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Found 9 results

  1. Why do I. the retaliatory of a hostile player scav. The one getting shot by ai skav and he isn't... even though we are less then 10 ft apart.... am I not supposed to defend my self anymore or something?
  2. yeetboi2000

    Camper's Rant

    I understand that "camping" is in every game and its super easy to say "they are just sitting in one spot why dont you just kill the lol" but something really needs to be done about the people who just sit in corners or wait on hills the entire ducking raid just waiting for someone to cross their sights I could see camping popular spots liked marked room and stuff like that and killing someone when they unlock it for you that is annoying at times but its fine. What I hate is the people that will go into a raid with nothing but a mosin and a apb and just wait. It would be fine if it was like 5 or even 10 mins but no these people literally sit there until the raid is almost over and only move when they have to get to extract around the 10 minute mark that poo is so ducking annoying because there is almost no way to counter them if they are outside and if they are inside it is still hard to kill them depending on the spot they are in and given how bad the netcode is most of the time even when I check my corners and expect someone to be there we trade. its just so frustrating my last raid I was on woods trying to get my scav kills to level up my traders on this account (this is my alt) and the raid had ticked down to about 20 mins left and I headed for the extraction when someone ducking idiot killed me from on top of a hill with a sks. he literally waited almost the entire raid for someone in front of the hill he was on. I was around for the days when you couldnt have a raid without running into a cheater and to be honest I would rather run into a cheater than have someone camp a spot for the entire ducking raid because at least you could play to a cheaters lack of game scense by positioning yourself somewhere behind cover and waiting for him to waste all of his ammo and then pushing him or my favorite was if I knew someone had esp I would turn my back to them and then when I heard foot steps close to me I would turn around and shoot and that worked really well. but now there is almost no counter to these types of camping players unless you know where they are before hand if they are indoors there is some percussion's you can take like checking corner ect. but thats about it. I understand that most likely nothing will/can be done about these types of players but I figured I would blow off a little steam and see if anyone shares my views or anything of the sort.
  3. ExcretorySludge

    So I shot a guy with fort 10 times...

    Just got off of a raid on the woods, I was running the civillian variant of the ak that fires .366 round and I was running fmj and at point blank I came up behind him and shot him a total of 10 times and he turned around he killed me. This type of stuff should not happen in a game that tries to acheive a goal of being hardcore. Of course you could make the dumb arguement that he was wearing fort but its the fact that I shot him 10 times and I was using fmj. I cant think of a single thing that I couldve done when I tagged him a total of 10 times and had the element of surprise. I urge you to please make more tweaks to the damage and armor system because its insanely frustrating when you think you do everything right and tag him multiple times and he just turns around and kills you in a few shots its insanely frustrating and it has happened to me on multiple occasions and it honestly deters me from wanting to play when I cant even step to a fully geared player.
  4. hey guys, so since the drop of the wipe i have been collecting my morphine from usually interchange but other spots here and there now too. but now with the update to the found in raid mechanic it says that all of the morphine that i had collected for the quest is useless to me... i'm very frustrated that i wasted my time with this
  5. Will36

    What were the devs thinking?

    I get it BSG, you are small and fairly unexperienced company and you constantly make mistakes like everyone else but to some degree i am able to ignore them (and you can clearly see that i trust you that your game will be great at the end as i bought EoD) But really have you even thought about recent changes? Limited trader stock was always, but now with Flea Market AND 3 hours restock it is even worse. Flea Market wasnt meant to replace traders holy crap! When i grind those levels i want to have stuff i grinded for accessible for trader prices and not for some random dude overpriced "offer" It is nice to be able to buy stuff i dont have access to yet, quest items or barter stuff BUT when i unlock the trader level i should be able to buy everything i grinded for without someone buying all the stock using macro in 1 second (which you did nothing about btw for several wipes and are still very much present in the game) and then instantly putting it on Flea Market for 300% of standard price. I am NOT gonna buy BP ammo for 400 rubles piece so i can stay competetive, id rather just uninstall the game as it is simply not worth the effort to grind anymore only to be shot in the foot by devs themselves and their changes along with 1% of community that is destroying market. Which brings me to the next point. Peacekeeper 0.30 rep for level 3. Once again, have you even played your game? There is no way to get 0.30 rep at level 18, hell most people i play with it usually complete Friend from the West around 25-30 level. Not to mention the terrible spit in the face of EoD owners as their 0.20 "bonus" is even more useless than before. PS: To the guy who keeps posting that copypasta about "future" state of the game whom sports name of some bird, eagle or something, dont bother posting.
  6. JoseyWhales

    Point Firing

    I Feel like the current state of point firing is very unrealistic, it was fine before it was changed and now it is cancer sway like COD. I can't get an accurate Point fire shot on someone who is 10 feet away from me. the weapon just does a full circle of the target and i hit them in the foot when i am clearly pointing at there mid section, i would understand if it was hipfire, but its point fire, having the rifle closely tucked to your shoulder using the stability of your body to aim the rifle... I think it was more realistic in the previous patch now its just all over the place very inaccurate.
  7. ToastedNotes

    Removal of the hydration system

    Picture this, you have just killed roughly 6-8 Scavs by yourself and collected a lot of mid to high tier loot, when you notice you are at 1/100 hydration so you quickly rush and search every Scav you killed looking for any sort of drink, but none of them have any backpacks and their vests only have spare ammo in them. So you quickly start to bleed out (bleed out?!?) and die because you avoided residential areas, which a lot of players and Scavs inhabit, And wanted to not die from foe hidden in one of the buildings. So you died because you couldn't find any source of water at. and your extraction point was half-way across the map. The point I'm trying to get across is that one shouldn't die from something as menial as dehydration. I get the game is going for a "realistic" theme. But it shouldn't be this hard to find at least one, ONE! water bottle on a Scav. Dying from a sniper, I can understand. Dying from a Hatchling, frustrating, but understandable. BUT

    Loadouts and Matchmaking

    This might be a bit of a vent as being fed up with gameplay is what drove me to write this, but is there going to be a system implemented that awards a gear score when matchmaking, leading to higher tier geared players being more likely to be placed in the same matches? Or perhaps forcing higher geared players to spawn further away from choke points like on customs. As it stands right now the game is nearly unplayable for me as I am constantly being popped at a choke point by ppl who already have all the gear they could ever need and are now just messing around trolling the have-nots. Once I came to this realization, the game became supremely unfun. This I think is what leads to hatchlings cluttering up the maps because this is the only way for them to gain any kind of progress. What is the point in bringing in even medium tier gear when you are just going to be camped at a crossing by a player whos gear cost x5 what yours does. And on the off chance that you do get the drop on such a player, his armor gives him a ridiculous edge. I am 35 hours into the game and I have yet to kill a single M4 equipped forted player. Well, I did once, but he died standing up and was unlootable, then a scav player came to my exact location 2 minutes later, disinterested in the standing fort armor + silenced m4 wielding player and shotgunned me in the face. No doubt all a coincidence I am sure. I have the video to prove it but no names of course. I have many times succeeded in getting the drop on players only to find they have glitched their fancy pistol in their cases. The fact that Devs are not going to punish players for this is sad. Well this turned into more of a rant than I expected. I really want this game to come out a beta a finely polished tactical shooter and it has a great deal of potential. However, I also realize this is a game made by Russians and no offence but Russian/Warsaw Pact games tend to hit the wallet hard but never deliver. The fact an automatic 18% gratuity was assigned AFTER the miscellaneous handling fee that was not mentioned in any of the game literature is appalling and nearly made me cancel the purchase altogether. That is Gaijin tier shenanigans. I hope that has been fixed.
  9. Hi all, First I want to thank everyone who support this game as you will be the life of this game. Second, I see a lot of disappointed and angry people over news that Alpha will be delayed until March. The reason for me to write this is because I want to explain something to everyone who intend to whine about it, and I am sure that angry posts will grow like mushrooms after the rain. Alpha initially announced for first quarter of 2016 and whether you like it or not devs still have time to release it. If you are true supporter of this game, you should focus on the idea what will this game look like when it is finished. Furthermore you can use Alpha and Betas to help developers to achieve a good game, that's their purpose after all! Even though we all expected early acces to alpha I am happy to be part of it even if it comes out in March. That said, please don't be angry at devs as they didn't lie and from what I see they are doing their best to make this dream possible. If you think that you paid for EOD just to play in February, I think that you invested money in this game and team for wrong reasons. All the best for all of you out there! Scruffy
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