me know if there is. My suggestion here, is to have an option to mark a player as unhonorable, if you are squadded with them and they kill you. If a person recieved maybe 3 of such "warnings" from other players within a certain time limit, they would have like a skull or a snake or just a symbol near their name, maybe even make their color red, so you know to be careful around these guys. Or maybe if you are squadded up with a player and that person kills you, you must choose to "forgive" him after he killed you, otherwise he will appear as a "bad guy" in the lobby. I dont know, let me know what you guys think about this. Supposedly there will be karma eventually? But I think of this as a quick solution, for some of us who enjoy the random coop sessions, using only ingame voices.
  4. ugurgulay

    About Random Spawns

    Me and 4 other friends can not enjoying play this game anymore random spawns is not completly random, sometimes players can spawn behind us and kill instantly, need spawn protection like if player in 'xx radius' dont spawn change the another spawn point please made this we cant play anymore Absolutly Customs ! omg peoples everywhere
  5. So I was just thinking, if you take all the preppers into consideration, there could be hidden stashed scattered in the woods, basements, houses etc. You know, you walk in and there is tons of ammunition, food, drinks, tools, everything. Just google "prepper" if you don't know what I'm talking about. But of course it would be way too bad if wecould just open one doors and cash in. With hatchlings grinding Mark Room we can see that this game is putting slow, tactical and sneaky playstyle (the realistic one IMHO) at disadvantage. And it's the people using CoD/PUBG playstyle that have the best chance to get Factory key or the best loot possible (like Mark Room, small Gas Station, the blue tin or ritual spot on woods etc.). I dislike this. So, I was thinking: random events. Let's say, there was prepper in Tarkov that owned some land in Woods. He made himself a bunker. Just like the two we already seen. And he hid it. Players cannot access it normally under any circumstances. But let's say that once in about 10/15 raids (or even one in 30-50) there is a chance for earthquake/bomb/artillery shell/magic/whatever to happen and entrance emerges. At random time. It could be 5 minutes into the raid, it could be 40 minutes after raid started. It could be further locked behind a closed doors with key needed. And inside there could be nice loot. Like some food, drinks, chance for one or more weapons etc. This of course could be reason for special wave of scavs spawning in. Let's remember that Tarkov is an active warzone between 5 sides (in case you don't know: UN, Russians, private companies: USEC and BEAR... that's 4. You add civilians/bandits and you have 5). There is quick list of my ideas, of course they are just first things that popped in my mind, but I hope you will get the general idea. Prepper's cache Locations: anywhere. Hidden bunker/hidden basement in forested areas, basement of standalone house; locked for key Loot: mostly food and drink, some tools, ammunition, some meds, little chance for civilian/sport/hunting grade weapons (Veprs, shotguns, pistols, (OP-)SKS) Event: random bomb/artillery shell/earthquake uncovered the entrance Threat: group (3-6) of scavs investigating noise (they eventually break in, take stuff and head somewhere to exit) Frequency: medium Tinhat's apartment Locations: flats, tenements, locked for key Loot: weird stuff. All kinds of radios, counters, surveillance and scanning equipment (GM Counters and Gas Analyzers for example), food, drinks, maybe low grade weapons (melee, handgun) Event: random group of scavs "dug" access to apartment (barricaded with shelves, fridges, etc), but they don't have key Threat: group (2-3) of scavs trying to breach doors (they eventually break in, take stuff and head somewhere to exit) Frequency: high Police Station's Armoury Locations: some kind of police station, armoury locked for key Loot: armours (high chance for multiple grade 1-3 armour items, low chance for one/two better armour items), chance for multiple police/military grade weapons (PM, PMM, Yarygin's Grach, P99 Walther, P-2000, SKS, AKM, AK-74, RPK), grenades, ammunition. Nothing of much worth outside armoury Event: random bomb/tank round/artillery shell/earthquake destroyed outer wall leading inside the police station Threat: group (2-6) of scavs pillaging the place outside armoury Frequency: very low Charity Air Drop Locations: any Loot: high quantities of food and drinks with high chances for multiple first aid kits (including Grizzlys, Salewas, Morphine Injectors etc) Event: air drop Threat: group (2-5) of scavs closing in (they eventually take stuff and head somewhere to exit) Frequency: medium/low Shot down plane (crashing) Locations: open spaces (Woods, Shoreline) Loot: depending on plane's type Event: plane got shot down and is going down to crash somewhere on the map Threat: group (2-5) of scavs closing in to investigate (they eventually take stuff and head somewhere to exit) Frequency: very low UN Convoy Locations: any, moving across the map Loot: any/depending on convoy type Event: UN convoy with protection of squad or two of military geared NPCs Threat: group (4-10) of UN armed guards (they eventually escort convoy outside the map), won't shoot unprovoken. Scavs encounter them on sight. Frequency: any If you like that idea, give some upvote and share your thoughts in the comments. You might also want to check, comment, and maybe upvote/dislike my other suggestions: Usage of batteries to power gear: link UI for loading mixed ammo: link Shift-click to fast open containers in inventory: link Hiding HUD: link
  6. AngryAussieDad

    who is this guy!!!

    OK, so i have seen this guy ALL WIPE, called GlockWork, he has been lvl one since the last wipe
  7. J-Meeson

    killed self

    So i was on shoreline and killed a scav, took his shotgun, heard another scav walking by, jumped up shot him in the back and he hit the ground... literally a second after this i died no black screen just everything went blurred and hit the floor. It came to the stat screen and apparently I killed myself. i'd been in the raid for 3 minutes so no dehydration or starvation. seriously confused so if anyone has any idea what the problem could be that would be highly appreciated.
  8. swiftyyy23

    funny fan arts

    well here goes the 1st one post yours
  9. xFearTheKingx


    I try to escape from reality to immerse myself more into the game, I try and imagine actually being stuck in Tarkov and fighting to escape, Like some specal ops type of stuff and i love it,this game by far has alot to live up to and i myself cant wait for this game to come out, I also stop streaming just to play this game, so in the near future i will be giving out copies of this game once the NDA is lifted, Till then happy hunting guys. Also i want to know how some of you guys play, Run and gun style (COD),strategic, Camp like a sniper let me knw i would love to hear it,thanks everyone just a little bored today lol
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