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Found 5 results


    Things go WILD when PACA is more rare than Bitcoin...
  2. Car Batteries

    So ive been running woods for three days straight and ive only come across two car batteries. I need two more but i dont want to keep doing woods for them. Is there any other spawns on different maps?
  3. 1 bullet 2 kills!?

    SOMEONE PLEASE TEST IF BULLETS GO THROUGH PLAYERS Sorry im hyper, was playing woods and i lined up a headshot with a walking scav When i took the shot i saw another scav fall 100 meters away I was 100 meters from the 1st one anyway I think I headshotted them both I really really really wish i had a recording of this!
  4. Please make more items UNBUYABLE.

    Hi Devs. I love your game. If I could suggest you guys making more items UNBUYABLE. Meaning they have to be found and looted on the field. Being able to buy almost anything takes away the value. Thank you for your time.
  5. What are your rarest items?

    Post your rarest items, the only two i have are the watch and the gold star food.