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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, It would be a nice feature if we could adjust the iron sights elevation / range like the other optics. Since many rear sights in game have the build in range increments. Also it would enable us to adjust the iron sights for a 6 o'clock hold. Which would make it easier for leading moving targets. Cheers Fray
  2. Diode

    Unable to use shooting range

    I just installed the Shooting Range to my hideout. Whenever I enter my hideout into 1st person, I am completely unable to use it. Also, once I installed the shooting range, I have been unable to use everything else in my hideout in 1st person view. Any fixes? Anyone else with a similar issue? I have restarted the game, verified files, reinstalled it, have generator on and off. None of these have worked
  3. To all devs, by far one of the best games I’ve played ever! In terms of gunplay, movement sound everything! This game has the steepest learning curve in life! Dispelling nuances with normal first person shooters forcing you to change how you play. Your all doing a great job! so it’s probably been suggested before but I don’t think it would be too hard to implement someday so here goes. As a new player to the game and to pc gaming I think a great idea would be to add a moving targets option to the range in the hideout. Gain a few items like a motor, paracord, wires, bolts and whatnot to enable players to upgrade the shooting range so that targets move up and down range and across. This enables new and old players to practice tracking and see how different weapons and rounds react when point firing or ads on moving targets. the size of the range can stay the same as its long enough but I feel this would help players like myself and veterans alike. Plus it would be a cool addition to the hideout! probably been suggested before but I thought I would just throw it out there. keep up the fantastic work escape or die
  4. Pitrek

    Shooting range

    So quests like tarkov shooter pt.4 where you need to level up sniper skills are kinda grindy. Now don't get me wrong, i dont want them removed but i figured that the're should be some kind of combat skills booster. This could be a great way to add levels to the shooting range. For example: 1lvl: none boost/5% boost and normal shooting range that we all know 2lvl: 5%boost/10% boost and some kind of better looking range (meaby with targets that are frarther away) 3lvl 15% boost/20% boost and meaby add a hit counter? I just spat out some numbers with the boosts, im not going to try to balance tarkov. Still i would really like to see some of this things implemented
  5. Brick-Wood

    Range finder

    A range finder would be perfect item to ad to Escape form Trakov. it would be wery useful for sniping and longe range engagements and it fits right into the game based on that it is set in a modern era. it would also be to great help for begginers and more experienst players, because it would help peolpe more easly understand bullet drop and sniping in this game. i do understand that it would make the quest "Shoter born in heaven" a bit to easy, so my recommendation to this problem, is that you make it so you cant complete the quest while carrying a range finder. Use and compellability: i think that the range finder should be a item that you carry in a unlooteball pocket like the compas or a weapon mod like a laser dot that you put on your gun, when you use the range finder it should almost be like when you use the compas, your PMC takes it out and holds it in the middle of the screen, you can move the range finder like you would move the compas. a bright red or green laser should come out of the range finder, you point it at a wall or your target and click mouse 1 and a nuber should apper on the bottom left of your screen and on the range finder. you should also be able to selecte feet or meters on the range finder. the pmc should not be able to fire his weapon while using the range finder, just like the compas. the max range on the range finder should be about 1000 yards, just like most of the irl range finders you can find in your local huting equipment store. the way you should obtain this item should be through a quest like tarkov shoter or some other sniping related quest or buy it form traders like Jager or skier the waule of this item should be around the same as the compas, maybe a little bit more exspensive if you have read all this, thank you for your time and maybe spread the message of the range finder? best if luck: Tincan-price
  6. I’ve been trying to see how long of a shot I can get with my dragndov On offline, but it seems that I can’t get a hit above 410. Are the bullets not getting to the target?
  7. Range on a scope atm is on page up and page down. That's fine. What Id like to see is it on wheel up and wheel down WHEN Zomed in with scope. Less one of my hands must travel to center of my keyboard to hit the buttons
  8. dark2000

    Shooting range

    As in the title. I know that you can technically go offline, but Tarkov lacks in possibility to obtain raw data about certain weapons from the first hand, like effective range, recoil, etc. Shooting range could be a really nice and helpfull addition to the game, especially for new people.
  9. ive been watching some videos on the training that mr Reeves did for John Wick 2 the dude has some serious skills. he was trained by Taran Butler of Taran Tactical innovations (who is legendary in the world of 3 Gun shooting) if you dont know what 3 gun is, its a fast paced shooting competiton that uses the Pistol Shot Gun and Assault Rifle. the aim is to be the fastest and most accurate. i would love to see some sort of shooting competition along side the normal arena PVP you guys have planned so we can work on our shoot n scoot...i feel this would be a great addition to the EFT universe
  10. Since the weapon customization is such an important feature of the game, I think it is important to allow some ability to test all kinds of weapon modifications without needing to loot them somewhere. Otherwise you would need to find all the parts (some could be really rare) and then test it in a environment where you could potentially die and lose your gun. This could be a solo (or group with friends) shooting range that has most or all of the weapons and weapon parts you can pick up and test. You enter with an empty character so nothing can be brought in or taken out of the area. If being able to test all the modifications is too much, then some form of progression can be added where at least guns/parts you have encountered and some that you have never seen (rotated every day) can be tried.
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