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Found 24 results

  1. Woods in its current state is basically the most worthless nuisance map in the game. Every map in the game brings some sort of value, whether it be the fast action and quick loot of Factory, the high value medium-high risk of Interchange, the rare spawn production facility that is Shoreline, the familiar, well spaced, varied action and general fun of Customs, the crazy angles and dynamic gameplay combined with military loot of Reserve, and finally when there're no hackers, the infinite raider plus streamer item ultra chad action of Labs. All of these maps also have a scav boss of some kind, sp
  2. Alright, let me preface that I am currently fuming pissed when writing this post. Although, my anger is pretty much warranted at this point given how much bullshit I have been going through in-raid. Let's begin... Scenario: My two buddies and I get ambushed by 3 PMCs on customs tonight, we managed to kill two but the last eluded us. I chase him down, we get into a firefight, I light him up good, and now have to reload. What happens next? A) I reload normally and finish him off or B) the m4 reload animation get stuck, rendering my gun useless, giving him enough time to kill me. If you gu
  3. REPOST ON THE CORRECT FORUM CAUSE I'M STUPID AND POSTED IN OFF TOPIC OOPS P.S. I know I sound like a little cutie in this post, and am typing like a troglodyte but I was just really pissed off and still think there are important parts in the rant, also the interchange clip I was wearing class 4 armor, if the scav whether player or not had spawned in with worse ammo, maybe even just ps, my helmet likely would've saved my life. Also these 3 videos are just a few of my experiences, which I was able to actually properly save and record, there are many more shitty happenings that I haven't recorded
  4. A lot has already been posted about this issue of disconnecting due to high ping, but what annoys me the most is that it doesn't disconnect you and leaves you in the game. I get that its a good idea if you want to reconnect, but most if not all the time, that when you join back your ping will still get you kicked. So why not just send you back to the lobby?? This gets even more furiating is when it disconnects you and you decide to leave the match - by the time it removes you someone has domed you!! I've lost a lot of equippment because of this and its getting on my nerves.
  5. I know, it sounds really stupid and i probably triggered a poo ton of players and fanboys and you all are gonna say i suck, but just hear me out. Think about this game. Its really really hard and unforgiving. What type of normal person would play this game?? I have never seen a game treat new players this harshly. Noobs can barely scrape by without watching youtube guides and certain streamers, I mean for god sakes even SCAV runs are garbage a lot of the times. The last scav raids I did i got jumped by 2 player scavs camping in interchange! Veterans and streamers on the other h
  6. Sorry if this sounds familiar. So i have just spend 8 mil roubles that i was working hard day by day playing this game, and u just changed reward (to me, reward is more backpacks) and have just lost 5 TRILLION ROUBLES (of perceived value) from that? Can anyone revert this? Can i get my (perceived value of) roubles back? I dont think its fair when i knew what was reward (more backpacks, I love backpacks) and was pretty sure what am i getting and from nowhere without patch notes u changed that and didnt let me know in ANY WAY.
  7. Just got punshied by the famous "SERVER CONNECTION LOST" issue. Got into the game several times. That was ok, but I ran about 100 meters and get disconnected. Wait for the screen and load back in and run another 100 meters. Now some how I am dead. Lost my gear. Server that I was on or something was complete crap, because I didn't have it before that raid and after that raid. Could we get some proper error handling? If player gets X error code multiple times, player is removed from server. Will lose all found and raid items and be restored to what the player had when entering the raid. Only
  8. GrimmCro

    Time For A Break

    I'm on EU servers and I usually play from late night to early morning. About the same time (2:20 AM as I'm writing this) the Chinese crowd starts VPN-ing into EU servers. The moment that happens, it's game over. Now, I heard Nikita and what he said in the podcast so I understand BSG's inability to deal with this, but at this moment in time it's ruining the game for me. I'm not gonna talk about just dropping dead to a non-existent shot while so deep behind cover not even Nikita himself could neither find nor see me (which happened three rounds in a row, btw) or having Jackie run around
  9. Gravemind1

    10/10 extrations

    Someone care to explain why everytime I see the extraction list it never tells me the ACTUAL bloody extraction? I could go to all but one on the list and nothing happens and nearly every god damn time, it costs me a raid. I can't tell you how many times I've been screwed by this and I gotta say, its gettin' REAL old. I pull up a map, go to the extraction, and oh hey, NOTHING is happening! So I quickly beeline for another one on the list. Nothing. So I go to another, nothing. So I got to another one. N o t h i n g. Then of course, theres no time left and the last extraction is on the other side
  10. Once again o glorious tarkov has actually ruined my day. 2 Late spawns on reserve that got me killed with the second one adding a stutter to complete the tilt. I thought well guess il just go for the no risk scav on reserve. Killed 2 players and got a solid 800k roubles loot. I then extracted to just get a connection lost to server when going to the transfer screen to then get back to the home page. How long is this going to be a thing? People calling it a beta like please, there is a limit to how long you can blame it on being a beta. When can I expect the game to function and now be a compl
  11. Today for the 3th time in 1 week i've had the pleasure of meeting extract campers with half a minute left. Why is this a thing and whats the point? My last game on interchange as a scav I just met 2 people ambushing (camping) from a distance behind cover. They could have easily made the extract had they moved for it. Since I saw them I chose to wait and let them extract first cuz I couldnt take on 2 people with my gear and I was sure they would extract, cuz thats the point right? You extract at the end? They however chose to stay and hold angles aiming at the extract and not moving at all. The
  12. Honestly I usually just avoid reddit or forums about issues in games because they usually are just minor inconveniences every now and then or just little stuff that I know will get fixed. But my god this game makes me have to voice my opinion. This game is one of the most poorly optimized games I've ever played, and it's mainly because of the garbage engine they're on to be fair, but at this point they should have realized that the Unity engine can't handle the poo they're trying to do with this game. Don't give me the early access or beta crap, because I know we've all played countl
  13. monikulapl2

    The real problem

    One of the biggest problems is people who use flee market bots to instantly buy all the good offers. This is unfair for normal players as they dont get a chance so they have to pay more for the item. In my opinion BSG should focus on people using trader bots than banning people for running for example "cheat engine" in the back ground.
  14. Solo, had a 41 min raid on Interchange, killed a big boi squad, got 6b43 (class 6) armor, tons of guns, 5 backpacks and all in all tons of loot. I chilled for a while for the clock to go down so most of the pmc's will get out of this raid, went my way for emercom extract, I check the roof, dont see no one, proceed to run towards extract only to be camped by a duo sniping me from across the roof with no immediate real cover to hide behind, honestly that frustrates me so much. that roof position is too safe tbh and should be removed.
  15. Greetings. Been with the game for a LOOONnnGGg time and after the great 0.12 patch release, I think I'm ready to put down my suggestions and try to impact a little bit if possible the way it's heading. Let the whining begin with core game mechanics suggestions as a lot of other suggestions are based on changes to those. Please note that i will not touch on gun mechanics as I 100% trust that BSG is doing the right thing for the game in the long term. GAME MECHANICS/INTERACTIONS Quests: Since we all assume that the current quests are more viewed as "achievements" h
  16. Why do I. the retaliatory of a hostile player scav. The one getting shot by ai skav and he isn't... even though we are less then 10 ft apart.... am I not supposed to defend my self anymore or something?
  17. yeetboi2000

    Camper's Rant

    I understand that "camping" is in every game and its super easy to say "they are just sitting in one spot why dont you just kill the lol" but something really needs to be done about the people who just sit in corners or wait on hills the entire ducking raid just waiting for someone to cross their sights I could see camping popular spots liked marked room and stuff like that and killing someone when they unlock it for you that is annoying at times but its fine. What I hate is the people that will go into a raid with nothing but a mosin and a apb and just wait. It would be fine if it was like 5
  18. Just got off of a raid on the woods, I was running the civillian variant of the ak that fires .366 round and I was running fmj and at point blank I came up behind him and shot him a total of 10 times and he turned around he killed me. This type of stuff should not happen in a game that tries to acheive a goal of being hardcore. Of course you could make the dumb arguement that he was wearing fort but its the fact that I shot him 10 times and I was using fmj. I cant think of a single thing that I couldve done when I tagged him a total of 10 times and had the element of surprise. I urge you to pl
  19. hey guys, so since the drop of the wipe i have been collecting my morphine from usually interchange but other spots here and there now too. but now with the update to the found in raid mechanic it says that all of the morphine that i had collected for the quest is useless to me... i'm very frustrated that i wasted my time with this
  20. Will36

    What were the devs thinking?

    I get it BSG, you are small and fairly unexperienced company and you constantly make mistakes like everyone else but to some degree i am able to ignore them (and you can clearly see that i trust you that your game will be great at the end as i bought EoD) But really have you even thought about recent changes? Limited trader stock was always, but now with Flea Market AND 3 hours restock it is even worse. Flea Market wasnt meant to replace traders holy crap! When i grind those levels i want to have stuff i grinded for accessible for trader prices and not for some random dude overpriced "off
  21. JoseyWhales

    Point Firing

    I Feel like the current state of point firing is very unrealistic, it was fine before it was changed and now it is cancer sway like COD. I can't get an accurate Point fire shot on someone who is 10 feet away from me. the weapon just does a full circle of the target and i hit them in the foot when i am clearly pointing at there mid section, i would understand if it was hipfire, but its point fire, having the rifle closely tucked to your shoulder using the stability of your body to aim the rifle... I think it was more realistic in the previous patch now its just all over the place very inaccurat
  22. ToastedNotes

    Removal of the hydration system

    Picture this, you have just killed roughly 6-8 Scavs by yourself and collected a lot of mid to high tier loot, when you notice you are at 1/100 hydration so you quickly rush and search every Scav you killed looking for any sort of drink, but none of them have any backpacks and their vests only have spare ammo in them. So you quickly start to bleed out (bleed out?!?) and die because you avoided residential areas, which a lot of players and Scavs inhabit, And wanted to not die from foe hidden in one of the buildings. So you died because you couldn't find any source of water at. and your extracti

    Loadouts and Matchmaking

    This might be a bit of a vent as being fed up with gameplay is what drove me to write this, but is there going to be a system implemented that awards a gear score when matchmaking, leading to higher tier geared players being more likely to be placed in the same matches? Or perhaps forcing higher geared players to spawn further away from choke points like on customs. As it stands right now the game is nearly unplayable for me as I am constantly being popped at a choke point by ppl who already have all the gear they could ever need and are now just messing around trolling the have-nots. On
  24. Hi all, First I want to thank everyone who support this game as you will be the life of this game. Second, I see a lot of disappointed and angry people over news that Alpha will be delayed until March. The reason for me to write this is because I want to explain something to everyone who intend to whine about it, and I am sure that angry posts will grow like mushrooms after the rain. Alpha initially announced for first quarter of 2016 and whether you like it or not devs still have time to release it. If you are true supporter of this game, you should focus on the idea what
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