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Found 8 results

  1. Matu_


    Customs bush camping has gone too far, I think it would be fair that you can't really go into the bushes, bushes hurt a lot in real life, they should also hurt in tarkov, make the character grunt in pain when trying to go into thick bushes and maybe do 1 dmg to arm or smth. pic taken from: https://www.vishopper.com/cut-out-trees-and-plants/plant7726/cut-out-small-thick-bush
  2. Fullspray

    Mitspielersuche APRIL 2021

    Hallo meine Lieben ich hoffe dieser Beitrag wird gesehen und hilft mir bei der Suche nach Menschen aus Österreich/Deutschland die sich mir in meinen Raids anschliessen möchten. Ich bitte darum entweder Discord Name oder Steam Name oder EFT Name Anzugeben zum rückverfolgen der Interesse da man aus Erfahrung weiss das man sehr selten hier im Forum reinschaut und dies gerne untergeht. (ich wage es zu behaupten das ich kein absoluter beginner mehr bin habe einige Wipes schon hinter mir aber leider auch nur bis lvl 20 höchstens - also neuankömmlinge und fortgeschritttene sind gerne gesehen) Lg Fullspray (EFT Nickname)
  3. Hello everyone! Just hopped off a intense and flavorful streak of exterminating the rats caged within the Factory walls. I highly recommend using the AP-20 rounds loaded deep in a power-mag topped with the Saiga 12G. Something about the sound of their lifeless hatchling bodies hitting the cold bathroom floor makes my mouth salivate💦 knowing 5 less Rats are on the loose in mine and everyone's temple, Factory. What are some of your preferred Rat exterminating tools? Cheers, and happy hunting! 😁
  4. Berzotic

    [NA/East Coast] Level 20 Rat

    Looking for newer players to mentor in the ways of stealth, patience, cheesy tactics or people to rat with and share tactics. No requirement besides a mic, a decent pc, and the ability to communicate in a team. Profile#3223 is my discord
  5. Slickmund

    The Mischief

    The Mischief "We are the rustling down the hallway, scurrying out of sight. Feeding of your efforts, that's our birthright." "We are the scratch marks on a corpse, retreiving spoils from demise. We are the true victors of conflict, the ones that you despise." The Mischief A community dedicated to the way of the rat. For if you are a coward, look no further, we have your back. Well your backpack that is along with the rest of your stuff, thanks for that. All jokes aside, naturally there is a focus on teamplay within our ranks, us rats scurry and scuffle together as one. For one rat is little more than an annoyance waiting to be crushed, a pack of rats is called a mischief for a reason. They cant check every nook and cranny, but we certainly can slither into each and everyone of those. If you enjoy the thrills of ambushing, looting opportunistically and winning with a low blow, join the Mischief. For we fight below the belt, exclusively. Requirements: 18+ (General rule, 16+ if vouched for), English speaking (You dont have to speak it fluently, beginners welcomed.), some level of common decency. Discord: https://discord.gg/VejB7u7 Feel free to ask questions, post feedback, or give us a good poke in the form of a reply below. Hit em with the rat attack! ~ General Sam
  6. Pew_Pew

    UK rat looking for buds

    Reasonably new Tarkov player. Was level 19 pre-wipe and playing for a month. Playing FPS' for years though... More of a rat than someone who actively seeks PvP action. Like doing quests, looting and generally being tactical rather than run & gun. Done everything alone last time and would like to team up with one or 2 others to see how it goes. Usually get on a 3 or 4 times a week.

    Being "Anonymous" Breeds Hackers

    "This game is in Beta." Got it. "Not everything has been implemented yet." Yup. "You cant complain because its not finished yet!" BULL poo. Heres the reality: If we dont speak up, then this game will be overrun (like pubg for the first 2 years). So how do we HELP the Devs right now? By letting them now where they need to improve. There is zero accountability on this game. I just had a PMC sprint through Customs "Big Red" and wipe 4 scavs with a single trigger and a spinbot type movement. Not a big deal, except there is no way to report this player. I am fine with losing gear every once in a while to a hacker, who will eventually get banned. Im not cool with complete anonymity that protects hackers more than any other game. We need to be able to die, preferably see a replay from the perspective of the shooter, and report suspicious activity. Not all of us are streamers who record everything they do. We cant ALL record videos of hackers, take hours out of our day to crop the footage, upload to YT, post to the forums, and HOPE that someone on the limited staff for EFT can ban the player. Thats not gonna happen. Be realistic. Im grateful for the amazing EFT experience thats been created so far. But it is quickly ruined by people who exploit the anonymous nature of the game. With no way to hold them accountable, all legit players suffer and will eventually quit.
  8. Magor57

    Reputation system

    Hi, I am still waiting on the news on the reputation system. AKA: Q: How will the reputation system work? How do you plan to avoid the game turning into yet another “douchebag simulator”? A: We have prepared an extended separate material on this, please stay tuned for updates. Any nonexact ETA on that material? Can't wait to see it
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